‘King of the Nerds’ Season 1 Winner Revealed – Did the Best Nerd Win?

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king of the nerds season 1 winner celeste King of the Nerds Season 1 Winner Revealed   Did the Best Nerd Win?

After some of the nerdiest battles ever seen on television, King of the Nerds has deemed Celeste, the avid gamer and speedcuber, worthy of sitting upon the throne of games. But in the end, did the best (or biggest) nerd actually win?

In last night’s finale – which, if we’re all being honest, came too soon – Celeste, Genevieve, Danielle and Ivan battled it out in a Segway maze race, then a Jeopardy-style trivia game, to find which two would go on the nerd finals. After a few scrapes and bruises, as well as a controversial question about the creator of Pong, Celeste and Genevieve made it to the final round, where all of this season’s past contestants came back to crown their winner. And that’s where the nerd tests stopped and public opinion began.

Throughout the season, Genevieve was continuously placed on the chopping block, always being forced to battle her fellow nerds to stay on the show. Celesete, on the other hand, was never once nominated for an elimination, and her tally of 2 wins failed to match Genevieve’s 5 wins (including elimination battles). But still, when the ousted nerds were asked to choose their king, Celeste won 5 to 3.

king of the nerds season 1 King of the Nerds Season 1 Winner Revealed   Did the Best Nerd Win?

When King of the Nerds first premieree, nobody really thought that TBS would truly put on a full-on nerd competition – with real nerds. Sure, not all of them were NASA engineers, like Moogega Cooper, or computer hackers, like Virgil, but the show did put together an eclectic and eccentric group of individuals that most “nerds” could identify with. And while some competitions may have been less “nerdy” than many expected (with some being more nerdier), there was always an intriguing and thoroughly enjoyable communal element about the series that helped to elevate it beyond many of television’s competition shows. That is, until the “realty” aspect of it took over.

In the King of the Nerds final competition, a vote, it seemed like the “nerd” element of the show was replaced with a generic, unoriginal way to choose a winner. Sure, it’s nice to see former competitors come back – but the manner in which they actually decided the winner didn’t feel true to the nature of the show. Since when did popularity mean more than statistics to nerds?

While it’s true that Danielle, the pro-gamer, statistically beat out both Celeste and Genevieve with her 6 total wins, her incorrect answers to a few “nerdy” video game questions did put her knowledge about her specialty in question. And when the final battle came down to Celeste and Genevieve, there was no actual battle. If there were, it’s statically likely that Genevieve would have won, like she did three previous times.

So we ask: Did the best nerd win?

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King of the Nerds season 2 will air fall 2013 on TBS

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  1. I have to admit that I didn’t watch every entire episode but I did check in every week so I was pretty curious to see who would win the crown.
    But a vote to crown the winner felt a bit anticlimactic. Like Anthony alluded to in the article the vote made it feel like a popularity contest and IMO that kind of goes against everything the show was about. So I hope that changes for season 2. Which I plan on watching in it’s entirety.
    On a side note…
    I wonder how many edits had to be made because I’m sure there were quite a few moments when contestants were calling Celeste “Queen” of the Nerds. 😉

  2. This is over already? I can’t believe this wasn’t canceled.

    • They’re opening casting for season two right now …

  3. I very much doubt we’ll see this show again. I don’t know how the ratings are but I assume not good. TBS is cashing in on these Big Bang Theory reruns.

    • There was a add during the end credits that said it will be back next season.

  4. I was watching it, but couldn’t see the final episode. When I happened to come here for my daily news, the article which is on the front page tells me the winner. Guess I don’t need to watch it anymore. Thanks Screen Rant! Maybe next time you can put a featured image that ISN’T a photo of the winner.

    • No kidding….I DVR’d the show and was going to watch it tonight. Ever heard of a spoiler alert?!?!?!?! Thanks and I wont be coming back


        It’s your own fault you spoiled it for yourself.

    • I apologize for that mistake, guys.

      I know how I feel what that happens to me, and I’m sorry I did that to you.

  5. I’m glad Celeste won!! She’s the prettiest one and can finally say cute girls aren’t completely stupid!

    • I’ve known cute girls that aren’t stupid either, both regular folk as well as celebrities. You just have to turn off the reality shows to find them.

      • Okay the last episode was by far the biggest disappointment. How does the player who did nothing all season win? I am so freaking disappointed with that ending that I will not be watching the next season. Genevieve should have won that one. Maybe she can sue for the money cause she totally got robbed of. Oh and yes, I would never have thought Celeste to be a real nerd. She plays video games. My thug cousin plays a lot of video games. I don’t think he’s a nerd.

