Watch The Knight Rider 2008 Season Premiere Online

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knight rider new kitt Watch The Knight Rider 2008 Season Premiere Online

Watch the full season premiere episode of Knight Rider online a full week before it airs on NBC – today.

NBC has releasing the episode on the web today, and you can watch the entire first episode of the new series right here:

NBC Knight Rider Episodes

If you didn’t know, NBC dipped its toe in the water last Spring with a two hour movie that was an update of the well known 80s series starring David Hasselhoff. I was less than kind in my review of the TV movie. It was incredibly cheesy and while it wasn’t as awful as I had anticipated based on the preview clips, it wasn’t exactly great.

I’m hoping that history at least partially repeats itself (I’ll explain in a moment). For now, check out a brief promo for Knight Rider 2008:

This does NOT look good to me, but then again the clips before the pilot premiered last season were far worse than that… and I’m hoping that the series is better than what you just saw above.

NBC has re-tooled the previous pilot completely, leaving only the barest framework and building fresh. We talked about the Knight Rider reboot last May.

Even if the new Knight Rider premiere episode is weak, I’m going to give it a few episodes to see if it gets better. I’ve learned my lesson with Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which had a very weak pilot but went on to be a decent series.

In any case, check out the series premiere here and if you’re on your lunch break watch the episode and let us know what you think. I’ll be reviewing it later on. simple smile Watch The Knight Rider 2008 Season Premiere Online

Knight Rider premieres on NBC next Wednesday, September 24th.

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  1. 12:05pm. I’m actually watching this now. Shades of James Bond meets Transformers.

  2. Ok, on a scale of 1 to 10, I gave it a 6+. it could have been better but some of the dialog really irked me, especially from the 2 computer sidekicks. The fact that this car can morph into other vehicles (3 shown)was pretty cool but some of the realistic situations (a vehicle in a subway?) was a bit unbelievable.

    I think the espionage mission and the fact that we have a storyline that is being saved for later (who is Michael Tracer?)may provide for future improvements on the writing.

    It’s a series that’s different than many of the things on TV right now and event with it’s noticeable faults in this episode, there is plenty of room for improvements. I’ll give it 5 more eps before I decide whether it sucks or not.

    Just my two cents.

  3. denied because of my canadianess

  4. I’m betting its garbage.

  5. I think I barfed in my mouth a little bit.

  6. Can’t seems to watch it. Keeps saying page not found when I try to get the episodes page.

  7. @Ash Ali

    Are you not in the U.S.? They may be blocking it for non-U.S. residents (which sucks, IMHO).


  8. I can’t watch it either. Looks like it’s confined only to US residents. Can someone nick the video off the site (maybe using DownloadHelper in Firefox) and upload it to Google Video or something for the benefit of the rest of us?

  9. So, you non-Americans have the advantage, because not even extreme curiosity can cause you the physical and emotional damage watching this show will cause… You guys should be happy.

  10. The funny thing is I am in the U.S., to be exact, Chicago, IL.

  11. I can watch it now, for some reason the virus protection program “Avast” was blocking it.

  12. @Ash Ali
    Lol, even the virus protection program hates Knight Rider… :-)

  13. @790

    maybe the virus protection is hating KITT not knight rider

  14. Lol,,,
    I’ll be interested to see what ppl think of the pilot.

    Overall tv ratings are down,,, good luck Knight Rider.

  15. That video bit doesn’t tell me anything I don’t already know. I’ll just have to wait and see if it’s any good.

  16. Yeah, my avast antivirus is blocking nbc’s link to watch the show too :(

  17. The Knight Rider Virus,,,,,,,,

    KITT is trying to look at your files!

  18. I’m watching the episode now. About 20 minutes in – it’s still dumb.


  19. Any news on the Power Rangers ???

    This Knight Rider show would do big numbers if it was on Saturday mornings.

  20. I must have been on drugs this afternoon. After careful consideration and a short session of toilet bowl immersions, I have come to the conclusion that insanity had sunk in during the early hours while watching this and do agree with the utmost of humility that this episode does indeed suck!

    I withdraw my earlier scoring and ask for forgiveness.

  21. The other preview videos on NBC’s site are viewable though. That nanotech armor in the TV movie had pretty cool effects and it’s *ALMOST* believable (though the way the nanites bridge a large gap to form the rear spoiler is dumb).

    But in those other previews, it seems like KITT has become Barricade or something.. except that he’s a triple-changer. KITT transforming into a truck?? What’s this, Transformers-type “mass shifting” or something?

    And there’s that ugly and corny plasma globe at the dashboard..

    They should have rebooted the series with the original Trans-Am KITT..

  22. I heard that NBC wanted to have KITT travel back and forth between timelines, but it just *wasn’t believable* enough.

    Come on NBC take some risks!!! Lol’!

    Having the car morph into transformers is soo Power Rangers!!

  23. There’s nothing wrong with KITT being a GT500KR Mustang, the problem comes when they put all of these USELESS things on there that look like toys. I mean, seriously, I’ve seen my share of fake and functional hood scoops, but WTF are those plastic looking silver things sticking out of the hood??

    What is up with the solid front wheels???

    What possible function could blackening lines on the headlights and taillights serve???

    Why the hell does it have the ricer floor lighting???

    Why are there HOLES in the front splitter?????

    Don’t they know routing the exhausts to the side actually makes it LOSE torque compared to straight backs???

    Seriously, they got some 3rd garde school children making decisions on why “upgrades” to put on that.

    I think making it a “sleeper” would have been the logical and SMART thing to do. Why announce to everyone in the world: “hey look at me, if you’re looking for the car that just blew up your factory, I am it!!!”

    Shouldn’t it look like a stock Mustang GT500 and have all the upgrades INSIDE the car? Not hanging off OUTSIDE of it???

  24. I can’t believe you didn’t get that Ken J,,,
    All that extra stuff is so the car blends in.

    They really need to put Spiners on those rims. Cause Spinners are so lame they would be perfect.

    Is this the dumbest show of the freakin decade or what ???

  25. Luckily I didn’t get to watch it yet over here.. my risk of getting brain cancer now seems to be exponentially lower than the rest of you poor guys..

  26. From the previous comments I thought this would be bad. What I found was a True KNIGHT RIDER show. The point of the show is to be a bit “out there” and have some quirky humor. I agree the writers need to improve where to place humor and comments, but the show is a great entertaining ride.
    The Kitt Car is definately 21st century, and Justin Bruening delivers.
    I’ve seen Smith Cho before. She is an impressive talent they should take full advantage of.
    I found myself enjoying the ride. This show is a 9.0, Gary Scott Thompson has provided gold. It just needs a bit of polishing.

  27. Well, I’m glad you liked it, I thought it was pretty horrible, I think I threw up a little bit… My favorite part was when that idiot asian girl was like “awesome” when Mike and that girl that can’t act was dead and they were trying to revive them…

    I do agree that it was an improvement over that movie though, but not by much. Mike’s character especially, was a big improvement since he’s trying to be a bit more serious this time around.

  28. Yes, minor script improvements are needed, but there was also a grand trashing of the car which confused me. Knight Rider is not a serious drama and that’s not what I’m looking for. This is totally about a leap of imagination and blatant excessive situations and hardware. Give me more.