‘Arrested Development’ Writer to Pen ‘Knight Rider’ Movie

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knight rider movie Arrested Development Writer to Pen Knight Rider Movie

KITT will ride again. According to a new report, The Weinstein Company is moving forward on an adaptation of the hit 1980s TV show Knight Rider and has hired writer-director Brad Copeland to pen the project.

The show, which featured David Hasselhoff as agent Michael Knight and (more importantly) a bad-ass talking Pontiac Trans-Am named KITT, ran for four seasons from 1982 to 1986. It was also rebooted as a TV series in 2008, but only lasted one season.

The Los Angeles Times was the first to report the news, noting that the film is “being conceived as a somewhat higher-budget, more action-oriented movie than Weinstein’s typical prestige fare.” Copeland is best known for his work on Arrested Development and he also wrote the 2007 comedy Wild Hogs.

Given the success of the Fast & Furious franchise (which practically everyone loves), it makes sense to move forward on a film that’s most significant feature is it’s super awesome car. That being said, what made KITT cool in the 1980s isn’t necessarily that innovative anymore.

knight rider1 Arrested Development Writer to Pen Knight Rider Movie

In a world where you can ask your iPhone to not only find out movie times, but map out directions to the theater, the gimmick of a talking car just isn’t that impressive. On the other hand, if the filmmakers were to take the movie in a different direction and made a fun action-comedy homage to Knight Rider, they could have a big hit on their hands.

Just consider the success of 21 Jump Street. That film took a dramatic concept – police officers going undercover as high school students – and turned it on its head by making a point about the absurdity of the premise. It’s easy to imagine a Knight Rider film taking a similar approach. And, given his background as a TV comedy writer, perhaps that’s the direction Copeland is planning.

In either case, David Hasselhoff will surely be pestering the studio for a role in the remake. And if he does, you can count on the movie doing huge business in Germany.


Stay tuned for more news on the Knight Rider movie as this story develops.


Source: Los Angeles Times

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  1. Totally disagree. I do not enjoy these movies that spoof TV shows that were great in their day. For those of us who grew up on them, it’s like a slap in the face. This is another unnecessary remake as an excuse for not having original ideas.

    • +1

    • Totally agree.

    • Agreed. I’m hoping this new attempt will honor the original. As a fan dedicated enough to attempt to build my own replica of the vehicle, I would appreciate it if these new writers would create something for us for once.

  2. Why does Hollywood have to completely ruin my childhood. Make some thing original and stop retreading classic TV!!! What is next Airwolf vs Blue Thunder!!!

    • Hey that actually would be cool.

      • You missed Riptide & the show with the motorcycle….

    • In short…because they are lazy and they can.

  3. Seriously? There is market demand for this?

    OK, I’ll bite. Anyway, KITT, the AI, needs to evolve, and not be relegated to simply a car. I envision KITT being an AI that lives in the cloud; essentially, an AI partner that can attach itself to planes, helicopters, motor bikes, etc.

    Since movie studios seem to be looking toward old TV shows for inspiration, bring back Street Hawk, Airwolf, and maybe Automan.

  4. I’ve posted on Facebook that Knight Rider should be turned into a feature film! Universal should also distrbute the film since they owned the TV rights. I think that Gabriel Macht from the USA network series
    SUITS would be a great choice to be Michael Long/Michael Knight.
    Sir Michael Caine would be a perfect choice for Devon Miles. Though K.l.T.T.’s voice in the original and several different incarnations was
    male. For a new generation why not have it’s voice a female. It’s has to be sexy and also with compassion for human life. I think Scarlett Johnasson would be someone to consider. I hope the movie will be true to the essance of the original classic series and will be a little
    bit sci-fi elements in the story. Either way I’m glad Knight Rider is coming to the silver screen!

    • The TV rehash was a failure because they used a bloated val kilmer who was full of cheeseburgers instead of personality, and a ford PoS as the car.

      When I heard William Daniels was not going to be the voice I was very saddened, but the idea of Will Arnett doing it made me think it had a chance.

      I still watched every episode but it didn’t feel right.

      I’m sick of people jumping on the fem wagon deciding every beloved character should be castrated to make it more edgier or gender diverse.
      F*ck that. If there’s a genuine reason other than comforting the PC or prejudice people out there who yell for equality so long as the gender/race/class/idea they’re barracking for has more power than the others, fine, but if it’s only to indulge that scum, leave it the hell alone.

      The concept was guy and his car and the “buddy” relationship, not Michael running around trying to stick his wang in the tailpipe of a female car that he can only drive for a few days a week and the rest is leaking oil and won’t start.

