‘Kick-Ass 2′ Spoilers & Mid-Credits Scene Discussion

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Kick Ass vs. The Motherfcker in Kick Ass 2 Kick Ass 2 Spoilers & Mid Credits Scene Discussion

While people are already chatting over in our Kick-Ass 2 review comment thread, this is the place where you can discuss Kick-Ass 2 – the ending, any SPOILERS and that mid-credits scene we hope you stayed for – without ruining the movie for other people who haven’t seen it yet.

I you haven’t seen Kick-Ass 2 yet – DO NOT READ THE COMMENTS ON THIS ARTICLE. They will totally ruin the movie for you. If you HAVE seen Kick-Ass 2, then discuss all you like in the comment thread – and be sure to rate the film for yourself in our poll:

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Kick-Ass 2 is now in theaters. It is 103 minutes long and is Rated R for strong violence, pervasive language, crude and sexual content, and brief nudity. If it makes you feel any better, the comic creators are already hard at work on the Kick-Ass 3 comic book.

Want to hear the editors discuss the film? Stay tuned for our Kick-Ass 2 episode of the SR Underground Podcast.

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  1. Come on people! I want to hear spoilers. I won’t be able to see kick ass til next week. And the first 2 comics of kick ass 3 are pretty good.

  2. First off, I really liked the movie. The one thing I really hated was the recast of Todd. They should have just gotten rid of the character rather than replacing Todd. They made the character completely stupid. The film made it worse by actually using that character to be the one to reveal Dave’s identity to the M’Fer.

    • Rather than replacing *Evan Peters

    • yah agreed they should have just left Todd out completely. What i’m more interested is that Todd didn’t even tell Dave that he gave up his identity as kick ass which led to Dave’s dad getting brutally killed by Chris D’Amico men.

    • I agree. Not only did I really not enjoy the new guy who played Todd, they made him incredibly stupid, and I hated the fact that he gave up Dave, perhaps unwittingly. Then, he winds up on Justice Forever’s side at the end, and that’s that. Didn’t deal with him giving up Dave’s identity or being responsible for his dad’s death, not even a simple “I’m sorry” or anything like that. Missed opportunity, I’d rather they left Todd out. Still, really liked the movie!

  3. Best line of the movie was when hit girl say I needed to see my robin
    And robin wishes he was me hahaha love it!

    I am bummed Carey had to die. He was a great stand out in this movie. Looked really different but he was fantastic.

    Didn’t really care for Mclovin this time. He was good but idk.
    The whole fight at the end was fantastic. Kick ass actually kicked ass and hit girl vs mother Russia was the highlight of the movie for me!

    • I didn’t even see Carey’s death coming that was a big surprise for me. He stole every scene that he was in

      • I couldn’t agree more. His character had some real potential. He was unique and very refreshing.

      • I can’t say Carrey’s character dying was a huge shock to me. I kind of expected it. Still, I agree he was amazing in every scene he was in. Hit-Girl was the star of the first movie and still great in this, but Carrey was so awesome! Colonel Stars and Stripes was by far my favorite character, though everyone was pretty good.

    • I thought there were a lot of funnier lines by Hit-Girl, like “tell him you’re going to f*ck his mother with a twelve inch strap-on” when Dave was dressed as a pimp or when she says “how about I stick my foot up your snatch” to the mean girl.

  4. Wait, what?

    I might have to check youtube within the next 7 days to see this. Sounds like the only interesting part of the movie.

  5. what happened in the mid credits scene i didnt stay for it`/

    • The end scene show’s Chris aka The Mother F*cker in hospital, surviving the shark attack, albeit losing both his legs. It was funny, but not really necessary.

      • I think the post credit scene was a little much. They shouldve went a different route with it even though he was a villain since they plan on his return for a third film.

        • Idk… i think they want people to understand why he’d still want revenge. Why would anyone go see a third film if the villain was just slapped in the mix without a cause??

