Knight Rider Video Clips = Horrifically Awful

Published 7 years ago by , Updated February 9th, 2012 at 9:56 pm,

justin bruening Knight Rider Video Clips = Horrifically AwfulOh boy… I justed watched five clips from the Knight Rider TV movie/pilot that will be airing this Sunday.

How many synonyms are there for the word awful?

Ok… let me back up and maybe try to be a bit more fair. The only scenes that were excrutiatingly painful to watch were the ones containing the fellow on the left, Justin Bruening, who plays Mike Knight, son of Michael Knight.

Holy cow is this guy awful in the role. I’m talking cringe-inducing.

You can see for yourself by heading over to, which has exclusive clips from the show.

Now they’re not ALL bad, mostly the couple of clips where “Mike” appears. Although that doesn’t mean that the other ones are fantastic.

I do like the girl, and I actually like Val Kilmer as the voice of K.I.T.T. and I think they’ve done a decent job with the personality of the car.

But the character of Mike… holy cow, man. (Of course the more terrible it is, no doubt the higher the ratings will turn out to be.)

Just head over there for yourselves to see what I mean, then come back here and give us your thoughts. In particular check out clips 4 & 5.

Knight Rider airs on Sunday, February 17th.

Source: IESB

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  1. Not planning on watching this.

  2. Gary,

    I can’t WAIT to watch it. :-D


  3. Vic,
    is that because you think it will be good or is it more like watching a train wreck?

  4. That would be: train wreck.


  5. I might have to check it out. I was actually surprised at how good Val Kilmer was for the voice of KITT. Of course, if Family Guy is a new episode, that will take precedence…. :P

  6. Very funny posts guys!
    Thanks for the reassuring review Vic, I would have been stunned if you liked this one..
    (Enjoy the collision on the tracks) :) I’ll prob be watching anything else but this.
    When I first read about this on SR I thought I was a joke. Then I realised its really happening in real life!
    (Btw the Wolfman story, same effect)
    Why they keep bringing these old films/tv shows back from the grave is beyond me…this new Knight Rider is just the next Bionic Woman…is that show still on?

    Allmost 1/3 of all films these days are remakes. Talk about goin thru the motions.
    Boy I’m jonesing for 24 and Heroes these days…..

  7. How funny would it be if they picked Shatner for the voice of KITT.

    Deep somewhere in the bowels of CAA-(talent agency).

    JB, I’ve got Mr Kilmer on line 1..

    “Hey Val BABY, I got something that’s gonna be HUGE! Its the next star waz, ya ever hear of Knight Rider Val?”


    “Hey Ellen CHICKY BABY! call Val back we must have got disconneted”…..

  8. The only good thing from this will be Val Kilmer. I mean WOW…what a disaster the kid that plays Michael Knights son…just awful acting….its so bad, it actually make you feel uncomfortable watching him act. Just disasterous!!!

  9. BT, that’s EXACTLY how I felt! I mean, seriously… how could anyone look at the dailies for this and think “Wow, he’s doing great!”?


  10. Wow if the acting is that bad and everyone (except Steve the other poster) hates the car, this vehicle is doomed…

    Might end up being the crap Movie of the Week.
    I have a bad feeling this will restart Hasselhoffs career. Boy I hope this tanks.

  11. C’mon, we REALLY need to have “The Greatest American Hero” turned into a movie!! Who’s with me?!?! :P

    BTW, I really loved TGAH-have all the seasons on DVD. :D

  12. Here’s the senario Andy,,, its called Hancock.

  13. Good one BT!
    I wouldn’t mind seeing Gary Coleman’s carreer getting back on track. :)

  14. i think this movie is going to be awesome, and the clips i have seen are awesome.

  15. I really hope this doesn’t restart Hasseloff’s career again…..i mean do we really need to fall victim to more of this mess….

  16. Um, guys… did you know they really ARE working on a movie based on “The Greatest American Hero” TV show?

    I kid you not.


  17. I would probably go see that Vic. Let’s just pray to Jeebus that they don’t cast Will Farell as Ralph.

  18. Andy, I think you nailed it.

    Will Farell as Ralph. I can’t think of a better choice.

  19. Well I think he would be a better choice than, say, Hayden Christensen……LOL…

    Maybe I don’t “GET” Will Farell, but the only thing of his that I REALLY liked was “Elf.” “Old School” was OK, but not as funny as people make it out to be. Don’t get me wrong, I love stupid humor-”Spaceballs” is my all-time favorite comedy- but something about Will gets to me after a while.

  20. Andy, I’m with you. I loved Ferrell in “Elf” but since then, meh.

    And FYI, I’ll be putting myself through the pain of watching THIS TV movie tomorrow just so I can review it.

    No doubt if I think it’s awful grammar-handicapped hooligans will come out of the woodwork to defend it. :-)


  21. Ferrell could pull it off he just got a little more serious.
    Vic I hope you update us with any news concerning the Greatest American Hero film.

    I still say Hancock is going to be a lift of the show even down to the gov agent ty in.

  22. OK, I’m going to admit it and say that I watched the new Knight Rider movie tonight (well during the commercials during Family Guy and American Dad-then I watched the rest) and I don’t think it was THAT bad. The girl was definitely smokin’ hot and the new KITT was pretty cool-even if it’s NOT a GM car! I don’t think the guy who played Mike was that bad. I’ve seen MUCH worse acting jobs (cough cough Hayden Christensen cough cough). It seems like there will be a new series and I will probably check it out-as long as it’s not on against Family Guy!!

  23. Well, I just saw the KITT movie and while I did like the car, I wasn’t impressed with the movie. The actor for Michael Tracer was bland and the actress for the FBI agent just wasn’t believable. The shield for KITT was nanotechnology instead of chemical this time, and I think that’s appropriate; also, the car morphs using this technology. If this is going to last, they need to do something with the main actor. BTW, Hasselhoff does show up briefly.

  24. Why all the remakes these days? Cant the entertainment industry come up with anything original anymore?

    PS. I never liked the original Knight Rider. I couldn’t stand it even when it was the only thing on the one channel available on AFTRS

  25. I think it was a great tv movie — and will make an even better series. Those of you who thought the acting was terrible must not watch much tv nor go to the movies on a regular basis. The acting was well above average by all 4 main characters. The show is supposed to be a fun escape. If you are expecting something else, then don’t watch it. Since when has tv EVER claimed to have cultural or intellectual supremecy? (Um, Dukes of Hazaard, for example) A show can be a hit for many different reasons and is USUALLY a hit when all components of a show are above average. This is one of them.