‘King of the Nerds’ Season 1 Winner Revealed – Did the Best Nerd Win?

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king of the nerds season 1 winner celeste King of the Nerds Season 1 Winner Revealed   Did the Best Nerd Win?

After some of the nerdiest battles ever seen on television, King of the Nerds has deemed Celeste, the avid gamer and speedcuber, worthy of sitting upon the throne of games. But in the end, did the best (or biggest) nerd actually win?

In last night’s finale – which, if we’re all being honest, came too soon – Celeste, Genevieve, Danielle and Ivan battled it out in a Segway maze race, then a Jeopardy-style trivia game, to find which two would go on the nerd finals. After a few scrapes and bruises, as well as a controversial question about the creator of Pong, Celeste and Genevieve made it to the final round, where all of this season’s past contestants came back to crown their winner. And that’s where the nerd tests stopped and public opinion began.

Throughout the season, Genevieve was continuously placed on the chopping block, always being forced to battle her fellow nerds to stay on the show. Celesete, on the other hand, was never once nominated for an elimination, and her tally of 2 wins failed to match Genevieve’s 5 wins (including elimination battles). But still, when the ousted nerds were asked to choose their king, Celeste won 5 to 3.

king of the nerds season 1 King of the Nerds Season 1 Winner Revealed   Did the Best Nerd Win?

When King of the Nerds first premieree, nobody really thought that TBS would truly put on a full-on nerd competition – with real nerds. Sure, not all of them were NASA engineers, like Moogega Cooper, or computer hackers, like Virgil, but the show did put together an eclectic and eccentric group of individuals that most “nerds” could identify with. And while some competitions may have been less “nerdy” than many expected (with some being more nerdier), there was always an intriguing and thoroughly enjoyable communal element about the series that helped to elevate it beyond many of television’s competition shows. That is, until the “realty” aspect of it took over.

In the King of the Nerds final competition, a vote, it seemed like the “nerd” element of the show was replaced with a generic, unoriginal way to choose a winner. Sure, it’s nice to see former competitors come back – but the manner in which they actually decided the winner didn’t feel true to the nature of the show. Since when did popularity mean more than statistics to nerds?

While it’s true that Danielle, the pro-gamer, statistically beat out both Celeste and Genevieve with her 6 total wins, her incorrect answers to a few “nerdy” video game questions did put her knowledge about her specialty in question. And when the final battle came down to Celeste and Genevieve, there was no actual battle. If there were, it’s statically likely that Genevieve would have won, like she did three previous times.

So we ask: Did the best nerd win?

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King of the Nerds season 2 will air fall 2013 on TBS

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  1. Genevieve got robbed! Celeste did nothing to deserve the crown. We will not be watching season 2. Very disappointed!

    • Completely agree! And will not watching season for the same reason!!

      • Yeah, this show was crap at the end. Gen got screwed…she by far worked the hardest for it. Such garbage. Will NOT be watching season two…if there even is one. :(

  2. needed a different elimination round…i’m far from smart and was completely let down… all the nerds had to learn to be true to who they are, because celeste was so slow at accepting her nerdiness, that allowed her to win???

  3. Celeste did nothing the entire season. What a crock. I would have thought the other nerds would have been smart enough to reward the best player, but they were either too butt-hurt over Genevieve destroying them or just too stupid to be drawn into Celeste’s phony as hell new confidence. No season 2 for me. The players on this show are too stupid.

    • she took the lead in the live gaming challenge (which they won) and the dancing portion of the anthem challenge. she also saved genevieve’s ass in her nerd-off with virgil by memorizing the entire song and routing during genevieve’s practice time so that she could continue to practice during virgil’s practice time. don’t let editing fool you into thinking she did nothing.

  4. SO BUMMED Celeste won, that was a total let down. The fact that she didn’t get put in the nerd off was total BS. She was the first one to “throw Genevieve under the bus” to Danielle and she bitched about Genevieve doing it to her. She was also the reason team Blextrophy kept losing, she sucked in every challenge! She couldn’t actually stand her own ground in the games but had to mooch off everyone. Wow so disappointed. Of all the characters she was the least nerdy. I thought the show would be cool, guess not.

