‘Kick-Ass’ Creator Mark Millar Describes ‘Justice League’ Script

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DC Comics and Warner Bros. are following in the footsteps of Marvel Studios’ The Avengers by resurrecting their defunct Justice League movie. The recent announcement that writer Will Beall has been working on the Justice League script for some time was exciting enough for comic fans; today, we actually have first word on what Beall’s script is like.

Of course, you may want to take or leave the forthcoming impression of Beall’s work, given the source.

Comic book scribe Mark Millar (WantedKick-Ass) is talking up Beall’s Justice League script, which he apparently knows about through a guy who knows the guy (hence the ‘take it or leave it warning). This is what Millar posted on his own forum:

A pal of mine is good friends with the new Justice League screenwriter and said his take on the team is incredible. Very real-world and not at all what you might expect. WB has a chequered history with their superhero characters. They’re great with their boy wizards, but less consistent with their DC stable. But my chum said that this could be a thing of beauty and has been in the works for a little while now, not just an Avengers knock-off. Best of luck to them. The tidbits I heard sound quite dark and mature, which isn’t what I expected. But word on Gangster Squad is great too, so I feel this is in really good hands.

If you’ve been reading any of our coverage of Kick-Ass 2 (the upcoming sequel to Millar’s hit comic-turned-film), then you already know how we feel about the guy. SPOILER ALERT: He tends to talk a lot of things up – only some of those things turn out to be accurate. Hearing about something ‘from somebody who knows somebody’ is already pushing us into ‘Whisper Down the Lane’ territory; but, from a geek perspective, there’s good incentive to believe in Millar’s assessment.

Justice League Movie Casting Announcement Kick Ass Creator Mark Millar Describes Justice League Script

While The Avengers has been overwhelmingly well-received by geeks and non-geeks alike, I think that true comic book aficionados would expect something different from Justice League. Somehow, I just don’t see Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman sitting around joking like Tony Stark, Captain America and Thor. That’s all to say: The tone of a Justice League movie should probably be different and (gasp!) more serious. After all, the League members are basically like the Gods of Olympus, with a cynical human (Batman) constantly worrying about their combined power. Way different than a bunch of sci-fi-themed misfits trying to function together.

What kind of tone and style do you think a Justice League movie should have? Light and fun like Avengers; dark and realistic like the Nolan Batman films? Or something else entirely?

Source:  Millar World (via CBM)

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  1. In all honesty why does everyone slam the green lantern movie so much. There were just a few minor problems with it imo, They didn’t flesh out sinistro and gl’s relationship well enough (because the movie was too short) and they shot their wad on parallax on the first film Origin films shouls at least have a 2 to 2 1/2 hour runtime, but it wasnt as terrible a movie as everyone makes it out to be! I felt it was better than oh say either of the fantastic 4 films, or ghost rider or daredevil, elekta.. need i mention more?

    • I still cant see what was so “awful” or “terrible” about GL, some also bash GL because it made $200+mil worldwide just because it did not make back the money spent on it doesn’t make it awful or otherwise, Spiderman 3 made a whole lot and look how that turned out.

      • Spider-man III was overcrowded with plots and characters, and it went a little too goofy. However, Raimi did manage to keep it moving along. Every story was told, just not satisfactorily.

        Green Lantern made me angry while watching it. Sorry but it was junkie. I hate when a movie starts off with narration. It’s always a bad sign when a movie starts off cramming background down the audiences throats. SW had the scrolling words but it’s really to give a sense of scope. LOTR had a narration, but it was very thoughtfully written and presented. It didn’t start breathlessly rambling.

        I thought it was awful. I felt I owed the nephew I took another movie, so I took him to XMFC. He liked it.

        • They lost me with the emo jazz flute scene…

    • Notfor nuthin…the ONLY reason i disliked green lantern was because it was so overhyped..n i became underwhelmed wit da final product. Im still a huge GL fan of the comics but the movie to me needs to b swept under the rug n rebooted. I do agree wit ur picks of terrible movies tho. Need i mention the infamous “Batman & Robin”?

    • I agree that it wasn’t so bad and doesn’t deserve all the hate that it gets, and could have fleshed out the story a bit more if it had more time (the time spent in lantern land did feel a bit rushed).

    • I totally agree! It could have been so much worse.. I for one hope they do a another one as it could be so great with the right people behind it!


    • I have never understood all the GL hate and I never will. It was far from perfect but the movie had brilliant moments. I really hope for a part 2 or at least make GL part of JL.

    • I will never understand all the hate on Green Lantern either. It’s not as bad as it is made out to be. On the other hand, I think the most over rated marvel movie would be Captain America. The characters are just too flat.

    • The Green Lantern was a terrible movie. It wasn’t even a terrible adaptation or bad because of terrible acting and plot… it WAS JUST A REALLY POORLY MADE MOVIE. The plot was sloppy, the themes broke apart, and otherwise competent actors were trying to be in a second-rate Iron Man 1 film.

      No just accept the fact that it’s one of those films that’s best left forgotten.

