Kristen Stewart Offered ‘Akira’ Role

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Warner Bros.’ Americanized live-action adaptation of Katsuhiro Otomo’s acclaimed Japanese comic book/animated movie, Akira, has evolved significantly over the past twelve months. Case in point: around this time in 2010, the Hughes Brothers (The Book of Eli) were onboard to helm the project, which was then budgeted at around $140 million and rumored to feature the likes of Zac Efron and Morgan Freeman in pivotal roles.

Jump to the present and Akira‘s budget has reportedly been reduced to (at least) $90 million; Jaume Collet-Serra is signed on as director; Steve Kloves has rewritten the script; and actors such as Garrett Hedlund and Gary Oldman are being actively pursued to handle the lead parts in the film.

Keira Knightley has been touted as a possibility to play one of the important supporting (female) roles in Akira for the last couple of weeks. However, according to a new report from Twitch, that part has now been offered to none other than Twilight leading lady Kristen Stewart.

Collet-Serra’s Akira takes place in “New Manhattan”, a futuristic dystopian city where government forces clash with the anarchistic general population, which includes that of a local biker gang leader (Hedlund) and his closest friend. When the latter is captured and subjected to secret government medical experiments that unleash his “potentially destructive psychokinetic abilities,” his comrade must join forces with a hard-edged colonel (Oldman) in order to prevent the newly-powered young man from potentially killing thousands (if not millions) of people.

Stewart is wanted to play the love interest to Hedlund in Akira. Additionally, a handful of up-and-coming actors are being considered to portray the (angry) young man – a character named Tetsuo, in Otomo’s original comic/film – who discovers he possesses unfathomable mental powers.

kristen stewart snow white Kristen Stewart Offered Akira Role

Kristen Stewart as Snow White

There’s no polite way to put it: hating on Stewart has become almost a pastime for the anti-Twilight crowd. It does not matter that she has actually delivered decent performances in films like Panic Room, Into the Wild, The Yellow Handkerchief, Welcome to the Rileys, Adventureland, and The Runaways – or that Stewart is next trying her hand at portraying a more engaging female character in the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman – a lot of moviegoers seem incapable of separating the actress from her polarizing Bella Swan screen persona.

That’s all to say: bringing Stewart onboard for Akira is bound to incite angry responses and do little to nothing to win over this project’s detractors. All the same, she does possesses some quality acting chops and could easily suffice in a supporting part like the one she’s up for here. Besides, the possibility of Stewart playing “the girlfriend” is the least of this film’s concerns…

We will continue to keep you updated on the status of Akira as more information is released.

Source: Twitch Film

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  1. O god no..

    • That was the first thing I thought when I saw the headline..

  2. Now I am worried and I was looking forward to this. Well maybe she’ll say no?

    • -too funny dude…

  3. Wait a minute! She’s blond? I think she looks better as a blond than as a brunette.

    • And not less Japanese at all. Seriously though this is good news, saves me some money.

      • I’m assuming you mean the way Hollywood depicts African-Americans, because as an African-American, I can tell you I have never spoken like that (well, maybe in jest).

        And yes, the way they are doing this movie nearly guarantees I won’t be in the theater.

      • @Take Care & Bob – It’s not racist it’s stereotyping and I’ve removed that part of the comment as well as your responses since they wouldn’t make much sense out of context.



  4. I don’t like Kristen Stewart. Not because of Twilight (although her performances are atrocious in them) but because she’s never been able to produce a character I like or a performance I like. Granted, I haven’t every one of her movies, but she’s not very good in the ones I’ve seen.

  5. as what a carboard cut out? And that might even stretch her “talent”….

  6. No, just no.

  7. this is getting out of hand so everyone in this movie going to be white. i also read on the casting call of Yamagata is open for “Male, 20 to 30 years old, Japanese American”.

    first of Yamagata is just a minor character, second spoiler alert he gets killed off by Tetsuo, 3rd they thinking adding 1 Asian-American actor in the movie meaning they not racist is a joke.

  8. Well, this doesn’t surprise me one bit. Did any of us actually think this was going to be any good? If you did then you are naive. This is going to be ‘The Covenant’ meets ‘I am Number Four’ meets ‘Jumper’.
    Hope this makes no money.

    • Bad idea. Repeat, a bad idea.

  9. No…it just keeps getting worse…ha ha…why bother calling it ‘Akira’ at all anymore? This is a horrible idea for a film, I think.

