Rumor: Chris Pratt and Danny McBride In Talks for ‘Knight Rider’ Film

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Chris Pratt Danny McBride Rumor: Chris Pratt and Danny McBride In Talks for Knight Rider Film

Chris Pratt might not be a name that casual moviegoers instantly recognize, but that may be about to change. Warner Bros.’ The Lego Movie – in which Pratt voices the lead character – is now a box office hit and critical favorite (read our review), with a sequel already in development.

In addition, the actor has already been tapped to head the casts of Marvel’s ambitious cosmic adventure Guardians of the Galaxy and franchise quasi-reboot Jurassic World. His burgeoning film career has already called into question whether Pratt will return to his fan favorite role on TV’s Parks and Recreation, and now comes news that he (along with another familiar face) may be up for a lead role in another big-screen revival.

According to Schmoes Know, Pratt and Danny McBride (This Is the End, Pineapple Express) have been offered lead roles in the Knight Rider film being developed by The Weinstein Company and written by Arrested Development‘s Brad Copeland. The project would, of course, be the latest take on the franchise that began with the 1982 series starring David Hasselhoff as a crime-fighter behind the wheel of the ultra-sophisticated Knight Industries Two Thousand automobile (or KITT, for short). The most recent incarnation was a short-lived 2008 series reboot that starred Justin Bruening as the son of Hasselhoff’s character.

knight rider movie Rumor: Chris Pratt and Danny McBride In Talks for Knight Rider Film

At this point, there’s no indication if a new version of the Michael Knight character (originally played by Hasselhoff) will be included in the script – let alone whether Pratt or McBride would be in line to play him. However, the film is expected to reboot the franchise rather than attempt to fit within the established continuity of the previous TV iterations.

Moreover, by the sounds of it, the new Knight Rider looks to be taking an action-comedy approach to the source material. Recent projects like Green Hornet and 21 Jump Street have similarly modernized their premises by infusing them with a greater sense of humor, with varying results. If Knight Rider truly intends on employing the same strategy, bringing proven funnymen like Pratt and McBride onboard is certainly a good first step.

The Knight Rider brand likely doesn’t hold the same appeal with today’s younger generation as those old enough to remember the original series, and that could prove to be a stumbling block for the studio’s marketing efforts. However, if the Fast and Furious franchise has proven anything, it’s that moviegoers love a good car chase.

Do you think Pratt and McBride are good fits for a Knight Rider film, and who would you like to see them play, should they officially board the project? Sound off in the comments section below.


Stay tuned to Screen Rant for the latest updates on Knight Rider as this story develops.

Source: Schmoes Know

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  1. Pratt is a busy guy.

    With these two guys, this could be one hilarious movie.

  2. love Danny but knight rider?

  3. good lord no. Both of these guys are hilarious, but Knight Rider shouldn’t be an action-comedy. An action movie with comedy in it? Absolutely.

  4. I could see Danny McBride as a washed up Michael Knight? Sort of an Eastbound and Down version.

    Not including the charecter Michael Knight at all seems strange.

  5. They need George Takei as the voice of KITT, just for the hilarity.

    • lmao…

      maybe if another scary movie type movie is made you might see that hahahaha

    • hahahaa

  6. Interesting…Pratt as the new version of Michael Knight and Danny McBride as the voice of the new KITT could be hysterical!

  7. Pratt for the lead, McBride as the voice of KITT

  8. as long as KITT is a Firebird it’s all good

    • Yah… Don’t think they will use a vehicle from a company that no longer exists…

      • stop killing my dreams man…

  9. Can you imagine Danny McBride as K.I.T.T. with Kenny Powers voice? that will be hilarious …lol


  11. I wonder what kind of car they would use. I think the most appropriate car to use now that Pontiac is gone is the new Stingray Corvette. That would actually be pretty awesome. I just hope they don’t rice the thing out like they did to the Mustang in that crappy tv series pilot that (fortunately) failed… It needs to be a sleeper other than the signature red LED…

    • yeah the new Stingray could work and has that look similar to the original…the Mustang was such a far departure.

      i have actually seen some Trans Am concept cars based off the Camaro platform that look pretty good too, but i’m guessing they would use a car that in dealerships

      • All about that product placement man, no use advertising a car that’s no longer on sale by the manufacturer. I am personally a Ford guy, but I like Chevy as well. I didn’t mind too much them moving to a Mustang except for the fact that it was too much of a departure from the original, but what they actually did to it… O…M…G… THE ugliest and dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life… But yes, if I was in charge of a new show or new movie, I would definitely go with the new Corvette.

        • yeah it was a disaster, i’m not a fan of the Mustang so anything they did i wouldn’t have liked, the only Mustang i like is from Bullit, nice and subtle

          • Well, you have to appreciate history. If it wasn’t for the Mustang, there wouldn’t be a Camaro. They don’t call that class of car a “Pony Car” just to be funny you know. I appreciate all American cars with V8’s under the hood basically. Sure you can get plenty of power from a V6 now-a-days, and 4-bangers get great gas mileage, great and dandy, but there’s nothing like the rumble of a V8, how your entire car torques in one direction when you rev it, and that beautiful low-end torque that lights up your tires when you go at it too hard, or pushes you so deep into your seat if you hit it just right that you can’t reach forward if your life depended on it.

