Kristen Stewart Instead of Angelina Jolie in Wanted 2?

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wanted 2 cast kristen stewart Kristen Stewart Instead of Angelina Jolie in Wanted 2?

Universal Pictures wants a sequel to 2008’s action thriller, Wanted, and they want it bad.

Most of the news surrounding the development of Wanted 2 has focused on whether or not James McAvoy’s co-star Angelina Jolie would return even though [Spoiler] she ended her character’s life in Wanted. If they could get her back, director Timur Bekmambetov stated that an explanation for resurrecting Jolie’s character would be given in the sequel.

In February, we reported that Jolie had dropped Wanted 2 to do a film titled Gravity. Shortly after that, we heard she was out of that project as well. So, with her out, they need a replacement and now we know who they have in mind…

Even though Wanted banked a solid $340 million+ at the box office, the sequel’s production seemingly hinged on Jolie’s return as the key selling point of Wanted 2. Even Jolie out, writer/creator of the Wanted comic, Mark Millar, insisted that the project would continue without her and that they could introduce new cool characters instead.

Following this, there was another hitch in the form of director Timur Bekmambetov jumping in to helm Red Asphalt. That film would reportedly be his next project, not Wanted 2.

Is all lost for the time being? Maybe not.

According to sources of E! Online, Bekmambetov and the studio are interested in having Twilight star Kristen Stewart take on the part of the leading lady for Wanted 2 and even though chances may be slim of the project going forward with her at the moment, Bekmambetov did meet with her once about it.

Stewart has her third Twilight film, Eclipse coming this summer and will be shooting the two-part Breaking Dawn later this year. She’s certainly a big profile name at the moment and I can see why they want her.

What do you think about Kristen Stewart in Wanted 2 as an action star?

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Source: E! Online

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  1. if she's in this movie, i will not be seing it. I'm not down with Wanted, the twilight version

    • same. i LOVE this movie and cant wait 4 the second one… but if kristen stuart is starring then i won’t bother even watching it. maybe just once. but she doesn’t even compare to angelina jolie!

  2. OMG !! SERIOUSLY ? although I love her , I seriously don't think she knows how to act !

  3. First of all. This is in no way shape or form close to being official.

    Second, people always seem to forget very easily that actors, are were they are because they are GOOD at what they do. It is about competition, and the competition for actresses is vastly immense. Kristen Stewart had to best thousands of people to get where she is.

    People ignorantly frown upon and judge everyone from the Twilight movies only because they were cast in them, and blindly looking past the other movies they have been in. Wanted and Twilight have nothing to do with each other, even if they have the same actors. The Prestige and X-Men were not the same just because of Mr Jackman

    FOR THOSE WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Kristen Stewart has NOTHING to do with Twilight. She did not write a word of it. She was just cast as the protagonist, something every actress in Hollywood that fir the bill would have done. Same with Chris Evans, he does not know A THING about Captain America, he did not even try out for the role. They offered it and he said yes. He has never read one comic book in his life about Captain America (a simple example)

    I have seen her in roles very different from her Twilight one. And although she's no Meryl Streep, she is talented and her gift has gotten her huge success.

    The character of this Bella Swan is supposed to be shy, awkward and nervous, no matter what actress plays her.

    We still know NOTHING of the character in WANTED 2. How can anyone reject her being in the movie, if they do not know a thing about the character's personality?

    I do not care for her, she is not even on my top one-thousand actresses, I am just merely pointing out the obvious.

  4. Worsting casting rumor EVER unless they want the assassin to mumble her lines and bite her lip the whole time. They shouldn't even bother making Wanted 2. No one will see it if Angelina, or at least an actress who can believably take over Angelina's spot as lead female, isn't in the film.

  5. Movies depend on actors and it really doesn't make any sense if you appreciate someone's acting considering how good he or she was in their previous movies . a good actor should be able to do any kind of roles . Each and every film builds their portfolio step by step . I have read the books and I know that Kristen and Robert didn't do justice to the characters Bella and Edward respectively while someone like Anna Kendrick played the short role of Jessica perfectly .

    Movies depend on actors . Obviously new actors like Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart won't say no to a movie like Twilight but it simply means that Summit Entertainment made a bad casting decision. I have seen Kristen in Adventureland and to be honest she was the only bad actress I noticed in that particular movie

  6. Vmpremnath, (i love your gravatar)

    Movies are not “made” entirely by the actors or their act. A movie consists of many factors. The actors being one of the most insignificant.
    But if you had to pick one, the script ould be the most fundamental.
    A script is the BACKBONE of the movie.
    If a movie has bad grafics, acting and dialogue- it may be saved by a great script.
    But if it has a bad script, nothing else can cancel out the defects of the story.

