‘Kick-Ass’ Spoilers Discussion

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kickass movie image 3 Kick Ass Spoilers Discussion

While you can leave comments over at our Kick-Ass review where you can leave comments, we’ve set up this as a place where you can discuss spoilers about the movie without worrying about ruining it for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen Kick-Ass, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have. icon smile Kick Ass Spoilers Discussion

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Discuss away!

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  1. So, since that's my opinion it means I'm just flat out wrong? Opinions are just that and we all have them. Don't get mad just because I said you need some tissues.

  2. John,

    Nothing wrong with you enjoying the movie. And you are right it was a Super Hero comedy, and certainly nothing wrong with that particular genre, it is just that my opinion is that the hype and internet support did not match the actual quality of the movie.

    And for the record it isn't the fact that the 11 year old was foul mouthed and violent that I didn't like, it is that the goal should never be to offend and shock, the goal should be to tell a compelling story, and if people get shocked or repulsed then it should be unintended and not an result of focused intention.

    Tarantino in Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction was out to make a good movie, with a realistic perception of violence.

    I even think that the director's buddy Guy Ritchie doesn't intentionally shock and disgust people, just a sometimes side effect.

    And notice that Guy Ritchie has started to evolve past that a bit with his later movies.

  3. Yes you are flat out wrong.

    No movie could possibly be that good.

    I think the proper term would be “Talking out of your ass.”

    Nothing wrong with anyone having an opinion, even one that isn't the same as mine, but unrealistic claims that are utter nonsense and somewhat laughable should be labeled as such.

    And certainly not mad or even in need of a tissue.

    There are lots of deluded people out there on the internet just like you.

    Just a part of life like summer being hot, and winter being cold.

    The sky is blue, women tend to change the color of their hair, and people say inane stupid crap on the internet.

    And if your next comment towards me has the secret word in it you get a prize.
    I'm thinking some sort of word that implies that I am somehow a lesser man then a big bad macho dude like yourself.

  4. Hey JohnZee, I enjoyed the movie but I also take the side that it wasn't the “bestest movie evar!!!111″ but from a 3rd person, objective, viewpoint, I have to point something out.

    I am just curious what makes you think you're qualified to decide what is reasonable and what isn't? Have you ever considered that maybe YOUR perceptions and opinions are ridiculous and that your statements appear to be utter nonsense and somewhat laughable??

    I mean, you call other people deluded, yet you're the one that seems to think you have the ability to label what is and is not logical and “correct.” I mean, do you also think you see all and know all? Look up the definition of delusional and see who really fits that bill…

    BTW, summer being hot and winter being cold are also opinions, FYI. Some people don't feel it is that hot during the summer, especially if you take into account where in the world they live because in some parts the “hottest” it gets is still pretty “cool” to most of us…

    And the sky isn't blue, it just appears blue because blue light in the light spectrum are made up of shorter wavelengths, so they don't pass through objects such as gas molecules, dust, etc. as well as the other colors, so they tend to bounce around and reflect back to your eyes while the other colors (longer wavelengths) pass straight through and dissipates.

    Men change the color of their hair too. Not me, I think that's gay, but some men do. So pointing out that women sometimes change their hair color is a moot point. You might as well say that women breathe air…

    And same with people saying inane stupid crap on the internet. People say inane stupid crap no matter where they are or what medium they are using to express those views. And not to mention, you're speaking through the internet as well, so are you admitting you're saying inane stupid crap or does that apply to everyone except you? What does delusional mean again????

  5. He was screaming out tactics and things to do for his daughter to evade or distract the enemies.

  6. Oh no a “defender”. Someone that is leaping to the defense of other people on the internet because he wants to prove that he is not only much more intelligent than anyone else posting, but also on much higher moral ground.

    You should have started your post with “Here I come to save the day!”

    I'm just posting my opinion, not saying that every one's opinion is lesser then mine. But I am pointing out that certain statements just make the poster look foolish, like the one you mentioned and agreed with at the top of your reply to me.

    And then what follows is highly amusing. Here are some of your statements.

    Summer is not hot.
    Winter is not cold.
    The sky is not blue.

    So if I say that white typing paper is white are you just going to go to great lengths to try to explain that the paper is not “actually” white?

    Yes you are very brilliant, you can contradict simple generalizations.

    You can even back it up with scientific jargon that only proves that your a fan of the search engine google and possibly one of those lame “ask a question” websites.

    Why is the sky blue?

    Answer: It's not really blue, it just appears blue because blue light in the light spectrum are made up of shorter wavelengths, so they don't pass through objects such as gas molecules, dust, etc. as well as the other colors, so they tend to bounce around and reflect back to your eyes while the other colors (longer wavelengths) pass straight through and dissipates.

    (Wow see, I can copy and past too.)

    Doesn't make me any smarter, and definitely doesn't make you any more intelligent. But you know trying to make serious effort to prove that you are intelligent just has the result of making you look even less intelligent then you really are.

    Intelligent people don't have to “look” like they are intelligent by posting scientific jargon, they just are.

    Didn't like the women changing the color of the hair line huh?

    Just a line, I was establishing a series of generalizations, and it's actually a paraphrase of a quote from a movie. But then I forgot…

    …Your Anti-Generalization Man.

    But since you love it some more here's another one.

    Go ahead and tell me how water is not really wet.

    Or how deserts don't really have a lot of sand.

    Or how about how the heat from a flame isn't really hot.

    And I'll even add that women need to breath air, because that does seem to be a personal favorite of yours.

    Set your internet search engine to “Intellectually impressive”, and go to town.

