The Last Airbender Review

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the last airbender review The Last Airbender Review
Screen Rant’s Rob Keyes reviews The Last Airbender

The path was set for writer/director M. Night Shyamalan to return to glory with his adaptation of the hit animated Nickeloden television series, The Last Airbender. The movie is meant to be the first of a potential trilogy of films about the fantasy epic, which mixed anime action with Eastern philosophy.

I’m very familiar with the Avatar: The Last Airbender cartoon series – and with M. Night doing something different by taking on a big-budget film that wasn’t based on one of his original ideas, I was very interested and hopeful that this could be the game-changer for his career (which has been on something of a downward spiral in recent years).

So much for that hope.

The Last Airbender is a poorly constructed film with no sense of plot, character or emotion – and aside from the visuals, there are little to no redeeming qualities in this wasted opportunity of a fantastic property, which was ripe for a film adaptation.

The movie (which stars Noah Ringer, Nicola Peltz, Jackson Rathbone and Dev Patel) retells the main story arc of the first of three seasons (or “books,” as they’re known by fans) of the American cartoon, Avatar: The Last Airbender (see our review of Avatar: The Last Airbender Book 1 Collector’s Edition). In a spiritual world divided into four cultures, each Nation has a few people who have the ability to master the art of bending their respective elements: Air, Water, Earth and Fire. “The Avatar” is the one person in this world who is able to master all four elements – and this special person is reincarnated every generation into a member of one of the four cultures, following a specified cycle. It is the Avatar, the embodiment of the world’s spirits, who maintains peace and balance in the world.

the last airbender review aang The Last Airbender Review

The story begins with the discovery of Aang, who is quickly revealed to be the last of his people, the Air Nomads (hence the title, Last Airbender). The evil Fire Nation wiped out the Air Nomads a century prior in hopes of breaking the cycle and preventing the next Avatar from being born. This would pave the way for the Fire Nation’s attempts to take over the world. Needless to say, when members of the Fire Nation learn of Aang’s existence, they want him and set out in hot pursuit. Prince Zuko (Dev Patel), the exiled son of the Fire Nation ruler, needs to capture the Avatar to regain his honor and rightful place within the Fire Nation kingdom.

This simplified summary of the story behind The Last Airbender is shared with the audience, and while Shyamalan promised the movie would be true to the source, it is not.

The film includes a heavy load of shot-for-shot recreations of set piece moments from the cartoon series, as well as designs and locations lifted from memorable parts of the first season of the show (just to claim it’s “true” to the source). The filmmakers don’t use any of this borrowed material correctly. Much of what’s included is there for the sole reason of filling in for the audience important scenes and moments from the cartoon – however, in the movie, these elements end up serving no purpose and throw the direction off to the point where many scenes are completely meaningless and borderline incomprehensible. For example: including a six-legged, beaver-tailed flying CGI bison named Appa in the movie doesn’t automatically make it true to the source material – it’s how we feel about the big lovable creature that matters. The cartoon was able to solicit love for its big flying bison – the movie, not so much.

the last airbender review appa The Last Airbender Review

The story Shyamalan was trying to tell is meant to be that of an epic journey of discovery and companionship (with healthy doses of action and comedy), all packaged with a lot of heart. And this is where Shyamalan fails most of all. There are no reasons to get attached to any of the “characters” in The Last Airbender and even less reason to care about what happens to them. Most of the key character-defining moments or story arcs from the cartoon are not even shown in the movie, but are instead told through an awkward overload of exposition. As a result, we couldn’t care less about Appa (or other characters) based on the way they’re handled. Most of the “borrowed” scenes included in the film have no reason to be there (other than to be able to say they’re from the cartoon) – and worse, how the characters get from one location to the next as they journey across the world is never shown, removing the actual sense of journey that defines the tale.

For a movie based in world full of beautiful scenery and unique locales, we are not shown much of anything. We are given a bunch of set pieces constructed to replicate memorable visuals from the Airbender cartoon, but again, there’s no reason to care about them and more often than not, there is no reason for many of these scenes to even be in the movie. The set pieces should have expanded upon the story (which was lacking) and heightened the visual meaning of the film, but totally fail in that endeavor.

thelastairbender27 570x308 The Last Airbender Review

Our three protagonists, Aang, along with his Southern Water Tribe friends, Sokka and Katara, are mere empty shells of the characters the film hints at them being – and there’s no way the audience is able to become attached to them. The characters aren’t even shown getting attached to each other, as we’re not treated to much in the way of development between them. Aang is supposed to be the young, innocent, fun-loving kid who needs to learn to take on the responsibilities of becoming the Avatar, but he is replaced with a character containing no personality whatsoever.