        • …like Chris’ uncle perhaps??

  6. Mother Russia’ attack on the cops was an outstanding scene, reminiscent of the Hit Girl introduction (with the Banana Splits theme song) in the original.

    My only dislike of the movie was Hit Girl’s and Kick Ass’ kiss – it seemed a bit creepy considering the age difference.

    Otherwise it’s an exceptional film and a worthy follow-up of the classic original. Bring on part 3.

    • the kiss was why i went to see the film… don’t get me wrong, pedophilia is disgusting, but I was stoked for the possibility of seeing an emotional, rather than hormonal, arc of both Dave and Mindy. Mindy only ever had a demented sense of love as provided by Big Daddy, and Dave could only ever see as far as the end of his libido when it came to romance. It was necessary to have that bond. I only regret it wasn’t more evident until towards the end of the movie. That’s the only reason it seemed misplaced…

      • You know that isn’t pedophilia nor is it disgusting, 7 years different but however she was only 11 in the first one and he was in high school so their could only be a 3-7 year difference in the real movie that is if he started school early and not late. Also depends on their respective birthdays. People need to lighten up about age differences, the monsters are the ones that force themselves on women not the ones that date someone younger than them. Anna Nicole Smith was married to a pedophile by your guys logic she was 62 years younger than her husband. Grow up people and let love happen. Be it with two guys, two chick, a black and a white, a asian and a white, a 18 year old and a 62 year old, or a 16 year old and a 23 year old. Let it happen unless the chick says no it shouldn’t be our issue. I am sick of people calling people Pedophiles for no good reason. Because of people like that we now have 4 year olds on sex offender lists because he did something to another 4 year old that he had no idea was wrong. People need to grow up and look at the situation. Hell 1800s it was common for a 55 year old man to marry a 14 year old. Thomas Jefferson was 17 years older than one of his wives so he was a pedophile to, so you see our country was founded on pedophilia guess we all need to leave since its such a abomination to marry whomever we are in love with unless they are less than a year older or younger than us.

        • Dave was 18, and Mindy was 15 in the flick. 3 year difference. Whooptee Doo. I saw people those ages date all the time in high school. Hell, I dated a 18 year old chick for two months when I was 16.

  7. Whod win in a fight between Mother Russia and Bane (dark knight rises)?

    • Mother Russia.

  8. i didn’t stay for the mid-credit scene can someone tell me how/what happend?

    • chris survives but has no legs.

  9. I loved the film, and the tone difference was definitely warranted for the sequel. The first movie was absurd and hilarious only for the fact that the idea of becoming a super hero in reality is ridiculous. Mark Millar himself stated that he wanted to shed light on the fact this story is about heroic circumstances in the ‘real-world’ and how it would be messy and hard work. So of course this film would be more serious. The director hit that spot on. As for the actors, AMAZING! Chris’s performance was great, and Moretz inevitably stole the show. Aaron was the same dork we fell in love with in the first and I was glad to see the growth throughout the film; you have to remember guys, this film is technically the segue for the transformation of Kick-Ass into a BAD ASS, so some subplots are unfinished (to be continued in the next comic/film). It was done tastefully and it was at best, twice as good a B-film. Thanks!

    • Very well put. There were some bumps in the road (Todd’s arc), but I feel like we saw both of our protagonists grow and move in the direction they needed to evolve.

  10. I’m also bummed that Lyndsy Fonseca only had like 2 scenes in the whole movie it seems like they wrote her character off. Since Dave was sorta in a relationship with Night b****

    • Lyndsy said that she really didn’t have time to be in it. Due to her other projects.

  11. I thought it was a solid movie, but not as good as the first one. 7/10

    -Great character development for Hit-Girl
    -Good supporting characters: Colonel Stars and Stripes, Marcus, Doctor Gravity, Mother Russia
    -Most of the humor works

    -Prolonged scenes for Mindy’s arc (the popular girl’s dance routine, the boy band scene, the “date dump” scene)
    -Lack of memorable action sequences
    -Cliche ending, especially MF’s “death”

    • way better than first.

