PG-13 ‘King’s Speech’; R-Rated ‘Breaking Dawn’?

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PG 13 version of The Kings Speech Breaking Dawn Robert Pattinson PG 13 Kings Speech; R Rated Breaking Dawn?

The non-restrictive PG-13 Rating has demonstrated itself to be a profitable one with respect to a film’s box office prospects. It’s partially for that reason that The Weinstein Company has been planning to release a PG-13 version of The King’s Speech in theaters – and definitely the reason why Summit Entertainment’s Breaking Dawn is angling for a PG-13 Rating.

Today brings the news that newly minted Best Picture Oscar winner King’s Speech will be released in PG-13 form. Meanwhile, Twilight star Robert Pattinson says he’s genuinely curious as to how director Bill Condon and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg are going to avoid delivering two Breaking Dawn films that are not R-Rated.

The King’s Speech collected a total of four Oscars at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards and has grossed over $359 million worldwide in theaters, including around $133 million in the U.S. It’s fair then to say that the decision to release a PG-13 version of the film – one that excludes a scene in which King George VI (Colin Firth) swears multiple times as part of a training exercise – isn’t entirely motivated by financial interests.

Here’s what the Weinstein Company had to say on the matter, in an official press release:

The emotional impact of stuttering that was illuminated by THE KING’S SPEECH continues to be a topic of conversation with the recent statements by Vice President Joseph Biden about his own struggles with stammering. The release of THE KING’S SPEECH PG-13 offers families nationwide access to a positive story about stuttering and overcoming obstacles and social stigmas.


Breaking Dawn

twiligh pic bella edward PG 13 Kings Speech; R Rated Breaking Dawn?

In other news, Robert Pattinson spoke to EW about the final two films in The Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn – and, as anyone who’s read the original novel can tell you, he’s got a solid reason to wonder how the movie adaptations are going to sneak by with only a PG-13 Rating.

Here’s how he put it:

“I just can’t see how it’s going to be PG-13 … unless they cut everything out…¬†There’s some interesting and weird stuff going on — really very, very,¬†very strange. It’s great. For a big, mainstream movie, it’s the most obscure storyline and really outside the box. It’s a horror movie.”

Rosenberg has stated before that the more graphic material in Breaking Dawn will occur off-screen or be alluded to in a non-explicit manner. Given what a cash cow the Twilight series is for Summit, this low-risk approach comes as no surprise. The tween fan crowd should be fine with it, since an R-Rating would prevent them from openly seeing the movies in theaters… truth be told, it’s highly doubtful that anyone is strongly against the idea.


The PG-13 version of The King’s Speech will be released next week on April 1st (not fooling around), while The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 hits theaters later this year on November 18th.

Do you have strong feelings about either film not being Rated R?

Source: The Weinstein Company, Entertainment Weekly (via Cinematical)

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  1. I see no point in releasing TKS out now b/c the DVD/BD comes out in mid-April.

  2. Damn, only reason I wanted to see Breaking Dawn was for the gory birth part.

    • They are still going to have the gore and stuff but they are just going to push the pg-12 rating as much as they’ll let them. I think they might do an unrated version or something so you could be that in DVD or something

      They said no to worry cuz they will definitely have as much gore as they can… they are also doing that for the sex scene I think

  3. I’m totally stoked they are releasing the King’s Speech with a PG-13 rating! It looks like such an inspirational story and I can’t wait to see it!

  4. I don’t even know why there is such strict censorship. Young teens these days see and say stuff worse than any other generation before. Not showing them movies with this stuff isn’t going to make them better people. They got the internet and we all know what kind of stuff is on it lol.

  5. Here in Portugal The King’s Speech was PG-12, as well as 127 hours.

    I live in a funny place.

    Here R-Rated: Saw or Nudity (well sometimes even some PG-12 films have it)

    But seriously I think they should let TKS be PG-13, altough with 127 hours, things are different.

  6. The film should’ve neem PG-13 to begin with.

    And I thought that they were planning on muting two or three swear words, not take out an entire scene! That would be terrible since that scene was one of the best scenes in the film.

  7. *been

  8. R rated Twilight? LOL. It still wont mean crap.

  9. I hope they don’t take out any scenes in The King’s Speech. It should have been rated PG-13 to begin with. That “seven dirty words” routine was the funniest scene in the whole movie. I see an
    R rating, I expect a movie to have sex or violence, and this had neither.

    As for “Breaking Dawn” I’m not following that thread because I’m only halfway through “New Mooon,” the second volume in the series, and have not seen Eclipse, nor read Eclipse or Breaking Dawn. (I got the set for Christmas.)