Aside from the horrible dialogue, acting and cinematography (mostly in the first half), M. Night Shyamalan stripped away what made any of characters special or charming. The introduction to the movie and its characters is weak and how they introduce Aang as the Avatar to the rest of the world is uneventful. Most of the movie lacked excitement and those few times there’s a hint at seeing something cool or special, it’s just another letdown – especially when it comes to the action sequences, which could have become the film’s defining trait.

Continue reading our Last Airbender review…

Our Rating:

1.5 out of 5
(Poor, A Few Good Parts)

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  1. I watched the entire cartoon series within the last 2 weeks (don’t ask, I have a lot of time on my hands). So I decided to watch the movie as well. And whoa, Nickelodeon should sue somebody, M. Night, Paramount, themselves, SOMEBODY.

    Jackson Rathbone can barely play Jasper, he has no business playing Sokka (pronounced SAH-KA, not SOH-KA or SOCA). I could tolerate Nicola Peltz but the dialogue given to her is so bad, she’s got nothing to work with. Still, her casting has me squinting real hard to imagine the original Katara. The worse part, Sokka and Katara never came off as brother and sister. Big mistake #1.

    Big mistake #2? The story should be shown and developed, not spoken word for word by Gran Gran.

    Big Mistake #3? What does M. Night Shymalan (sp?) know about adapting a kids cartoon into a live-action movie? When you wanna do an action movie, you get Jerry Bruckheimer and Micheal Bay. You wanna do a horror movie, you get Wes Craven. And if you wanna do a kids movie that has a coming of age element with a good amount of action, don’t get the 6th Sense guy. That seems clear to me.

  2. It’s very evident that Rob Keyes taste is only in his mouth! It’s also evident that he is not the intended audience for The Last Airbender. It’s amazing that people that are light hearted love this movie and went to see it to have fun whereas all the haters seem to hate everything. Which they have every right to do, I don’t dislike them, I feel sorry for them, their life must be miserable.

    • There are countless negative reviews besides Rob Keyes, and it’s not just from film critics but from audiences whether they were fans or not, most of them didn’t like the filmmaking of this movie. There’s seriously something wrong with this film if it’s getting a lot of negative reviews. I really feel M Night wasn’t the right choice, it’s not really his genre.

      • LOL, thanks for replying to that one, John. :)


        • im late replying to Trish23 but i have to say, WHAT? haters hate it and light hearted love it? really? do you honestly think that makes sense, i hated the film, i am a light hearted person, and its very rare for me to hate. but yet i hated the film? why? because it was crap, if you like it fine but you dont say that everyone who hates the film, are haters who you pity them because you think there life is miserble

          • Trish23 is right – most of the haters are just way over the top with their hatred. I think they probably have alot of personal issues they need to resolve. Or else why do they hate Shyamalan so much? The thing is, if you look at Shyamalan’s career takings at the box office they are actually quite respectable which is why he keeps getting jobs and keeps getting greenlighted.

            Just for your interest, here is a career breakdown –

            Sixth Sense – budget 40MM, Gross revenue 673MM
            Signs – budget 72MM, Gross revenue 408MM
            Unbreakable – budget 75MM, Gross revenue 250 MM
            The Village – budget 60MM, Gross revenue 257MM
            The Happening – budget 48MM, gross revenue 163MM
            The lady in the water – Ok, I’ll give you that one, but actually it still basically broke even.

            TLA is up to 260M USD and still going strong. It just shows you that the movies he makes do connect with audiences and they like them. You may not, but that, frankly is your problem.

            Relax, guys, the hate ain’t worth it – one day you will realize that hate only hurts you at the end of the day! Peace out.

            • well the thing with that, is that his commercials look kickass, while most ppl walk out of the movie thinking i just wasted 10 bucks, movies are greenlighted usualy through how the commercial is shown, then the critics watch it, but they just tell the ppl how good or bad it is, on their own opinion and movie making skills.

              so m. night has a talent at good commercials i give him that one, like look at devil, commercial looks awesome and seems like a good thriller, probably will be over done with the thriller and suspense making the movie a bit dull when u walk out, but sorta entertaining while watching.

              so i will hate m. night for what he did to this movie, because it was overkill, camera angles, acting on pretty much every person besides gran-gran, and the way to much slow motion and obvious wire work, i mean x-men the things are obvious they used wires but u dont have the pull and jump delay, here u see it in the ppls movements there ready to be blasted back, jumped up ect.

              and ppl who protect this fail by m. night are just the type of ppl who look for the better in things because they know it sucked but dont want to admit it, they feel bad for the guy they never met.