    • KITTs voice needs to be the same as SIRI.

      • If they go full on Apple and use Apple Maps then Michael could spend the whole movie going to the wrong places.

    • Please not female voice for KITT! If the actor who portrayed his original voice is still alive, I say LET Mr. Feeny do it lol. It could be done in a comical way where the car is being programmed and tweaked out. A woman’s voice COULD be one of their choices, but then they could make a joke that tey don’t want a woman yelling at them if tey make a wrong turn lol. In the end it should be original…or even start out original and then they could plug something into KITT and may him “wake up” and have a positronic matrix that thinks in it’s own like “Data” from Start Trek TNG. If I could write it, that’s how I’d do it. If anyone in production reads this, drop me a line and I’ll gladly help make it fun and cool, without ruining the original feel (as the 2008 revamp did). KITT cannot be a Mustang. He must be a Trans Am. I think in GENERAL MOTORS would like to bring back the Trans Am car under the Chevrolet Badge (since Pontiac is gone) they could use this to introduce a totally new 2015-16 Firebird Trans Am, and I think it’ll kick ass. Make it Retro like the Camero, but more pointy in front lol. LETS DO THIS!! Damnit I wish I was a Hollywood writer and could be part of the production. This was my favorite show of all time!

  5. I find this funny as on AMC Movie talk someone brought up Knight Rider, they said it wouldn’t work unless it took the same approach as 21 Jump Street, looks like it’s happening lol.

    • i watched that too and john said sell to the idea

  6. Well…whatever he writes, I hope it will be good and capture the spirit of the original. I for one, don’t want it to be a comedy like ’21 Jump Street’ and ‘Starsky and Hutch’ was. I think it needs to be serious with a few funny moments in it, but that’s it. Evolve the AI for KITT, get some actors behind it that can pull it off. It needs to be more action oriented for sure, and it needs to be about the man and his car, and what the reboot show took half a season to figure out…too late. (Well I blame NBC for that one.) If they can do that, just maybe Knight Rider will be able to make a comeback like they show should have been able to do…

    • +1 They killed that show when it finally got where it needed to be!

    • Agree. Capture the spirit of the original. I personally believe they could bring back the original car and yet still make a modernized version. We have film making technologies today they didn’t have back then. Bring back David H. and William Daniels. Daniels recently did a GM commercial starring KITT and he did great. David H. isn’t too old. There are many old guys doing movies today that do just fine. Put him in charge of FLAG or something. Maybe he replaced Devon and there’s a younger guy driving the car. Maybe a kid from the original series. How cool would that be? Then David H. (Michael) gets a chance somewhere in the episode where he is forced to drive KITT to accomplish the mission. He and KITT reunite. Now something like this would be great.

      The 2008 series failed for a reason. Learn from it. And stop making fun of old shows.

  7. I’ll watch but don’t make to KITT an import or a SUV. Just some good ole fashion American muscle.

    • @Ricky

      +1000 to this, they will totally ruin it if they use some rice burner, anything with more than 2 doors, or anything with an engine with fewer that 8 cylinders…

      I vote for a subdued and plain looking Shelby Cobra (not that riced up garbage from that tv reboot attempt a few years back) or a subdued Dodge Challenger. The Camaro is just way overused and overrated. But if they can get the new stingray Corvette that would be cool too…


        • Sorry, the website was flagging everything I posted for moderation, I was kind of testing it with this, lol. 😀

          • Yeah, that happened to me too!

  8. I totally agree that it needs to be fun and not so serious. That’s where all these reboots of the show go wrong. They take themselves too seriously. Not that it needs to be as comedic as 21 jump st or starsky and hutch, both which i thought worked pretty well imo, but more adventurous fun with some comedy relief. I think this would work great for a magnum pi movie too! embrace the mustache and Hawaiian shirt! And the rediculous situations they are in and end up in.

  9. Don’t do a snarky spoof. The basic concept is a high-tech take on the Lone Ranger legend in the form of the origin of Michael Knight. Utilize the shows core theme of “one man can make a difference.”

    Any humor should ideally come from the interaction between KITT and Michael which is kind of like what would happen if C3PO’s AI was implanted in the controls of Millenium Falcon and Han Solo had to deal with it.

    It’s part sci-fi, part buddy cop, part car chase movie and is even in a sense at least, a superhero thing. Michael Knight is basically a crime fighter with an awesome car.

  10. Sounds like an awful idea and I agree with the article, in the age of iPhones and social media, modified cars and nitros, what relevance is a talking car?

