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kickass movie image 3 Kick Ass Spoilers Discussion

While you can leave comments over at our Kick-Ass review where you can leave comments, we’ve set up this as a place where you can discuss spoilers about the movie without worrying about ruining it for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen Kick-Ass, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have. icon smile Kick Ass Spoilers Discussion

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Discuss away!

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  1. This movie was amazing, and I must say that it felt like a supreme mix of Superbad and Zombieland. I forced some friends of mine to see it last night and they all walked out wondering why they needed to be dragged into the theater. Some people didn't like all the cussing and the gore, but I feel that it added to the comic book setting immensely. If a highschooler REALLY tried to become a superhero, there really would be plenty of blood and f bombs.

    Hit Girl and Big Daddy's dialogue may have been unnecessary, but they flat out made the movie with what they say. I've never read the original stuff, but from a new fans point of view, this movie may be one of my new favorites merely because of these two.

    The ONLY thing i didn't like was that they left Red Mist alive, but then again it leaves room for a likely sequel. Every movie has that moment where everyone asks “Why didn't they kill him too?!?!” and I'll get over it with this movie.

    5/5, I'll be taking more people to see this one. :]

  2. whether or not the movie got “a little” over-the-top at the end… i believe it deserved the 5 stars. Sucked though with Big Daddy but a hero till the end (giving directions while on fire). Don't even know how other movies are going to top this…

  3. Excellent movie, quite possibly my favorite comic book movie yet. Not much to say other than that. Big Daddy and Hit Girl really made the movie, Kick-Ass was a useless hero but a great character (and I'm sure he'll improve by leaps in the sequel), and Red Mist wasn't anything like I expected, but I'm looking forward to where the character goes from here.

    Did anyone else think that the bazooka and the fuss made over it (“…Bazooka?”) was a subtle jab at the scene in Dark Knight where the Joker inexplicably has a bazooka?

  4. It was an amazing movie!!! I did like how some of the background story was exposed.(When Red Mist convinces his father to let him double cross Kick-ass and the others)The blood, gore and language was spot on. If it was candy coated, then the movie would have been cheapened and not be true to the source material. And a 10 year old swearing the way she did, its a movie!!! get over it!!!

  5. That was an excellent film. After reading some comments I kind of got my one question answered: did Big Daddy die in the comic? From what J E said, how Vaughn had BD die was epic as well as touching.

    I know Kofi mentioned the ending was different from the comic. Did the change in ending in the movie have the same impact as the comic?

  6. Finally, I've been waiting for this since I saw Kick-Ass two weeks ago here in Ireland. I personally thought it was one of the best movies I have seen in a long time, it is extremely original, it's not afraid to do what other movies wouldn't dream of and I honestly thought it was better than the comics, which is something that you can rarely say.
    In the comic hit-girl is pretty cool, there is no doubt about that, but not awesome, Chloe Moretz just blew me away, she made the character a million times better than in the comic and that is something I have never seen done before, admittedly it was the writers that did it, but give credit where credit is due, everyone wanted to know this girl by the end of the move, and that is down to the acting. The other difference is that the comic is a lot shorter, and the added scenes I think were definitely necessary, like in the comic when red mist double crosses the others, in the comic he shoots big daddy instead of hit-girl, and he actually kills him, no kevlar no nothing, that is the last you see of big daddy, so the whole hostage scene, which was unreal, wasn't even in the comic and this is only one of the many changes they made.
    All round I would recommend it to anyone, and am saving a space in my blu-ray collection for it

  7. i'm going on a strictly movie stance, i did not read the comics. i thought it needed more characters, even if its just a montage of other superheroes. maybe more focus on his dad. something. it all just seemed to make the ending really short, i wanted to know more but there really wasnt anything else to say. thats the only issue i had with the movie, it was awesome otherwise.

  8. I loved this movie!!! I am going to force a friend of mine who says “it looks stupid” to go see it with me on Monday. I, of course, have been eagerly awaiting this movie since I saw the redband Hit Girl trailer posted here on SR. The movie should really just be called “Hit Girl” lol

    hopefully if they make a sequel Hit Girl can teach Kick Ass a few basic moves. I don't expect Kick-Ass to become a ninja or anything…. I think that would go against the nature of what makes the movie great…. but the guy could at least take some Karate classes or a self defense class.

    Also…. hopefully a sequel will be made soon. Before Hit Girl grows up too much. It is funny watching an 11 year old swear and beat the crap out of guys… I'm not sure how funny it would be if she was 16 or 17. I think part of why Hit Girl works is because it is so unexpected.

  9. Fantastic movie. Was it just me though, or did Big Daddy try to parody William Shatner? With. the. way. he was. talking. it reminded. me of. a. family guy. episode. where they. made. fun of. William. Shatner.

  10. I'm glad Matthew Vaughn did this on his own, cuz if it had been done under a studio, I don't think it would've been nearly as phenomenal as it was. The studio would've tried to tame it down, and to be honest, the movie was absolutely perfect the way it was.

  11. I really enjoyed the hostage scene. That and when the show Big Daddy on the Teddy cam. Those are probably my two favorite scenes in the movie. There was a lot of raw emotion in those two scenes. You could just feel the intensity oozing out of the screen and into your soul.

  12. Adam. West!

  13. yea, he gets shot in the head, but it isn't as emotionally effective as having him burning alive, then hit girl finally putting out the flames moments before he dies, so the death was much more effective in the movie, but definitely check out the comics, they're amazing

  14. Yeah, like Dentist said, he was parodying the way Adam West talked on the old 60's Batman TV show.

  15. yeah both of those scenes were awesome… and neither were in the comic, I don't think we're ever going to get another movie that not only matches the source material, but actually surpasses it

  16. the guy in orange that jumps of the building looks abit like red mist at the end of the movie, can someone confirm this for me please.
    also the transition from real life to comic in the flash back scene was epic and nicely done. however i didnt like nick cage towards the end of his role especially the part wher he was sitting and screaming in a creepy way.