              AND TO COME LOOKING BACK AT YOUR POST, u didnt even talk about the movie, u didnt even try to protect it, u talked about the guys career.

              • replying to trinity, i wasnt saying anything bad about m. nights’ career nor was i commenting about people who like the film, as i have said before if you like it fine, the thing i did have a problem is that trisha said thaat people who hate the film are haters who shes pity, who is she to tell us she pity us just because we hated this ONE particular film and who are you to tell us we need to resolve our issues, you dont know us! im not a hateful person, ive never hated anyone in my life because i dont see the point in it but i hated this film because i personally think it was bad a the trailer was better than the film

                • It is funny that people actually get so worked up about a movie that they actually hate the movie and the director! Get a life people – it’s JUST A MOVIE!

                  • @judy

                    As I mentioned before, there are many negative reviews about this film from both critics and audiences. I find it very difficult to believe that you won’t find anyone upset considering the popularity of the source material. People have a right to be upset if they feel they’re not getting their money’s worth, especially when it was out in unnecessary 3D. I can’t believe millions of dollars were spent for the 3D conversion, and they can’t even get that right.

                    • Well the movie has made 270M USD so far, and still going strong, so obviously some people like it!

                  • @ judy
                    Yeah, I’m not really surprised it made that much, considering the marketing budget. $270 million seems like a lot, but it’s estimated the marketing and production budget combined was around$280 million, and it’s said in order to do a sequel, they would have to make almost double their budget to really make any kind of profit.

  3. The review was dead on. I watched this movie because of the promise of the trailer and my kids were fans. I watched it in 3D, and that was a waste of time. Most of the scenes don’t really have 3D in it and those that should impress are not impressive. My kids were totally disappointed. Paramount just irked a lot of fans of the animated series. I then tried to understand the disappointment of my kids so I watched the animated series from Book 1 to Book 3. I must say, the animated series is extremely well made and I couldn’t wait to finish it. All the characters both bad and good were well formed, all have both good and bad side, meaning a complete personality. The storyline was full featured neither too “cartoony” nor too much “anime”. To summarize it all, the animated series did a great job in telling a great story. A great “eastern” story by a “western” story teller. Good job.

    Now, the movie lost it all. The characters were all wrong. Casting was stupid, when was the last time we saw a black monk. Even if there are black monks, and this is not a racist remark, but it just does not fit in the movie, it just distracts. Sokka lacks personality and is humorless. All of the lapses I blame the director, M. Night Shymalan. It is his direction that makes or breaks a movie, in this case it just fails miserably. He put too much of his style, (mysterious, aka “Sixth Sense”) instead of watching the movie and interpreting it properly. They had a goldmine with the Avatar series and they blew. Too bad.

  4. My son said it best. This is Part One!
    This film is made for children who are fans of The Avatar.
    This Movie is perfect for our common ADHD sugared up children.
    I am sure that it is really hard to compile 3 seasons into a 2hour film
    I do agree the characters didn’t get a chance to develop nor were they true to the series. I hope he takes our criticism and makes a second film that is more like the TV series. I actually liked the movie. I wish it was better.

  5. I’ll cut to the chase here… one thing I thought needed a serious makeover was the bending.

    In the cartoon, the bending lags only when it’s appropriate, and never more than a second. In fact, while the character is performing the move (see Katara in Waterbending Scroll (Book 1) and Toph Beifong in the Earth King (Book 2, Chapter 18), the elements are already being bent. For that matter, see Zuko in the Southern Air temple, Book 1, duelling Admiral Zhao.

    In the movie? Gee, you only need to look at the first four scenes of “Water, Earth, Fire, Air” to see how comical it is. Focus on the airbender, and look at what an elaborate dance he has to perform to produce a gust of wind! Even at the end, where Aang beats up some firebenders, look at how the elements always lag so much Aang has to finish bending before they come out. Or rather, look at the amazing scene where Aang levitates. Gee, Aang, where was your horse stance again?

    I’m not sure how anyone’ll take this, but maybe, just to cover up how hilarious the bending had become, the director could have used less slow motion. It seems so cliched when you use a slow motion all over a battle scene. It seems even more cliched when you use it for every move Aang makes.

    So to link that back, perhaps what you could have done was: Less colourful action for more (and faster) bending, and lots less slow motion. If you can just…just… resist the temptation to put more, I’ll be glad.

