Tarantino Announces His Intention To Make Kill Bill 3

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kill bill the bride Tarantino Announces His Intention To Make Kill Bill 3

If, like me, you’re a huge fan of writer/director Quentin Tarantino, you will be excited by this little piece of news from BadTaste.it: He intends to continue the messy adventures of The Bride with a third Kill Bill movie! During an interview on the Italian chat show Parla con Me (or “Talk To Me”), Tarantino was asked (from what I can understand – the questions are being asked in Italian) if he would be making any follow up films to his previous work, and after saying, “it will never happen,” to a Pulp Fiction sequel, he reveals his intention to make Kill Bill 3.

Tarantino doesn’t give us any solid details on what Kill Bill 3 (Vol. 3?) might be about (I’ll get to what I think it will be in a minute), but this is understandable since it’s (presumably) just in the idea stages at the moment. But he DOES let us know a couple of things: He wants it to take place 10 years after the events of Kill Bill Vol.2 (for that to be in real time, too, he’d have to wait until 2014) and he reveals part of his reasoning for wanting to make another in that he loves the character of The Bride so much.

Sounds like reason enough to me! If you want to hear the “announcement” from the lips of Mr. Tarantino himself (“The Bride will fight again!”), check out the video below from the Italian talk show Parla con Me (the Kill Bill 3 stuff starts at 5:55):

Well, even if it isn’t exactly OFFICIAL official confirmation of plans for Kill Bill 3 (casting news, production start date and so forth), and as we’ve learned in the past, Tarantino is notorious for announcing projects and never getting around to them (or at least taking ages to, as he did with Inglourious Basterds). But I still am very excited that a third Kill Bill is now on the table.

Some Kill Bill spoilers follow…

Tarantino has hinted in the past at the possibility of another Kill Bill, not least by the scene in Vol.1 where The Bride tells Vernita Green’s (played by Vivica A. Fox) daughter, after killing her mother, that if she’s still, “raw about it,” then The Bride will be waiting. I honestly think that’s at least ONE of the routes Tarantino will go with Kill Bill 3 – it just seems too fitting NOT to be. The Bride went to get revenge on those who killed her daughter (or so she thought…), her husband and at least TRIED to kill her, and so it makes sense that Vernita Green’s daughter, Nikki, would want revenge on her.

End Spoilers

Perhaps we’ll even get to see The Bride’s daughter, B.B., go sword-to-sword with Vernita Green’s daughter…

Of course, the sad passing of Bill himself, David Carradine, means that they can’t really have any flashback scenes involving the character. Not unless they recast which, out of respect for Carradine, I don’t think Tarantino would do. So I assume that, along with the “Vernita Green’s daughter getting revenge on The Bride” storyline, Tarantino will exclude any Bill storyline (maybe he’d include one done in anime, like the O-Ren Ishii sequence in Vol. 1). Which begs the question: Will Tarantino still call it Kill Bill? After all – and in case you haven’t seen the first two you might wanna skip the next few words – The Bride did ultimately kill Bill, so it doesn’t really make sense to call the third movie as such. Or am I way off?

kill bill david carradine Tarantino Announces His Intention To Make Kill Bill 3

David Carradine as "Bill"

As I said, Tarantino has a penchant for saying he’s going to be making something and then either not or taking a long time to do so, but I think we can count Kill Bill 3 as more of a possibility/probability than most. I don’t know about you but I’m stoked to see Uma Thurman’s Bride back-in-action after years of peace and quiet with her daughter.

What do you think of the prospect of a third Kill Bill? Do you like the idea of revisiting The Bride character after 10 years and continuing on the bloody fighting we saw so much of in Volumes 1 and 2? Or is the story told and Tarantino should just leave it alone? Let us know your thoughts and opinions below.

Screen Rant will be sure to keep you up to date on the Kill Bill 3 news front!

Source: BadTaste.it

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  1. I’ve been waiting for more sword swinging action! Bout time!

  2. Call it Kill Bride Vol. 1

  3. Meh

    I thought Kill Bill was the weakest film from Tarantino, followed closely by Death Proof.

