Chloë Moretz Says ‘Kick-Ass’ 3 Is Dead, Blames Piracy

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Kick Ass 3 Dead Chloe Grace Moretz Chloë Moretz Says Kick Ass 3 Is Dead, Blames Piracy

While Matthew Vaughn’s Kick-Ass wasn’t a huge success at the box office, it made enough money – with the help of Blu-ray and DVD sales – to warrant a sequel from director Jeff Wadlow. Alas, the sequel made even less money, and the reviews and fan reception were far less kind than they were for the original, which made a Kick-Ass 3 movie … well, unlikely.

Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. – the creators of the comic book on which the Kick-Ass films are based – recently talked about the likelihood of a second sequel coming to fruition. Now, star Chloë Moretz (the actress who played Hit-Girl) is weighing in, too.

Digital Spy recently spoke to Moretz about whether or not she’d be reprising her role as Hit-Girl in Kick-Ass 3, to which she said:

“Sadly, I think I’m done with the character. Hit-Girl was a very cool character, but I don’t think there will be any more movies. You make these movies for the fanboys, but nowadays everyone seems to pirate them rather than watch them in the movie theater.”

” ‘Kick-Ass 2′ was one of the number one pirated movies of the year, but that doesn’t help us because we need box office figures. We need to prove to the distributors that we can make money from a third and a fourth movie – but because it didn’t do so well, we can’t make another one.

“If you want more than one movie, everyone has to go and see movies at the cinema. It’s all about the numbers in the theater.”

This isn’t the first time piracy has been blamed for a film performing below expectations at the box office. Just recently, The Expendables 3 – which leaked to the Internet weeks before release – did pretty poorly at the box office and some theorized that it was due to the leak. (We, on the other hand, thought it was its own worst enemy.)

Kick-Ass 2 made approximately $28 million in the States and $32 million overseas against a $28 million production budget. It’s unclear, of course, how much money was spent on marketing, how much money went to theaters, and so on, so it’s impossible to know if the film made its money back at the box office – though presumably it did after it was released on Blu-ray/DVD.

Jeff Wadlow and Chloe Grace Moretz on Kick Ass 2 set Chloë Moretz Says Kick Ass 3 Is Dead, Blames Piracy

Would it have made more money if piracy wasn’t a factor? Sure. But then again, it also probably would’ve made more money if it hadn’t scored a 29% at Rotten Tomatoes.

Like Expendables 3, while piracy may have been a factor in its financial success (or lack thereof), it almost certainly wasn’t the determining factor.

Chloë Moretz also talked a bit about cinematic depictions of female superheroes, a topic we’ve covered more than once. Said Moretz:

“Whenever there’s a female superhero, it’s always a more sexual plotline rather than seeing an actual character onscreen. I don’t think that’s cool. I think it’s rather sad.

“I would love to change that. Hopefully, there will be some cool female superhero movies in the future. I hear there’s a ‘Wonder Woman’ movie coming up. Hopefully they won’t sexualize Wonder Woman, too.”

While I don’t agree that all female superheroes in movies have had sexualized plotlines – Black Widow had an interesting arc through The Avengers and Cap 2, for example  – there’s no doubt that there’s an unfortunate lack of superheroines generally and in major roles (and that’s on top of their problematic portrayal in merchandise and marketing).

What say you, Screen Ranters? Are you sad that Kick-Ass 3 probably won’t be happening? Do you want to see the sequel adapted to the big screen? Drop us a line in the comments.

Kick-Ass 3 (the comic book) is in stores now. Stay tuned to Screen Rant fore more news on the (unlikely) film adaptation as it becomes available.

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Source: Digital Spy

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  1. Kick Ass succeeded because it was an excellent film.

    Kick Ass 2 failed because it was a bad film, she was good, but other than that, its bad…

    Cinema box office takings? I hardly bother going, I have a large HD TV, I have 3D, I can buy a 3D blu-ray + snacks & drinks for less than 2 cinema tickets + snacks & drinks, and I can watch the film as many times as I like…

    If they want to beat the piracy, launch BluRays 2-3 weeks after hitting the cinema and then you get more sales. I have wanted to watch films and then not bothered because I lost interest by the time its released on BluRay…

    • I doubt that people who are satisfied with a download would buy a dvd or bluray anyway.

      Also, they make less on home media sales than on cinema sales, so to push the home media release forward, even if it increased the home media sales, it would only decrease their total profits.

      The only way to really compete with piracy is the same way you compete normally, which is to make your product more desirable than the alternative. As long as you’re getting a bigger experience or better product through a purchase, a lot of people are gonna prefer that over downloads.

      And I agree that in the end, individual movies are hurt more by being bad than by piracy.