  2. I think it needs a mix of both. I believe the correct tone for JL wuld b a dark humor type of tone. Batman’s grimmness being attacked constantly by Flash. Superman’s seriousness becoming a weight on the time. Wonder woman being the hottie that the other members chase after. U kno stuff like dat

    • agreed mix of both would be good

    • Wonder Women being the hottie that the other members chase after? What are you 12? They had better bring more to the script than this or this will be the last DC movie for a very long time!

      • I’d chase her if I thought I could catch her…

      • I agree. I’d rather her character be someone to be taken seriously as a member of the team, rather than just eye candy for the 14 year olds.

  3. Please don’t make this another GL. Oh, and JLA? Make it right. Make GL right – right for us all.

  4. And wow, less than 24 hours of the announcement, Mark Millar has his two cents. This is the same guy who swore Jim Caviezel would be cast as Superman back in the 2000s. *rolls eyes* …taking this with a grain of salt.

  5. Tone: A bit more serious, but more Batman Begins than The Dark Knight.

  6. Might as well just forget ever remaking GL, or including him in any JL movie,if you want ANYBODY pay to see it!! Can’t you just see SM flirting with “nice bulge” jokes , or Flash chasing GL for some real action? People will be lined up around the Block!!.
    PC Brain Surgeons!!

  7. Hey, as long as Millar isn’t actually involved with this, there’s a chance that it might not suck sour frog ass.

  8. As real as one can have with aliens, magic, legends, and super humans

  9. “Very real-world ”

    and… i’ve lost all faith in this movie. I DONT WANT REALISM IN MY SUPERHERO FILMS! to hell with the nolan approach! i just want it to be a good superhero film that is NOT embarrassed about being a superhero film and one that i can just sit back and enjoy.

    avengers 2 will sh*t all over this. and that’s a god damn pity because i grew up with the justice league :(

    • another issue that i have with this ‘personally’ is that i grew up with wally west and kyle rayner as flash and green lantern.

      now although all main green lanterns have had their fair share or strengths and flaws, wally west is absolutely the best flash. certainly better than the bland barry allen. wally west grew and developed as a character and as a hero with time. he was arrogant and a punk and he grew with time to become a great hero.

    • “Every real world” works for Batman. It will not work for the rest of the JL team I am afraid.

  10. The correct tone for this film should be something along the lines of the intro for the DC Universon Online video game (dark, epic, gritty). Others have mentioned it before but I wanted to mention it again. It truly is spectacular. I have watched it many, many times.

    • *DC Universe

  11. I just don’t want Justice League & the DCMU solo films to be 100% exact copies of Christopher Nolan’s Batman films or Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot franchise. The Justice League isn’t like The Avengers except for Batman as he’s the only one outta founding members who doesn’t have super powers. I don’t expect much jokes or anything outta Justice League film unless it’s coming from Flash. Imo, the film needs to have the kind of tone of The Avengers without as many jokes or laughs is all. But don’t make it dark & edgy as Nolan’s films. Especially if they plan to have a expanded DCMU with solo films where theres villains from each heroe’s gallery that wouldn’t be Nolan-like.

  12. I know that Nolan’s original intention was to develop the current Batman franchise as a “stand alone universe”, but by the looks of Man of Steel, I think the current Nolan-Batman can be adapted to fit together with Man of Steel in a single universe. Just because Nolan’s Batman exists in a universe without super powered superheroes in the first 3 films, that doesn’t mean that universe can’t change with the arrival of one “Clark Kent” on the scene… After all, isn’t that how the Marvel Universe played out after the first Iron Man film? The Marvel Universe was more or less grounded in a plausible reality until they added Thor to the mix, and that seems to have worked out okay?
    Man of Steel should feature a cameo at the end, one that is similar to the Nick Fury cameo in Iron Man: Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne shows up and tells Clark Kent that he knows he is Superman, after all Batman is the “Great Detective”. Bruce Wayne could then reveal to Clark Kent that he is Batman. Just as in the comics and animated series, Bruce Wayne should be the glue that binds the Justice League Universe together in the same way that Tony Stark and Nick Fury do for the Avengers, and I think Nolan’s Bale/Batman can and should do that.

    • That ending would be INCREDIBLE. But unfortunately, as has been stressed many many times, Nolan and Bale are done. That’s it. The end. Accept it. Sorry to be so negative, but it’s just a fanboy’s dream.

  13. I really wish you people would get off Nolan’s jock. Yes, what he did with Batman was great, absolutely, but that only works for Batman. That entire approach, to just about any other character, would just plain suck. Most of these characters are not dark and gritty. Have you EVER read a JL book? Flash is constantly cracking jokes, Green Lantern is a really laid back guy( except during the Coast City thing and being possessed by Parallax). Green Arrow, also fun guy, ElongatedMan is silly, Plastic Man even more so. Wonder Woman is the only other character even remotely as serious as Batman on an attitude level. And Superman while not a comedic character is WAAY lighter in tone than Batman.

    • It wouldn’t work even for Batman in the JL. I agree. I always cringe when people make outlandish suggestions for Nolan’s Batman. It’s a self-contained version.

