‘Kick-Ass’ Star Aaron Johnson As Spider-Man? Not Likely…

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kick ass aaron johnson Kick Ass Star Aaron Johnson As Spider Man? Not Likely...

Many blogosphere critics are currently thinking the same thing:  Kick-Ass star Aaron Johnson would make a great Peter Parker for Sony’s upcoming Spider-Man reboot. In my own Kick-Ass review, I stated that Johnson proves that he can dip deep into both the dramatic and comedic wells of acting, and for that reason alone he would make a perfect Peter Parker – nevermind that he also looks the part.

Well, Cinema Blend got a chance to talk with Johnson at the Kick-Ass press junket – and after reading what the young British actor had say, it doesn’t seem like he has all that much interest in playing Spidey – or any other superhero – anytime in the near future.

Here’s what Johnson had to say to Katey Rich over at Cinema Blend [NOTE: I’ve stitched the various quotes together into a coherent line of dialogue, so consider this paraphrasing]:

“I would play another superhero, but not necessarily soon…Obviously [Hollywood producers] haven’t got that much of a creative brain when someone else has a movie coming out called Kick-Ass, why would they want to be the next superhero that’s already been done before…It’s just ridiculous. Producers just aren’t thinking. It’s why [crap] movies get made.”

It’s easy to understand why Johnson might feel that way – you gotta remember that in this day and age, when comic book movies are totally ruling the blockbuster movie season (and beyond), the deals for these almost-guaranteed hit franchises can tie an actor down for three, five – or in the case of Marvel’s Avengers universe – even nine films!

A young actor like Johnson, who is just breaking out into the bright limelight, almost assuredly has that youthful creative spark which keeps him wanting to “explore the halls of acting,” rather than becoming the next Daniel Radcliffe (read: stripping naked on stage with a horse to prove he’s more than just Harry Potter).  And god bless the young for feeling that way.

When you start approaching age middle-age like I am, the thought of a guaranteed paycheck from Sony and/or Marvel to play Spider-Man for the next decade seems less like creative limitation and more like “a sensible and stable career decision.” This is a recession after all… Just saying…

spider man reboot Kick Ass Star Aaron Johnson As Spider Man? Not Likely...

Of course, boatloads of money have a way of altering claims that were made even in the hottest of passions (“I love you” being the most common example). So could Johnson end up wearing webbed tights and cracking one-liners at villains? Of course, this is Hollywood – stranger things have and will continue to happen! But right now, it sounds like he’s not all that interested, so I wouldn’t go placing my poker chips on that table quite yet.

Lest we forget, there’s still the issue of Kick-Ass 2, should the first film do as well at the box office as some people are predicting.

Aaron, man, if it makes any difference at all, you’re still No. 1 on my list of candidates for the new Peter Parker – how about you guys? Think Aaron Johnson is the best bet for the new Spider-Man?

Kick-Ass hits theaters on April 16th.

The Spider-Man Reboot (in 3D!) is slated to hit theaters in Summer 2012

Source: Cinema Blend

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  1. I'll get killed for this, how about Michael Cera?

  2. too macho…

  3. I can't really form an opinion until I see Kick-Ass, which has been on mine and everyone else's calenders for a long time now (Just one more week…). I think whoever the new kid turns out to be, he has to be able to confidently and believably deliver a mid-fight one-liner. I never really had a big problem with Tobey Maguire, but he wasn't “lively” enough IMO. His moxie is one of elements that makes Spidey a cool character. Get a kid with some spunk.

  4. yeah hes to manly to play pete. how bout jonah hill. hes got the built and the geek in him.

  5. well essentially if he played spider-man he just be playing almost the same role as in kick-ass, which has been stated by Millar as somthing of an ode to spider-man, being that the story is essentially spider-man without any powers in a more “real world” settingbig daddy and hit girl themselves are also somewhat odes to the whole batman and robin crime fighter with kid side-kick theme. the fact that people havnt noticed this is pretty surprising to me, its pretty clear. so why would arron johnson want to play basically the same role?

