Kristen Stewart In For ‘Snow White’ Sequel; Director Rupert Sanders Not Returning

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snow white huntsman sequel kristen stewart Kristen Stewart In For Snow White Sequel; Director Rupert Sanders Not Returning

Universal’s Snow White and the Huntsman failed to make the impressive splash that some were anticipating; not to mention, the actual film has now become overshadowed by the PR mess resulting from the much-ballyhooed affair between star Kristen Stewart and director Rupert Sanders. When combined, the two issues gave rise to initial reports that a gestating sequel (centered around the widowed Huntsman, played once again by Chris Hemsworth) will not feature Stewart in any capacity.

However, that idea was quickly shot down by studio executives who claimed they were still “exploring all options” for a sequel and were not so disappointed as to go ahead and drop Stewart altogether. To be fair, there was probably some truth to that statement, seeing how Snow White did more than doubled its $170 million budget in theaters worldwide (as for the Stewart-Sanders scandal, well… negative press is still press, after all).

Nonetheless, with Stewart seemingly set to return for the Snow White followup, that’s left Sanders seeking future employment elsewhere (for obvious reasons). The former video game commercial helmer-turned-filmmaker has been linked to projects like the crime drama 90 Church and Tom Cruise’s Van Helsing reboot over the past few months. Furthermore, a new report from Radar Online claims that he’s not interested in a sequel to his blockbuster fairy tale re-imagining, especially since his marriage is still on the rocks.

snow white huntsman stewart hemsworth sanders Kristen Stewart In For Snow White Sequel; Director Rupert Sanders Not Returning

Hemsworth, Stewart and Sanders on the ‘Snow White’ set

Radar Online also reports that Stewart is signed on return for another Snow White movie, which would begin production in late 2013 – presumably, based on a script drawn up by powerhouse scribe David Koepp (Jurassic Park, Spider-Man). It would indeed make sense for Stewart to have gone ahead and committed to the project at this point, now that her schedule is much more relaxed (what with The Twilight Saga being finished); moreover, as the site points out, better offers aren’t exactly pouring in for the actress right now.

There is one issue that could obstruct such a production time for the Snow White sequel- namely, Hemsworth’s availability. He’s going to be finished soon working on Thor: The Dark World, then turn to Steven Spielberg’s Robopocalypse - and he’s looking to find time for Stephen Gaghan’s Candy Store before he reprises his role as Thor for The Avengers 2. That’s to say: while there is room for Snow White in there, it’s going to be a very tight fit.

More on the Snow White and the Huntsman sequel (spinoff?) as the story develops.


Source: Radar Online [via Bleeding Cool]

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  1. I’m glad she will return. I liked the movie – but mostly because of Erik and Snow and their story. What it could’ve used was a better director with a better eye for tight storytelling. Hopefully, whoever will take over the director’s chair will handle the movie better.

  2. As mush as Kristen needs to sharpen up her acting range, it just makes more sense to have a Snow White movie be about Snow White, since Sanders was shooting for a Huntsman movie.

    The movie was enjoyable (those Dwarfs!) and I hope Theron comes back in some way.

  3. Well, my interest is long gone now. Why didn’t she get fired? She wrecked a marriage and nearly sabotaged a movie with her terrible acting.

    Is Milla Jovovich available?

    • Oh sure, she wrecked the marriage. It’s not like the guy also didn’t have anything to do with it either right? Because it doesn’t take two to cheat right?

      Well the first movie was ok, and to me Charlize Theron performance was not all that great. I felt as if she was overly dramatic and don’t know why she earned so much praise. I think Hemsworth did a great job, as did Kristen, except the accent she used was terrible.

      • i thought kristen was pretty good, up til her speech. it just felt too forced, especially with her trying to be all loud and whatnot. her best acting so far i think is in the runaways.

    • Screwing around isnt against the law. She’s a bigger draw than the director which is most likely why he’s gone.

    • wrecked how did you know??? geez….. just talk about the movie not their personal lives….

    • Gee Adam, what do you care, it wasn’t your marriage. Get a life.

    • You need to investigate look at that woman standing next to Sanders. That is not Kristen Stewart, She is not that tall look above and see her standing next to Rupert. That is his wife,she admitted it. If you would investigate you would know.Here are videos to see the truth,video on YouTube [ Liberty did it //an insider told] [Robsten unbroken Evidence ] Google [ ask is Kristen Stewart photos fake ] You will see many site for the truth All this can be seen on YouTube with the pictures

  4. Disappointing news. I was excited for a Huntsman movie sans Snow White

  5. Well if she’s in then I’m out.

  6. the direction was the only thing going for the film. Im out.