    And no not everyone on the internet says inane and stupid crap. There are lots of people that can communicate in an actual intelligent manner, and are not dependent on Ctrl C and Ctrl V to come up with their best written lines in the comments that they make on the internet.

    Hopefully with a lot of effort and practice, you'll make the grade as well.

    I'm a big advocate on education and learning, and I do deeply hope that you can overcome your own ignorance. Possibly if you stepped away from the computer, and just set down and read a book that doesn't have pictures in it.

    Nice talking to you, and I hope you have a pleasant day.

  7. Wow, please tell me you didn't just admit that you need google to know simple knowledge… PLEASE tell me you're not going to make it THAT easy… You know where I learned about different colors having different wavelengths and that's why the sky appears blue? It's a little place called “school.” Maybe if you paid attention you'd realize that you don't need to copy and paste anything… And you just called what I said “scientific jargon?” Wow, seriously, what's “jargon?”

    “Wavelength” Hm, the length of waves… WOW, ONLY EINSTEIN HIMSELF WOULD KNOW ABOUT THAT!!!!

    Um, what else… “absorbed?” LOL, like the paper towel absorbs water??

    Oh wait, “molecules,” right, it has THREE WHOLE SYLLABLES!!! :-D

    “Reflect?” Hm, come on, only two syllables, can't be THAT hard right???

    Oooohhhhhh, my bad yo! “Dissipates!” Yah, that's like some crazy post-graduate level vocabulary there b! LMAO!!!

    “Nice talking to you, and I hope you have a pleasant day.”

    Ooohhhh, that whole passive aggressive thing isn't completely overdone or anything, seriously, very smooth, you're the first person to ever do that. :-P

    “Or how deserts don't really have a lot of sand.”

    Um, and since you're such an advocate of education and learning, learn this, a desert is defined as any place with an annual rain level less than a certain amount, don't remember what it is off the top of my head, but no, deserts don't necessarily have a lot of sand. In fact, a lot of the world's deserts don't have any sand, but have a lot of ice, ironically enough… Such as parts of antarctica…

    I'm very sorry that you think you need google to know stuff, you can keep thinking I'm getting it there and I'll keep laughing at you.

    What does delusional mean again?

    Nice talking to you, have a good day. ;-)

  8. You know what sucks. A lot of people think Kick-Ass is one of those s***** spoof movies. I can't exactly blame them either. If I didn't know or care, those ads…they were good for a movie with half the budget, but the only scenes that really show the scope of the movie are spoilers or too violent.

    This movie was like if Tarantino made a superhero movie. And just like a true Tarantino movie, it kinda demands to be seen with a crowd.

    Another thought…Kick-Ass just barely lost to How to train your dragon which only had a 12% drop…how much of a boost did Dragon get from kids who didn't go see it.

  9. Take cover chiiild! Now switch to Kryptoniiiite!! Now go to Robiiin's Reveeeenge!

  10. The movie was pretty cheesy, but still enjoyable. But I disagree with the Tarantino comment, if he made it, it'll probably be twice as cheesy and have half the plot… And the dialogue would be very wannabe clever but will fall short…

  11. i need to know wht big daddy is saying while on fire

  12. what color was the red mists costume at the end of the movie? my boyfriend and I have a 3 dollar bet going. I think it was orange and black…..i hope

  13. orange and a little black

  14. at least someone agrees with me. He thinks its yellow and white. but then again I think hes in denial about a color blind problem

  15. yellow and white? lol i dont think so.

  16. hopefully a lot of people respond to my comment and I win 3 bucks and bragging rights

  17. what is robins revenge?

  18. LJB and others:

    “Take Cover, Child!”: HG revealed her position by calling out to BD when she saw he was on fire, he yelled that at her to set her mind back into the game.

    “Switch to Kryptonite!”: Kryptonite being a play on Superman’s weakness and literally a “Krypton Light” which is in a strobe light. He was telling her to put the strobe light on her gun to confuse her enemies.

    “Go To Robin’s Revenge!”: A tactic used by Robin in his comics was when faced against a blind martial arts master, he used a whistle to distract and confuse his enemy so he could flank around him and attack from behind before the master could regain his senses.


    In my opinion this was a well written and acted movie, I was a little disappointed by KA’s character but hopefully they will do more with him in the next one and all will be redeemed. Aside from him I think one of the reasons the film is as good as it is is character development and the backstory, you don’t go into this expecting a big backstory, but it’s there and it roots the movie very well.

    JohnZee, put a lid on it. Yes, we’re all entitled to our own opinions however you display the attitude of someone who is simply being negative for negativity sake. You didn’t like the movie, feel free to say so, but stop attacking the people who did like it.

  19. Am I the only one who sees the Elliot Spitzer analogy? The lumber dealer, Ken Langone-Home Depot-stabbed Elliot in the back. He looks just like D’Amico. See how Kick-Ass has sex hang-ups? Just like Spitzer.
    It is the mob vs. Spitzer. In real life the mob won.

  20. JohnZee… you don’t get it. The point of the movie was not to shock or disgust, it was to entertain. I feel bad for you that you can’t appreciate the awesomeness of this movie, but I agree it’s not for the average shmoe. First, you have to understand it’s fiction in order to appreciate it. I’m sure the creators knew that a lot of people would take it too seriously, but sometimes if you want to do something awesome you have to ignore what the common fool will think of you.

    As an aside, I find it amusing that you seem convinced that most Kick-Ass fans have never even seen the movie. What on earth would give you such a conviction?

  21. It’s unfortunate about Ken J… but JohnZee, did you really watch the whole film? The scene where Hit Girl makes her first appearance does, I admit, give the impression that someone is going for the shock factor. I still enjoyed the scene, but I thought her later action scenes were much better.