‘The Last Of Us’ Movie Eyes Maisie Williams For Ellie Role

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last of us movie comic con The Last Of Us Movie Eyes Maisie Williams For Ellie Role

If you’re a sucker for survival horror titles, post-apocalypse scenarios, and self-inflicted heartbreak, then you’ve probably played through The Last of Us, Naughty Dog’s acclaimed 2013 PS3 release. And if you’re a fan of big screen video game adaptations, then you probably know that Sony has been contemplating the notion of turning The Last of Us into its own feature film, directly transplanting the events of the game from your Playstation to the multiplex, with Neil Druckmann (one of the game’s original directors) on board as scribe.

Well, score another win for SDCC, because it looks like Sony is indeed working diligently at getting The Last of Us off the ground and into theaters; at today’s Screen Gems panel, Druckmann took to the stage with horror icon Sam Raimi (serving the picture in a producer capacity) to chat about the process of turning the game into a movie. Specifically, they discussed the challenges of remaining true to the source (though they also broached the idea of changing the ending) while also figuring out how to condense fifteen hours of playtime into an appropriate length for a film.

Most importantly, Druckmann and Raimi touched on casting, mentioning that they’ve spoken with Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams, Arya Stark herself, about playing Ellie in The Last of Us. For those unawares, Ellie is the game’s fourteen year old protagonist; she traverses the United States with her guardian, Joel, staving off infected mutants (but not zombies, as Druckmann points out) and hostile humans on their journey.

As the film is a ways off from going into production – there’s no director attached as of yet, and no other actors involved – it’s best to take all of this well salted for the time being. In between now and The Last of Us‘ start date, Williams could either lose interest in the role, or become too enmeshed with other projects to participate; she also might be considered too grown up to play someone Ellie’s age, as she’s currently seventeen herself. There are no guarantees, in other words. Best not to get one’s hopes up.

Game of Thrones Williams Arya The Last Of Us Movie Eyes Maisie Williams For Ellie Role

But Williams would be a phenomenal pick if her early talks with Druckmann and Raimi end up panning out. Making the leap from Westeros to the backdrop of The Last of Us would likely be a cinch for her; while they’re fundamentally different properties, Williams has spent the last season of Game of Thrones wandering around the war torn lands of her country with an adult protector (of sorts) as her sole companion. Maybe they’re not contending with cannibalistic monsters, but Arya and the Hound have disposed of their fair share of opportunists and criminals. The experience she’s gained from working on Game of Thrones gives her a strong foundation for The Last of Us.

Who might she be acting beside? As per usual whenever Raimi is up for a Q&A about anything, Evil Dead and its legendary B-movie star, Bruce Campbell, were brought up; while neither Raimi nor Druckmann shot the idea of Campbell appearing in The Last of Us down, their responses to it were even less concrete than their thoughts on Williams. Basically, if Williams is a gamble, Campbell is a pipe dream.

For diehard fans of the game, the very idea that Druckmann and Raimi might tinker with its climax is probably a bigger deal than their conversation with Williams. While neither elaborated much on what alterations they had in mind, it’s surprising to learn that Druckmann actually wants to change things up more than Raimi. It’s possible Druckmann just wants to keep his two creations distinct and separate. We’ve already played through Joel’s and Ellie’s story once, after all. No harm in trying to make it different on the second go-round.

We’ll keep you up to date on The Last of Us news as it comes up.

Source: Neil Druckmann, Sam Raimi

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  1. Dylan Mcdermott for Joel!!! he looks the part completely!!

    • I’m sorry but the game stole all the thunder, making a movie is gonna be tough to follow.

  2. And now Cumberbatch has let slip that Simon Pegg has a role in Star Wars Episode VII.

  3. Probably never gonna play the game, and that’s a shame, but this sounds cool. Microsoft and Sony should just come up with a joint console and save us from these tough life decisions. I chose Xbox.

    • I chose Xbox too but this generation of consoles, I’m buying PS4 (already having immense fun with my Wii U until games I like release for PS4). I won’t buy the remastered Last Of Us re-release for PS4 though, looked kinda dull the first time round.