        Bottom line, show was a huge disappointment. Sucksor elite!

        • I completely agree with you! I just watched it this morning (a work-free weekend for once). It was a huge disappointment. True nerds never win popularity contest! It’s one of our biggest disadvantages in life. Celeste coasted by the entire season and didn’t contribute much beyond a pretty face. I can’t bring myself to watch the next season if everything comes down to a final vote instead of actually winning on effort and merit.

    • Aren’t completely stupid? She couldn’t even convert 7/8 into decimal form!

      • That’s so funny. She is a Computer Science student in the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Waterloo yet she can’t convert that.

    • I am so so profoundly sad seeing a comment where a person who won a competition ostensibly based on brains and not looks is being judged for their looks. So many things are subjective- I find Genevieve quite cute and thought she should have won. But not based on her looks. I didn’t see anywhere that Celeste demonstrated her intelligence, though I guess flying under the radar and not offending anyone does count as social intelligence.

    • She was by far the least nerdy of all of them, I don’t even know how she got on the show in the first place.

  6. I really enjoyed King of the Nerds. The participants were all a pleasure to watch. What I don’t understand is how Celeste is considered a nerd? She’s a pro gamer and can solve a rubix cube. Big deal. She gave a speech at the end on how she felt out of place there and of course a majority of the people in the show can relate to that. Of course she felt out of place, she never participated in a comic book debate, doesn’t know anything role-playing or cosplay and was unfamiliar with the other challenges. Genevieve, in my opinion, should have won. They seemed to posses all the qualities of a “nerd”.

  7. Personally, Brandon was the biggest and best nerd there… I cried a little when he was eliminated…

    • Yeah! Me too!

  8. I am going to watch season 2 only to see if they change the final elimination. If they don’t, I don’t expect the show to last.

  9. 2 me it was a not brainier, Genevieve, by all accounts had fought her a$$ off and deserved the title. The lesson to be learned here is clear: The less you work kids out there, the more you can accomplish, so just do enough to keep you around, and you will succeed. I’m really sorry I watched this with my kids, dont want them to take this lesson to real life.

    • If you are interested in what TV teaches your children you might wanna stop watching crappy Reality TV altogether. It’s bottom-of-the-barrel entertainment, and there is nothing good that kids can take away from it.

  10. It’s sad to see a show that promoted being unique ultimately be won by someone based on their looks. Celeste was a wallflower the whole show. Boooooring!!!

  11. This was totally ridiculous! Every show ended with a contest. And the finale was a popularity contest? A true nerd is one who overcomes despite being a nerd. Celeste overcame nothing but her shyness and own self imposed lack of confidence. Genevieve overcame and won 3 nerd-offs, including beating an engineer at her own game. That is someone who should be King of the Nerds. After watching all the way through, I was totally disappointed, and will not watch season 2 (if there is one after all the complaints I’m sure they’re receiving about how this one ended).

  12. I agree Genevieve was the bigger nerd and should have won but she was such a crybaby about everything it was hard to root for her. I for one am just sooooo glad Danielle didn’t win. She was a sore winner and loser and wish they would have a reunion so someone would call her out on it. I wished every week for her to leave. I agree they need to change the final as it was anticlimactic!

  13. Genevieve lost due to her arrogant bitchiness towards all the other girls. It’s like survivor, in which the best player never wins.

  14. Ivan should’ve been king! Not Celeste! Ivan rocks, and was the only guy left, so he was the only one who could legitamately have been king!

  15. Okay the last episode was by far the biggest disappointment. How does the player who did nothing all season win? I am so freaking disappointed with that ending that I will not be watching the next season. Genevieve should have won that one. Maybe she can sue for the money cause she totally got robbed of. Oh and yes, I would never have thought Celeste to be a real nerd. She plays video games. My thug cousin plays a lot of video games. I don’t think he’s a nerd.

    Bottom line, show was a huge disappointment. Sucksor elite!

  16. I watched half way through 1 episode and couldnt stand all the blatant product placement. It was like they were more focused on sell us stuff than actually focusing on Nerd stuff. Im kind of hoping the show gets cancelled and something on G4 takes the concept and does it right.

    What ever happened to that show “Beat the Geeks”? that show was awesome

  17. So the winner of a show about nerds was decided by a popularity contest. Ridiculous. Hey kids, don’t bother trying to become a well-rounded individual, just coast by on mediocrity like queen Celeste.

