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Every now and then, I start thinking our overly litigious society might be taking a breather… and then something like this happens.

Austin Aitken, who is a paralegal from Cleveland, Ohio, filed a federal lawsuit against NBC for showing the partaking of dead rats on an episode of Fear Factor. According to Aitken, the rat-eating episode caused him and another person in the house to throw up. To make matters worse, Aitken says his blood pressure rose significantly, making him dizzy and light-headed and causing him to bump his head on a doorway.

Just what exactly are people expecting when they watch Fear Factor? Has it not been a known fact since the show’s debut in 2001 that most of the contestants end up having to eat something from the “gross out” menu at some point? I’m not sure what’s worse — the fact that a show is being sued for delivering exactly what it advertised, or the fact that Aitken won’t even discuss his lawsuit unless it’s a “paid-interview situation.”

What’s really scary is not only that lawsuits like this can be filed, but some of those plaintiffs actually win! And you can bet that with the national exposure, trial lawyers will be lining up for miles to represent Aitken. Is it any wonder that trial lawyers are generally held in such low regard?

Source: MSNBC


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  1. I’m glad you wrote about this. The giveaway to this guy’s motives was when someone from Reuters contacted him for an interview and his response was “I am not at liberty to discuss the complaint unless it is a paid-interview situation.”



  2. :roll: Oh boy. Somebody needs to show these people the OFF button on the TV.

    And some judges need to learn to show these idiots the door when they come beore him or her with lunacy law suits like this. And I want a really big nasty officer at the door to kick them in the fanny on their way out!

  3. I have to wonder how one can blame trial lawyers that there are relatively resourceful (albeit idiotic) people like this kid willing to file frivilous lawsuits. It’s like blaming the surgeons willing to operate on Michael Jackson… he might be an idiot to do it, but if it is financially to their benefit, and someone else is just going to take that benefit it if they don’t, how can you really blame them?

    The number of trials lawyers and the type of work they do is ONLY a result of the demand placed on the industry by the American public. Blame Aitken, he’s the catalyst for this nonsense, and society generally, for tolerating it.

    In Europe this would barely make news. In America its a headline…


  4. There are more legitimate lawsuits that need to be heard. Sexual harassment, wrongful death, age discrimination…

    I live in a state where trial lawyers fought with the legislature (more lawyers holding office) against tort reform which we needed badly. “Jackpot Justice” is a social stigma no one wants. And this guy has filed suit in FEDERAL court. How does that make a diference?

    If he was fighting for decency on TV, then I might support him. But the fact I won’t know unless I pay him $10.00 speaks volumes about his motives.

    oops, now Vic might get sued for me posting that on here… :(