    Genevieve you totally earned the title, you are the true King of the nerds!

    • I agree

  5. Definitely. Three nerd-offs? Genevieve got robbed; there’s no doubt about it. I’m reaaaaallly dissapointed. Some of the questions were so easy, even I got them. Way to go.

    Will I be watching next season? Maybe, just maybe.

  6. Just glad Danielle didn’t win.

    • Amen

      • Danielle was a major________!

    • Danielle threw Gene under the bus by convincing others to vote for Celeste instead of voting on their own. What is being a nerd all about? Being smart and an outcast which Gene showed in spades. In the end the idiot cast made it a popularity contest which as always the cooler kid wins. Lame!!!!!

  7. I will not be watching any more King of the Nerds. It was a sham and the best nerd (Genevieve) did not win. Celeste did nothing and it was wrong to bring the people back who put Genevieve on the chopping block so many times. I will also be writing the sponsers of the program and let them know I will not be buying their products if they continue to promote this program.

    • Ditto

  8. I know everyone wanted Genevieve to win. And everyone thinks that Celeste skated into winning. I watch every episode religiously. Every nerd who was in a nerd-off was voted by its team and the opposing team. Because Celeste was never in a nerd-off shows that either teams had no reason to put her there. Genevieve was in three nerd-offs. How she won against Alana in the comic books trivia, I had no idea. How she won in the dance-off against Virgil, beats me. How she won in the free-standing structure against Moogega, can’t fathom it. But I think the show was very selective on who would be the final four. The show was heavily edited in every episode. Just think about it — the four cuties girls made it to the final four? Coincidence? I actually knew Celeste won Kind of the Nerds a month before the finale. I was watching Conan one night, and Celeste was a guest on his show. Mind you that this was somewhere around the end of January or early February. You know guest are not put on a prime slot for no reason. Besides, the show was taken sometime in the summer or something — just look at the beautiful weather on the show. Either way, I am glad Celeste won it. Everyone has his/her opinion on what a nerd ought to be. If you look at the contestants, either one of them has the possibility to become King of the Nerds. It was an interesting season. I will watch the next season to see if the format would be different. I have a feeling it will be.

    • The reason Celeste was never in a nerd-off is because she was not considered a threat. Meaning, she didn’t deserve to win anything.

      • If Celeste never got put into a nerd-off to get sent home she must have did something right unlike the others getting sent in because they pissed someone off- Joshua, is aggravating-Alana, or is a sore loser and no one likes them-Danielle. Delete is awesome , she was a threat to everyone, I believe her theory was not to show and sneak it in to overpower them all and take the Throne of Games from under their feet. The best women definitely won fair and square. Go BiiTTERSWEET

        • So many typos, so pathetic.

          • lol

    • If you watched the shows religiously, you would have heard multiple contestants say they were voting Genevieve in because they were threatened by her intelligence and adaptability. That’s why she got voted in and in despite of that adversity she won time and time again in her opponents area of expertise. What did Celeste do??? They had no reason to put her in because she skated in under the radar – she said it herself. She was not a threat. One lame last ditch effort speech at the end and she wins?? I don’t get it.

  9. Genevieve should have won. They had Celeste listed as winning 2, but even then she came in 3rd in the Segway race. The vote should not have been close. Celeste may have been most improved, but that is not what the competition was about.

  10. the “king of the nerds” couldn’t figure out what 7/8 is as a decimal with 4 multiple choice options???

    • Not being able to do a 5th grade math problem should have been grounds for immediate banishment

    • Forget that, she couldn’t even guess a super easy Star Wars question… What kind of nerd is she??

  11. The finale was such a complete joke. There was a reason Genevieve kept getting sent to Nerd Offs. Everyone considered her a huge threat to win the whole thing and thought Celeste was very beatable.