  18. Half the competitions in this show were either luck or had nothing to do with being a nerd, so the show itself was a disappointment. All of the nerd-offs should have relied more on measures of intelligence rather than motor-skills or luck. Epic fail for whoever produced the show. Great concept for a show, but terrible execution. Hats off to the casting as well, it was a nice mixture of nerds, with the exception of Celeste, who I don’t even think qualifies as a nerd.

    To have the voted off contestants vote for the winner of this show is an absolute joke. What is this supposed to be Big Brother? C’mon! Instead you have a jury of bitter nerds voting for the least deserving person. Very sad outcome. Truly disappointed with the show. Out of the final 2 Celeste deserved to win, but the best nerds got ousted early due to poorly picked nerd-off challenges that had nothing to do with intelligence.

    If there is a season 2, they need to make some changes. All the nerd-offs should be intelligence based, and secondly, the final challenge, should be just that, a challenge, not a vote. Being King of the Nerds should not be a popularity contest. The best nerd should win, not the person who pissed off less nerds.

  19. Oops. Freudian typo. Genevieve deserved to win, obviously, not Celeste. lol

  20. Genevieve was definitely deserving of the win. She excelled at everything she competed in. Most of all she was gracious to the others who beat her, even at the very end. She is much more of a leader and much more mature, which is needed for a King. Celeste grew as a person, but so did everyone else. I’m very disappointed in the way the winner was chosen. My whole household and friends agree it should have been based on skill like the show was based on. Needless to say, we will probably not watch the next season.

  21. Celeste was terrible and did absolutely nothing which deserved to win.
    Who came up with the idiotic idea of voting for the King? It turned King of the Nerds into just another popularity contest, almost the antithesis of what means to be a nerd.

    • Agreed, George.

  22. Yeah, I didn’t agree with the elimination system either. Letting contestants determine who is going to be put on the chopping black/Nerd-Off meant that a lot of the bonafide nerds got kicked out of the competition early. So basically, it didn’t matter what competitions you won at the end or how much of a nerd you really were, it just came down to a vote from the biased contestants themselves :/

    • Totally Tamara. Especially since 3 of the 5 votes for Celeste were people Genevieve beat in a nerd off. How stupid is that.

  23. I agree with the Anthony and general sentiment of others…Genevieve by all rights should have won but more to the point, there SHOULD have been some sort of mega competition and not a Survivor style popular vote at the end.

    The show was also WAY too short and there needs to be about twice that many to keep the show running for a decent length of time.

  24. This was Genevieves game to win. If anyone mentions other nerds that were eliminated early that “should have” won, then you’re just bad as the final popularty contest that happen. All the Guy nerds (except for ivan) voted out of who was prettier. Not who overcame everything. And the two girls who voted against her lost to her (one by elimination, and danielle didnt like Genevieve.

    The Real Winner of the competition is Genevieve.

    If you do not see it that way then you will obviously be watching season 2

    • You have a very low opinion of your gender but I guess that is logical. I didn’t think my views of men could get lower, and I did not even conceive that they would have voted for Celeste due to her perceived attractiveness, but if true, that says a lot (though none of it good!) about the male nerds on this show and men in general. You would assume (wrongly, as it turns out) that the socially awkward men on this show would empathize with the horrible feeling of being judged on looks and would have voted for the deserving (and also very attractive) Genevieve.

    • How Celeste won boggles my mind. She was not a nerd. She was not attractive. She was just sort of there and cried at the end.

  25. The shows writers need to be smacked upside the head. How does the very first show open? A popularity contest to see who is going home… only to have the person actually set at an advantage because they weren’t the most popular. Sure enough it ends with a popularity contest, but this time the person who is the most popular is the winner. Tsk tsk… king of nerds? really? Yeah I don’t think so.

    Can show writers try and get a little more originality in these shows and not leave everything down to a vote by previous contestants?

  26. WOW, you guys are mean. Apparently the group saw something in Celeste that you did not. They, after all, were there the whole time and able to observe what she did and did not do, much more than we. I too, am just glad Danielle did not win. What a disgusting personality she had. She complained about EVERYTHING and EVERYONE! “It should have been me. It should have been me!” LOL! I enjoyed the show, but agree the finale was uneventful and didn’t live up to it’s hype. One more thing. I don’t remember when I have seen so many misspelled words and gramatical errors in a posting site as this one. Congratulations Celeste!! Queen/King of the Nerds!

    • You misspelled grammatical. Perhaps you should proofread before you criticize others.

  27. I didn’t spell anything wrong, did I?!

    • You misspelled grammatical by typing gramatical, which is kind of ironic.

    • You also forgot the comma after “Congratulations.”