  6. i saw this film last week and although it wasnt as good as i hoped it would be i dont regret goin to see it, the fighting is good and the lighting and special effects are good, i hope if they make a second one they take in more orriginall feactures from the cartoon cause that is amazing.

  7. This movie was AWFUL!!! Firstly, the main characters name is Aang, not Ungh, as those idiot pronounce it. The elemental bending didn’t even come close to the ferocity we were presented with in the animated series. What was with the boulder slowly crawling across the screen during the earth bender battle?? Jeeeeeeeeez, and finally the acting was terrible. I’ll stick with the animated series thank you very much. Stupid M. Night.

    • The movie correctly pronounced what the names SHOULD have been pronounced as had they not be Anglicized. So Shyamalan actually got THAT right.

      But the irony, of course, is that most of the actors are white.

      As for the film as a whole, had there been just 30 more minutes to it with character development, it might have been really fun. As it stands, I didn’t HATE it, but it certainly didn’t live up to the cartoon.

      I DO want them to finish the series, I just hope the next films have much more character development.

      Critics can say what they want, but the film grossed a lot. That doesn’t happen when everyone REALLY hates a film. Some people had to have seen it more than once.

      It’s love for the cartoon that is spawning the negative reactions.

      But honestly, how are you going to fit so much into a film of reasonable length?

      • And TLA passes 300M USD gross – what are the chances for a sequel now?

      • “but the film grossed a lot. That doesn’t happen when everyone REALLY hates a film”

        Actually, it does happen. Because people have to see it before they hate it, don’t they? I’m actually one of those people who contributed to that gross but thought it the worst movie I’ve seen in my entire life.

    • I sometimes wonder how so much money can be invested with such poor results… I wasn’t convinced when I heard Shyamalan would direct the movie and my fears were confirmed when I watched it. There are so many discrepancies in the plot, the fights are often stale and the acting… It’s really an insult to the cartoon. Please don’t make this a trilogy, the fans have suffered enough like this.

  8. This movie OFFENDED me.

    It takes itself so seriously, the actors, the writers, director, studio and producers act like they are making oscar-nominated material that I sat there and stewed in my own fumes.

    I can’t believe the studio released the film, let alone Shyamalan locked a final edit!

    I always defend Shymamlan because his films are at least entertaining.
    This was just plain offensive.


  9. Who do I backhand for this atrocity?!

    Seriously I am stifled at what they were trying to do? I understand they were trying to fit a lot in but they missed a lot of important and interesting things out. Did they even watch the series? I want to karate chop this director, the writer and anybody else who thought this would have been a success! Im younger and I could have made a better movie if you gave me the resources, you don’t even get to see how sokka and the Moon spirit girl connect. It’s just WAM BAM we expect you to know they are in love. Firebenders did not look epic, they looked like normal footsoldiers. No dramatic intimidating walk in and the costuming FML The Blue Spirit? More like the guy in a mask with a mop on his head. GRRRRRR I was so agitated and they fact they kept saying UNG instead of Aang was like a chuihuahua biting at my feet. I kind of wanted to put my hand in the screen and shake the characters yelling “WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU!” Sokka wasn’t funny just a cheesy brother, and Appa was barely seen oh Hate it I want to do a remake myself and say kiss my bottom all those who did this putrid mess!

  10. this movie falls well over short of the actual tv series and has ruined the chances of a sequel

  11. I think this movie was awful overall. I myself is a big HUGE fan of the show Avatar and I think this movie was a disgrace! This review has so many key points to why it was bad. The characters one were not even there race! Come on! The show is based on Chinese culture, and now your going to bring in a bunch of soft Indians. Rubbish. They had poor dialogue, bad motion, no humor what so ever! Sokka is a life felt character and in the movie he acted like he hates life overall, Aang is the happy one and in this he seems to serious and has no fun personality, Katara is annoying, Zuko doesn’t even look like Zuko!!!! This movie was awful! In my case if you had any joy watching this movie somethings wrong with you! Boo Mr. Shayamalan.

  12. I’m a big fan of both M. Night and Avatar and I have collected every film M. Night has made (even Lady in the Water) and I have every episode of Avatar on dvd, but what I saw when my wife and I went to see Last Airbender was neither.
    This was the most amount of nonsense I’ve seen since Dragon Wars… yes, I said it “Last Airbender was worse than Dragon Wars”.