    She (Kristen Stewart) seems to be doing an exemplary job playing the rock star Joan Jett. Who is the exact opposite of “Bella”.
    She was nominated for actign awards in most of the following: Panic Room, Undertow, Speak, Cold Creek Something (my apologies for not remembering the movies name) and Into the Wild
    The only movie I did not find her imressive in was Zathura. And I found her to be GOOD (not great) in Adventureland.

    I would add “The Yellow Handkerchief” to the list, but by some unfathomable reason- I have not seen it, and I am not planning on it. But i hear she was great in it.

    As for Robert Pattingson, his role in Harry Potter in which he panicked right before being murdered, was well done. If only “Edward” offered any good acting opportunities, but he does not- he is a bleak character. But I have simply not seen him in enough roles to judge his acting capabilities.

  7. thank you , Hit Girl FTW !

    on topic

    maybe I used the wrong words , movies don't “entirely” depend on actors but some actors can reduce the damage caused by the scripts by their exceptional acting skills . I completely agree with everything else you said about a movie's script but Kristen is a still a bad actress . I don't know what to say ,I never noticed her impressive acting abilities like you so I'm sorry . she is beautiful though and comes in my top ten list

  8. If done just right this could be an awesome movie which she could be the leading lady in. And, regardless if you like or hate the Twilight movies, to typecast her to that movie is just asinine. I think she would be perfect for Wanted 2. I would see it, and would like to see some “cool new characters” added.

  9. No, no no, I'm ones of those people who like her, think she can act (sometimes, depends on the movie) but her replacing Angelina Jolie? Isn't that a total different auidience they are shooting for with that switch? The movie will be rated r but all these pubescent teenage girls want to see it! Oh man!

  10. Much better than Jolie…

  11. They would lose me as a viewer. I have seen nothing that says she can act.

  12. Why?

    Terrible Terrible idea. I mean there a chance that she might pull it off but thats like a very very very low chance at that…

  13. Although Stewart is not a bad actress I just can't see her in that sort of role, that's not saying she couldn't pull it off it just doesn't seem like a good match. But from a purely business perspective it makes sense and will obviously increase the ticket sales amongst those who enjoy her in the Twilight movies.

  14. I think she is an average actress. But to be an actress you have to be the best of the best. People's opinions about her acting is purely subjective. It cannot be measured, it is not a fact. I think she is a good actress. That is an opinion.

    The only thing that CAN be said about her, and that we can all agree on- while seeing that as a FACT… is that she has been nominated for many best actress movie awards, and her talent has made her famous.

    I love Nic Cage, one of my favorite actors. But when he is in a bad movie, no matter how good he is in it- I end up regreting seeing it.
    On the other hand, Avatar was an incredible movie, but the acting was really average, and the dialogue mediocre at best.
    So in my opinion, i would rather see a good movie with average or bad acting, then some Sam Jackson movie that turns out to be bad. (I love Sam Jackson, but his movies are very hit&miss)

  15. By the way.

    We are ALL looking at this wrong.

    She is not replacing Angelina. James Macavoy will be replacing her.

    What if James' character is the one that recruits Kristen Stewart, like Angelina did to him in the first movie?
    Perhaps Stewart is a person who lives her life repeadetly and wastes her time with a day job that depresses her- and ne day she sees James' character and he gets her involved in assassination. Just like in Wanted 1 but with a different character. “The student becomes the teacher”

    What if James Macavoy starts the Assasins group again, and chooses her as his first recruit? Because she sees himself in her, she is an average person who hates her repeatetive lifestyle with her boring job

    If they do that, I believe she is perfect for it.

  16. God,what do they want with her ??? That's beyond me !
    The first Movie was good,the Xbox game was great too and continued the story (without Jolie character) very well !

    Why do we need a female lead next to the main Character ?
    It's not necessary.

    When Jolie was out of the second,I did not care much,she played her part and should be left out,and not put in for money interest. Now she is out and they want to put her in ?

    No thanks.

  17. I think she would do very well. She can't be Bella all her acting career and she is an actress she suppose to do other things.

  18. i love wanted. and that is because Angelina jolie was inside. i cant wait for the second one but if Kristen steward shows up, i wont watch it cause Kristen isn’t an action kind. she more of a background or more twilight….

  19. i dont mind kristen stewart i would still watch the movie but i would rather see angelina jolie

  20. i love her i will not be so interested in this wanted 2 without angelina jolie in it. i was sad when she died it ended the movie horibly but a great ending she plaayed the part well and well i cant see anyone else doing it. god i hope she does finish wanted 2 i dont think i will watch it without her.

  21. i actually enjoyed this movie, more then i thought i would. it had a cool blend of action & i luv how they could curve a bullet even thought thats not physically possible.

  22. I think Kristen would be better than Angelina, since she is young and fresh. I think she would be better suited to this kind of movie and would make an excellent replacement.

  23. I think her draw is her girl next door look.