Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: August 18, 2013

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August 18 Box Office The Butler Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: August 18, 2013

It was a relatively disappointing weekend at the box office, with several films under-performing.

The number 1 film this weekend is Lee Daniels’ The Butler (read our review) with $25 million. Starring Forest Whitaker as a butler who served under several presidents, The Butler went into the weekend tracking well, but most analysts did not expect the film to open at number 1. Although the film received mixed reviews from critics, it’s uplifting subject matter and Oscar potential likely helped it over perform.

In at number 2 is We’re the Millers, which held very strong in its second week and grossed $17.7 million. While the film won’t hit The Hangover Part III or Identity Thief numbers, We’re the Millers can certainly be counted among this year’s comedy hits.

Elysium wins the number 3 spot with $13.6 million, which brings its domestic total up to $55 million. Now in its second weekend of release, Elysium isn’t hitting the same type of numbers that District 9 did back in 2009, and will struggle to make back its $115 million budget. By its second weekend, District 9 had already accumulated $72 million domestic.

In at number 4 is Kick-Ass 2 with a very disappointing $13.56 million. Early Friday estimates put the film on track for about $20 million, but it apparently lost traction as the weekend went on.

August 18 Box Office Kick Ass 2 Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: August 18, 2013

By comparison, the first Kick-Ass grossed $19 million during its opening weekend, and went on to bank $48 million total. While Kick-Ass 2 might find the same cult success as the first film, its opening weekend performance likely puts any future franchise entries in jeopardy.

Planes rounds out the top 5 (and narrowly misses the number 4 spot) with $13.1 million. Disney Animation’s Cars spin-off has grossed $50 million over two weeks, which isn’t bad, but likely puts the decision to release this once straight-to-DVD feature in theaters into question.

Coming in at number 7 is Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters with $8.3 million. Now at $38 million domestic and $75 million worldwide, Sea of Monsters is about $20 million off pace of its predecessor, and is probably the last film we’ll see from the potential franchise.

Jobs (read our review), the biopic about the life of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, comes in at number 7 with $6.7 million. While there was a lot of talk about Ashton Kutcher’s portrayal of the tech genius, that apparently didn’t transition into box office dollars. Luckily, the film was made for a modest $12 million and should do fine overall.

Josh Gad Steve Wozniak Ashton Kutcher Steve Jobs Movie 2013 Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: August 18, 2013

The number 8 film this weekend is 2 Guns with $5.5 million, which brings its domestic total up to $59 million. The Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg buddy cop film still has a ways to go to turn a profit, but it should pass its $61 million production budget soon.

In at number 9 is The Smurfs 2 with $4.6 million. Sony’s animated sequel is well below its predecessor (Smurfs 1: $142 million/$563 million) with $56 million domestic and a somewhat respectable $206 million worldwide.

The Wolverine rounds out the top 10 with $4.4 million. Hugh Jackman’s latest foray as James Logan has grossed $120 million domestic (which coincidentally is also the film’s production budget) and $335 million worldwide. With numbers like those it’s no surprise Fox wants Jackman to continue donning the adamantium claws.

Outside the top 10: While Kick-Ass 2 and Jobs underperformed this weekend, the Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman thriller Paranoia outright bombed, grossing only $3.5 million.


[NOTE: These are only weekend box office estimates – based on Friday and Saturday ticket sales coupled with adjusted expectations for Sunday. Official weekend box office results will be released Monday, August 19th – at which time we’ll update this post with any changes.]

Source: Box Office Mojo

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  1. UGH, Why KICK-ASS 2!? Why must you under perform? This year is breaking my heart. First Pacific Rim and now Kick-Ass 2. Just Mother F**king great.

    • I know…so terrible. It pains me to see movies like Grown Ups 2 have a larger opening than Pacific Rim and Kick-Ass 2. I will honestly lose my mind if Kick-Ass 3 isn’t made. Its a franchise that actually deserves money.

      • I cannot agree more. Forget Dredd 2, petition for Kick-Ass 3!!!

        • For sure! If our odds are looking bad, someone should create a FB page and petition for Kick-Ass 3 just like what someone did for Dredd 2.

        • Eh, sorry, forget Kick Ass 3, let’s keep petitioning for Dredd 2… Seriously, do you see any future in Kick Ass other than a Hit Girl movie? Did you really think any of the other characters were even worth watching in this movie? I didn’t… I spent the money and saw the film, it was alright. Nothing really special in my opinion. The most hilarious part of the movie, ironically, was not intentional. I thought it was hilarious how they can stab people, cut people’s hands off, smash people’s faces in with bats with spikes, break people’s limbs, and have a dog chew on someone’s junk, but when stars and stripes pulls a gun, they all freak out… LMAO!!! Seriously, get real. I felt like that was written by a child. I think shooting people would have been more humane than what they were doing…

          • Please don’t be rude to children! It was written by mark millar. even children have standards…

            • Screw you lets see you do better

      • Why do people assume movies like pacific rim and kick ass 2 deserve money when neither got a lot of critical praise. The latter got panned my critics and was not nearly the gem the original was. Grown ups 2 was made to make money and it did just that. Because it is a comedy and has a following. If kick ass 2 wanted to make money it needed to be critically praised like the first it wasnt. Same with dredd 70-78% on RT isnt enough to justify legs in the box office

        • Movies don’t need critical appraise to be good movies. Man of Steel got 56% and its a really good movie, despite how fans feel about it.