    • I completely agree with everything John had to say. Personally I think the movie deserves an 8/10, but my main gripe with the film was the ending. HG and Mother Russia has a great fight, but Kick-Ass didn’t really kick any ass… Equip him with some swords or something else other than his useless sticks.

      • Give him electric batons in the next one maybe? Kind of like nightwing in the Arkham City Game.

        • Actually used right escrima sticks weather wood or like Nightwings’ can be deadly in the right hands. But my huge question is with the Metallic kick ass mask that I saw right before the end credits whats up with that?

    • And when I push this button I can levitate objects up to 1 ton.


      No… it’s a baseball bat covered in tin foil.

  12. Movie was good, Jim Carey stole every scene he was in, he was awesome, but Mother Russia was just, wow! she was a beast, when the scene with the cops came on, i was like OMG! I want her to be my bodygaurd lol

    But in all seriousness, who else here thought about this when it showed Hit Girl trying to adapt to a normal life, that whole segment was like a training or a HOW To be a whore segment? I mean i was like wtf!? at first it was all about superheroes and stuff then it completely went for a slut thing?? I mean i bothered me a bit cause to me it looked like they want girls to act like that. Idk IMO it was just weird.

    • I thought it was alright because most of it was for comedic purposes, until the scene where she got all dressed up in the cafeteria. The s*** stick was a little more weird than funny, but I never felt the film was trying to promote the queen bee stereotype.

  13. That was one of the worst written movies I’ve ever seen. The screenwriter must be the most unfunny bore of all time because that was just terrible.

    • I have to say the movie was a huge dissapointment for me. It didn’t feel as…Fun and nerdy as the original, which made it so great. It just felt like some guy obsessed with muscles decided to take over or something, I don’t know. I was let down.

  14. I loved Kick-Ass and I love this one just as much. For people complaining about the “mean girl” sub plot that we get with Mindy, to be clear, that sort of stuff is in the comic Hit-Girl. Not as much as what was in the film, but it’s there. I have already seen this twice (Thursday & Friday) I remember seeing the first one twice in theaters too. I just find these films to be so much fun. Plus I am one of the biggest Chloe Grace Moretz fans out there. She is absolutely fantastic in everything she does, this girl is the real deal and has been bringing it since she was a little girl. I do hope we can get a film version of Kick-Ass 3 but I really think thats a slim possibility seeing as how Kick-Ass 2 is not doing so hot as far as box office returns are concerned. Maybe it will find a better audience when it hits Blu-ray/DVD.

    • The first one only did 45 mil or something like that in the B.O. and it was the DVD sales and underground fandom that ignited the sequal. We know there will be a 3rd book, so we at least have that to look forward to.

      • Actually it’s technically already on book 4.

        Kick-Ass, Kick-Ass 2, Hit-Girl, and Kick-Ass 3 (it’s already on issue 2)

    • Well said James! I am a big fan of Chloe Grace too watching her act is so beautiful. She’s a natural and so down to earth! That said I suggest to movie goers out there to go into this film with an open mind and heart. You will definitely enjoy this ride!

  15. Justice forever is a kick ass team with a kick ass chant

  16. this was better than the first in that it gave both hit girl and kick ass more development and I would see a 3rd in a instant

  17. Im just dying to know where did hit girl go in the last scene she just said im leaving and left

    • she ends up in maximum security prison by the start of the kick ass 3 comic so i would guess it would be jail pablo

      • Craig, do you know any place online where i can read the comic book? And thank you

        • Comixology has them on sale digitally. Each Kick-Ass 1 issue is $1.99 and there are eight of them. Kick-Ass 2 issues are $2.99 and there are seven.

  18. literally been waiting months on this coming out, wasn’t disappointed, totally delivered.