      • Everything you said is exactly true. Netflix’s CEO said that the way to stop piracy is by making content more available and easier to access by legal means. Many people who pirate movies do so because they don’t have easy access to the movie they want and the quality of the pirated movies is generally just as good as blu-rays.

        There need to be more incentives for people to go to the theater, but the opposite is increasingly true, with TV’s becoming bigger and better, streaming becoming standard, among other things. The “big-screen experience” is quickly losing it’s value.

    • I gather they’ve likely considered your idea of quick release to DVD/BR after theater release finish.

      They’ve likely also considered that people who “can’t wait” to see a movie, will then decide they can wait, and skip seeing it at the theater altogether.

      So, they’re not doing that.

    • I seen so many films, serials, read books.. I will never make so much money then I can pay for cinema (or buy books) in my life! And I must eat too. I dont steal, Im just employee.
      Kick ass make 3x more money then cost film.
      Kick ass 2 make 2x more money then cost film.
      Ok, how much money they want?
      It wasnt Terminator 2, StarShip Toopers, StarWars IV or Jupiter Ascending. (Or R´ha)
      Hit Girl is not only one pedo-killer (Arya Stark, Mathilda from Leon, Elvira from book Wild and Evil from Kulhanek, O-Ren and Gogo Yubari from Kill Bill, etc.)

      You want more money? Take it from sh*t like american idol or Survivor.

      • 2x more money then cost film is gross money not net money.

        All the cinemas will take a piece of the gross money.

        Some say that a studio gets 50% of the gross money in US and only 20% of the gross money from foreign markets.

        If we use those % then the studio only earned 21 million in net profit. And it cost 28 million to make. So they lost 7 million.

        So it’s not just a matter of just wanting more money. With many movies it’s actually a matter of not getting enough money.


  3. I think there will be even less ppl watching if you dont have hit-girl ( Chloë Moretz ). Becouse she is good badass!

  4. Please make another kick ass movie please I 1&2 please make another one

  5. KA3 must happen. Miss Moretz is perfect as my favorite super hero, Hit Girl.

  6. I think it would be awesome if made. Maybe if there was better protection from piracy

  7. They need to make this movie because of the ending of ka2 it left u know it’s gonna be another one

  8. i liked both movies. the second one isn’t nearly as bad as you people are saying. I’m harsh when critiquing movies too.
    second, if Hollywood wants to make more money stop paying actors 2 million dollars or more per film. Honestly, they have whats got to be the most fun job, and on top of the one of the highest paying. hollywood is pure greed

  9. I loved both films, dying for a 3rd, I think it will do much better with the modern teen and young adult as they are watching programmes like the Big Bang theory which promotes reading comics and that whole genre and I just think everyone would like to see it back on the big screen

  10. Sorry Chloe. I saw Kick-Ass twice in teh theater, bought the DVD and then bought the Blu-Ray. It is one of my top 50 fav films of all time. It was really, really good. Way under-rated, IMO.

    Kick-Ass 2 on the other hand, was one sorry piece of writing, and filming, both.

    I went to see it in the theatre, adn that’s it.

    I’d like my money back on Kick-Ass 2 before anyone talks about making Kick-Ass 3. And if Kick-Ass 2 is just going to be another Kick-Ass 2, then please do not make it. It’ll jsut drag the original down. The original is a classic.

  11. I think Agent Carter is a woman (not a superhero, but a hero nonetheless) who is not sexualized in any way. Unfortunately, its ratings are very borderline for a sequel. It is a good show, but not enough want to watch it. Blame society for this, not hollywood. They “sexualize” things to make money, no more, no less.

    • I agree Agent Carter is a great role model for woman and I really enjoy this series and happen to be male. Agent Carter shows a strong, intelligent and very capable woman and its great to see. The more the merrier from my point of view.

    • I enjoy Agent Carter but the cinematography is starting to feel claustrophobic to me. Even the outdoors scenes feel like they’re filmed on a set, for some reason. It’s probably because they limit the camera movement and the shots so that they don’t have to rent more 1940′s era props. But it’s starting to bug me.

  12. Hell yes i would love to see a kick-ass 3 with the same actors.

  13. They don’t need a sequel they need a spin-off call it Hit-Girl Kicks Ass! There is an adventure and at the end you see hit girl falling in love settling down and going into retirement, happily ever after. Then in Hit Girl2 as she has raised exceptional kids with abilities well beyond there years, her husband is killed by an arch enemy. Hit girl is injured in the attack, and trains her kids to Kick Ass! of course, once the kids get far along hunting down the bad guys, they get cornered and just as it seems they are dead meat, Hit Girl mom saves the day!