    Firstly, I agree, the editing felt like entire sections were airbended off a cliff never to be seen again.
    The dialogue was worst than “Dragonball Evolution” (and that movie sucked big).
    The visual effects were mild and not properly motion tracked.
    and Appa… oh, poor Appa… I will avenge thee!
    And if Momo didn’t try to grab the moon spirit Koi I would have forgotten he was there.

    But my biggest gripe about this movie is… IS THAT GUY SUPPOSED TO BE UNCLE IROH!?!?! REALLY!?!?
    Mako must be gyroscoping in his grave. After 3 years developing one of the most beloved characters of the series, Iroh is now represented in such a horrid, lifeless, wateredown, humourless and pointless manner is deplorable.

    And, of course, the only black guy in the movie is an airbender that’s killed off was laughable cliché.

    The “uprising” of the earth benders was funny, Sokka was not, they were right to call Aang “Ungh” because he wasn’t Aang, Katara was blah and Commander Zhao was more coward wimp than arrogant battle lord.

    Last, but certainly not least, Azula… I had high hopes for her but her few seconds on screen filled me dread, made my face twist like I eat bad fish, then it sucked the last remaining hope that the sequels will be better, right out of me. Summer Bishil (Azula) acted like a bad actor trying act like a psycho acting like he’s going through the 1st stages of meth withdrawal. She doesn’t have that crazy killer personality that we’ve all come to love about the character. sigh!

    So in conclusion, it’s back to the animated series for my wife and I as we try to purge the memory of an ill-spent $32. BTW, M. Night I expect a refund!

    P.S. Firebenders that can’t create there own fire was a really bad plot change and pointless. And Uncle Iroh’s “special power” is lightening… not that he can create his own fire.

    M. Night… you wound me… you wound me bad. But I’m still gonna go see “Devil”

    • Thankyou! all that stuff u said was and still is true! ive been watching this show since i was 11 and i loved it but the movie was disgracefull! Also i love firebending i thinks its the best the form the power everything but he even messed that up!

  13. I was equally offended as others have stated. The issues with this movie are far to long to list. M. Night’s arrogance is the only reason it won’t get better. I would beg of him to continue with this “other” movie, and drop the name “Last Airbender.” Let someone who will respect the source do it.

    The acting was terrible (all I can see is Katara pushing the Fire Benders saying “don’t do that” MINUTES after they actually started picking on Aang – really, why the delay…you know what…nevermind)

    I won’t even get into the whole Aang/Ong debacle. To me, it shouldn’t matter which is the “RIGHT” way to say it. We are talking about people who can bend elements… so I should suspend belief on that issue (not to mention the casting), but keeping an incorrect name is over the top? That’s where you draw the line? REALLY? And you have no idea why this missed?

    He LITERALLY removed every endearing thing about The Avatar. EVERYTHING…
    Uncle Iroh’s lovability and Tea fetish…GONE…OUTTA HERE
    Sokka’s humor and strategizing…GOODBYE…C-YA
    Katara’s nurturing/mothering…okay, there was some of that
    Fire Lord’s mysteriousness…DON’T NEED IT…CUT IT
    Kyoshi Warriors…WHO’S THAT?
    Bumi…see response for JET…(I guess no white lotus either…)
    Avatar Roku…A DRAGON WILL DO!

    Maybe if we are lucky, he will leave out Ty Lee, Mai, and even the Dai Li (including Long Feng) they are important either…
    And why change the fight choreography? Since when have you EVER seen a fight were a person takes 15 seconds to deliver a blow. Let alone go through and entire “Kata” to strike. That isn’t how the cartoon did it, and it slows the movie down! Toph could simply move her foot and a whole mountain would move…, now Katara and Zuko stand and watch the other ‘dance’ to strike a blow….REDICULOUS….(I’m done… I apologize for being so long.)

    • AGREED

  14. I haven’t even gotten to the first half of the movie and I already feel like I lost my interest to finish it. M.S. really did butcher it! I just feel sad because the cartoon series was so full of action and emotion compared to this…this…I don’t even know what to call it.

    First of, some characters are so far from what’s portrayed in the cartoons. They didn’t even have the right emotions or whatever. I even ended up hating the boy who played Aang. Goodness, they even got the pronunciations of the characters’ names all wrong. What the heck is that?

    The transitions are so bad you cannot keep track of where the characters already are. I even thought the “bending” would at least look great but when I look at it, I didn’t even see much “umph” or power to it. Plus they even got Appa wrong! >:(

    Ugh. Is there going to be a sequel for this movie? They have to rethink everything…EVERYTHING.