    I wish he would do another project that’s “new” for him. Inglorious Basterds was amazing and I was hoping he would tackle something else.

  4. When I saw this I thought of Green’s daughter so i think that is the most logical.

  5. I always considered a continuation with the daughters. It’s what’s left of the series.

  6. “killed bill vol.one”

  7. Heh, I loved Kill Bill and yes, that part of the story is done. Bill is dead. But, like so many others have said, Tarantino set up Nikki’s revenge story. To me, Kill Bill worked because it wasn’t just a revenge story; it was also a love story. A revenge story alone is a lot less appealing, so I hope that whatever route he takes, it will be more than just that.

  8. Kill Beatrix vol. 1?

    Also agree it should involve the children.

  9. @roger,


    It looks like a lot of other people agree it should be about the daughters. Seems very logical to me. I know there doesn’t NEED to be another one, but Tarantino created such fantastic characters and such, so I’d really love it if he went back to them.

  10. I’ve only seen bits and pieces of Kill Bill 1 and 2, I should go rent them, I’m really starting to like Tarantino’s movies.

  11. Oh yes, another boring ass retarded movie with a horrible script and horrible acting, I can’t wait!!…

  12. No more killbills, please. One movie I’d really like to see, and one that may count as a sequel/prequel is The Vega Brothers.

  13. I loved one and two and would be excited for a third…you never know where tarantino will take it

  14. The lesson of revenge is common in Japanese tales, and how it is ultimately a cycle that repeats and has a way of rebounding back on oneself.

    The story’s definitely not finished.

  15. I’m still waiting for Fox Force Five . It’s not really a sequel to Pulp fiction, but could be the next best thing. I would not mind Tarintino taking another Dutch Leonard novel and adapting it either.

    As for Kill Bill vol.3….I didn’t get into part one, I sort of liked part 2, but then i get that response that “it’s one big movie”…

    Yeah sure the Green daughter would possibly go for payback…and maybe there’s another character named Bill. But I see the title as Kill Bill’s Bride

  16. Only make this if there is sufficient story, simply being a revenge plot against the bride wont work as a movie, it needs to be more than that, maybe bring in a character from Pulp Fiction… Bring back Jules, although the piano player at the brides wedding could arguably be considered to be Jules and he dead. Or bring back bruce willis.

  17. Elle Driver did not officially die in the end. She could come back to fight as the “blind swordswoman”!

    • nor did Sophie, she lost her limbs

  18. Tarantino needed a ruthless editor to crack the whip on Kill Bill. That movie should never have been 2 films.

    However, it was a great effort. It really brought some asian filmaking techniques to a mainstream america. The anime sections were well done and it certainly followed his inspiration, with a kill list and a wild west/samurai “feel”.

    There is no need for a part 3, unless it’s a prequel and we see what led up to the church massacre in the first place.

    Also, isn’t carradine dead? Bill would have to be recast.

  19. This series SHOULD be done with because Bill is dead. I dont know who else she can go after but I think someone may go after her. Remember when she killed off the woman in her kitchen in one of the movies as her daughter walked in. She then turns to the girl telling her something like it was just business and should you have the need to avenge your mother when you grow up I will understand. Well, this one could be about how the girl actually comes after the so called “bride” and how she has to evade her. I doubt Terantino woudl use this scenario but that could work. Or else there could be a second unknown accomplice to the whole disasterthat had happened to the bride. One way or the other it shoudl be called something else other than Kill Bill.
    I thought these movies were very good, but Terantino is just trying to milk a good thing ( and spend some more screen time with Uma Thurman) in making these filsm

    • remember that Elle Driver’s other eye was plucked out, but she did not die, so I believe that she will be brought back into the next story ( hopefully there will be one) although I read he has seemed to have lost interest in doing so…I hope that is not true! or my heart will be broken

  20. Thats my best guess is tarantino would use the revenge story. My thought is that Tarantino is so unpredictable…wouldent it be crazy if he killed off Beatrix. yeah it would be interesting to say the least.

  21. @MarcusFenix09,

    Yeah, that WOULD be crazy. I don’t think he’d do that, not unless it’s how the third movie ENDS. He says in the interview in the post that his love of The Bride character is his main reason for thinking of doing another.