    Alana, Virgil, and Danielle all voted against her at least partially because she defeated them and ended their game. Moo remained consistent with selecting Genevieve for beating her at her own game.

    The Segway race was iffy also. The Nerd Bowl was very entertaining and it would have been better if had been the format for the entire finale. It gave the viewing audience an opportunity to play along and could have been structured as a timed tournament. One thing that should have been changed is that each question should have a point value reflecting its difficulty level. So Nolan Bushnell would have been worth 5 points and the Millenium Falcon should have been worth 1 point.

  12. The final 4 should have finished, in order: Genevieve, Ivan, Danielle, Celeste, based on their merits… what a joke the vote was…

    • Agreed, CRAnderson.

  13. I watched this show religiously and enjoyed it, until the last episode. Maybe it’s because I’m watching Vikings, where there’s an expressed code of behaviour. All I know is, for the first time in my life I saw nerds as others must see us: as pathetic weasels who play delusional games and scramble to hide instead of standing up to be tested. Genevieve was constantly thrown to the wolves and she faced it with grace and resilience, but her so-called peers could not recognize and celebrate this. Instead, they had to take one more opportunity to nip at her heels. Weak.

    • I agree 100%!

  14. Genevieve was the underdog. She won 3 nerd-offs. She deserved to be Queen of the nerds. Celeste plan was to stay under the radar the whole time. The fact that I found Genevieve hot is beside the point. hehe! Logically she won this game. Celeste won because of pity and being popular, not because she was the best. I think the viewers should have voted.

    • I don’t totally disagree with your pick but Genevieve won all 3 nerd-offs which were not in her expertise.

    • Not being able to do a 5th grade math problem, convert 7/8 to a decimal is completely unacceptable, especially when she had 4 muliple choice answers to pick from.

    • Being able to solve a rubik’s cube is NOT exclusive to the realm of nerds.

      • Also anyone who can’t even guess that Han Solo completed the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs should have to hand in their nerd card.

    • Dude… Everyone plays video games and if you have enough time you can be a “pro” too. Which is debatable also because pro could mean different things. She says she is one of the top female gamers in the nation? if she is so great why isn’t she one of the top gamers period.. one last thing, you can look up how to quickly beat a rubix cube… I remember one of my buddies in 4th grade learned how to do rubixs cubes faster then her after a couple nights looking up guides on google…

  15. The voting at the end was the only way to do it fairly. With the range of expertise no final challenge could be both nerdy and universally fair. However since these people lived together for an extended period of time they got a chance to get to know each other and there were parts of the game and team chemistry that the viewers didn’t see. Having a final vote prevents someone who the other contestants feel played the game the wrong way to be prevented from winning.

    Genevieve may have won more events but perhaps he constant complaining about fairness despite that fact that she kept winning, probably considerably more than was portray after editing, may have played a large part in her demise.

  16. Ivan was by FAR the best nerd! He deserved to win WAY more than anybody else! I think Ivan and Joshua should have been the final two. Ivan and Joshua, you are my kings!

    • Both of those guys lost the nerd-off. That is the bottom line. Ivan could not even ride a segway.

      • Ivan won the most difficult nerd-off of them all, nerdcore rapped like a pro, cosplayed like a pro, made his own rpg, and was only defeated because of a Segway race. The final three should have been Ivan, Joshua, and Genevieve, followed by Brandon, followed by Jon. There should be no way in hell that somebody who:
        Failed to construct a Rubik’s cube (her specialty?)
        Failed to convert 7/8 to a decimal WHEN SHE HAD MULTIPLE CHOICE,
        Didn’t know that Han Solo completed the run in 12 parsecs,
        Whined and cried to weasel her way out of having to go to a nerd-off,
        And failed pretty much all the time, even in her alleged specialty,
        Should be King of the Nerds because of a cliched sappy “I grew so much” speech.
        The only person I think did worse than she did was Alana.