  15. I was majorly dissappointed. i mean its a kids movie. but when the series came out i was still sorta young. so when i watched it now i was so disappointed. I mean when they made death note the movie they only rlly changed the ending of it to spice things up not. pronouce the names different and change the plot. and am i the only one who thinks they say Iroh wrong. sounds like ear-oh

  16. - hey sokka, why is your head so red??
    oh , and i think that guy is the avater

    *sokka hits head*

    GAH this movie made me feel like sokka back in the episode of the cave of two lovers!!!

    I feel everyones pain with it… just makes me feel so embarressed to watch it.

    everyone in this forum/post have said the same thing over and over…

    but who was that kid running away from the fire nation? only ppl who have watched the animated serious will know that… *hits head*

    but they were on a boat.. and with sokkas personallity they beat the fire nation epicly =D *win*

    now wth was with the northan air temple?????? the war ballon was a major part there!!! gesh… and the bloke doesnt set him up like that… grrr where are the bicyles that can fly? -.-’ *hits head.. fail*

    okay, last thing to add is.. book 1 gave us the big drama of the bigggg as lead up to the final big ass battle at the northan ice temple… the move lacked the big hype over it.. and all the problems that went with it… and how the 3 over come them… *hits head*

    oh may i ask what happend to anngs little hover ball???? hmm *hits head*

    haha 1 thing i did notice from the movie though… one of the 4 toys is a turtle.. *win*

    i never noticed that before ;) big hint there to TLAB Lovers :P

  17. I watched this movie at the cinema after a drinking bender, but even the alcohol didn’t help me to understand this movie.

    I have not seen the cartoon series so have no idea on what the story line SHOULD be like.. all I know is that this movie was a gathering of completely imcomprehensible set of random events, played by some bad actors and on the worst 3D I’ve ever experienced(I thought my glasses were broken at first).

    The best part of my entire experience was when I went to the toilets and coming back accidently entered the wrong movie theatre. It took me a few moments to realise… no, this movie didn’t have Nicholas Cage in it… and worse still it actually looked entertaining so clearly this wasn’t the one I was watching.

    ZERO out of 5 stars.

  18. Ok, so I like Avatar, ok? I like the animated series, I like the awesome fight scenes they have in it, but this movie – (wipes away tear) – was an abomination! They skipped about every episode plot in the anime and the characters… I actually liked the actors but the script was like my butt wrote it. :( And what was with the freaking spirits? And avatar Roku ISN’T a dragon! Oh, and what was with the personality mix up? “So-o-o-oka” was like ready to fetch “Ungh” tea and Katara was like a freaking weakling… “Ungh” was more serious than ‘wide eyed Zuko’ and Appa looked like E.T. after he was diagnosed with epilepsy… They got literally NOTHING right! Seriously though, actors, your ok but your scripts make me want to hurl :( if ur asked to participate in a sequel pleeeaaaassee say no! There are quicker ways to kill young people!

  19. Ive Got It!

    This movie is not based on Avatar: The Last Air Bender! the “James Cameron’s Avatar blah blah yadda yadda” is all a lie! M. Night did not make a recreation of ATLA, instead, he made a new story based loosely around the events of ATLA, with Aang’s parallel self, hence the lack of personality. Hence the complete poalr opposite of skin colours!


    So your not watching ATLA, your watching TLA! Genius. All is forgiven!

    Though, now that its a new movie, its still crap.

    -That Dude that thought outside o’ teh bawx.

  20. reallyy i have watched the cartoon series atleast 10 timees…
    but found very less things same like cartoon ..
    the weak points:
    1) aang is pronounced ungh
    2) iroh is pronounced eeeroh
    3) firbenders cant create their own fires
    4) soka is humourless and arogant
    5) general zhao and firelord ozai didnt even come closer to the real characters and they even lack moustaches.
    6) 6 earth benders together just moved a peice of rock with actions of moving mountains.
    7) azula looks like she is a psycho.
    8) no lightening anywhere existed in the movie.
    9) no bumi,jet or kyoshi warriors.
    10) avatar roku seems to be a dragon

    full movie was embarassing and killed my hopes.
    hope next movie could be a better peice..

  21. That movie was worthless! A waste of time, money(especially if you watched it in 3-d) and heaps more. In the cinema I went to, A girl dressed up as a Kyoshi warrior. Halfway through the movie,she took it off because she found outshe wasn’t even in the film!!! JEEEZZ!!!

    Sokka is said SOOKA – am I right? In mylanguage, sooka means vomit! (i speak tagalog) It also means vinegar.

