Jim Carrey Wanted for ‘Kick-Ass 2′

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Jim Carrey in Kick Ass 2 Jim Carrey Wanted for Kick Ass 2

With filming set to begin next month, Universal has been busy filling out the cast of Kick-Ass 2 – the sequel to Mathew Vaughn’s darkly comic 2010 super hero satire. There were some questions about whether or not the original cast of Kick-Ass would be coming back for the sequel, but it looks like most of them will be returning.

There will be some newcomers to the cast as well, including Donald Faison as Doctor Gravity - a college student with delusions of grandeur who wields a tinfoil covered baseball bat – and John Leguizamo as Javier, Red Mist’s bodyguard. And now it looks like Jim Carrey might be joining the crime fighting misfits.

According to Deadline, Universal is looking to Jim Carrey for the role of The Colonel, who helps lead the group of heroes in their fight against evil. Carrey is apparently a big fan of Mathew Vaughn and Kick-Ass, going so far as to dress up as the title character and sing a duet with Conan O’Brien during a stop on the latter’s ‘Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On Television’ 2010 comedy tour.

Presumably, The Colonel is the same character as Colonel Stars, who appears in Mark Millar’s comic series as a former Mob lieutenant who turns to crime-fighting when he becomes is a born-again Christian.

 Jim Carrey Wanted for Kick Ass 2

Carrey recently finished filming The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, and will hopefully start working on Dumb and Dumber Too soon (although his involvement in that film is still up in the air). He is no stranger to comic book movies, though, having played The Riddler in Batman Forever (1995) and Stanley Ipkiss in The Mask (1994).

Carrey is brilliant at over-the-top comedy, which should make him a good fit for Kick-Ass 2, which promises to be even more wild (and disturbing) than the original film. Of course, there has been some debate over how much of Millar’s controversial material will end up in the sequel; Millar himself said that the movie wouldn’t pull any punches, but he’s been known to exaggerate. On the other hand, Christopher Mintz-Plasse has said that the most controversial parts of the book won’t be in the movie.

Whatever the case, Carrey’s involvement in Kick-Ass 2 should be considered a good thing. The first film’s unique take on the superhero genre was a hit with audiences and Carrey, as stated, would be a great addition to the cast.

Kick-Ass 2 hits theaters June 28, 2013

Source: Deadline

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  1. Yes! :D

  2. Do it man! Do it!

  3. I would love to see Carrey back in the superhero films.

    I think Carrey would actually make a really good actor to play Deadpool. He is a very physical actor so could express things without needing his face. Reynolds can’t seem to do that.

    • Deadpool wears a mask.

      • We all wear mask

        • @Ignur, of house Rant, First of his Name – Is there a reason you comment on 90% of my comments?

          @Tristan – Deadpool wears a mask Tristan, so when you say Carrey uses his face to express emotion and that would be a good thing with Deadpool, that does not make sense. Deadpool wears his mask 99% of the time, even in the shower or while he sleeps.

          • He said he could express things without needing his face re-read brah! :)

            • Shoot, youre right, my bad.

              But still, I could not see Jim Carrey as deadpool, Ryan Reynolds is DP all the way. The voice, the attitude, the built, everything is RR. He was born for the role.

    • Reynolds could easily do it. He’s the master of sarcasm in Hollywood while Carrey is the guy who pulls faces and uses a myriad of voices. It just wouldn’t work out with Carrey.

      Jim in Kick-Ass 2? Well, I didn’t think the first one was any good and I haven’t seen a Jim movie since Bruce Almighty cause they all looked terrible so him being added doesn’t fill me with hope.

    • 15 years ago, I could see that but Carrey is a bit on the older side now to pull Deadpool off.

  4. I knew of the upcoming sequel but this film was not at all on my radar. It’s Amazing how one actor can make you interested in a film. Jim Carrey made the 90s awesome.