  17. funny thing about a reality show full of “nerds”, they almost all have twitter, google+, facebook, and a bunch of other types of social media where they provide their commentaries about all kinds of stuff ranging from what they were feeling at the time to pointing out where editing was used to change or hide what actually happened (i.e. celeste memorizing genevieve’s entire routine in her nerd-off with virgil to help her get extra practice). genevieve needed celeste’s help to make the finals. the opposite doesn’t hold true, so people should really think long and hard before claiming that celeste didn’t deserve it. celeste made the finals almost entirely on her own (avoided nerd-offs, avoided elimination in the individual rounds, etc.)

    • So, you mean Celeste used her superior SOCIAL and POLITICAL skills to help her win a competition that partly requires a LACK of SOCIAL and POLITICAL skills? I don’t think it was necessarily wrong for Celeste to have won as much as it was just a flawed concept to begin with. One of the hipsters or one of the hot girls was bound to win. Hendrick, Brandon, Alana… the real nerds never had a chance. I was actually surprised Genevieve made it that far.

  18. i dont know why celeste won, she was the only person who diddent try hard at anything, it seems like everytime she talks is about how shes not good at anything or doesent want to do anything, why was she even on this show?

  19. This show was an oxy-moron from the get go. They’re basically taking a bunch of self-described nerds and judging them based on who is best in certain activities and who has the most political pull in the house. But, neither of these really have anything to do with being a nerd. First off, political pull is basically the result of social aptitude. If you’re a nerd, you have none, and you will most likely be put in a position to be eliminated more. Case in point, Hendrick was imo one of the biggest nerds in the house and he went home first. Then, we’re pitting nerds against each other to find out who is more proficient in a field of study. But, that isn’t what a nerd is. The “nerd” part comes from the inability to fit into a social mainstream and the resulting emphasis on a particular field(s) of study. The particular field of study or the proficiency has nothing to do with it, it’s just a result of being a nerd. It’s basically trying to measure “nerdom (a type of hierarchical measure)” to a concept that is based on the inability to achieve hierarchy. It’s a contradiction. Not to mention… half of these guys weren’t even nerds. I mean, Celeste and Moog were prime examples. They’re both cute girls with good personalities who happen to be a gamer and an engineer. But, that doesn’t make you a nerd. You can’t just read comic books and BE a nerd, because being a nerd isn’t something you choose… it’s something you deal with.

  20. I loved Danielle from the beginning because I was one of those graced to play her before the show in her element but my vote were between Celeste an Danielle from beginning to end I am a nerd yes but pretty girls conquer all :)

  21. Genevieve is a beyond ugly crier. That pretty much killed it for me when it came to her.

  22. It’s really cool to see this show I’m not the nerdiest chick in life. But I’m retty nerdy I’ve heard lol and wanted Danielle to win so bad although she is an ass !!!

    • i liked her too. I thought she would maintain her winning streak.

  23. really liked this show until this awful ending. A popularity vote really?
    It’s a nerd competition, and the nerd that won and beat all opponents lost due to a girl that literally flew under the radar and did NOTHING the whole show.

    These ‘nerds’ weaseled out at the end and did exactly what were complaining about all seasons. Being picked on. They picked on Geniveve and picked the cool kid. They used their lost position of power to spite the the should be winner instead of showing respect to her, because she deserved it.

    No way am I watching season 2.

  24. Celeste is a stupid shadow mouse. It angers me to think she is boasting to her people about this title. She is not a nerd.

  25. Also, I would like to point out that Celeste’s voice is an intentional wheezy wreck. Awful.

  26. Genevieve certainly was robbed! An ambassador of “nerdom” was, is and always will be a nerd. Yay… Celeste came out of her “shell”. Now she can become popular, if she can come up with some personality. I feel for ya, Genevieve.

  27. I’m just sad Hendrik lost in the first episode. He’s the most like one of my best friends out of everyone on the show. It was funny to see him again in the last episode and how he was out playing and nerding it up. I’m surprised he wasn’t better at chess though.