‘Kick-Ass 2′ International Trailer Focuses on Hit-Girl; New Poster is All Jim Carrey

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The filmmakers behind Kick-Ass 2 certainly seem to be keeping in step with the old adage “Put your best foot forward,” as both the expletive laden red-band trailer and today’s international trailer for the superhero satire sequel have opted to focus more on cult-favorite character Hit-Girl (Chloe Moretz), rather than the titular superhero wannabe played Aaron Johnson.

Aside from Johnson and Moretz, Kick-Ass 2 will bring back Christopher Mintz-Plasse as the newly-crowned supervillain, “The Motherf*#ker”; supporting players like Clark Duke and Lyndsy Fonseca as our hero’s best friend and girlfriend (respectively); while adding new additions like Donald Faison and Jim Carrey – the latter of whom now has a brand new poster dedicated to his madhouse vigilante character, Colonel Stars and Stripes.

Picking up where the first film left off, Kick-Ass 2 sees the orphaned Mindy Macready (Moretz) trying to acclimate to high school life. Meanwhile, on the side, she and Dave Lizewski (Johnson) continue a campaign of vigilante heroism that soon attracts other, like-minded hero types (Carrey’s character). Trouble rises when now-orphaned Chris D’Amico (Mintz-Plasse) seeks vengeance against Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl for the murder of his father… by raising a supervillain army to terrorize the city.

Check out a poster of Jim Carrey as the very unhinged Colonel Stars and Stripes:

CLICK FOR FULL SIZE Kick Ass 2 Jim Carrey Poster 570x760 Kick Ass 2 International Trailer Focuses on Hit Girl; New Poster is All Jim Carrey

Based on the comic book sequel series by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr., this trailer really seems to highlight the segment of the film based on the 5-issue Hit-Girl spinoff series Millar and Romita launched as sort of a bridge piece between the first two installments. It makes sense to meld that spinoff with the events of sequel comics, given how popular both the Hit-Girl character and Moretz (star of the upcoming Carrie remake) are at the moment. “Best foot forward,” and all that…

Kick Ass 2 International Trailer Kick Ass 2 International Trailer Focuses on Hit Girl; New Poster is All Jim Carrey

Kick-Ass 2 the movie saw a big personnel switch in the form of Never Back Down director Jeff Wadlow replacing powerhouse X-Men: First Class team Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman on both directing and writing duties. While Wadlow’s filmography doesn’t exactly inspire high levels of confidence, the footage we’ve from Kick-Ass 2 seems to be keeping in step (there’s that term again) with everything fans love about the first film. Outrageous violence, teenagers spouting foul-language, over-the-top crazy characters, inventive action sequences, satirical tone, etc…

However, will Wadlow be able to infuse his work with the same kind of hip, stylistic edge that Vaughn and Goldman are known for? Or will the sequel be more of a generic uninspired knock-off of the original?


We’ll find out when Kick-Ass 2 is in theaters on April 16, 20

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  1. Bold move, considering the things Jim Carrey has…spoken of in recent days 😉

    I know none of them saw it coming, but this might hurt it’s chances after seeing the reactions of many gun supporters. Not too pleased

    • Oh yeah, because other actors who have been revealed to support forms of gun control, like George Clooney, Matt Damon, Meryl Streep, Sigourney Weaver and Jack Nicholson have all taken huge dips in popularity.

      Newsflash for you dude. The majority of film-viewers don’t usually know/care about the political or private views of the actors. The fact that Tom Cruise still has a career is proof of that.

      • Chill out man. I didn’t say it was going to ruin his career. You’re acting like I’m a gun nut upset about what he said. I’m not.

        If I was, I would’ve immaturely responded to this saying I wouldn’t spend one cent towards his work anymore and many other things that shouldn’t be said.

        So, don’t look at me like I’m an idiot who doesn’t know how everything works. I figured someone would mention it eventually, might as well get it out of the way.

      • Also because care-less pushed pseudo science crap that killed tens of thousands of children. It’s been downhill for him since mask.

        • I was planning on seeing it in the theater but Carrey’s antics have dropped it to a rental. Shame as I like to support comic book movies.

          I disagree with Carrey on gun control but my issue was hie attack on Charleton Heston who is dead and buried and unable to defend himself. Simply tasteless.

          • Now that’s just ridiculous, sorry. You are behaving just as unreasonable as you apparently think he is.

            What does the movie have to do with his actions as a private person? That’s just silly but yeah, of course you’re free to do so. Just projecting a perspective.

          • Jim Carrey is a comedian we reserve the right to make fun of anything/anyone alive or dead (unless it’s “to soon”). It was for comedy sake and I thought it was funny. I like Hitler jokes but he can’t defend himself so I guess he’s off limits too???

      • @Rukaio – Actually, people DO care about what Hollywood elitest have to say. Carrey has the right to his own opinion but what made his comments more enraging than the other people you mentioned is outright mocking he did. You can’t keep insulting your audience and expect them to them to continue to support your career. Kick-Ass 2 won’t be a success because of Carrey. He isn’t the big draw he once was in the 90s.


        • Audiences aren’t supporting anyone’s career. They only go to see a movie if they think it’s worth it. They don’t go because they want to support the actors and their families. If Hollywood is elitist what about the politicians who want to pass laws to discourage minorities from voting, and infringe on peoples personal rights? Get your head out of your stupid ass.

    • Jim Carrey in favour of tighter gun control??

      I like him a lot more now. I was pretty keen on him anyway.

  2. Wicked cool!

  3. LOVE HITGIRL!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Me to man :)

  4. Well I’m once again disappointed with poor casting choices. Its bad enough the first film wasn’t true to the style of the comic. I’m afraid I won’t be spending any money to see this waste of time. Thank you for nothing hollywood

    • ?

      • I couldn’t quite understand that as well.

    • I prefered the film to the comic. The beginning was pretty much the same, but as they started filming and finished before the comic run was completed, they had to go their own way. prefered it. It was a little less mean spirited.

  5. Man ill say it again Chloe moretz is such a talented badass. This movie is be awesome!!

  6. I don’t like the guy who plays Kick-Ass, but the rest of the cast seems solid.

  7. With all the talk about an R-Rated Deadpool lately I’ve been thinking that the box-office success or failure of Kick-Ass 2 could factor into wether or not it gets made.
    We all know how studios are hesitant to say the least of producing films that they can’t market to teens but if Kick-Ass 2 brings in $100,000,000 or so it could lessen the worries of those who control the fate of Deadpool.
    So IMO even if you aren’t a fan of Kick Ass but want Deadpool go see it anyway. Every ticket sold helps. :)

  8. cant wait!! hit girl!!! hell yeah!!!

  9. Jim Carrey is definitely an a$$ I’d like to kick after his recent disgraceful comments about Charlton Heston and Americans who own guns.

    I’m pretty sure he has not gotten rid of his own security staff WHO CARRY GUNS FOR HIM.

    Damn hypocrite.

  10. I nearly thought Hit-girl was pregnant.

    Best comment all night.