    • To be honest, I have never been as moved by a piece of storytelling as I was by that game. When it ended I sat in the dark in silence for over an hour just so overwhelmed. It really is a beautiful work of art.

      • The only game that’s ever gave me that kind of reaction was The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.

      • +1×1000

      • Cole, I share your passion for this game; It happened to me as well! I finished the game and I think I just stared at a blank wall for like two hours trying to process what just happened (seriously!). I really hope they come up with a sequel to this game, it was that f***ing awesome.

      • Diddo. That…and Bioshock infinite.

    • Or you could just purchase both? I have the Xbox One and PS4 so I can play all exclusives. xD Also, if Maisie Williams gets the role of Ellie, I’m going to revolt. She is NOT a good fit for Ellie AT all. I’m not saying her acting is bad, but she does NOT look the part AT all.

  4. Come on, the guy best suited to play Joel is Josh Brolin. Joel isn’t much different than the character Josh played in No Country for Old Men.

    • That would be a good choice. Gerard Butler would be good too if he could pull off a Texas accent.

      • yess! Gerard Butler will work!

  5. This would be perfect casting.

  6. Sam Worthington !

  7. Now just get Hugh Jackman for Joel and you’re set.

  8. I fell in love with Ellie’s character in the game, I’m really passionate about these characters; Ellie and Joel are quite unique. I’m not sure Maisie Williams will fit the character correctly; Ellie carries a lot of spirit and emotional weight for Maisie to handle it. Heck! I’m not sure Raimi is the right director for this incredibly-intense story. They should do better castings; they owe it to the fans!

    • I agree completely. While Williams is a fantastic actress, she doesn’t look the part at all. I couldn’t imagine her playing the character at all. I hope they find another actress to play that fantastic role.

      • I completely agree!! She is not Ellie!

  9. They better not mess with the ending.

  10. ellen page as ellie

    • 1) She is not that young.
      2) I’ve never heard about casting models/actors that were modeled for the game on the roles for the movie adaptation, ever.
      3) The only character she could potentially play herself is from Beyond. But its not worth movie adaptation.

  11. Maisie doesn’t look Ellen Page enough play Ellie, and she’s too old.

    • they should get Ellen Page. I think she was the inspiration for the character.

  12. She’ll have to work hard to get rid of her West-country accent.

  13. If they frack with the ending, it’ll ruin the entire thing. That emotional sledgehammer is what makes it so poignant.

  14. Jeffery Dean Morgan as Joel. Only way to go.

    • I hear that. Perfect casting right there.

  15. This game is one of, if not the most, character driven, compelling, moving stories I have ever been blessed to hear… see… and feel.

    A movie adaptation sounds awesome, but I can’t help but worry it’ll detract from the perfect story the game has told. I’d love to see this realized on the big screen, because it’s such a great story with tremendous emotional depth, but they better GET IT RIGHT.

  16. I hope they cast Chloƫ Grace Moretz as Ellie.

  17. Why not Joey King as Ellie

  18. Chloe Grace Moretz as Ellie!

    • That’s a perfect pick in my opinion

  19. I am terrified by the idea of this game becoming a movie. I feel like it shouldn’t even be touched… put in a glass case high up on a self to look and sigh at when we want to remember how much we were affected by the insane narrative hahaha. I love the idea of The Last of Us getting more attention, but I hate the idea of it being toyed with, or of people watching a summarized version of such an astounding work of art.

  20. I honestly think Chloe Grace Moretz would be perfect as Ellie. I definitely cannot see Maisie Williams as Ellie…she just doesn’t look the part. I feel like Chloe would be able to handle such a character and look more like the part then Maisie. Even though she is 17, she definitely looks young enough to be 14.

  21. It should be Mackenzie Foy – she’s prettier, younger and probably a better actress. And she looks more similar to Ellie :)

  22. If you are gonna make a movie, stay true to the game. You can’t beat that story, you really can’t. And for God’s sake do NOT change the ending