Kill Bill 3 NOT Tarantino’s Next Movie & Title Will Change

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kill bill the bride Kill Bill 3 NOT Tarantinos Next Movie & Title Will Change

When writer/director, Quentin Tarantino, announced his plans to make Kill Bill 3 a couple of months ago, one of the many speculative questions on fans’ lips was how can they make a Kill Bill 3 if the titular Bill [spoiler alert!] was killed at the end of Vol. 2? [end spoiler]. The saga of Uma Thurman’s yellow-haired, sword-wielding Bride was tied up perfectly at the end of the second film, and it’s just not possible to carry on the story of her and Bill (because there is no story to continue!).

It goes without saying that it’s an issue Mr. Tarantino would have to address when writing Kill Bill 3. But what does the man himself have to say about it? Well, MTV recently got a chance to ask QT about the title in an interview in which he said the following – “It wouldn’t be ‘Kill Bill,’… It would be Volume 3 of the story of the Bride.”

Thurman talked about a third Kill Bill not long after Tarantino announced his plans. Unfortunately, she couldn’t give us any specific details (understandable as this point), but did say she’d spoken with Tarantino who has some ideas that are “awesome.” The Inglourious Basterds director hasn’t officially written anything yet (read: no script), he revealed to MTV, but said there are, “ideas and notes.”

On top of addressing the title issue by saying it’d be called something different (“The Saga of The Bride?”…), he also revealed it won’t be his next film – “I won’t do that next, but it could very well be the thing I do after next…” Tarantino has said in the past he plans to take 10 years off before returning to the “adventures” of The Bride. However, times and things changes – “We’re getting there,” he laughed. “We’re about one movie away.”

What’s funny is Tarantino is surprised talk of Kill Bill 3 has taken off as much as it is, admitting it was just something he said on an Italian talk show, and that it’s what he’s been saying he’s gonna’ do along:

“There’s a lot of idle talk going on out there… At the same time, though, it’s what I’ve been saying from the beginning. That cracks me up, because somebody asked me about it in one of my overseas trips and I said it. And on the Tarantino archives Web page there was all this stuff and the leader of the [site] goes, ‘Ah guys. This is everything he’s always said. It’s just getting closer to 10 years. That’s all!’ “

quentin tarantino on kill bill set Kill Bill 3 NOT Tarantinos Next Movie & Title Will Change

So we now know Kill Bill 3 won’t be called Kill Bill 3 (although we’ll continue to call it as such until we hear different simple smile Kill Bill 3 NOT Tarantinos Next Movie & Title Will Change ), and it probably won’t be Tarantino’s next film (I can’t wait to see what WILL be!). Any thoughts on what the film will be called? Do you think the plot will follow Vernita Green’s daughter getting revenge on The Bride? Is there possibly another way the saga can continue?

Source: MTV

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  1. So what will be his next film?

  2. ^^ “Basterd Brides”

  3. Should be called Kill Bride.

    They can’t change the title so much that people don’t recognize it’s a sequel, and since I’m fairly certain they are going to go with Green’s daughter seeking revenge, the title works.

  4. Simply call it, “Kill the Bride”! And maybe it has something to do with Verneta Green’s daughter mixing it up with Beatrice Kiddo’s kiddo!

    I’d see that!

  5. “killed bill”

  6. i hate QT, hate all his movies, over exaggeration and just plain stupid.
    i watched the 1st kill bill and couldnt stand anything in the movie, even the fight scenes were yuck, to save me time i just looked up the bar fight scene from the 2nd one on youtube and was like wtf.

    hope he doesnt do anymore movies for a LOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG time, thats being said i probably wont watch any of his movies EVER !!!

  7. Is a prequel out of the idea??

  8. Jwalka is stupid and smells bad.
    Hubert farnsworth.

  9. Considering David Carradine’s dead… yeah I think a prequel is pretty much a no go lol

  10. I can’t wait to find out what Tarantino’s next film is! Pulp Fiction and Inglourious Basterds are in my list of top favorite movies. Hopefully he doesn’t take too long a break before making his next one. I haven’t seen either Kill Bill though.

  11. They should have Vernita greene’s daughter actually kill the bride. Then have the the two kids fight it out and kill each other. The last scene will have the brides granddaughter and Vernitas grandson in a playpen together. Then they could come back n 20 yrs and have the grandkids married to each other, find out what happened with their parents and then kill each other. Hell Yeah!

    • That’s funny! Lmao

  12. @ eddie
    different people have different tastes but c’mon man the only decent movie he’s made would have to be pulp fiction, he goes to over the top with some scenes (hostel part 2)
    inglorious was 2 hours and 50 or so minutes of talk and garbage, i honestly dont see how people can watch and like his movies.
    my friends a pretty hardcore QT fan and he thought inglorious was “to weak”

  13. how about a martial arts zombie movie ” Kill Bill AGAIN “

  14. Actually Death Proof gets better on repeat viewings, I hated it the first time I watched it, but saw it again recently with Planet Terror, and loved them both. Problem is neither works without the other, the Grindhouse idea was really good and such a shame it didnt take off.