  5. Jim, I’d rather you commit to the sequel to Dumb and Dumber first. Get that film made already, without further delay.

  6. remember your film yes man…. say it

  7. Aaaannd now I’m suddenly interested in Kick-Ass 2 again…
    Really didn’t care much for the first one or the upcoming sequel, but Carrey is always at his best when doing darker comedy (IMO) so if they let him do his thing, his performance will probably be an unforgettable one.

  8. People Jim Carry is a good actor most of the time but I remember him sucking big time as the Riddler.

    • He did suck as The Riddler. Tommy Lee Jones also sucked as Two-Face.

      That whole movie sucked tbh, but still better than The Dark Knight Rises.

      • @ TrillaDude, Batman forever better than The Dark Knight Rises? WOW…just WOW.
        i suppose some people could enjoy spam more than steak.

        • What movie did he see?

      • Say what? Are you sure you saw TDKR?

        • lAST 2 COMMENTS @ TrillaDude.

          • @ anchampion03, Rotted Spam at that.

      • TrillaDude is a type of troll who likes to say things that are so stupid that no one believes it, not even himself.

        These types of Trolls say that superman 4 is better then superman 2 just so he can get into a fight. A fight over the internet, this is for their safety because of a lack of any intellect, social skills or muscle tone whatsoever, sadly, these trolls are a common sight here in the land of the internet. :(

        The best way to get rid of these trolls is very hard, rarely do they leave the basement or the house unless they need pizza rolls or run out of marijuana, so finding where they live is hard, but not impossible. If you do find where they live, sever their internet connection and watch them starve to death, because these trolls starve for attention.

        • How am I trolling when I like another movie over the other? Is everyone meant to have the same options?

          I think Tim’s Batman are the best. The first two Batman films are great.

          Nolan fanboys are always crying.

    • He was channeling Frank Gorshim and He actually did quite well in the role. Harvey Two Face and all those crotch shots were the bigger dissapointment.

    • I actually enjoyed Batman Forever the most out of the older films. It was wacky and crazy and a whole lot of fun! It wasn’t nearly as good as any of Nolan’s trilogy, but just plain, stupid fun!

  9. Jim Carry as DEADPOOL would be awesome !! good call Tristan! I thought he might have made a decent JOKER at 1 time. But I think Ledgers performance has ruined it for any future JOKERS tho. Still , if Carry is gonna pull off any new type of character it should be something like this because its such a little known one. I enjoyed the 1st KICK ASS so Im hoping this one is gonna be a fun ride.

    • wtf ! i can´t imagine him as -deadpool- the coolest anti-hero from the marvel universe or as the joker(didn´t he and schumacher destroyed the figure of riddler). and -kick ass- is for me the most unrealistic s.heromovie(a 11 year old girl who makes more bodycounts then -the expendables-)

  10. This would be something that finally gets me excited about this movie…
    I loved, loved, loved Kick Ass but so far everything regarding the sequel has led to a blah reaction from me. But adding Carrey would be awesome in every way.

  11. sweeet man kick ass 2 is looking like its gonna be better then first one

  12. This will be better then the first one

  13. Tdkr was way to long and took it self to serious. To put it bluntly it just wasn’t that fun for a comic book film. I’m not a hater I loved tdk but would watch the new spiderman all day every day over tdkr it’s just better…. I’ve called the taxi:)

  14. Good id say this will be a better sequel than the dark knight!!!christian bale is no match for kick asses style and is not a pyhsical threat to kick ass.and heath ledgers joker would fell to beat any villain in the kick ass franchise.i feel sorry for batman

  15. Why is the dark knight and rises being brought up…

  16. Man this is exactly the stuff they should be showing in the movies! The character sounds so cool! http://moviepilot.com/stories/580970-jim-carrey-for-kick-ass-2-role

  17. Why??!!because kick ass 1 was better than avengers at every aspect there for it will dismantle the dark knight

  18. Pure win! Now I am guarenteed to go see it 5 times in the theaters.

  19. desperate much?