            To me, having a V8 car isn’t just for one thing or another, it’s a whole experience. And out of all of the old school muscle cars, the one that made it to the current day with most of that personality in tact is the Mustang in my opinion. The new Camaro is terrible to drive, the A-pilar is far too wide and blocks your view, the shifer feels too big, the seating position is uncomfortable and ends up giving you a terrible front blind spot, everything about it is just poor ergonomics. It’s definitely nicer on the outside than it is on the inside. The Dodge Charger became a 4-door sedan for goodness sakes. The Challenger is pretty nice, but a tad on the pricey side for the SRT 8 version, aka, the only version that’s worth a damn. All of the others are gone completely…

            Although the 2015 model will have independent rear suspension (yuck), they stuck with the live rear axle until now which has its perks. You don’t lose as much power as you do in an independent (any time torque is transferred through a universal joint that changes its direction, you lose a lot of power, and with an independent versus a solid axle you’re adding 4 more…) and you get much better traction in drag racing with a solid axle than you would in independent. The independent rear suspensions are better on the track generally, but Ford managed to tune their live rear axle in the newer 5.0L Mustangs so well that they actually perform great on the track. Their Boss 302 was mopping the floor with cars costing 2-4 times as much on the track. It was the complete package if you asked me, drag strip and track ready…

            If I wanted an independent rear suspension I would buy a Corvette. I am a bit disappointed they are moving to that in 2015. I am wishing I’ll have enough money by then to buy a Boss 302 and just swap out the engine/tranny with the 2015 model since the 2015 model will see a boost in power. 😛

            • ya i actually was upset when they switched from the 5.0L from the 90’s to the 4.6L it changed the whole dynamic of the Mustang, it just didn’t feel right….i haven’t driven the newer Camaro’s but i have driven a 2010 Corvette and it dropped my jaw, i couldn’t believe a American car could feel that tight

            • and i would love to get my hands on a 302 😀

              • The new 302 is a beast. I used to work in an industry where I had access to drive and test a lot of different cars ranging from Porsche to Fords, and I have to say, the Boss 302 is a blast to drive. But the most exciting car I’ve driven has to be a 1000hp compound boosted (supercharged AND turbocharged) Ford GT, the Hennessey GT1000. That thing was crazy… The regular Ford GT is already pretty amazing, but that Hennessey one was downright insane.

      • Not to mention, in the pilot episode they get into a car chase with a… Ford Edge… A crossover CUV with a V6, and somehow, the Mustang with all of its riced out riceness could not outrun it… What a stupid scene.

        Not quite as bad is the car chase scene in Drive, where a PROFESSIONAL RACE CAR DRIVER in a new 5.0L Mustang somehow cannot out run a bunch of thugs in a Chrysler 300… yes, I know they have a SRT8 version of the 300, but no way zig-zagging in traffic and through multiple turns a professional driver in a car more suited for the situation could not EASILY make distance between them… Ugh, so aggravating to watch scenes like that…

        One of the best car chase scenes in modern movies is in Jack Reacher. Love watching an old 60’s 424 Chevelle outrunning a new overrated Audi, lol. Awesome… Sure in the end he lost them due to the police also chasing him, but every time they were on an even playing field he would catch up to that POS Audi. 😀

          • If someone makes a corner and the car goes out of control it’s not the car, it’s the driver. I had an old 1992 Mustang GT and I’ll powerslide through the turns just fine. 😉

            And what kind of Audi was it? It’s the kind with four rings as a logo and costs twice as much as a car with its performance should cost, lol. 😛 Alright fine, so it’s a luxury car and if that’s the kind of car you want, then it’s worth your money, but just not my thing. I’d rather my money’s worth be split more 80% performance and 20% luxury than the other way around.

            And if you haven’t seen Jack Reacher, you should watch it, not just for the car chase, but the movie is very good too. But that car chase, I swear I can watch it with my eyes closed and be in heaven, the sound of that beefy V8 was just beautiful. MUSIC to my ears. If my engine sounded like that my radio will never be turned on…

            • ha i had a buddy that had a 92 or 93 GT…and yes it had balls but couldn’t take a corner if your life depended on it, but i did love the sound of it…i guess it depends on your taste and what you want from your car, i was always influenced growing up with European cars, so when i could afford it i got the the best of both worlds when i bought my Audi S4 with quattro and a V8.

              speaking of chase scenes i always loved the car chase in Ronin

              • Your buddy can’t drive. 😉

                But honestly, yes, it is technically “out of control” but “in control” of the “out of control-ness” lol. What I mean is, if you’re experienced enough with cars, you’ll learn how to control the car. For example, you enter a turn with a rear-wheel drive car and you start to lose traction in your rear wheels. Most people’s instinct would be to press on the brake. Well, you have to remember that street cars distribute braking mostly to the front, it’s something like 80/20 split. So pressing the brake would stop your front wheels and since your rear wheels are already not getting any traction, the braking there makes no difference anyway, so that results in your being pointed in the wrong way. What you actually should do once you sense that your back-end is coming around, is maintain the throttle a little and point your front wheels outward in the direction the car is sliding, eventually the car’s momentum in that direction will run out and you’ll slowly start to be pushed forward in the direction your car is pointed, adjust the steering in your front wheels to match that change, then you should be good to go. During that slide you can adjust which direction your car is pointed with the throttle, increase throttle to increase oversteer (point your car more “into” the turn) and let off the throttle to decrease it.

