Matthew Vaughn in Talks With Potential ‘Kick-Ass 2′ Writer/Director

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One of the surprise hits among critics last year was the adaption of Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr.’s Kick-Ass comic book mini-series. The Rated R superhero comedy of sorts was directed by Matthew Vaughn without studio backing due to fears about the riskiness of its extreme and controversial content.

Vaughn raised the money himself and after debuting a few Kick-Ass clips at San Diego Comic-Con, there was immediate interest and it was picked up by Lionsgate shortly thereafter. It opened in theaters on April 16, 2010 and brought in just under $100 million at the worldwide box office. So, what’s up with Kick-Ass 2?

With mostly positive reviews, strong word of mouth and home video sales, fans (and cast members) have since demanded a sequel, but there’s been a serious lack of movement on the project. After the release of Kick-Ass, Vaughn was recruited by Bryan Singer – both of whom were in line to direct X-Men 3 at one point – to helm X-Men: First Class and he’s been a busy man since.

Early reports after the release of Kick-Ass, including an official statement regarding Millar’s own CLiNT magazine, had production beginning in 2011 for release this year and that obviously didn’t happen. The first Kick-Ass movie was developed alongside the comic, since the film rights were sold before the first issue of the book even released, but that’s not the case with the sequel with is nearly complete in comic book form.

Kick-Ass 2 (the book) now has six issues out (out of 7) so when the movie does enter production, they’ll have the groundwork all laid out. Despite this, hopes on the film were slightly dashed early last year when writer Jane Goldman was quoted doubting the sequel would happen. More recently, Millar explained in September that it’s been a challenge getting things rolling, especially since the careers of most people involved have “exploded” since then, but he reiterated that they were in discussions. He also explained that Millar wouldn’t likely direct again and today we have a little more evidence that that is the case, but it’s attached with good news.

In speaking with MTV News, Goldman went on record updating the status of the project and what’s going on behind-the-scenes for her and Vaughn. She explains that her and Vaughn – who co-wrote the first screenplay together – may be involved in a lesser capacity for the sequel, but that they are looking for a new writer/director to take over.

“I think the only thing that is fairly sure is that right now, Matthew doesn’t have any plans to direct it. He and I are not currently talking about writing it either. It may well be that Matthew oversees ['Kick-Ass 2'] in a producer role, and I may also be involved in that capacity. I know that there is somebody that Matthew has been talking to who would be interested in writing and directing that. That would be cool.”

Goldman continued, clarifying that it’s tempting for her to return, but also stating that while she loves the Kick-Ass 2 comic books, she’s uncertain if the film adaptation of Kick-Ass needs a follow-up. Here at Screen Rant, we are certain that it does.

The fact that Vaughn has someone in mind to takeover the franchise, and that Millar and Goldman continue to hint at things rolling in the background, is good news for fans eager for a sequel. As Millar previously stated, things do need to get rolling before the principal cast ages too much, so perhaps we can expect some official news later this year.

Stay tuned for more on Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall as we hear it.


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Source: MTV

Kick-Ass 2 cover artwork penciled by John Romita Jr., inked by Tom Palmer and colored by Dean White, Michael Kelleher.

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  1. They need to hurry up with The Boys and Nemesis first!

    • I heard Nemesis was scrapped.

  2. Kick-Ass was OK, but I’d rather see a First Class sequel from Vaughn anyway.

    • They obviously set up a sequel with the ending of Kick-Ass. To bad Vaughn won’t come back but maybe the director of The Green Hornet or The sitter would be a suitable replacement just to keep that light but dark tone of the first. Its too bad. and dude go back and watch first class it sucked. Beasts mouth ridiculous cliche super villain scenes and Darwin being killed off in 2 min yea it was sooo awsome. What is everyone smoking? Yea Xavier and Magneto are the only things that make that film a notch better than X-men The Last Stand.

      • only oulandish hipsters didnt like first class, and darwin come on dude nobody cares about darwin.

        • You got a thing for chloe don’t you? Go ahead admit it i won’t tell anyone.I promise!

          • nah. I have a thing for abigail breslin! shh. :) Anyways Chloe was just really great in the movie, and a sequel without her wouldn’t be the same.

