Rumor Patrol: Sony Considering ‘The Last of Us’ Movie?

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Joel and Ellie in The Last of Us Rumor Patrol: Sony Considering The Last of Us Movie?

Some in the film industry, Marvel producer Avi Arad being one of the most outspoken, believe that video game movies are going to be the next big thing after comic book movies. That prediction is certainly going to be put to the test over the next few years, with Ubisoft setting up its own film studio and kicking off a new line of movies based on their video game products, starting with Assassin’s Creed in 2015.

As a company that already holds a high position in both the video game and film industries, Sony is also making plans to bridge the gap between the two media. An adaptation of Naughty Dog’s Uncharted games – which in movie terms are a cross between Indiana Jones and National Treasure – has been in development at Sony for several years with numerous writers and directors attached at various points, though it’s still unclear how close it is to actually being made.

A new sign has emerged, however, indicating that Uncharted might not be the only video game property that Sony wants to bring to the big screen. IGN has discovered domains for and that were recently registered under Sony’s online brand protection agency MarkMonitor, by a registrant with a Sony Pictures address.

The Last of Us, which was released earlier this year, is set twenty years after the outbreak of a virus that causes weird fungi to grow on people’s brains and effectively turns them into rage zombies. Joel (Troy Baker) is a jaded, dispassionate smuggler tasked with escorting a teenager called Ellie (Ashley Johnson) across the country to an insurgent hideout, exploring the changed landscape of post-civilization America along the way.

The Last of Us giraffe scene Rumor Patrol: Sony Considering The Last of Us Movie?

Before everyone starts getting too excited (or outraged) over this piece of information, it’s important to take it with a grain of salt. This could just be a case of Sony wanting to protect its brand, and even if a movie based on The Last of Us is in the works then it could be a very long time before we actually see it, based on the development time for Uncharted so far. Sony may even use Uncharted to test the waters for a video game movie before giving anything else a green light.

It’s understandable that Naughty Dog’s games would be at the top of Sony’s list for adaptation, since one of the big selling points for the Uncharted games – and, to a slightly lesser extent, The Last of Us – was that they were like playable action movies. Both The Last of Us and the Uncharted series are highly cinematic, making use of motion capture technology (similar to that used for Gollum in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit) in order to properly translate the actors’ performances. It could be argued that taking away the interaction and cutting 10-15 hour stories down to a two-hour movie would take away a significant amount of their appeal.

The Last of Us Ellie with bow Rumor Patrol: Sony Considering The Last of Us Movie?

With that mind, however, The Last of Us probably lends itself better to movie adaptation than many other games. Unlike titles such as Mass Effect, in which both the story and the main character are heavily customizable, The Last of Us doesn’t offer much in the way of player choice beyond picking which weapons to use against the infected and bandits. The characters of Joel and Ellie are fully formed and the player is generally forced to go along with their decisions – no matter how uncomfortable they might be.

Could The Last of Us work as a movie? Almost certainly, though it might feel a little redundant. The game is a good candidate in terms of popularity, becoming the fastest-selling new franchise for the PS3 with 3.4 million copies sold in just three weeks. Don’t take the domain name as an official declaration of anything, though.

Now, when’s the Crash Bandicoot movie coming out?


Source: Domain Tools (via IGN)

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  1. Sony is trying to make a movie for all of their games lol

  2. Basically Sony is considering beating a dead horse. The zombie genre needs to be put to rest. As a game The Last of Us was great as a movie it will be nothing but a rehash of what has alread been done 10x over.

  3. Great, here come the Ellen Page look-a-likes. Wasn’t one enough? Does she have some sort of spinal disease or something?

    • I’m not following… Are you implying many games are now going to use Ellen Page look-a-likes because she has a disease (of course you’re being sarcastic)? Only two games have Ellen Page look-a-likes (TLoU and B:TS), and B:TS use was purposeful, as she actually voiced the character.

      So… all you have there is a coincidence. Why would devs start making all their characters look like Ellen Page? That’s absurd.

      • I could of been clearer if I dropped a BTW in there, as the spinal question doesn’t have anything to do with the first statement.

        Lets try again.

        No way that Ellen Page is going to be in this, since she’s publicly stated that she’s pissed they basically stole her likeness and released the game before her ACTUAL game came out (this wasn’t a coincidence, the original design looked EXACTLY like her and the made minor changes to not get sued). So that leads me to believe that there will be an Ellen Page look-a-like casting call to fill a part. If there is anything I need less than an Ellen Page, is multiples knock-offs.

        By the way, why the hell does she look like she has a hunch in all of her movies, does she have a spinal condition or something? It is particularly egregious in Inception where she’s awkwardly shambling around next to the immaculately graceful Cotillard. I almost thought it was on purpose, until I remembered everything else she’s done is pretty much the same.

  4. will Ellen Page star on it? oh, I mean…. that other actress they supposedly used for this game

  5. it absolutely would work as a movie because of the story. it just used a zombie setting but the reason it was great had nothing to do with zombies.