    It’s right to call him sOOka because his acting was like vomit and he was bitter like vinegar!

    Aang is ong. add a mah-ong and he means sweatshirt – i think…

    Good on you M.Night shame-a-lan for making the character’s name make sense! (seriously, that guy needs his booty whooped)

    Zuko has little to no scar and little to no dialogue. SO DO THE OTHER ACTORS(dialogue)

    Appa looks like he’s been pulled out of Where the wild things are and momo looks like he’s been pulled out of a video game.

    What makes shame-a-lan think “Lightbulb! Let’s put all 15 minute episodes of avatar into a 1 hour and 30 minute movie! There are only 20 episodes!”

    and uncle eeroh…

    uncle eeroh…

    don’t tell me about him…





    WTH makes m.k think (oh! let’s get this guy to play eeroh. He’sgotgray hair, this girlcould fit katara! she has brown hair! This boy could be aang because he is good at martial arts and likes to shave!) – I mean, WTfreak?

    this movie was terrible-

    the end, no go,no sequel, no nothing!





  22. I loved this movie and my kids will too. I never would have watched it as I don’t like cartoons and my husband told me it was based on one. That was after seeing a commerical for it. I was apprehensive of watching it after that because I don’t like comic books and such or the movies that are based off of them. Needless to say I was very surprised. This is a family movie and I think with better advertising to the correct group of people it would have done better. Family values are way down in this world, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of families that don’t want something that teaches lessons and multi-world views; even if they aren’t real. Use the characters to draw in a new crowd. If you petition to the viewers of the cartoon you will have only hostility and negativity. Go to the mothers with a clean, yet acceptably actionable movie for their sons and daughters. You may find yourself surprised.

  23. @Tracy: This movie dumbed down the cartoon as well as the values it represents. I don’t understand how you can lay judgement on the cartoon regarding family values if you haven’t even watched it. “Go to the mothers with a clean, yet acceptably actionable movie for their sons and daughters. ” Yes, watch the cartoon first before you decide to run your mouth.

  24. just to say again….the movie was great. i would put down my original post but maybe tommoro…these comments are sereiously great and just stupid. i go for the ones who defend airbender.
    I mean seriously, maybe half the nations children never even heared of Airbender in cartoon version. I mean its not just you you and you who thinks that every child in the entire world heard of Avatar the last airbener. I mean i have a bunch of friends who really never heared of Airbender untill the movie came out!!
    so dudes, just i dont know….give him a chance?
    Any other questions?

    • Question, are you M. Night Shyamalan

      • No!! why would you think that!! one of my earlier post said I’m Filipino. maybe you didnt see that but still I am Anonymous so you can even think I’m some famous person if you want

        I watched two movies made from M. Night Shyamalan
        1 is signs
        2 Airbender
        the rest i have no idea….but I dont care who you think I am

  25. Never!!! To give M. Night another chance to direct an Airbender sequel is like giving Osama another chance to board an aeroplane. No no no no no no no.

    • who is Osama?

      • Yo mama

  26. I can honestly say I had heard nothing of the fact this movie was based on anything until shortly before seeing the movie. In so doing I had no knowledge of the series prior to attending and can say that while there were certainly flaws, overall enjoyed the movie.

    Scripting/dialogue in the early stages of the movie fell flat, it could have been far better and certainly had some cringeworthy moments. I, not knowing anything about the series was somewhat confused about a great big animal with six legs that flies…..

    I can say however that the further I got into the movie, the more I enjoyed the movie. Characters for me slowly began to take a shape and I grew attached to several of them. I am way to curious about the future of the prince, saw progress in the main character however did feel the relationship between him and the the brother/sister tag team along for the journey felt a little too forced.

    Better scripting, especially early on, and possibly a slight change in an actors for some of the supporting roles could have made the movie a lot better, but overall I found myself irritated when it ended as it was not finished and now irritated that it may not be because of overly negative reviews that do not seem to review the movie but rather the comparison with the series.

    I am not meaning to offend fans of the series at all but from the nature of 90% of the reviews I have read they all share a common theme “the director sux again” implying that they went into the movie expecting it to be bad, and “it didn’t do justice to the series”. The combination of these two aspects seems to have led to vitriolic posts and reviews that are over the top and quite frankly downright nasty seemingly just for the sake of being nasty rather than critical.