  19. To touch on something that was mentioned in the podcast – everyone gives up being a ‘superhero’ because the final fight really hammers home the reality of it. However, whilst everyone is faced with the same facts, Kick-Ass/Dave decides to continue being a superhero and wants to take steps towards being the next Big Daddy and be a ‘serious’ hero.

    Kick-Ass 1 was a reconstruction – it took comic book ideas, showed that they were stupid and then rebuilt the superhero ethos and tropes whilst still holding onto some of the ‘more grounded’ aspects. Kick-Ass walks into a drug den with two sticks and a taser and would’ve been killed if someone who actually knew what they were doing didn’t walk in with more serious equipment. That’s also a reason why most characters don’t kill anyone, especially in the sequel – the reality of ending someone else’s life is horrible to them.

    I can see the sequel being Kick-Ass and a returning Hit-Girl taking out the new head of the D’Amico crime family – the guy in prison. I feel that The Motherf**ker will get a pair of robotic legs. He’s kinda rich, isn’t he? That way, he’d have a sort-of superpower like Kick-Ass’ ‘f**ked up nerve endings.’

    I’d kind of like Kick-Ass to get a job for Kick-Ass 3 and to buy and customise a car like the ‘Mistmobile’ or Hit-Girl’s bike, but on a more realistic budget. He seems to have appropriated the old Hit-Girl/Big Daddy armouries, so he has a ‘Batcave’ of sorts. Basically, I want him to be a ‘proper’ superhero. Perhaps it could open with a fight similar to Big Daddy’s warehouse battle where he just dominates everyone.

  20. The end of the movie left me confused i need to see it again, did dave say he is done fighting crime while there were huge implications that he was not done like, working out a lot, having a new metal looking version of his mask and i think a justice forever banner on his wall?

    • I believe it was Doctor Gravity that said, “You know that we can never do this again.” Or something like that. They all had a superhero fantasy, but a fantasy was all it was. When hit with the reality – brutal fighting, time in prison, the threat of dying – they gave up. Except Dave. He decided to make his superhero fantasy a reality. Kick-Ass, as he was, was only ever going to get his ass kicked by real villains. If he really wanted to survive as a superhero and protect his city, he was going to have to think bigger. And daddier.

  21. This may sound stupid but what if in like 2 years when hitgirl is 18 she and dave live near each other again or together and had a kid and the mf found out about it and dave mabey thinks he is dead because hes been lying low and equipping his robotic legs of course as reno 2200 suggested, and kidnaps the kid then uses the kid as a hostage to capture kick ass threatening to kill it if dave doesnt submit to the TMC(you know what that stands for) forcing him to give up and be beaten, but the mf might just break the deal and kill it anyway after all he is a super villain, hitgirl would eventually come to daves aid, after he is taken and being tortured, or another possibility is that the mf kidnaps the kid and tries to raise it to be a TMC like him and not tell him/her that kick ass is his/her dad and that he kidnapped him/her, resulting in a father son/daughter fight that would be similar to star wars but reversed here the son would be the bad guy and the dad would be the good guy

    • So Hit-Girl moves in with Dave… because she’s 18 and legal? Kind of weird. And gets pregnant. Immediately. I’m guessing TMC is Toxic Mega… yeah. I don’t think that’d work as a story for a number of reasons. Chris D’Amico seems to feel similarly to Justice Forever with regards to costumed activity. I think him trying to redeem himself and teaming up with Kick-Ass against a ‘real’ villain (like a mob boss or something – the kind of people Big Daddy fought for many years) should happen.

      Hit-Girl didn’t kiss Dave because she was head-over-heels in love with him. It was because she wanted a first kiss that was special. Dave was the big brother she never had and was always there for her when she needed him. She also had a bit of a crush on him (she tried to watch him get changed early on in the film and she stared at him when he was topless). I don’t think it was a serious attempt to set them up.