  6. He sees the creativity of the producers of Kick Ass and he sees how much they respect and love the source material. I think he doesn't want to be associated or locked down to stupid studios like Fox or Sony. I'm sure he's watched the Spidey films, i think he wants to stay far away from their stench.

  7. That was my first vote. Kick-Ass as Spider-Man! I really hope he changes his mind

  8. “so why would arron johnson want to play basically the same role?” Fortune? Fame? Did I mention fortune? For the Spidey movies themselves, and for any role he could ever want to take after the Spidey flicks. Remember how much Tobey got for that lousy third sequel.. yeah, if thats not motivating, I don't know what is.

  9. 100% in Agreement. Personally I'm so sick of the whole “Ultimate” “Twilight” Spider-TEEN CRAP.

    As far as I'm concerned the entire “Ultimate” series was grossly over rated as are Fox and Sony studios.

  10. I would much rather see a mature and realistic film treatment of Peter Parker the MAN and his alter ego Spider-MAN just like the “Amazing Spiderman” books have been for the last 40 years or so.

    BUT that's never going to happen under Sony studios, nor would I want it to. They have yet to make a true definitive film on Spidey. Even Raimi's version fell way short of doing the character justice.

  11. I hope he doesn’t, not because he’s not suitable to put on the outfit, but because he needs to establish himself, even find himself, before getting trapped into a recurring role which when it comes to an end will most likely be the death of his career.

    As for Spiderman well Shane West would have been good but he’s too old to do a teen spidey if that is what they are still planning.

  12. I fear the writer of this article is a prime reflector of the low level of intelligence that other people think of people who read comics books, etc. If he/she knew anything, they would know that Dan Radcliffe did not appear nude with “LIVE horses” onstage at all. He most definitely was “exploring the halls of acting” and he did so well enough to get raves from british and american press and get nominations. Radcliffe and Equus are as much synonymous as Radcliffe and Potter, so yeah, I'd say he's gone beyond just being Harry Potter.

  13. hes my first choice

  14. dudes what about the kid from percy jackson and the gamer hes the perfect choice idk kick-ass was one of my fav from mark miller and jr jr but this aaron i just dnt know…

  15. I started to get all bent out of shape when I read about this corn-ball being the new Spider-Man – then I remembered why the next movie will most likely not be to my liking. That original franchise is dead – right? Its like starting over from scratch. I will wait and hope to be surprised – but I am not very optimistic at all.

  16. I'm not even entertaining that I think this actor or that actor would be good for Spidey. I hope it gets so many delays and people saying NO to it that they finally just say “F&ck it lets just get rid of this, its going nowhere”. The same with Fox.

  17. I dont no why he would turn down a chance to play in the reboot Spidey, maybe he got kicked in ass to hard….

  18. I disagree (not about FOX or Sony). The Ultimates brought a fanbase of the modern day, reason being is that the stories are believable and realistic and reach out to a more younger audience that don't know anything about the character's mythology.

    Now connecting that with Twilight is just wrong by every definition.

  19. Fair enough I understand the “Ultimate” series brought a younger fanbase into the fray by re inventing stories from Pete's high school days. In fact I have quite a bit of the “Ultimate” series in my collection.

    I do however prefer the “Amazing Spiderman” series of which I think has had a young to mature fanbase since 1963.

    As stated in an earlier post I think a mature and realistic film treatment of Peter Parker the MAN and his alter ego Spider-MAN would fair much better among fans and at the box office. :-)

  20. Nah, I don't underestimate intelligence – I just made an error. I changed it to “…onstage with A HORSE.” That should read more accurate. Although, I don't think knowing about Equus falls into the category of everyday knowledge…

    And I wasn't insulting Radcliffe, I was using a particular opinion of Radcliffe's career arc as an illustrative example of a young actor's anxiety about being typecast in a particular role.

    That was all :-). No harm meant.

    Thanks for reading. Cheers.

  21. Yeah i think him (Aaron Johnson) saying no is the same as saying yeah i would love to be the next spiderman. It's like in that movie casino when they ask the guy to run it and he kept trying to talk them out of it… in the end he was the best man for the job..

  22. Logan Lerman is still my number one choice.

  23. Yesssssssssssss, Aaron Johnson, the best….