    • You will see what we mean about Breaking Dawn. The sex scenes in the book are totally muted but you know what happens but the birth scene is another story. In the book the nothing is held back. This is my favorite book of the series, and unlike a lot of books I really like the way she ended it.

  10. Yea, go ahead and make Breaking Dawn R-Rated. If the kids want to see it that bad, they’ll get their parents or older siblings to take them. And what is the cause for an R rating in the King’s Speech? I haven’t seen it, but I’m sure it can’t be more than a few swear words. They do know that people say the F word in PG-13 movies these days, right?

  11. Twilight 4 will not be R guys summit wouldnt allow it.

    • I agree as much as I hate the idea we need to be prepaired for a let down. I don’t think it will be a graphic as we are hoping for!

  12. I really don’t see why Breaking Dawn can’t be a pg 13 for the cinemas, and then have an extended R rated version released on dvd. I love the films, but they have sucked a bit compared to the books. The BD book is more epic then the other 3 together. If they cut most if it out due to fear of annoying their younger fans then the film will be a complete waste. Release a second, r rated dvd and profit when everyone buys BD twice!

    • Relax people!! Just let the movie be the movie. Who cares if its PG 13…have you SEEN come of the PG 13 movies lately????! Hello—-half of those should be Rated R!! So just freakin relax. Condon does not need to “tone down” anything!! It needs to be raw and awesome and fabulous just like the book!! (**They should make two versions if people feel like getting their panties in a wod about it. One rated PG13 and one rated R. There…problem solved!)

  13. Since everything IS about the bottom line, I don’t understand why Summit wouldn’t consider putting out an R version on DVD. They would double their profits!

  14. I don’t give a crap about Breaking Dawn – because the film is going to be weird and awkward compared to the book no matter how you slice it. I’ll wait til its out on DVD to see most likely.

    The King’s Speech, however?! I think it’s /ridiculous/ to cut that scene out. I’m sort of disgusted with how flippin puritannical some American’s can be.

  15. Relax people!! Just let the movie be the movie. Who cares if Breaking Dawn is rated PG 13 or rated R…have you SEEN come of the PG 13 movies lately????! Hello—-half of those should be Rated R!! So just freakin relax. Condon does not need to “tone down” anything!! It needs to be raw and awesome and fabulous just like the book!! (**They should make two versions if people feel like getting their panties in a wod about it. One rated PG13 and one rated R. There…problem solved!)

  16. Breaking Dawn shouldn’t be rated R. I like the idea that someone had of haveing it PG-13 in theaters, and having an extended R version on the DVD. They do that with a lot of movies actually. Even rated R movies, they have an Unrated version on the DVD. I think that is what they should do. If they don’t have have it rated R for theaters, well their ratings are probably going to drop, and they won’t be making much money off of it till it gets released on DVD… They better do the right thing. I put my trust in the Twilight cast and crew (almost all the time).

  17. I will be ticked if this movie does not stay true to the book. The other movies were in my opinion “loosely” based on the novels, although still good. Breaking Dawn was my favorite book and I hope they stay true to it. If it means that it has to be rated R then so be it. Parents can go to the theaters and see the movie for themselves and form their opinion if their kids should see it. Hell the movie might end up making more money this way. Besides kids will do what I udes to do as a kid. Go with a friend whos parent doesn’t really care if they see rated R movies and have their mother give the permission for all the kids. Not sure if theaters still allow it but they did when I was a kid. Problem solved LOL

  18. I don’t care if its an R-Rated movie because I will be 13 by the time it comes to cinemas and my mum is coming with me. I hope it is R-Rated.
    PG-13 is boring!

    Team Bellsmee

  19. Just because profanity is mainstream these days doesn’t mean that everyone desires to endure it in every movie we watch and invite it into our homes. It is difficult to find wholesome, uplifting entertainment that is appropriate for families. I applaud the producers for cutting out some of the bad language so that those who prefer can enjoy the good message without having to unnecessarily endure vulgarity. I wish Hollywood would get the idea that movies don’t have to be offensive or vulgar to be entertaining. Will taking out a “funny” yet profane scene alter the quality or message of the movie? I doubt it, and the same could be said for many other movies out there.

  20. Please, even if it’s pg and scenes are cut for obvious reasons with younger teens, there needs to be an over 18′s release too. Yes the teenage fanbase is huge but I think the adult audience has surpassed even them and it wud be disappointing and a huge mistake to not cater to our needs also. I’m 30 and all my friends are in 20′s and 30′s !!!!!!

  21. fine make it r-rated do wat ever u want im 12 years old i love twilight and most of ur fans are my age and younger u do that and we will get our parent our older siss to take us we will find it on our laptops im sure every 1 seen the other 3 movies u jus cant do that u cant give 3 movies and just not let us see the bestand last movie of them all ok