    I can understand why fans would not be impressed, I can understand the irritation of the some of the acting and choppyness of the scenery changes (I found the same issues myself) but nothing in watching the movie gave me the impression that “it was one of the worst movies I have ever seen” nor the references to boredom that some protest. It was entertaining, kept me watching till the end, had me attached to several of the characters and ultimately wanting more. That is the point of a movie. In addition, the seemingly endless barrage of negativity in reviews does not seem to pan out with the general populace watching it which leaves me with the impression that yes there a lot of people not liking it – but if you irritate a fan base who doesn’t like the movie, I garuntee that a large proportion of that fan base will come on the internet wishing to whine and moan about the movie and wallah – 10 pages of comments.

    Box Office Mojo has this movie grossing worldwide more than double its cost to make. Out of 1000 odd votes, almost 60% had a grade of B or higher. It is ranked at number 5 of opening Thursday movies behind Star Wars, The Matrix Reloaded and Indiana Jones.

    It was a fun movie that you can see with all ages and can take the whole family to. Yes it had flaws and by god if the second one comes out I hope to see some of them fixed, but at the end of the day, removing “critics” and fans of the series that were offended by the movie, what is left is a vast number of families that were happy to see it, and recommend it to family friends and was overall and despite its flaws still a fun movie to watch.

  27. This movie was a trainwreck, i’d be suprised if any film company would back M. Night Shyamalan to direct another movie.

    Instead of making another 2 Airbender movies they should reboot
    this with a competent director, one that will actually cast good actors and get the charachters behaving like they do in the show.

    God i actually knew what was going on but only because i’ve watched the show talk about a rush job, they crammed 20 episodes into 120 minutes and it had no pacing whatsoever.

    This has to be one of the worst movies i have ever seen in my life and i am never ever going to watch another movie directed by M. Night Shyamalan, and i hope this film ends his career as a director because obviously he can’t do it.

    • your life is worst and you are blaming at him? you need gets real

  28. i have something to say which i havent said before and have noticed some people saying in reverse to the truth, but if you make a movie based off a show, you have to revolve the movie around fan basis, because that is the majority of the people who will go to watch it, the fans will be the first and most enthusiastic to go watch, the others (familys, active movie goers, ect.) will go watch pretty much any movie, just for the fact of watching alot of movies, and movie watching is their hobby no mater what kind it is, and familys will watch any family/kid movie to entertain the kids.
    The biggest interest and support still comes from fans, which is what you have to be going for, harry potter, lord of the rings, marvel movies, DC movies, any other comic based movies, most fans walk out thinking it could have been better, but they then stop think about the fact that not everything can fit in a movie, and think about it again and realize they love it. Also most people walk out of those movies thinking it was perfect and couldn’t have been made any better.
    My main point is, in making a movie off of any kind of basis (novel, or show) you revolve its making, and its audience to the fans.

  29. Actually that’s not correct. It is nice to think that way and certainly fans would prefer it but the primary goal of the production of the movie is first and foremost to make money.

    Harry Potter is one of the few movies that has a great advantage to catering directly to it’s fan base – that is essentially because the fan base is gigantic. In this respect there is a major benefit to ensuring that fans are happy. The interesting thing is, as a fan in those books I was still disappointed in the changes and mistakes presented in the films even though I knew why they were done.

    The fan base of The Last Airbender is no where near the same level. Consequently the people behind the movie need to concentrate on ensuring it will make money. In this case 150 million was spent making it. Catering the movie to the fan bases and making it like the series to the point where it caters specifically to those people would have been a big mistake money wise. You cannot make 300 million from just the fans of The Last Airbender.

    I am now watching the cartoon series, ironically according to some here because my interest was peaked from the movie (and I think you will find that the case in a lot of situations). So far only through 5 episodes but have noticed already the changes that some people have said and actually, now watching the cartoon, I agree with many of the changes that were attempted to make in the movie. Many of the aspects of the cartoon that make it funny would have been atrocious in a live action movie. Even the style of airbending would not translate well to the big screen and probably accounts for the disparity there. The humour displayed by Sokka in the cartoon is very difficult to translate to movie unless the intention is to limit the audience to a very small section of the populace.

    One thing I found interesting was one of cringeworthy dialogue moments when Aung (Aang?) first talks was actually explained by the cartoon and I now understand what was trying to be done (though it was not executed as well as it could have been). Sure there were flaws in the movie but ironically a large proportion of those flaws, having now watched some of the cartoon, are becoming clear that they occured as a result of trying too hard to allign the movie with the series – that is, and I know fans will hate me for this, I think it would have actually been a better live action movie if the director chose NOT to closely match the story line to the cartoon series.