  17. Well anyone getting burn alive would scream in a creepy way.

    I love the way this movie was presented and over passing Kick-Ass getting his Ass kick, the rest of the movie was great. I am with you all on the BD part; on my opinion that last clip where BD was getting burn alive gave a touching part to the movie; it was one of my favorite scene.

  18. No its not red mist. is some Armenian guy with a history of mental health problems. Pay attention to what the words coming out of the speakers are saying

  19. @jimmy


    heres some best of the original Adam West batman

  20. Big daddie did die in the comic (maybe in a bit more of a brutal way), but it was revealed that he had kidnapped Mindy when she was a baby and that he was never a cop, but only an accountant with a bunch of first edition comics in a suitcase.

  21. Does anyone know what BD was screaming in the hostage scene?? Someone told me he was yelling out “The Revenge of Robin” and “Switch to the Kryptonite. Anyone with the comic, please clarify…

  22. right after he dies it says something like 6 months earlier… thats why i asked if he was red mist you dont have to be a prick about it

  23. i mean he screamed creepier than usual, and the words he spoke didnt really make sense due to the crying/screaming noise.
    the flash back of what happens in the lumber yard was the best, such an intense moment.

  24. Hey guys, wouldn't the paramedics that helped him after his first attempt to be a crime fighter know his true identity??? I'm sure one of them would have accidentally let it slip if he really became such a popular figure…

  25. 5 stars is perfect movie. I never give 5. I gave 4 cause its a classic n it kicks asss. lol

  26. Not the worse movie ever made, but certainly deserves a spot on the DVD shelf right next to Ben Stiller's “Mystery Men”. Should have been a 0 stars choice if you ask me. How bad was this movie? So bad that even Nicholas Cage, who is usually pretty damned oblivious to just how bad the movies he makes are, made a point of limiting his appearances at various premieres…

    …You know like Eddie Murphy did for Pluto Nash because he was embarrassed that he had made such a crappy movie.

    …And certainly not a good thing, especially considering that Cage was this movies only real bankable actor with any sort of name recognition.

    The writer of the comic book was going for shocking as many people as you can, and honestly that's a sign of the lowest denominator of writing possible. Any village idiot can shock people and possibly disgust audiences: Tom Green, Howard Stern, and that guy that did that Marshal Law comic are all examples of useless sacks of feces that actually put effort into shocking people thinking that it is a real accomplishment.

    Even sadder is that the majority of people that he wanted to shock will never read the comic, and certainly won't watch the movie. They are just going to ignore the movie, partially because it's obvious that he was trying so hard to shock and disgust. And the comic book fans that thrilled at the fact that he was trying to shock mainstream audiences, although numerous enough to make the comic book popular, are just way too small a slice of the mainstream audience to make the film a worthy and profitable endeavor.

    Even worse is the way that a majority of internet comic book geeks jumped on the Kick Ass bandwagon, fanatically supporting a movie they had never seen, and using phrases like “Best Super Hero movie ever made”. Getting so bad that anytime any professional movie reviewer said even a single bad word about Kick Ass, legions of deluded Kick Ass fanatics (Most who had not even seen the entire movie yet.), would do their best to have an online lynching of that particular movie reviewer.

    Oh yeah great idea, show the rest of the world that you're spiteful and venomous rabid fans that can't get your heads out of your ass when someone dares to disagrees with you.

    And now that the box office figures are coming in, and Kick Ass isn't proving to be so kick ass, there are actually large groups of avid fans making up wild and crazy conspiracy stories about how people were going to see Kick Ass in large numbers, but
    just sneaking in to watch it from another movie in the theater they had actually bought a ticket for.

    The movie was mediocre. Not necessarily bad, but bad enough that it belongs next to Mystery Men.

    And the idea that anyone would think that this was a great movie is pretty damned funny.

    And hardcore fan fanaticism on this movie, coupled with its poor showing with mainstream audiences, probably means that Hollywood more likely will stop courting the geek/fanboy audiences as much as they have.

  27. Soooo, did you like the movie or not? :-)

    Well, I enjoyed it and had never heard of this comic until Screen Rant clued me in. It felt more like a parody of comicbook movies to me. I know some will look down on the foul-mouth 11 year old murderous girl but the director meant for this movie to be comedic and I thought he did a great job.

  28. Cry me a river.

    If you can't enjoy Kick-Ass then there isn't much you can enjoy.

    And you sure have plenty to say about a movie you didn't like and you're even discussing the movie in a spoilers thread. Seems like much time spent on a movie you didn't enjoy.

  29. Your argument is that Kick Ass is the end all decider, and if you can't enjoy it then you are not capable of enjoying anything? Ever?

    Are you really that dense? It's just a movie, and not even a very good one. You need to sit down, take a deep breath, and try to clear your head of all that spoon fed hype you've been ingesting for the last couple of months.

    And the reasons that I am spending time discussing a movie I didn't like, is because since I was so thoroughly disappointed by the hype and the internet support that this movie got, I feel that some sort of rational counter argument should be made.

    Just a place to discuss the movie, and I wanted to discuss it.

    Mainly because fanatical people who continually delude themselves and say inane stuff like “That movie was the greatest movie ever made.” and “If you didn't like that movie you just can't enjoy anything.” are the type of people that need a heaping helping of…

    …The truth!

    It's one thing to say that you enjoyed the movie, everyone is free to have their own opinion, but statements like that only prove that you should be in the “clueless” or “continually ignored” category.