  14. I love love kick-ass movies because they are more badass and more more bloody and violence better then the other superheroes amd it reminds me of the series HEROES Season 1-4 and i f****** hate it when they cancelled the badass bloody violence superheroes i want i want KICK-ASS 3-4 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! AND f*** WHAT THE COMIC BOOK FANS SAYS….. JUST MAKE MORE KICK-ASS MOVIE’S…. NOWWWW!!!!!!!! thank you

  15. Please..!!!!i love KICKASS movies… Kickass 2 was great and perfect. All the characters were good,….well,i’m really excited 2 see ‘KickAss 3′….wanna see Miss Moretz on that role again..

  16. I would kind of like to see a third Kick-Ass movie. But at the same-time it just wouldn’t be the same if Chloe Moretz got replaced she just is Hit-Girl.

    I mean it would be like replacing Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones with another actor. So I think it would be cool if they did a third one but only if Chloe reprized her role other than that just leave the two films as is.

  17. go and see movies at the cinema? It’s all about the numbers in the theater? Well sorry then movies are done. Actors make multi millions on every film, even bad movies make lots of money for the actors, stop paying those crazy prices to actors for one, and two nobody wants to go to a stinky noisy crowded theater to see a movie they will miss half of due to idiots around them. I like to watch at home were I can pause, back up and yes even kick any idiots out. Now if theaters have to be packed for movies to be made, (and they are not) then DVD/blu ray won’t come out so then cinema is done. Don’t know how to stop pirated movies and hope they find a middle ground but till then if I can’t find it on DVD, netflix, etc. then piracy is whats left. MY son just told me the answer, stop making and selling dvd, and downloadable content then you have to go see it at the theaters. He’s on the right track.

  18. A lot of movies have been released recently that have had some success with same day releases. With an expanding streaming market, it makes sense that the movie industry is hurting overall. There is less money to be made in the movie industry these days, and that is a tough pill to swallow. That’s why dramas suffer at the box office but succeed when offered quickly on to the large host streaming options available.

    Which brings me to my point.

    While there might have some decent success at the box office, movies that appeal to a small niche audience (like kick-ass) will not have large commercial success. Just because it’s a comic book movie doesn’t mean that it will be as successful as the titan ‘Avengers’ films. The kick-ass movies have a low budget anyway, so why not be okay with a low goal and make the movies that the fans want to see?

    There are tons of ways for a movie like this to make money, it doesn’t all have to come from the box office.

    Make this film happen.

  19. Please make a KA3 I promise I would go see it, I watched the first 2

  20. Well we don’t make as much money as you do… Some of us can’t afford to pay 10.50 just to see a movie in the theater. Should we not be allowed to enjoy movies as well?

  21. First I would like to thank the entire cast and production team for the first two installments, I enjoyed each of these movies immensely and would really like to see as many more sequels as you can stomach!
    Please understand that I am not trying to come across a hard nosed here. I do not engage in pirating activities myself but I do understand why it happens as much as it does. When you look at it from the other end of things you might see why too?
    Say I was a decade younger and back in college working a full-time minimum wage job and looking at going to the movies on a date-night. After you get done with the ticket price, drinks, popcorn, and candy for two you’re looking at upwards of $60 half of which goes towards the price of the tickets alone. This is almost 1/4 of what my weekly income would be! The truth is the way the entire way the system is set up I’m amazed that pirating does not occur more than it does especially when our media portrays actors, actresses, and studio executives as blowing a good portion of their money on useless items that cost more that what the average movie goer makes in a year! Heck, some of the cars or jewelry these celebrities boast of owning amount to more than the average American will spend on gas or insurance in a lifetime! Don’t get me wrong I’m happy for them, that they have made it. But don’t expect us to feel bad to hear that they only made 5 or 6 million last year when they could have made 12 when most consumers that contribute towards their success are extremely fortunate to bring in 30k.

  22. The best part of Kickass 2 was the guy who recorded the pirate version in the cinema, threatening the guys in front of him for talking while he was trying to pirate the movie.
    I’m not going to risk a 1 hour train journey, the price of a cinema ticket, and 2 hours listening to people noisily eating noisy foods, unless I’m sure the movie is going to be worth it.
    Critics need to be nice about the movies if they expect to keep being sent free screener copies, so most of us base our decision of whether to see a movie, on the opinion of those who have already seen it. Many of these people saw a pirate copy. Piracy can spread the word about a good movie, but it can also give would-be cinema goers a heads-up about a bad movie.
    Kickass succeeded by improving on the comic book in every single way. Kickass 2 failed because it made everything from the book worse in its greedy effort to appeal to a wider audience