      • I disagree , I think she does have feelings for Dave. When she was duped by the Mean Girls she went to Dave for comfort, he accepts her for who she is and when she said you just have to be brave , she was talking about her being brave enough to kiss Dave and expose her feelings. I hope they bring these two together in the third movie.

  22. ya if the kid thing probably wouldnt work, but i dont think chris could team up with dave because they both killed each others fathers i dont think that could really be forgotten, but what if mfers uncle got out of prison and teamed up with him i think that could happen i think its his uncle right? the one that had that guy killed when chris was visiting him in prison

    • I wasn’t implying a willing, happy, friendly team-up, but one out of necessity – Chris seemed to have second thoughts about his ‘Jesus’ death and has probably been put off supervillainy. His uncle (I think it’s his uncle too) in prison is in charge of the D’Amico crime family and Chris is a part of that in a way.

      Kick-Ass could be targeting the various ‘made men’ in the family in a similar way to how Big Daddy was working his way up to Frank D’Amico. Unbeknownst to him, Chris is also trying to dismantle the remnants of his father’s evil empire.

  23. Was no one else freaked out by Chris’ first scene where he kills his mother? i thought that scene was extremely dark and seemed to be played for laughs

  24. Jim Carrey’s character was played pretty straight-forward even though I think they could have had a lot of fun with it. I guess those outlandish character days are behind him.

    Anyone find it weird that D’Amico’s incarcerated uncle was Jorah Mormont?

    • Carrey had some fun with it. Some of his best lines (e.g. “Try to have fun. Otherwise, what’s the point?”) were improvised on the spot. I’m glad that he wasn’t really over-the-top. It made him more likable as a person rather than as a ‘character,’ I think.

      I still haven’t watched Game of Thrones (yeah, I know, I should and I will) but the guy sat behind me helpfully said/shouted, “Hey, it’s Jorah!” and I guessed the rest. I sort-of got my revenge by whispering the important plot points moments before they were fully revealed (Javier’s gonna die, it’s adrenaline and not poison etc.) thereby ruining the rest of the film’s surprises for him. He and his friends talked throughout and it was really annoying. Even more so because it was the middle of the day so there was barely anyone in there.

  25. So, I was wondering about the end there, when Chris falls in the shark tank. When he realizes that he’s alive, why does he apologize to Dave? Is he “good” again or what?

    • I think he has a realisation similar to the rest of Justice Forever – this whole superhero/supervillain thing just isn’t worth it. It’s a fantasy and it’s dangerous and he doesn’t want to die for a stupid dream. Justice Forever members grow up and decide not to play superhero any more. Dave grows up and decides that he won’t play superhero any more, but will become a proper hero. Chris grows up and decides… well, we won’t know unless a sequel is made.

  26. They’re both Marvel comics.

  27. The last part before the credits, when the camera shows a metal kick-a helmet. That really got me interested in the direction the film wants to go. I think it’d be kinda cool to see kick a In a metal suit, but then again, I’m not sure.

    Think about this.. What if in the 3rd movie, he dies, but he wakes up. None of the kick a stuff ever happened. What if after he was stabbed and hit by the car in the first movie, he actually just got Into a coma and all the stuff was a long dream.

    He sees mindy and big daddy in real life and he tries saying hey to mindy but she doesn’t know who he is and Nicolas cage says F off. Or something. And that’s the end of the series.

    • That would be really dark and depressing but it’s really a slim chance they would do that. But I’m gonna talk about the Kick-Ass helmet thing. Even though I really want this one to be used or at least at the final big boss fight at the end, it might be not used because remember the The M*fer’s costume at the end of Kick-Ass 1? Yep, the orange one with hockey type mask, it wasn’t really used in Kick-Ass 2 so it might be the same with this one. But it’s a different director so who knows?

  28. Can anyone tell me the chant that Justice Forever says when they are in there secret base around there circular table? Thanks.

    • “When the cops can no longer protect or serve, beware mugger, heads up perv, we got the strength, we got the nerve, to give those in need, what they deserve! Justice Forever!!!