Kick-Ass 2 Details

We learned that Millar and JRJ are in the process of working on the second installment of the Kick-Ass comic book, and that it will be ready in the Fall. Some other details:

  • As previously rumored, the second installment is tentatively titled Balls To The Wall.
  • The second installment will be much darker than the first, if you can believe that.
  • Millar has always envisioned the story as a trilogy, meaning that there will likely be a third installment.
  • Although the movie is sure to change the playing field a bit, Balls To The Wall is not being contrived as a sequel movie; the comic will be its own thing.
  • They’re trying to get the comic done – just in case this Kick-Ass movie hype opens the door for a movie sequel.
  • Millar has an early idea for a new character (a villain?) who is cleverly named “The Motherf@#*er.”
  • Without spoiling anything, a character from the first installment will “rise” into a major role for the second (besides Kick-Ass, of course).
  • Kick-Ass was so demented that Millar claims studio execs aren’t even phased anymore. Apparently they’re down with bringing “The Motherf@#*er” on board.

Real-Life Superhero

Real-life super hero, Dark Guardian

Kick-Ass is so popular that the screening managed to draw members of NYC’s real-life super hero community out of their secret lairs!

Seriously, during the Q&A we were graced with the presence of “Dark Guardian,” a real-life super hero whose been fighting the good fight some past seven years and counting. DG has apparently taken on drug dealers and other no-goodnicks, while also taking time to do community outreach.

The guy (in his twenties, I’d say) didn’t wear a mask (so much for protecting that secret identity) but most surprisingly, he sounded like a pretty sane and benevolent individual. Go figure.

If you want to help Dark Guardian fight the good fight (or if you need his help) just check out his Myspace page, or the web page for Real Life Super Heroes. Good luck with that.

BONUS: Here’s a video tour of UGO’s Kick-Ass Screening:

That about wraps it up. Be sure to check out UGO‘s Kick-Ass NYC screening coverage for more info, photos and video instant reviews of the movie (hopefully with footage of your old friend Outlaw included ;-) ).

Kick-Ass hits theaters on April 16, 2010. If you aren’t already anticipating its release, you should be.

Source: UGO

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