Lance Armstrong Book ‘Cycle of Lies’ Snags Movie Deal with J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot

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It’s currently one of the biggest scandals, so it’s no surprise that it’s becoming a movie.

On the heels of his admittance to using performance-enhancing drugs during his seven consecutive wins of the Tour de France, comes news that disgraced cycling star Lance Armstrong is getting a movie made about his rise and fall – by way of J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot production company.

Deadline reports that Bad Robot has secured the rights to Cycle of Lies: The Fall of Lance Armstrong, a HarperCollins book proposal (not even a book yet) that will be authored by New York Times sports reporter, Juliet Macur. Macur covered Armstrong during his record-setting journey back from cancer in the late ’90s to sports history glory in the mid-2000s, making her uniquely qualified to provide the world with insight into how the controversial athlete lived during that time.

The appeal is clear for Bad Robot, as Armstrong’s sordid tale could arguably be the defining sports scandal of a generation (sorry baseball, you’re suddenly old bad news). Armstrong’s inspirational tale inspired multitudes of  people, cancer research organizations and movements, celebrity endorsement deals – he even punctured the cultural zeitgeist by inspiring the popular trend of wearing rubber wristbands, which are color-coded for cause awareness.

Lance Armstrong Movie Cycle of Lies Bad Robot JJ Abrams Lance Armstrong Book Cycle of Lies Snags Movie Deal with J.J. Abrams Bad Robot

With his recent (as in a day ago, as of writing this) confession to Oprah about his steroid use, Armstrong cements his place as one of sports history’s most inspirational charlatans. In June 2012, the USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) formally banned the athlete from cycling for life, and stripped him of all medals won since the evidence of his doping first surfaced in 1998.

Ironically enough, Sony had a biopic celebrating Armstrong’s glory, which was set to go into production in the mid-2000s; everyone from Matt Damon to Jake Gyllenhaal was rumored to be circling the leading role. Clearly that film never got off the ground – and clearly that ship has now set sail – leaving Bad Robot all the room and opportunity it needs to step in and tell the more sordid story. We wonder if somebody over at Sony had a crystal ball (or just a good inside tip that they might want to wait on that investment…).

It remains to be seen how, exactly, Armstrong will be portrayed in the film. Then again, it still remains to be seen how he will be portrayed here, in the court of public opinion.

In any event, Bad Robot stands to make a pretty penny if (when) Cycle of Lies comes to a theater near you.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Proof we’ll make a movie out of anything…

    • just before I saw the draft for $4581, I didn’t believe that my mother in law woz like actualie erning money part-time on their computer.. there best friend has been doing this less than nine months and at present cleard the loans on there apartment and bought a brand new Lotus Elan. we looked here…

    • At this point Lance Armstrong has no choice but to go into politics

  2. Only in America. If a profit can be made from it…

    • Only in America? Its a great story. One of the greatest sports story’s in decades. There’s a chance at a great film here. Only thing I noticed now is US doesn’t waste anytime. They start planning a film a day after. Like Zero Dark Thirty.

      • If i remember correctly Zero Dark Thirty was already in development for a while before the news broke of Osamas death. They just changed the script around because of the news

        • A documentary regarding the Seal Team was made before Zero Dark Thirty by the Discovery Channel. Very inciteful and not dramatised.

        • A documentary regarding the Seal Team was made before Zero Dark Thirty by the Discovery Channel.

  3. Why reward this douche bag’s ego any further with more PR? He’s a cheating loser, case closed, nothing more to see or know.

    • Exactly & why anybody would want to see his story is beyond me.

  4. I think it would be more interesting as a documentary. As a movie like a drama or something it wouldn’t be as engaging imo. I could be wrong tho.

    • I agree, A documentary could work. But a full movie dedicated to this this? Not interested.

  5. I think we all saw this coming as far as a movie goes. Like it or not it’s currently the story of the year so far.

  6. J.J Abrams is producing it…HOW IS THAT NOT GOOD NEWS?????

    • maybe cuz bad robot has never done a historical/biopic drama haha.. even though their other stuff has been great this could be super boring.

