The Soothsayer (Michelle Yeoh)


Blessed with second sight and a generous heart, the Soothsayer is a prisoner of both. Once nanny to a sickly peacock, she found herself giving him what his parents withheld – love. She found that her love tempered the young peacock’s growing ambition – until twenty years ago, when a fortune she told him lead to a horrific chain of events. For years she has lived with the burden of her guilt, tempered by a finely honed fatalistic sense of humor that comforts her as she awaits the events she foretold – events that she hopes will redeem both her adopted child and herself.

Fighting Style

Like Mr. Ping, the Soothsayer doesn’t fight. She wins over opponents with love and a good sense of humor. Her extraordinary gift of second sight gives her insight into the true nature of any and all that she encounters.

Meet Master Croc…

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