Kristen Stewart Gives ‘Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn’ Updates

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twilight saga breaking dawn two movies parts 1 2 Kristen Stewart Gives Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Updates

Earlier this week, MTV sat down with Twilight star Kristen Stewart to talk about her career, the overwhelming popularity of the Twilight franchise, and what fans can expect from the two-part Breaking Dawn.

Stewart¬†has not always seemed comfortable talking about Twilight from her growing resume of related interviews. Given the fact that the movies made her a global celebrity and A-list Hollywood star overnight, it’s easy to see why. In this interview however, Stewart seems calm, collected, and down to earth. Maybe it’s because she knows that Breaking Dawn will be the last time she portrays Bella Swan.

Setting Stewart’s on-camera comfort aside, the MTV interview does reveal some interesting tidbits about Breaking Dawn, including the fact that Stewart has yet to meet the actress that will play her daughter. Check out both Breaking Dawn videos below.

Although they’ve made over a billion dollars collectively, the Twilight films have not always fared well among critics. With its promising behind the scenes talent however, Breaking Dawn may offer something more substantive for reviewers to enjoy. I certainly hope so, since the only reason I would go see the movie is for the dirty stuff, which they’ve taken out of the film anyway. (Just kidding Twilight fans. Please don’t send us nasty e-mails!)

In all seriousness, when the credits roll on Breaking Dawn Part Two, it will be the end of an era (unless of course they make a bunch of spin-off movies). To all the Twilight fans out there: How are you feeling as we approach the end of this film series?

Breaking Dawn Part 1 hits theaters on November 18th, 2011. Breaking Dawn Part 2 comes out a year later on November 16th, 2012.

Source: MTV

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  1. As a fan of the series, I’m kind of sad it’s coming to an end. It’s been fun to look forward to the movies, then the DVDs, etc. But, like with the books, I’m also ready for them to end and be done w/ it all. I’m ready to move on from the insanity of the fandom.

  2. lets see…. i loved the books and no movie is like the books no matter how good the movie. but im sad because i have look forward to these movies because i have read the whole saga a few times. but i cant wait till this movie comes out. breaking dawn was my favorite book out of all of them. all i really have to say is that this book better be more like the moveie then the others. im not sayin in anyway the other were bad or anything but there was alot of things they could have done with it. none the less i cant wait till it comes out then the second part.

  3. I am really sad that it is gettin closer to the end… I always had that waiting process cant wait…. U know really something to look forward to..
    I really enjoyed the Books My fav. had to be Breaking Dawn dang it was great the New Moon was next… I hope maybe another book will be added to the saga sometime in the future……

  4. Why are they splitting this in TWO?? ugh…

    • easy: Money

  5. I’m going to be so glad when this is all over! I loved the first book and the movies are simply guilty pleasures but I will be over-joyed when I can go and see “Water for Elephants” and not be surrounded by 13 year olds who think ‘Edward Cullen’ is in a new movie.

  6. I am looking forward to seeing Breaking Dawn part 1 & 2, but I can understand Kristen Stewart’s comments. The extreme fans have spoiled it for me. So come on lets get it over with!

  7. yea i read the series twice and loved the books they’re a simple but fun read, the films got better with each one and Breaking Dawn seems to be the best so far am i sad? no not at all all good things must come to an end right? I just hope they don’t make spin off movies i just would’nt be as excited to see them unless S.Meyer writes a follow up book to breaking dawn about how Renesme and Jacob must find a way to keep her alive and how the Wolf Pack has come together to keep Jacob’s love alive and they have to deal with some super vampire clan bent on destroying shape shifters like Jacob and the pack…. dam i think i should write the follow up lmao

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  9. Thy cannot make it dirty!!!! For crying out loud they’d be losing out on millions if 11-14 yearolds couldn’t c it! How do u think they’ve got this far?

    • …what are you taking about?!…brad Pitt wasn’t in any of the twilight movies so far, and didn’t see Jennifer anniston on the list of names for part 2. Go spit your political nonsense elsewhere. Try

  10. I am so excited to watch Breaking Dawn. I’m happy to know that it’s divided into 2 parts.. at least we will be expecting for part 2 on November 2012! :) I am a big fan! I even read the books.

    • I really love Twilight to the books and everything. I’m happy that I will beable to see teo more years of Robert Pattinson/Eward.

  11. I hope that this information is right



  14. yes. huhu. I don’t want it to end.


  16. i love being updated with breaking dawn. m counting for it. For Android users i found a great countdown widget app, its loved it

  17. Don’t stop making movies please don’t !!!!!!!!!

  18. I dont want it to be over… we want more. I want to know what is going to happen with jacob and reneesmee in the later years and more more romance with edward and bella and more fun times with the cullens. dont stop writing stephanie

  19. I love twilight the books are always better but i cant wait to see the movie breaking dawn is my fav i shoulda directed it i have read it atleast 5 times

  20. I feel sad that its coming to an end but i thought bella had died for good. But when edward saved her i was happy and when jacob cried cause he thought she died i cried to

  21. I so love twilight!!
    and i’m a bit of happy cause they divided it into two.that means I’ll be seeing more of Edward!!(Robert Pattinson)
    My friends and I really love the saga…we’re all looking forward for part two..just a bit of disappointed with part was too short for us,,we were so excited for Jacob and Rosalie’s Blonde jokes..but there isn’t..still its a wonderful movie