  7. Ugh…
    While I’m not at all surprised I would rather this be a forgotten about Lifetime Movie more than anything else.
    The silver lining in this IMO is that this isn’t a book written by Armstrong himself so he won’t be profiting from it at all.

  8. Whooaaa Hold on.

    It’s not April Fools or Friday the 13th.

  9. Wow! Why don’t they just throw more money at him? He’s just gonna become more infamous as well as being famous. I guess lying, cheating and discrediting others really gets you places. But as long as you do lots of self promotion and charity work you can be as dishonest as you want.

  10. I hope James Franco gets the role in this film… o.o

  11. Bad Robot is everywhere.

  12. Hope he can make some nice deal with that and some money back ! Poor guy lost a lot these days ! Wish you all the best Lance,hope you make it !

  13. If I gave any less a crap about this, I’d be constipated for the rest of the year.

  14. I’m having a hard time thinking of anyone who could play him in a movie.

  15. While I think it unfair that he benefit from his ‘cycle of lies’, I think it’d be fascinating to see Kevin Spacey in the role of the is-you-is or is-you-ain’t Armstrong.

    • Kevin Spacey as Lance Armstrong? Is that a joke?

  16. JJ Abrams and Lance Armstrong? Excellent! Abrams will tell it with the edge & drama this incredible story deserves–as long as it’s well cast. (Not Damon. Not Gyllenhaal.) I have two words: Christian Bale

    • Not sure Bale could duplicate Armstrong’s signature dumb, empty expression.

  17. This is unbelievable!! Totally unacceptable!! The people behind this abortion should hang their heads in shame! Lance Armstrong should be in jail, not making more money for his ‘story’. Unreal!! And the US wonder why most of the world (not me) hate them, this is a prime example. I really can not believe what I’m reading.

  18. If a movie is to be made then it should be done by the Hallmark Channel or failing that the SyFy Channel, then this douche bag will never be seen again and his legacy will be some cheap and nasty movie starring a bunch of nobodies

    Giant Cheat Vs Mega Amphetamine?!

  19. Such a waste of time.

  20. Ok he cheated, he lied, but how many peoples lives were improved because of him. How many cancer patients were inspired and given hope possibly because of him. Hows many people do you think found the strength to beat the cancer because of him. All the money he generated through charity and subsequent advancement in medicine because of his lie. I’m not saying what he did was right but it was a lie that did alot of good for a while and now it is doing harm. Abit like the message in the Dark Knight Trilogy.

    • Don’t kid yourself. 80% of all the money that was generated through his charity went to administration costs. That in itself was a money scam that richened Armstrong’s own pocket books! He’s a cockroach that destroyed peoples lives if they got in his way.

      • Lance Armstrong’s shenanigans being compared to The Dark Knight Trilogy, that’s something I never thought I’d hear!

    • We had a guy here called jimmy Savile, big celebrity in the 70s and 80s, he raised millions for children’s charity but after his death was revealed as a cereal pedophile and one of the worst in UK history. Breaking the law is not justified by raising money no matter what, Lance Armstrong should be in prison.

      • Jesus, comparing him to a predatory paedophile who prayed on children for his own sexual gratification, I think that’s a bit much!

        This guy rode a bicycle for a living and cheated by using performance enhancers, he won a few races and made money out of it, yes that’s terrible and he’s now paying the price for it but the only life he has destroyed is his own

        He’s not the first person to cheat in sports and he certainly won’t be the last, I think some perspective is needed in terms of what this guy has done

        • You missed my point, raising money for good causes NEVER makes up for breaking the law. The guy stole money from sponsors, donators, everyone involved and just because he raised a bit of money for the richest charity in the world we should go easy?? Everyone else is doing it is no excuse, I tried that one when at school, if they were then where are they?? This whole situation stinks and I just hope the achievements of GB’s (our) Olympians is not tainted by this horrible little man

          • “Cereal” pedophile? Was he sexually attracted to wheat, corn, and oat sprouts? I just caught that and it really brightened my day.

    • Triphazard
      How many honest non-doping cyclists lives and careers were damaged by him? Some of the real true athletes might have been cancer survivers too. They never got their chance to inspire anyone in cycling because the drug takers were stealing all the trophys. It sends the wrong message to decent people everywhere who want to be rewarded for their work without cheating.

