‘King of the Nerds’ Season 1 Winner Revealed – Did the Best Nerd Win?

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king of the nerds season 1 winner celeste King of the Nerds Season 1 Winner Revealed   Did the Best Nerd Win?

After some of the nerdiest battles ever seen on television, King of the Nerds has deemed Celeste, the avid gamer and speedcuber, worthy of sitting upon the throne of games. But in the end, did the best (or biggest) nerd actually win?

In last night’s finale – which, if we’re all being honest, came too soon – Celeste, Genevieve, Danielle and Ivan battled it out in a Segway maze race, then a Jeopardy-style trivia game, to find which two would go on the nerd finals. After a few scrapes and bruises, as well as a controversial question about the creator of Pong, Celeste and Genevieve made it to the final round, where all of this season’s past contestants came back to crown their winner. And that’s where the nerd tests stopped and public opinion began.

Throughout the season, Genevieve was continuously placed on the chopping block, always being forced to battle her fellow nerds to stay on the show. Celesete, on the other hand, was never once nominated for an elimination, and her tally of 2 wins failed to match Genevieve’s 5 wins (including elimination battles). But still, when the ousted nerds were asked to choose their king, Celeste won 5 to 3.

king of the nerds season 1 King of the Nerds Season 1 Winner Revealed   Did the Best Nerd Win?

When King of the Nerds first premieree, nobody really thought that TBS would truly put on a full-on nerd competition – with real nerds. Sure, not all of them were NASA engineers, like Moogega Cooper, or computer hackers, like Virgil, but the show did put together an eclectic and eccentric group of individuals that most “nerds” could identify with. And while some competitions may have been less “nerdy” than many expected (with some being more nerdier), there was always an intriguing and thoroughly enjoyable communal element about the series that helped to elevate it beyond many of television’s competition shows. That is, until the “realty” aspect of it took over.

In the King of the Nerds final competition, a vote, it seemed like the “nerd” element of the show was replaced with a generic, unoriginal way to choose a winner. Sure, it’s nice to see former competitors come back – but the manner in which they actually decided the winner didn’t feel true to the nature of the show. Since when did popularity mean more than statistics to nerds?

While it’s true that Danielle, the pro-gamer, statistically beat out both Celeste and Genevieve with her 6 total wins, her incorrect answers to a few “nerdy” video game questions did put her knowledge about her specialty in question. And when the final battle came down to Celeste and Genevieve, there was no actual battle. If there were, it’s statically likely that Genevieve would have won, like she did three previous times.

So we ask: Did the best nerd win?

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King of the Nerds season 2 will air fall 2013 on TBS

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  1. That was a horrible ending to a decent show. celeste really? she didnt know 7/8 as a decimal

  2. So the cool sexy chick won ‘king of the nerds’ by being ‘cool sexy and popular’. Wow big surprise.

    Still good to see that the nerds will fall for it. ‘I win by being least nerdiest of all she cries’

  3. I don’t think anyone can determine whether Celeste should have or shouldn’t have won. Due to her extreme shyness, she wasn’t considered a threat. She never got put in a nerd off, but what if she was? We have no idea how “nerdy” she is, because we never got to see her compete. I’m pretty sure editing of the producers decided to make Celeste the underdog and then winning in order to add an important theme of the series. I wish I could’ve seen more from Celeste.

  4. I think celeste should win because she work very hard to become the kingof the nerds

  5. Danielle should have most definitely won. Wow players are definitely the king of the nerds altogether ;p

  6. I don’t think Celeste is the King of Nerds. Not this Nerd that’s for sure.

  7. I don’t think Celeste is the King of Nerds. Not this Nerd that’s for sure. I’m probably Not gonna watch season 2 :(

  8. Celeste is awesome, gamer nerds are the best nerds. I knew she would win from the very beginning and I’m glad she did

  9. Plus Genevieve kinda sucked and to be honest Hendrik was best nerd.

  10. I hope they learned their lesson. I like the show right up until they put nerds in a popularity contest. Personally if I had been on the show I would have walked off right then, and in my opinion the so called nerds should have too.

  11. season 1 began with two team captains choosing teams based on whom they felt were strongest.  there was one person not picked whom was supposed to be eliminated. the hosts then did something truly great for nerds everywhere by turning the tables and giving the one person not picked all the power.  then they blew it with the season finale.  one very talented girl who deserved the win after proving herself again and again throughout the show was beaten why?  BECAUSE OF A COMPLETELY DERIVATIVE POPULARITY CONTEST!  I kept waiting for the hosts to do something, to make things right as they had in the beginning of the season, but then the credits rolled and it was over.  Genevieve, was completely let down by the show.  i hope they have learned from their mistakes with season 2.

  12. It makes sense the way the did it. Every nerd knows; be careful how you treat people because they might hold youre fate in theyre hands some day.

  13. I belive that had there been a nerd of for genevieve and celeste that genevieve would have won if it came down to popularty celeste would have won but genevieve is truly the best nerd

  14. Hey Danielle, you said that the first appearance of Wolverine was Hulk number 27 when in actuality it’s issue number 181. Btw, knowing the release date of a game that came out less than a year before is no amazing feat.

  15. I don’t think Celeste should’ve won. She got by with riding on the coat tail of Genevieve to be honest. If it wasn’t for Genevieve she probably would’ve been gone a long time ago. I actually wanted Genevieve to win or Ivan. Danielle was this big whiny sore loser baby. Like she was so shocked that she was put up for elimination and she knows if roles were reversed she would’ve said the person was overreacting. God she was annoying as f*** I honestly could not stand her. She got mad at the dumbest things.

  16. None of them both deserved to win, celeste spend the whole season farming pity from her peers while genevieve tried to manipulate both team mates and rivals for personal gain.

    OK, the show it’s not called “The Nicest Nerd” but it’s neither “Finding the Most Evil Cliche of Caricature of a Nerd”.

    Danielle was hard to believe and Ivan sometimes was just to full of himself, but non the less far better choices than those other two…

    In my humble opinion the One True king of NERDOM in Season 1 was Hendrik the one who lose on the show’s first elimination round.

    In Season 2 I just hated everybody especially the one that won, she didn’t deserved the title none of them did also.

    And now on Season 3 the feelings of hate are rising again… But them again it’s a reality show so it’s a waste of time and energy to hate it and them for giving me some rather decent weekly entertainment in the form of wacky and clever challenges themed after my own hobbies.