                Yes, you can WAY over-do it and even that won’t correct you enough, you might just slide until you hit a curb or go off-road, but if it’s controllable, that’s the way to do it.

                Oh, but yah, do that on a track, not on the road, it’s obviously illegal, lol. But anyway, things like that is different with front wheel drive and all-wheel drive cars. I love rear-wheel drive cars for that. But since I’m not a professional race car driver I’m not really familiar with the others. I know (in theory, not in practice) that in a front wheel drive car you’re supposed to just point your wheels in the direction you want to go and give it throttle and it should “pull” your car that way eventually. And in all-wheel drive cars it’s all about pointing your car in the direction you want to end up prior to the turn.

                In my opinion, driving an AWD car well around a tract requires that you are familiar with the track or that you have a good navigator. Rear wheel drive cars are more “Dynamic” in that you can make alterations and changes on the fly, so it’s better for situations where you’re maneuvering on roads and tracks you’re not familiar with… That’s just my opinion on it…

                • Ack, *track not tract, lol.

        • you mean an early seventies 454? besides, as much as i love that movie, it was a movie chase. i don’t like to break it to you, but movies are not real. muscle cars are cool, but a fortythree year old american car, maintained by a junky won’t last long in a car chase with a brand new vehicle, build by people who were confronted with small corners, on their way to work, and have to think about stuff like “this freeway is unrestricted. people will use that for their advantage. how do we keep that engine from blowing up at 250 km/h, for four hours?” not that i’m an audi fanboy, but chevrolet actually met their restrictions, when building a german car. they send opel some 350 small blocks for their “diplomat” cars, that kept blowing up, because american engineers never have to think aboe 140km/h. for the second incarnation, they used corvette racing ready engines, to give it a little bit stamina from then on. oh, yeah, also it was a basic audi. you don’t prove anything by beating an entry level 2.0, or whatever that was. it’s like beating a 1971 chevy with a 230cui straight six with an audi sr6.

  12. Gilbert Gottfreid as the voice of K.I.T.T

  13. Pratt for all of the roles

  14. Danny McBride can play serious roles. I can’t get indignant about this yet. We are being given a tad bit of info, with no mention of a director. Until then I can’t make a judgement. I hated the comedy versions of Starsky and Hutch, and Dukes of Hazard and so did the movie going audience. But the 2008 TV reboot of Knight Rider does deserve a parody.

    • I loved that version of Starsky & Hutch, hated the original TV show.

  15. Ugh! No thanks. The series was bad and now this one. Nah!

  16. Straight to DVD me thinks.

  17. Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be a great choice for Michael Knight. I think he’d be perfect. Maybe Fassbender as KITT?

  18. Knight Industries buys Pontiac during the recession. That is iffy but something like that would give read on to see a prototype Firebird as KITT. I hope it’s more action than comedy and that the writers and producers remember why this show was popular in the first place. The car.

  19. Is anyone else here getting a solid Green Lantern vibe from that picture of Pratt?
    Too bad Marvel got to him first – I think he could pull off the Hal Jordan Green Lantern perfectly.

  20. They should use a Dodge Viper as the car… and then they’d also be remaking the ”successfull” clone of Knight Rider (as all the other spinoffs/sequels have failed)

    • Viper… *puke*

      LOL, kidding man… 😛

  21. I think the new knight rider should be more action like the fast fure it would be nice if could use a 2015 ford mustang shleby 500 gt its got to be black one and I like it when it transforms in to truck a van and ford flex that was kool it would be nice if it could happen aging

  22. I really hope this show comes into effect again. I watched Knight Rider 2000 the other day, see how it all ends up, then played the very 1st episode of the series, and seeing Davon again when he started brought a tear or 2. Really good show, hope it pulls through, though the original will always stand alone.

  23. It will be ruined if made into a comedy just like they ruined green hornet.

  24. I agree, Danny Mcbride should star as Michael Knight. It could be like in Smokey and the Bandit part two when Burt Reynolds lost his true love and the bottle took over him. But after about a month of training he was back! behind the wheel. I do hope they bring back the original 1982 Pontiac. that car with tinted windows fog lights and attractive red scanner, OMG, it’s still amazing to look at it 33 years later

  25. Would love to see a new Knight Rider movie even with them in it.

  26. They need to put justin back in he was good for that role they just need to lay off the transformation stuff