    They released the films seperately in the uk. Didnt see either at the cinema. Was very angry at the time

  15. Nil Bill 3?

  16. QT’s movies are an acquired taste. Just like the ULTRA crappy ones that Michael Bay makes. So keep waiting for crap like Transformers 3: The Suckfest continues and Spiderman 4: Can we possibly make a worse movie than part 3? I on the other hand will anxiously await the next masterpiece that Mr. Tarantino bestows upon us.

  17. He is quite possibly the MOST OVERRATED person in hollywood. Leave the bride alone, and try to make movies that dont suck.

  18. I personally think he will and should bring back Elle Driver . I also like the idea of vernita greens daughter coming back for revenge.

  19. I really hope they don’t have Nikki back, unless she doesn’t kill the Bride. I’ve growing to love the Bride far to much for her to be killed by Nikki, I’d only be happy if the Bride won the fight. There’s three other people QT can add though, Yuki (Gogo’s sister who never made it in the film due to time), Elle Driver (no eyes), Sofie Fatale (no arms).

  20. it cant be Vernita Green's daughter because she would only be 14. Not old enough for her to make a decent antagonist. Unless he just waits 15 years instead.

  21. it cant be Vernita Green's daughter because she would only be 14. Not old enough for her to make a decent antagonist. Unless he just waits 15 years instead.

  22. I love QT, he gru up watching Japanese movies & I did 2! What’s awesome is that ther r made n r time now, w/better special effects, which makes it FUN! Come on people, MOVIES ARE ENTERTAINMENT!!! HELLO??? I wud love 4 Vernita’s daughter,Nakia “Nikki”, 2 look 4 Elle Driver & teach her 2 kick ass & then she looks 4 Beatrice. Finds Beatrice, almost kills her, Nikki thinks she’s dead and leaves. Beatrix daughter finds her, tells her what happend and dies in her arms. But, in order for that to happen Vernita should leave some kind of paper if she is killed or found dead somewhere… Here are the clues, etc… Beatrix daughter is also taught by her mother, but doesn’t want to learn, but is not told why? Beatrix is preparing her, just in case… It shows both girls growing up to fight, one for vengeance and one to defend herself, etc… And Elle, is found by Indians on a reservation close by, taken care of and she then looks for Nikki, after Vernita’s death (15 yrs. later) they find each other and the teaching of vengeance begins!!! But it should show how Elle learns to get her fighting skills back within (15yrs.)and her senses are heightened, just like in Kung Fu, one of the teacher’s was blind, I don’t remember if it was his Sinsei, etc… I have more ideas, let me know QT, I love KILL BILL! The titles I would give it would be: Copperhead, Nakia Green, The Bride 3, The Bride, etc… Give me time and I can come up with more… Take care and hope to hear from you QT :)

  23. For kb3 I suspect we see Elle again with blind skills or some kind of android prosthetic shades giving her sight. Sophie was spared despite losing an arm so she will probably return and bebe and the oth

  24. For kb3 I suspect we see Elle again with blind skills or some kind of android prosthetic shades giving her sight. Sophie was spared despite losing an arm so she will probably return and bebe and nakia may have a fight as teens.

  25. He could always do the classic origins story, but it wouldnt really work with Uma… I would like to see how she came to be so brutal.
    and on the subject of QT being over the top and blah blah blah you have no idea what your talking about all I can say is if QT passes away we will never see a style like his again. his movie IQ IS just immense, his style of movie making is meticulous, and you always get people ranting and slating why there is so much dialogue in his films well i guess that is what he does best superb and witty dialogue. I am dreading no QT movies just boring dramas winning awards and CGI… a constant non stop movie after movie CGI BULLCRAP… Kubrick, Scorsese, Lynch all have stand alone distinctive styles of movie making as does Tarantino That is why he will always be classed as one of the best in the business ever. oh and you show me a Director who can fit a soundtrack to a movie better than Tarantino… NO CHANCE.

  26. Well lets have a look at this from a broad perspective. He has made his western, his war, his ninja and two action films. Logic would dictate that his next film will be either a sci-fi or a horror story. Why not? The man clearly has an enormous passion for movies.

  27. kill bill one and two was the bomb , never get tired of watching both movies over and over uma,s best performance to date.

  28. I think it shud revolve around vernita greens daughter bent on getn revenge since she did tell her when she grows up to come find her and when she does come to find the bride a major suprise is that the bride has a daughter wit the skills of bill and the bride all mix up n one deadly package…but the story line has to rival that of the first two…bcuz the kill bill trilogy is one of the best written action movies ever to b put on screen