    If they did a period movie and set it in the 80’s then yes it may work, but like the recent tv show proved, turning KITT into a transformer is just lame!

    • There’s a difference between using your ifony to unlock your Prius and having a car agressively drive itself and act on its own.

    • In the 2008 version (which I actually liked), the car had super AI and could hack into systems, do surveillance, monitor vital signs of the passengers, spontaneously jump over things, was really hard to damage, and lots of other cool stuff. I’d like to see a phone do that :).

      I’m actually looking forward to more KITT because I was sad to see the show end (especially without proper closure). If they’re not going to reference the show much, I hope they’ll at least close the story line with a scene or two.

  11. In the 80s the car was ahead of its time and science fiction, half the things in the show they can do now or come standard. That doesn’t mean Hollywood can’t steal some creativity from somewhere and envision the next car of the future without resorting to transformers or flight.

    Sure they can’t come up with new ideas for movie plots without a pre-existing franchise, but there’s still hope someone can have an idea that works without turning an iconic franchise into a goof-off because they have no talent for action/adventure scripts.

  12. They obviously have not learned a lesson from that truly dreadful Knight Rider 2000 or the dreadful series with Val Kilmer as the ‘voice of kit’ in a Ford Mustang of all vehicles!!! This memory of the 80’s has already been ruined as has Transformers & Star Wars – perhaps they can ruin Mask, He Man etc next.

  13. Air Wolf would destroy Blue Thunder. And thats just the theme music. Dont get me started on the butt whippin Thunder would get.

    • Thanks a lot! Now I can’t get that Airwolf theme song out of my head! 😀

    • Plus Airwolf’s theme music is like Dallas, The Dukes of Hazzard, The Brady Bunch and Knight Rider. You know what it is without looking at the screen! Like how they forgot to mention about Team Knight Rider and they tried to reboot the series with Knight Rider 2000!

  14. Horrible idea regardless of which way they do it. Another horrible idea from people who have no imagination and too much money to dole out.

  15. Haha some pretty funny comments here this am. Love the one about if they use apple’s Siri and the apple maps KiTT would spend the whole movie going to thwrong places lol.

    Seriously thought is knight rider basically just ironman redux? Instead of a suit of armor its a car he inside of? Meh. I get the attractive nature of the premise to studios but it just doent feel neccesary.. Then again I said the same thing about 21 jump street and ended up loving that movie.. So I’m willing to give it a change and see what comes of it. But have a feeling this wont go further that script stage in my opinion.

  16. I’d rather see a cartoon ala Cars with all the famous “good” cars from TV/movies team up like the avengers to take on evil cars from Tv/Movies.

    Good cars = General Lee, Starky&Hutch car, Kitt, Herby, A-team Van, Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am

    Evil cars = Christine, Lincoln Continental Mark III (The Car movie), Maximum Overdrive Goblin Truck, Hearse (The Hearse movie) etc.

    This would be super cool. LOL
    Please add to this list.

  17. KITT should be more like JARVIS, David Hasselhoff should definitely have a cameo, and for the love of the 80s keep Michael Bay as far away from this film as possible!

  18. This is complete and utter BS. A comedy writer for an action/drama show. What will they think of next? Granted KR had humor where needed, but there is no way that this writer can capture the original idea “one man can make a difference.” And if you look at this guys resume…

    -Wild Hogs
    -Yogi Bear
    -Arrested Development (i’m sure that is a good show, however, no where near in the same genre as KR)

    I see this as another buddy/comedy similar to Starsky and Hutch or so called A-Team, which while funny, did not even come close to the originals. Hollywood will never get it right. I’m so pi##ed off right now that I’m about to start an online petition to go against this movie. Long live the 1982 show!!!

    P.S. – Sorry for my rant. Guess that’s why they call this Scree “Rant”. 😛

  19. Does anybody remember the TV show called Viper? It was about a Dodge Viper that could change form. They should remake that. I loved that show as a kid.

    • Yes unfortunately it and Street Hawk haven’t made IT

  20. Finally! I’m up for it! This is a no-brainer. I’ve been wondering for years why this hasn’t been done yet. With both The Fast and the Furious (fast cars!) and Star Trek (great rebooted TV classic!) being successful movie franchises, this is a logical step. It could be HUGE. Fast and Furious with a SciFi twist… Hope it’s gonna be better than The A-Team or Miami Vice though. Knight Rider has had a long history of illfated resurrection attempts… Knight Rider 2000, that Knight Rider 2010 apocryph, Team Knight Rider (horrible!) and Knight Rider 2008, which was actually kinda watchable but was taken down by the economy crisis and Ford’s bail-out… but at some point it HAS TO work to bring back KITT…and KARR…Looking forward to it!