      • The Last Stand was garbage.

        First Class was flawed but great.

        • Fact: First class was terrible. and only goofy D-bags like it.

          • Is that an actual fact? Crap, it must be. I read it on the internet. I guess I’m a goofy D-bag then.

            • I guess I’m in the same club, because I liked it too. I hope there are no dues in this club, even though the economy SEEMS to be doing better. :-)

          • TankD
            Quit being such a Troll.
            grow up and play nice with the rest of us kids :)

      • i agree that beast looked absolutly ridiculS and that KICK-ASS is better than X-MEN: FIRST CLASS

  3. I’m fine without a Kick-Ass sequel.

  4. Kick-Ass 2 is being made very soon.

    Trevor Duke Moretz (Chloë Grace Moretz’s brother) tweeted “@ChloeGMoretz said she begins prepping for a highly anticipated film in january…hmm what could that be?”

    Mark Millar Tweeted: “Anyone wanting to see a sequel to one of my movies will be smiling by Monday. Mask up.”

    And when somebody Tweeted: “Finally managed to watch Mark Millar’s brilliant Kick Ass, it exceeded my expectations. It may be in vain, but would love to see a sequel” Mark Millar replied: “Don’t worry. Big news in next day or two. Stay tuned.”

    And when somebody tweeted Mark Millar saying: “weren’t supposed to announce something on monday? why the flake out?” Mark Millar replied: “Not mine to announce. Press release needs signed off by a few more people. Patience, Skywalker.”

    Plus, Chloë Grace Moretz has been hinting that Kick-Ass 2 is happening and even that she already has a script. And she has said “You’re gonna have to wait ’till 2012!” when asked about Kick-Ass 2.

  5. I really enjoyed the first film and the second could only be better since Nicolas Cage probably won’t be in it!

    • I loved Nic Cage in Kick-Ass, but his character had such a weak death. There’s been little kids that have survived more severe burns than he sustained.

  6. If I had to choose someone to replace Vaughn, I’d pick James Gunn, the director of Super

  7. i vote for joe carnahan as writ/director (spelled right?)

  8. Quentin Tarentino would be the dream.

  9. I hated KICK-ASS! Hated it so much!
    Has anyone seen SUPER? Its everything Kick-Ass wished it was.

    I’m NOT a D-bag (took a test in Cosmo and it said I wasn’t) and I loved First Class. So what that it didn’t follow the comic? You wanna pay money to see a story you already know? Comics don’t even follow continuity with Ultimate, All-star, etc. So why can’t films do the same? As long as they keep the characters close to the same, give me a fresh story.

    But, again, Kick-Ass what a sh*tty movie; hope they never do a sequel.
    Watch SUPER; its incredible.

    • yea i watched them both and i honestly have to say that kick ass was better. whilst kick ass is about a boy wondering what its like to be a superhero whilst getting involved in the mob, the character of super has a ‘divine’ intervention with an angel and decides to save his no hoper wife. both were good movies but i hated the actor that played the bolts wife, and i hated the death of his sidekick

      • Kick-Ass was barely tolerable

    • there completly differant films:

      super = comedy

      kick-ass = comedy and action (not action-comedy, action AND comedy

  10. Kick-Ass was one of my favorite movies to come out of 2010, if not my favorite. Can’t wait for a sequel.

  11. Man can’t wait for a sequel that movie was so friking awesome

  12. Kick-Ass is my favourite film ever (with the exeption of Man on Fire, which is, quite simply, in a league of it’s own) I have seen it at least 50 times.

  13. I hope to see a Kick-Ass 2. I loved the first one and have watched it numerous times. Chloe- Grace Moretz, Aaron Johnson, and Christopher Mintz- Plasse need to return though for it to work. They are key, especially Chloe.

  14. I hope Kick Ass 2 features some better structure (story wise). I attended the premiere for Kick Ass and seemed everyone was loving the first half of the movie, second half was like someone sucked the life out of the room. What started off as a great movie ended like a cheap cartoon. (imo)

    -Hit Girl stole the show in that one.

  15. i think the first half was very good comedy, second half was amazing 5 star action, ending was complete rubbish

  16. Man that movie was AWESOME.