  10. I was mad when she got cast in On the Road last year…But her performance as Joan Jett helped to assuage my skepticism. She’s not a bad actress, it’s just that her best known role doesn’t exactly give her a lot to work with.

  11. It’s like this entire project has been a prank…I couldn’t have made a joke cast list any better than this.

  12. Well, count me in the hater group then and after reading all that are involved.. I’m going to pass on this. All American cast for “Akira” huh?

    They’ll do something stupid like just name the “Project” Akira with no reference to the actual Akira and expect us to buy it. Bah!

    This will be Dragonball Z meets Tekken meets Street Fighter

    • You know with all the unemployed folks out there I’m betting there are some tremendous actors among them…let’s try some of them out and never use the following actors ever again, in anything:

      Chris Klein, heck the cast of American Pie except Eugene Levy
      Keanu Reeves
      Kristen Stewart
      Megan Fox
      Nicolas Cage
      Hayden Christensen
      to be continued…

  13. I don’t think Hollywood film producers are racist, but they sure seem to think that the rest of America is. You should really look into that.

  14. Ugh. Can’t stand her.

  15. Can someone please put a stop to this Akira project like yesterday already

  16. Now i will never wait for this movie.. nor will see it.. nuff said !!

  17. this film is meant to be doom, there is no good news about this film at all..140 millions will go down the drains…

  18. Why do they use the name AKIRA at all ? The Movie is so far away of what Akira stands for !

    If they wanted to attract the fans..they are long Alienated by this uncontrolled cancer it has become.
    The rest of the Movie going crowd might not even know what Akira is,but is lost as well.
    Just wish them a big Bomb ahead at the Box office ! They should leave it and put the money into something else..maybe Twillight a new beginning !

    • Even if I didn’t know what Akira was about, just by the name I would assume some type of Asian plot; but when I look at the actors, I would be dumbfounded.

  19. I normally pride myself on looking for the good in any film, but this feels like a Hollywood cash grab, with a fan boy backlash waiting to happen (Ok it’s already happening!).

    It would be a good start if all the names both character and film were changed. At least then, the Japanese vision that was Akira will not be damaged permanently.

    Or more simply, leave it alone altogether.

  20. Ok is anyone surprised here? There’s been bad news after bad news of just utter crap coming from this movie. The time to hate is over. Let’s just spread the word on this blatant hollywood cash grab and encourage everyone to boycott.

    I’ve gone past the point of hating. So much so that I am now just sad they are bastardizing such a beautiful and meaningful story all for a quick buck.

    Move on and boycott.

  21. A HAHAHAAA oh my gosh no. Run away, RUN AWAY!

    This just tells me they are having real problems attracting A list (or even B list) talent to do this turkey of a project.

  22. 50 million dollar budget cut and now they are just trying to plug in whatever young actor is hot right now and has a pulse. All those people who had doubts about this project are just being proven right, this whole thing is sounding like a thinly veiled adaption of Akira that was passed off to studios just to get funding. Another example of someone trying to use the name recognition of a familiar product to sell their own idea.

  23. I actually hope Kristen rejects this. I like her, but the more I read about this project the more I don’t want to see it, so hopefully they will move on and offer it to someone else.

  24. Kristen Stewart…. Rable!..Rable Rable Rable

  25. I really don’t get all the hate this project is getting. Akira (the movie; I haven’t read the manga) is one of the worst movies ever made. So, it’s not like Hollywood could do any worse. They might actually end up making a decent movie.

    • Care to explain why you think it’s “one of the worst movies ever made”? I would love to hear it.

  26. Has she even seen the movie?

  27. Hey I can see past her lack of a performance in twilight and she was surprised me with her performance in adventureland and besides she’s already said in interviews that she doesn’t want to be pigeonholed as that twilight chick and actually wants to break outta that box so I’d say it would be interesting to see her or Keira Knightley maybe even Carey Mulligan or Jennifer Lawrence in that role.

  28. Uh…no. The woman canNOT act. She has one facial expression and a monotone voice. She doesn’t “preform”. She reads lines.

  29. It would be a great role for Kristen, and a change of character to what she normally plays. She also has amazing easy going chemistry with Garrett Hedlund that could heat up anytime when they are together. IMO it is just perfect and I wish people would stop been negative about her. Go and get a life instead of sitting in front of a computer being an egg.