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star trek logo Latest Cool Star Trek Plot RumorsNow that filming has started on Star Trek (11) news about the movie will no doubt start increasing in frequency and intensity. I imagine that security surrounding this will rival that of Fort Knox, but tidbits always seem to squeak through the cracks.

The following must be classified strictly as rumor, although IESB says that they’ve received the info from a couple of different sources. Their info often turns out to be accurate but I can think of at least one instance of “rock solid” info that turned out to be bogus (Tom Welling as Superman in Justice League).

Anyway, the info that follows would explain how the time travel aspect of the story would allow “old Spock” to interact with “young Spock,” and my first reaction is that I think it’s pretty cool as it takes ideas from two episodes (one from TOS and one from TNG) that are considered among the best.

Be warned, if they turn out to be true there are very, VERY BIG SPOILERS following including how we first meet Kirk, the overall plot of the film and details about Nimoy and Quinto’s interactions.

The following contradicts some info I’ve been given, specifically regarding Romulans being the villains vs Klingons (admittedly I’m hearing from everywhere else that it’s Romulans) and it seems that Nimoy does in fact have a substantial role in the film.

Again, big spoilers ahead although the info is not confirmed or official.


- Romulans (led by ‘Nero’) use the Guardian of Forever to go back and kill Kirk.

- Old Spock goes back and enlists the help of young Spock (who has not yet met Kirk) to stop this from happening.

- We first meet Kirk while he is going through the Kobayashi Maru test at Starfleet Academy.

If true, the Romulans are probably from “The Next Generation” era, and this would dovetail nicely with Nimoy’s age. Of course a big part of the mystery is where will the Romulans attempt to kill Kirk and will it be up close and personal or during a starship battle? If it’s in space, the Romulans will need to somehow get hold of a ship from Kirk and crew’s era.

I don’t know about you, but this is sounding very intriguing to me. Despite some of the more recent odd casting choices I’m still pretty excited about this one.

If you don’t know what the Guardian of Forever or Kobayshi Maru test is, head over to IESB via the following link where they explain it for non-Trek fans. icon smile Latest Cool Star Trek Plot Rumors

Source: IESB via TrekMovie

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  1. This sounds pretty cool to me too. The Guardian of Forever is such a great construct. Whatever they do, I hope they stay away from the Nexus – such a lame concept.

  2. Guardian of Forever
    is very popular I agree, but I think this latest rumor is more what fans want then the real deal.

    Especally fans that post on I serioulsy doubt that this new film is going to try and give Kirk a new twist on life. With Spock going back to save Kirk. This sounds alot like “Generations” to me.
    That site is also endorsed by paramount and they would be in tribble if the broke the storyline on trek this early.
    And if it were true from the posts I’ve read it will fail at the B.O.!!!
    Romulans and time travel won’t bring in the new fans.
    Most of them have no idea the symbolic old school representation that the Guardian of Forever brings to the story. To them it will just be another time travel device. And timetravel is everywhere now days. Its not as mindblowing as it was in the 60′s.
    And there’s alot of oldschoolers that think this concept is a little too Next Gen and thrown together.
    This concept has Berman/Braga written all over it. As much as I love those guys!

  3. well , apparently harlan ellison is saying they cant use the guardian of forever without paying him or his agent.
    check out trek movie reports updated report on this story
    for more details.

  4. Your right Gary, there’s alot of that going on with story rights and royalties.
    I’ve also heard that the Starfleet Academy storyline is owned by another old school scribe and he’s threatend to sue as well if the storyline involves the Academy.
    Only the Guardian knows the future..

  5. Well keep in mind that this latest info originated at and NOT Trekmovie.


  6. sorry about the confusion .
    I said the update about Harlan ellisons comments
    came from TrekMovie .
    I didnt mean to imply the spoilers came from Trekmovie.
    And just to keep all the sources straight ,
    the comments from Harlan Ellison that TrekMovie cited came from Harlans website
    sorry about the mix up

  7. I…just don’t understand why Abrams is so g****** contempt with following TREK lore to the tee. Do I respect all the extra work he and the writers are putting to do this? Of course. But I thought this was supposed to be a re-boot!

    For the Christ’s sake just do like BATMAN BEGINS and CASINO ROYALE, and simply start from the beginning. I thought the point of this new take was to not only get the franchise back on its feet, but to attract new fans.

    All this “prequel with time-travel resulting in a new continuity” will only confuse people…

  8. Jamie,

    The Batman Begins/Casino Royale analogy is a good one, and I hadn’t thought of that point of view.

    Still, classic Trek has become so iconic that I just don’t know how it would go over if they went radically different. I think that if they were to do that, just make it the next incarnation of Trek instead of going back to the beginning.

    As Steve pointed out, look at the crapfest that was the “re-imagining” of “Lost in Space.”


  9. could it be not so much a contempt for Trek
    but just being very dedicated to their alternate timeline story?
    with an altered time line they can change and alter things to more libereal degree .
    or at least that might be what ABRAMS is thinking .
    and it might be why he is interested in making this a time travel story.
    to us it seems simple, Spock goes back in the past it should be the TOS past we know but Abrams might think there are alterations in the past after the timeline is polluted .
    which gives him more latitude to make changes .
    so to us it may be contempt , but from Abrams point of view he is making changes within the framework of the script .
    Remember, Abrams is the only one who knows the full plot for this film.

  10. Gary…Wow very interesting point you weave.
    But what happened on M.I.1,2,3, lost and Alias? (Were not all blown away with those shows ya know).
    No but seriously I can’t believe JJ Abrhams with all the changes is doing that. But it would kick ass if what your saying could be done well.
    Time will tell…

  11. “For the Christ’s sake just do like BATMAN BEGINS and CASINO ROYALE, and simply start from the beginning.”

    Speaking only from my experience, but I’d imagine that would be a very good way to alienate much of the existing Trek fan-base, and convince them to not see the movie. I know a number of Trek fans who have said that they will not support a rebooting of the franchise, and if that attitude is as prevalent among other fans as it is among those I know, that could kill the ability to draw in the old fans.

    Whether they’d be able to draw in enough new fans by alienating the old fans like that may be debatable, but I can’t imagine Paramount would really want to do so and risk making this the worst performer in franchise history.

  12. The plot rumor is from a book from decades ago (can’t remember the name) where Romulans go back in time and kill Zepphram Cochrane, the human who created the first warp drive on earth. After killing him, the timeline changed where earth did not start the Federation but Vulcans do; Kirk is a lieutenant on USS Enterprise captained by Spock. Both Kirk and Spock later have feelings that their roles should be reversed and eventually find out what the Romulans did. They go back in time, by way of the Guardian, and correct what the Romulans did.

    JJ Adams may well do a similar job as Batman Begins. In BB, they didn’t throw away totally what the previous movies did, they just upgraded the gear and gave a more indepth story of how Bruce Wayne became Batman. I wish they would use the Guardian storyline but they will have to give some of the bucks to Ellison.