  21. The lawsuits against him to recover monies he was given are starting to pile up. No one believes that “pity party” he held on Oprah’s show.

  22. Inspirational yes, charlatan no. Most top cyclists use performance enhancing drugs, so there was no advantage in using them, it just leveled the field. Lance Armstrong was simply a better athlete. If the sponsors wanted clean cycling they could have it, but they only care about faster times and more advertising dollars. Do not blame the athlete, blame the sponsors and the public who only want more, bigger and faster!

    • Nope. Breaking the rules set by the organization one competes in is cheating. It doesn’t matter if “most top cyclists use performance enhancing drugs.” He should have taken the high road and stayed clean. The fact that he beat cancer and was able to compete again at an elite level would have been inspirational enough.

      • Taking “the high road” is meaningless if all involved do not. It is only when someone is exposed that those in charge feign surprise and shock. The drug system in sports is widespread and systemic and to use someone you have promoted and profited from for years to deflect attention from your own illegal practices is what is happening. Athletes are not role models, they are performers and nothing more. Should Sylvester Stallone be attacked because he uses drugs to look the way he does, because the way he looks certainly is the reason he is hired for the parts he gets! Until people realize that a professional athlete must do whatever they can to perform at the level expected by the fans this “drug” problem will continue.

        • So, you’re saying it was totally fine for him to cheat?

          It’s not just the complete disregard for the rules of the sport. It’s also the fact that he had to tell bigger lies to cover each original one. He also had to destroy other people’s honest reputation and careers, as well as punish them though the law courts to bankrupt them.

          “Everyone does it” is NO excuse. I a cheat is never a champion.

          • And if everyone else was cheating how come they could not beat a recovering cancer victim?

            • Because Lance was the better athlete and had the better team.

              • We’ll never know who the better athlete was.

                Maybe we know who the best medical team is and what the best combination of illegal enhancement procedures were. Let’s just give the medals to them.

              • Clearly he was NOT the better athlete as he had to cheat to win

                • And taking the word of a proven liar is laughable!! ‘Everyone else was cheating’ says lance Armstrong! And it seem everyone believes him

        • Sly Stallone is not competing against anyone. He writes and produces and stars in many of his films. His goal is to entertain. There is room for others to simultaneously entertain without taking away from Sly.

          Athletes by definition pit their skill and strength and abilities against other players in games and races where there is a definite winner. The winner is lauded and praised and lifted up by ordinary folk, because they demonstrated more skill and strength and ability than the other competitors. We make them rolemodels by lifting up the winner. Athletes by virtue of the nature of their field are rolemodels, and the winners even more so. They know that going in. It’s part of the attraction for some of them.

          Look up the definition of “sportsmanship” in your dictionary. There are codes of behaviour involved in being an athlete.

    • The public doesn’t want more better and faster. It just wants to see hardworking people excelling in a sport. In a fair race against other fit athletes. That’s what we want, that’s whats exciting. It doesn’t have to be faster, just a bunch of athletes doing their best for an unknown outcome.

      It does have to be clean undrugged humans racing, in order to be impressive though.

      Going for glory at all costs is not what its all about at all.

  23. Get real people, this is a professional sport where people do whatever they can to win for money! This is not amateur sport, this is not the Olympics where people are supposed to be clean and the idea is the purity of competition, it is a dirty sport as are all professional sports.When athletes compete in a professional sport where everyone including those in charge know that drugs are widespread and cheating is the norm and the bottom line is profit, do not expect the “purity of athletics” to have any place there. Americans need to open there eyes and understand that if they want their pro athletes to perform at the level the insist on, let the athletes do whatever they need to to please the audience!

    • Get real.

      So, you’re pro steroids, growth hormones, stimulants etc…. in every sport. That would suck. While I’m sure drug taking may be rife in certain sports, assuming all athletes/sports persons are crooked is just silly.

      Lance never was a champion. What’s worse is all those years have never had a real champion. The worthy had their titles stolen by an a$$hole.

  24. This shows the kind of world we live in when we’re making dross like this. Now we’re celebrating cheaters.

  25. when every one of you are perfect and have never lied cheated or havent had a time of weekness go ahead and let us all know because your lieing to yourself.