  7. That movie sucked all together anyway, Stewart is aweful and Theron’s performance was over the top, it felt like she was trying too hard. Homsworth’s performance was the only thing that stopped from walking out on it

  8. That really sucks!!!!! It was a hard call. But, the film most likely will not be the same without Rupert Sanders directing. That film was very well directed/made.

  9. I am out too. Kristen should do another movie, not SWATH. Its the same role and also has the cheating scandal reference. Im tired of that, will be better a fresh new role for her.

  10. a more huntsman featured sequel sounded better. This was the first real starring role i had seen Kristen in (never seen any twilights and never plan to) and her performance in this was laughable. seriously the theater i was in thought the same thing, there were times when the whole theater would laugh at something she did/say that was not meant to be funny.

    And Chris was good, just wish he had more screen time hence the excitement for a more huntsman centered spinoff.

    and Charlize is Charlize. Usually she is a very good actor but yeah was a little over the top but still a good performance.

  11. I like Stewart but I would prefer that she would not do the SWATH sequel but leave the mess behind. I rather see her in an indie movie, or she could play a supportive role in another movie. She does not have to be lead. David Koepp is fantastic so as far as script goes there is no doubt that his would way better than the one for first SWATH. Koepp is also a director so he could direct the sequel himself. Sanders’ movie was good visually but he did borrow a lot of stuff from other movies. Kristen should move forward, and get a new agent.

  12. Its a movie not real life people. I think Kristen makes a great Snow White and I would see her again because she is fresh. Teenagers don’t care so much of the off screen drama, so let’s do it again but how about putting a spin on the story. What if Snow White had a dream that some of her stepmother rubbed off on her and she was wicked????

    • Not sure what, “Its a movie not real life people” is suppose to relate to but it’s good to know that the new fad term for bad acting is “fresh” ;)

  13. Well, she is as white as snow, the funny thing is in that one picture you show has her even paler then what she looks like in the Twilight movies.

    I bet they needed to give Stewart a fake tan (in Twilight) so she can look pale, and not the dead white look, you know, what she normally looks like. ;)

  14. I’m GLAD that she’ll be back. I really enjoyed SWATH!

  15. I also enjoyed the movie.Even thougtht he story wasn’t perfect,the best aspects of it were the overall design and visual aesthetic,the Seven Dwarfs were pretty cool along with the creature designs.

    I think Stewart does need to improve her acting,but overall,I think that it was a pretty good movie.

  16. Eh. I liked the idea of the Huntsman spin-off because he was the best character in the movie. While I don’t have anything against Stewart she had absolutely no chemistry with anyone in the film. But I do think at the same time it would make sense to have her be in the sequel if it’s still going to be about Snow White.

    This all being said it was just an alright movie, that while visually was rather stunning, had a one-note atmosphere throughout the whole thing was dragged on for far too long. I remember seeing The Avengers and being surprised at how fast the movie went by despite being 2 and a half hours, and yet SWATH is shorter than that and felt twice as long.

  17. Not surprising news. I actually liked SWATH so I’m looking forward to a sequel :)

  18. i reathe movie been a snow white fan for a while, not just the disney love story arc but the different adaptions of the character. i thought stewart played the part well she can really nail those roles that rel parts speech wasnt the strongest part i think she pulled it off. she is a pretty good actor she just wasnt right for twilight, personally i would have rather seen alexis bella swan. but the sequel seems awesome hemsworth is a awesome actor and they definetly left the first oneque

    • wow for some reason half the letters didnt post in that first comment. basically i liked stewart in the first one and cant wait for the sequel.

  19. I like the news. I love Kristen. One mistake doesn’t mean u dont deserve to have chance.I can see Robert is not interested anymore to kristen.but still am here for Kristen only.

  20. She didn’t deserve the role once she was claimed prettier than charlize theron give me a break

  21. Stewart and Hemsworth are two of the worst actors working today, and I found Snow White and the Huntsman to be a nearly unwatchable mess filled with ridiculous dialogue and wooden acting. Can’t believe anyone would want to sit through a sequel.