      That said, I could see them tweaking Batman. Making him slightly different but reminiscent of the Nolan version but better suited for sci-fi.

      Anyway, I agree that Nolan’s Batman take wouldn’t work for DCU. But I doubt he would stick to that. It’s highly possible that DC is desperate and has no idea what to do so they’re throwing a “hail Mary pass” to Nolan. But I doubt Nolan himself would take it on if he didn’t have a very clear idea that he was confident in.

      • They didn’t say it was gonna be dark just serious which is good in my opinion that means that its gonna focus on the plot and action. I’m sure they will have flash crackin jokes at batman and stuff like that

  14. DC could be having Nolan godfather the DCU simply because they lack any imagination and only assume since he’s succeeded with BM he’ll do the same with all the characters.

    On the other hand, Nolan is pretty serious and wouldn’t waste his time if he didn’t feel he could contribute.

    If Nolan were to oversee all of the DC movies, I can imagine a “real world” flavor to them. What I’m thinking is there’s just a fact of the various powers and such. Superman often moves at speeds that make him invisible, Batman is a real man who relies on technology and skill. Similar to how LOTR felt “real.” The world was solid. While watching that movie one was transported to a different world that felt complete. The magic felt like real energy and seemed to tax the wizards. They got dirty and sweaty. Avengers didn’t have that feeling so much. They may move towards that, but it didn’t feel “real.”

    Again, I think they should just go all out and make a JL trilogy. Three long movies all shot over a year and a half. That would set the whole SH movie bizz on it’s ear. Get some really good passionate people and go.

    • @ Nostelg-O

      Imo, DC should seperate themselves from Warner Bros. & be their own studio like Marvel. But id prefer Bruce Timm to “Godfather” the DCMU since he has more experience & great keeping continunity of different character’s franchises.

      For a DCMU, i don’t think the (Real World) is the way to go. Not every other DC hero is like Batman at all & just because Nolan’s Batman films made money & were successful does not mean other heroe’s solo franchises will have that same kind of success. If WB/DC were wise, they’d take the character into the kind of stylish tone The Avengers & their solo films have. I really do hope they’re not rushing a Justice League film as they did with Green Lantern. It would be a shame.

  15. So, he heard it from a guy who heard it from a guy who’s cousins with the brother of the housekeeper of a guy who once took a glance at the script while slightly intoxicated? Oh yeah, and the first guy is Mark Millar, who apparently ALWAYS tells the truth (read previous sentence with a sarcastic inflection.)

    But in all seriousness, Millar’s statement isn’t exactly ground-breaking, and it’s really just a simple conclusion many fans can make on their own. As Kofi said, it’s probably somewhat true, just because it makes sense.

    I think that this take on Justice League will be very good. But to be clear, it should not be the characters themselves that are realistic, but rather, the plot/tone/character relationships/character development should be realistic. There’s absolutely no way to spin a flying, bulletproof, invincible alien, and Amazonian goddess, a guy who can run faster than the speed of light, a guy with a magic ring that is part of a fraternity of peacekeeping aliens (need I go on?) Heck, if you want a movie to be completely realistic, even Batman doesn’t exactly fit the scheme. I mean, if I had to use an adjective to describe a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist (yeah, that was intentional), detective, bodybuilder dressing up like a bat at night to fight crime, “realistic” would not be the word to use.

    What I’m trying to say here is that there is no conceivable way to make these characters “realistic”. Rather, they should make the essence of the characters realistic. Make the character developments and character relationships realistic. Like Kofi said, these are gods who are sitting around Mount Olympus. There are definitely very deep and thought-provoking ideas to be explored here, and I think WB/DC needs to realize that (hopefully they already have).

  16. Throw a hail mary DC and rush the movies leading up to this a little. Get directors and release Flash, Wonderwoman, New or sequal to Green Lantern, maybe Aquaman, and new Batman in the same year. Next year, release the Justice League. If this works out, It would be a huge success. WB would be spending a lot of money, but you need to take the risk. Marvel is winning and time’s running out. Marvel will have Avengers 3 before DC makes Justice League at this pace.

  17. I would rather see DC go the route of TV series, then JLU movie.

    reboot wonderwoman
    reboot flash
    reboot batman

    then characters that need bigger budget, give them movies…

  18. “After all, the League members are basically like the Gods of Olympus, with a cynical human (Batman) constantly worrying about their combined power. Way different than a bunch of sci-fi-themed misfits trying to function together.”

    I would love if for a future JL movie (if there is one) they center it around the Tower of Babel story line.

    • I could see that idea working great for a sequel. Start out with the JL movie where Batman’s hesitant of the group, but that’s it. Then, in Batman solo film in between JL movies, they could have Batman toy the line of hero and villain mentally. Of course, he’ll triumph as the good guy always does, but it’ll be in his mind that a hero can fall. With that, cue a post-credit scene with Batman coming up with contingency plans for the League, followed by Tower of Babel in the sequel. The only thing is that, if that happened, it looks like Batman always gets shafted in the first sequel since he became the villain in people’s eyes in The Dark Knight