‘The Last of Us’ Movie Being Written by Original Game’s Director

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The Last of Us header image The Last of Us Movie Being Written by Original Games Director

Some video games are so abstract and plotless that when a movie version gets announced you can’t help but wonder how the hell it’s going to work (see the recent announcement of a live-action Minecraft movie). Then there are games which are already so cinematic that the idea of a film adaptation seems almost obsolete.

Naughty Dog’s Uncharted franchise, which was essentially designed as a Hollywood action movie in which the main character was controlled by the player, is just one example of the latter. Yet Uncharted has a movie adaptation in the works and so too does The Last of Us, Naughty Dog’s critically-acclaimed post-apocalyptic drama.

According to THR, Sony Pictures announced today that The Last of Us is making the move to the big screen, with the game’s creative director Neil Druckmann penning the film’s script. Druckmann will also co-produce the film alongside game director Bruce Straley. Sam Raimi will produce the film through his Ghost House Pictures Banner, and Screen Gems will distribute. The announcement isn’t too much of a surprise, since rumors about an adaptation have been floating around for a while, but this is the first time that anything’s been set in stone.

The Last of Us Ellie with bow The Last of Us Movie Being Written by Original Games Director

The Last of Us follows two survivors of a viral outbreak that causes fungi to grow on people’s brains and transform them into violent, deformed zombies. Joel is a grizzled smuggler who lost his daughter during the initial outbreak twenty years previously, and is tasked with escorting a teenage girl across the changed landscape of America. Ellie, meanwhile, is only fourteen years old and has never experienced what the world was like before society broke down, instead learning how to survive the hard way from an early age.

The Last of Us was recently nominated for ten video game BAFTAs (with winners to be announced at the ceremony next week), including Best Performer nominations for both Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson. Neither actor really resembles their character enough to play them in the screen version – with Johnson being too old to play Ellie and Baker slightly too young to play Joel – but there are plenty of stars out there who could put their own interesting spins on the lead roles. Gerard Butler, for example, is almost an exact physical match for Joel.

That’s only, of course, if The Last of Us turns out to be a direct adaptation of the video game. Naughty Dog created a very broad world with plenty of potential for other stories that Druckmann could write in the same universe. The game had some stunning landscapes of cities and towns left broken down and overgrown with plant life, so there’s potential for a very visually interesting film. Just be sure to keep an ear out for clickers.


We’ll keep you updated on The Last of Us as the project develops.

Source: THR

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  1. I’d be interested to see if Gerard Butler could pull off a Texan accent. It’s funny to see him speak in a West Coast accent, because even though it sounds mostly right, he still occasionally breaks with those characteristic Scottish vowels and mouth movements. If they get a Scotsman to play Joel, why not go all UK and get Maisie Williams (Arya from Game of Thrones) to play Ellie?

    • have you seen olympus has fallen? what was that voice about? as a fellow scot i dont like to sh*t on the actors that make it out of this country but d&mn, he needed some lessons.

      • I did see that movie. Some part of me thinks that he was doing it on purpose just to see if anyone would call him on it. I don’t know if anyone save you and I did.

  2. this ia definitely a game that can be done justice on screen.
    it doesnt need to have a massive budget like most games do if they were to be turned to movies because its not that type of game, its smaller.

    it very realistic and the characters are very emotional which the critics love and the enimies are very good. i definitely think this can work. i cant see the same sort of ending happening though. i think it would be too much for people, its easier to get away with it in games. if joels daughter dies is the start of the movie then ill proably cry lol

    i dont like zombies, the only zombie movie ive ever liked was shaun of the dead. i know the clickers aint zombies but they are very similar.
    it could definitely be a money maker too because people love zombies.

    • when i said that i dont like zombie esque characters i meant to add that i really liked them in the game

    • It will be too much for people? Um, have you ever seen The Walking Dead? The things they do in that SHOW are much worse than anything that could be done in the Last of Us, and TWD runs on AMC. Pretty sure the actual ending would not cause any problems, like at all. What is even remotely bad about it? It was a great twist.

  3. Gerard Butler or Hugh Jackman for Joel. Chloe Grace Mortez for Ellie. MAKE IT HAPPEN!

    • ^^^ Yes this

    • That could work. I was also thinking that Josh Holloway would make a good Tommy. Joel’s brother.

    • Oh wow. Chloe Grace Moretz would be THE choice for Ellie. Ellie could be compared to Hitgirl from Kickass series as Ellie cusses a lot and is a strong girl, not exactly physically but you konw what I mean. Ellie definitely can take care of herself.

  4. Ellen Page for Ellie??

    • I don’t think her pride would allow her to take that role.

      …Did I just make an X-Men joke?

      • The name is spelled Pryde, so it should say “I don’t think her pryde would allow her to take that role.”

        • Ok, I’ll give up 50 nerd points, but you just gained 50 d**che points. You can redeem those for a travel size Axe body spray. For the sake of all of us, please use it.

    • I think Ellen Page is a great actress, but I don’t think she should play Ellie. Yeah, she looks like Ellie, but she’s too old. Part of what made Ellie such a great character is that she really is a 14 year old that became a survivor. Her age is essential to her personality and behavior. I know I’m in the minority here, but I’m getting tired of actors in their 20’s playing teenagers. I know there are few teenagers out there that can pull off roles like this, but I think Chloe Grace Mortez is PERFECT for Ellie in terms of age and talent.

      • There’s also the fact that TLOU “stole” Ellen’s likeness without her permission to use it, which she got upset about, especially because she and Willem Defoe had agreed to voice characters and use their likenesses for another video game that released around the same time.

  5. Something about those ugly Zombies

  6. Josh Brolin as Joel, and just to tick off Ellen Page find someone who resembles her to play Ellie.

    • Wow, Josh Brolin would be perfect.

  7. I am not a fan of Sam Raimi. Let him produce all he wants, but if it were me, I wouldn’t let him near the director’s chair. I trust Naughty Dog more than him.
    The last of us, Bioshock and Uncharted, to me, are amongst the very best video games ever. I still don’t know if I should be happy or worried that they are beeing adapted into movies.

    • You can rest assured that Bioshock isn’t happening anytime soon. Gore Verbinski was lined up to direct but they shut him down because they didn’t want to invest 150 million into a R rated movie. Uncharted probably isn’t happening anytime soon either. It’s shuffled through more directors and scripts than I can keep count of at this point. David O. Russell, some new guy just recently attached himself but that probably won’t last.

  8. this is awesome. I loved this game, can’t wait for the sequel already. This is great news.

  9. Cramming all that into one movie? Why not make mini-series instead?

  10. Josh Brolin and Ellen page nuff said. The roles of Joel and Ellie were practically made for them.

  11. Oh good, a story about zombies. There aren’t many of those around…

  12. Hugh Jackman is the perfect choice for Joel, please cast him