  22. There storyline with Vernita Green’s daughter is definitely a high probability. There are a few other places where he could take it:

    Let’s not forget, Elle Driver, while blind, is still alive. She’s the one member of the Deadly Viper Squad who Beatrix didn’t kill.

    Quentin only IMPLIED that Pai Mai is dead. He’s dead on the word of Elle Driver, and she’s not exactly the most trust-worthy character in the movie. Or perhaps she told the truth, but she only THOUGHT he was dead and the poison actually didn’t kill him. I’d love to see more of Pai Mai. He’s like an evil version of Yoda.

  23. Let me just start off by saying, just by coincidence, I finally got around to renting and watching off Netflix, Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2. Let me say, this was some of his best work. It even made me want to rent some other martial arts movies, just because his odes to Wuxia films. Anyway having said that, I did notice a few things even before I read this article.

    1. The daughter storyline will definitely have to come into play in the third installation. Nikki and BB would be on a collison course at some point I’m sure.

    2. Did anyone else notice that this whole thing might be based on something mentioned in another movie (PF), the whole FOX FORCE FIVE Pilot that Mia Wallace, AKA, Uma Thurman, AKA, The Bride, Beatrix Kiddo, The Black Mamba kinda spawned off this whole thing.

    3. As for what to call it… I wouldn’t mind if he did call it Kill Bill Vol. 3. In homage to Bill himself.

  24. i cant wait for kill bill vol 3 i have heard that it may involve sophie and elle, as it never actually confirmed that she had been killed, i would hope it would include nikki as vol 1 made it clear that was to happen. Whatever happens im very excited

  25. Tarantino here it is: (you can thank me later)

    Kill Bill Vol 3 (Yes, keep the title……….)
    Movie starts; narration from bride: First Scene: Nikki fighting Bride/ cut to prequel that leads to Kill Bill 1 (premise is how the DVS came together, maybe Bill recruited the squad to take rival Japanese mafia). Back to fight; Bride dies, just as Nikkie leaves BB notices her but Nikkie doesn’t notice BB, enemy Alarm goes off!!!! CUT TO BLACK… Movie end, story continues….. (One tricky issue with David C gone)

    Kill Bill Vol 4 (again keep title; this will become Tarantino’s Rocky, Godfather and Star Wars)
    BB researches her mother’s (the bride)back round, because the bride always hid BB from her past, she comes across Hattori Hanzo, he trains her (a la Pai Mai teaching the Bride and Elle) Mean while Nikki has fallen in with a new deadly assassin squad, with Elle replacing Bill as top boss. New assassin squad maybe Madonna, Jet Li, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, Sharon Stone, Constance Marie, Christopher Walker, Johnny Depp, Beyonce etc…. (Maybe Jean Claude Van Dam or Christian Slater, you know Tarantino loves to bring one actor back from the dead) Final scene, Elle and Nikki in same room, BB kills Elle first (with 5 finger exploding heart move: this is paying respect to her mother), Nikki would be the final one to die in a LONG BATTLE with BB (Nikki dying eventually with the same gun, Vivica Fox used with the cereal box in vol 1) (Marking the only time a gun was used, first scene in kill bill and now it could used in the last scene) series will not go on because no other characters has any other family members. BB can be played by Miley Cyrus.

    As always I’m right again……………


    • I like that…that’s a good idea

  26. They never showed bills dead body he just stood up and turned around and she left it’s possible that she got the move wrong or it didn’t actualy work or maybe bill presumed she knew the move and prepared it but carraidine is dead but whatt evr it is it’s tarenteno so I’m sure it’ll be awesome

  27. And they explained everything that happened previous to part 1 & 2 so there would be no point in doing a prequel

  28. oh yeah, I forgot about Sophie, I think also Elle, & Nicky & BB will be brought into the next series…hopefully there will be one, I would be mighty disappointed if there wasn’t : >(
    Anybody see the Man with Iron Fists? I thought it was decent.
    I couldn’t wait to see Django…it was awesome! Classic Quentin!