  6. Ironically, just completed it. The usual Naughty Dog flaws (AI, story coherence) did not detract from an utterly magnificence emotional experience. Now, normally I would be the first to kick this in the teeth (the idea of a movie based on ‘Shadow of the Colossus’ still hurts me), but… this could work. Done right, done faithfully, it could work…

    The usual problem of games to movies is a simple one. Not enough deviation from the original story, so you get a game essentially that you cannot play. Hence, go play the game. But the kicker is this. Ellie. She is a remarkable creation. Not a hint of the predictable one note “OMG!” teenage girl that we are presented with all too often. No. She is utterly unique and if the movie can draw you in to her innocence of observation, her growth of personality and her balance of immaturity and determination, you would essentially be creating one of the ultimate role models for a generation.

    Of course, I trust very little they would get it right, but if they did…

  7. Would love to see Josh Brolin as Joel and Chloe Moretz as Ellie
    Anyone else?

    • Not bad. Chloe does need another iconic character I feel to seal the deal. Non better than Ellie. Whatever the case, John Hawkes and only John Hawkes for the character of David. Especially if they are brave enough to keep certain… implications in the script.

  8. any movies that are adaptions from other media that NEED to be certified 18 then we know its gonna not work… i dont know why studios have no confidence in making movies for over the age of 12. but they do so this is gonna be really low budget and the writing and acting is gonna make the game seem really bad to people that have not played it.

    this needs to be like the game and we know they will never do that ending

  9. Loved the last of us seeing a movie would be awesome

  10. As a game it was great.
    As a movie I can’t see it being anything more than a generic zombie-type story.

  11. If they do go ahead with this they really have big boots to fill. An absolute fantastic game that made u emotionally invested in both characters & their story.

    If i was too put forward some casting nods for Joel i would say Hugh Jackman, he would draw te crowd & give a solid performance….
    If hugh wouldnt be availablethen i would say Anson Mount. He is truly an underrated actor who is fantastic in Hell on Wheels. Cullen Bohannon character is very close to the character of Joel & goin by his interactions with the mormon boy in season 3 he wud be a great choice.

  12. This could be good.

  13. Since Sci-Fi network likes to do animal-monster-out-of-control flicks, if the video game industry is an up-and-coming influence, expect “Frogger” anytime!!

    • ….Starring Kermit…!

      • Hehe. But I’d expct to see a Saga of Temple Run movies and a Zelda movie before a Frogger movie. Lol!

  14. I experienced the game as a movie, like all Naughty Dog games….I just didn’t find it all that fun to play so I quit and watched the edited together version of the story on YouTube.

  15. Good game, ironically the Hollywood ending was kind of a bummer so maybe they were angling for a film adaption from the start. As the article states though the length of games of this type and the immersion a player experiences is what makes these games so popular and that might not translate well to a film.

    The funnies part of the article is the first sentence were Avi Arad pretty much says they are going to milk the comic adaptions dry sooner or later. And if anyone knows about running comic book properties into the ground it’s Avi….

  16. @ knock kncok dude shut up this is a awesome game and def would make a awesome movie as a die hard gamer i think this bonding of joel and ellie would be great as a movie despite if there so many zombie stuff going on right now and as a big comic nerd are u going to complain there is too many comic book movies since u are not a of comics or video games i suggest u let the video gamers get excited about there fav games being made into a movie

  17. I totally agree that video game movies can be the next big thing. We just need a company to do it right and show it can be done (like how Xmen and Spiderman ushered in the modern age of CMBs), and more will follow. There will be some missteps, but as long as there is a company who cares about their brand and does it justice (like how Marvel is doing) then this can be successful.

  18. This game would not translate as a movie, at all, despite the fact that everyone insists that it plays like a movie. The major tense, emotional momenta come with the connection that YOU are playing Joel and YOU are protecting Ellie. Watching all that would be mediocre, at best. Especially due to the ending.

    • I agree with this. If they move forward with a film, I’d like to see them pull the lead character in the movie from a supporting character in the game. I feel the Resident Evil films succeed (barely) because Alice is not the character we’re playing when we play the games. Or if they choose Joel, I hope the film is set in the 20 years that we don’t see.

  19. TLoU takes place 20 years later, not 10. You’re welcome.

  20. I think a game like Mass Effect, with its massive universe and background lore, is much better suited to a movie adaptation than something like this.

  21. Also don’t forget the Ratchet & Clank movie comes out in 2015 :)

  22. ThTLoU was, without a doubt, the greatest game I have ever played in my 15 years of gaming.

    That being said, this could be absolutely amazing. Obviously, the story and characters from the game offer themselves very easily to film adaption. However, the chances of Hollywood getting this right… (i.e., touching upon the real grit and emotion of the game, what makes the characters so likable, the slow moving as well as fast moving sections of the story, the tense and creepy atmosphere as well as the heartwarming moments…) is, I regret to say, fairly unlikely.

    Will I still support this and see it if it happens? Absolutely.

  23. Great game best i game i can remember playing. I think the last of us can be made into a great movie if it is done right. Joel and Ellie fighting zombies, the Army and bandits Hell yea. The unique relationship between Joel and Ellie is what made the game special for me. A movie would have to capture that in order to be successful in my opinion.

  24. Make it a book first. Then 3 movies. Something besides straight into a single 2 hour movie. That’s really the only way I see it happening. Not everyone has played the game. Going straight to a movie…there would be huge gaps for people who are just fans of zombie films but not gaming. Maybe make a movie on the 20 years you don’t see, then the year or whatever is that you play in the game and then a movie after the ending of the game. One movie (if 3 even) would not be enough time to give you the connections you get by actually PLAYING ellie and Joel…as stated by Arcendus.