    • BTW: I hope they bring back the original TransAm Pontiac instead of any other vehicle. A vintage car like that is far superior to any “upgraded” model. Of course it’ll have a moderized interior but it should be the original! It’s the single-most iconic car in TV history and they should learn from the mistakes with those lame TV reboots…

      Apart from that: KARR has to be the villain. He’s one of the greatest baddies in TV and movie history… right next to Lord Vader and the Borg!

    • Ford didn’t take a bailout!

  21. Sounds awful to me. I loathe spoof films.

  22. They should make KITT able to transform into armor that Michael Knight can wear to battle criminals.

    Iron Man + Transformers = Chicken Dinner!

  23. I grew up with the original programme and was horrified when I heard they were remaking/updating the show on tv. I tried watching a couple of episodes but could’t even make it through a whole one.

    I must confess that I have mixed feelings about a big screen version. i think the only way it would work, is if they did a retro version, set in the 80s, similar to what they did with Starsky & Hutch movie. Kitt has GPS and an internet worth of knowledge way before such things ever existed. Trying to make a modern day version, where everyone has access to technology on their phones/tablets/laptops, means it simply wouldn’t work. By making a period version, set in the 80s (whether comical or not) the movie would (hopefully) appeal to those of us who grew up with the original and maybe attract some new fans at the same time. Just because it was in the 80s, doesn’t mean there still can’t be some cool driving sequences, as people back then still had muscle cars/classic cars etc

  24. The car has to be an ’82 Pontiac Trans Am just like the General Lee has to be a ’69 Charger and the A-Team van has to be a–well you guys get the idea..

  25. In consideration of the hints toward a “comedic” portrayal of the original series, I seriously hope this isn’t the final direction. Here’s my own personal wish list for this movie. Knowing many fans who actually own replicas of the car itself, I can attest that many of these sentiments are echoed by others:

    1. DON’T turn it into a Ford commercial, and NO Mustang.
    2. Keep the story in the 80’s. Take the true fans back in time, but with modern filming techniques. Think Batman Begins, or perhaps the recent Star Trek films. Perhaps pick up where we left off and give the show the ending it deserved but never got in season four. Leave it open to a sequel.
    3. Bring back the ORIGINAL car. Film it like they would have in the 80’s if they had today’s modern technologies and fabrication at their beck and call. But be true to the original.
    4. David Hasselhoff must be a MAIN character and relate to KITT like an old friend.
    5. William Daniels MUST play KITT’s voice.
    6. Don’t over-dramatize it or turn it into a satire just for the sake of appealing to non-fans. Don’t cheapen it with sleazy sex scenes and hollywood idiocracy. Keep it 80’s cool and be respectful of loyal fans.
    7. Include the original features of the car. Turbo Boost, Super Pursuit Mode, Grappling Hook — we grew up with these things. Bring realism to these effects. Don’t omit them.
    8. Use the original soundtrack. KR 2008 did a reasonable job ramping it up. But more nostalgia is in order. If adding to, be subtle.

    In addition, I’ve seen many comments and articles about KITT’s technology being similar to Siri. I would like to point out that while somewhat similar, Siri does not have its own personality. Siri’s responses are largely predetermined, while I believe the original intent behind KITT was that he could learn and become more “human” as time went on. Siri is dependent upon a network of servers, while KITT was self-contained. In addition, if this show were to pick back up in the 80s, this technology would once again be “out of this world” as it was when the show was written.

    Forcing into place such a “writer’s challenge” of accomplishing goals such as those stated above — this, I believe, could result in a monumental film which would please both the loyal fans, as well as newcomers to this classic series.

      2 – Agree. I wrote the same thing in my comment
      3 – Again, totally agree. Original car using modern day effects would be awesome.
      4 – Not so sure on this one. I love the Hoff, but he has become somewhat of a caricature of himself in recent years.
      5 – YES, YES, A THOUSAND TIMES YES. Mr Feeny is the one and only person who could do the voice justice (and keep original fans happy).
      6 – Again, totally agree with you. They are plenty of movies that are period set in the 70s and 80s that don’t take the easy way out in terms of tone/humour. Even though it was a comedy, Starksy and Hutch did a great job of recreating the magic of the 70s.
      7 – Definitely, but take advantage of the budget and add in some new features as well.
      8 – Maybe. It is a truly iconic theme tune and if used correctly in the movie would be awesome. Not sure if it should be the main theme or not though.

  26. So, who here thinks there will be a scene where KITT argues with Siri??