          • Cavills Superman had no personality. Very one dimensional. Reeve had heart but this guy was DOA.

            • The Original SM series of Movies was like the Original Batman ones, done on a Comic Book level..
              That is what appealed to so many…
              I for one found them comical, entertaining but comical, the New Batman and SM movies are more Adult in nature and very good also…

          • Movies need critical praise for the most part to make good money, unless of course it has a following liks man of steel, or even a fanbase or genre boost like grown ups 2. Pacific rim had nothing and failed to grabbed a fanbase. As for kick ass 2 the first one didnt drag people into 2 i guess which is odd cause the original is so good

        • @Trey

          Grown Ups 2 made money in the US.

          Dredd, Pacific Rim and Kick-Ass 2 didn’t do well in the US.

          US movie studios decide not to make further movies.

          Sensing the pattern?

          Dredd and Pacific Rim got great reviews and did tremendously in the box office everywhere else in the world, it’s just that for some crazy reason, US audiences rely too much on RT and it’s like you guys have a completely different idea of what makes a good movie than the rest of the world.

          Besides, Kick-Ass 2 being critically praised doesn’t equal big box office numbers either.

          Remember Meet The Spartans?

          That movie was critically panned in every country it released in but US audiences still gained it $38.2million in domestic gross.

          That’s one country spending that much on 2D tickets for one of the worst movies of all time.

          That’s why, whenever a crap movies does well and gets sequels or a great movie under-performs and gets no chance of a sequel, my answer to the question of “Why?” in both cases is “America”.

          • Completely agree. I’m american and yeah, our audiences are stupid. No offense people.

            • I like you not only do you like Deadpool and Kick-Ass but you know how things are.

          • What makes pacific rim a great movie? Its a popcorn flick that had problems in every catigory besides action and special effects. Its more like some people dont understand every aspect of a film. PR had a poor script, 0 development making all actors stock characters. And the films left its mythos in the cutting room. I like the film a lot but not because its a good FILM but because its fun

            • I agree with you, Trey. I’ve seen more than a few people comment on this site that American audiences are “stupid” for not seeing Pacific Rim. Well, I just saw it, and as you say, it is little more than a popcorn flick. At it’s core, it is nothing more than giant robots fighting monsters. I liked Dredd better, but again, the movie does not warrant any critical praise or awards. Haven’t seen Kick-Ass 2 yet, but come on, it is not an art house project. What we have here, in people knocking American audiences, are just a few die-hard fan boys who can’t understand why other people don’t appreciate things the way that they do. They thus name call, like the children that they are.

            • 100% agree with you Trey. I enjoyed PR too, but as much as it may under rated in general. It’s definitely over rated here. It was a paint by numbers script and to pretend anything else is just silly.

              Again, great points Trey.

            • Please don’t compare KA2 to Dredd. Dredd was a far superior film compared to KA2 in every way. KA2 is a good movie but not something I would necessarily pay theatre money for. PR was an alright movie but come on, it’s just a popcorn flick. Aside from the action and special effects it’s an average movie at best. Dredd had great action, script, and most of all, the storytelling was amazing. I would compare Dredd to something like a John Carter where they both has great action, script, and superior storytelling.

          • Dazz, choose your battles. You most definitely have a point but I don’t think PR is a “great” movie and I don’t it’s getting screwed over here in NA. Also PR was it’s own worst enemy. I’m not sure about anywhere else but the marketing was a total failure.

          • Dredd bombed everywhere , it made 30 million on a 50 million budget
            Pacific rim was dead on arrival in Japan, so forget the sequel
            Grown ups 2 is tearing it in Europe especially in France with their sophiscated sense of humor

            • Sophisticated *

            • lolwut. Last time I checked, Pacific Rim was doing well in Asia, primarily Japan and china. Pacific Rim has already made back its budget.

        • @trey, that’s the worst argument I’ve heard from you in a while! Couldn’t possibly disagree more btw.

          • I dont see how i never stated grown ups 2 was good, its not. Im saying it was made to tailor to a specific audience. Where pacific rim and kick ass 2 never found its audience because it wasnt that good. Lets take avatar for example, it was an idea from left field much like pacific rim, what made avatar the highest grossing film of all time? Incredible word of mouth and reviews. It had just as good special effects as PR and it taught you about its world for its complete run time. Neither have a great story but atleast avatar was a fully formed story that got it a best picture nod. PR wasnt good enough its as simple as that

        • don’t put together this turd of kickass 2 and dredd. Dredd. Dredd was a gem, gave it a pass back then because I wasn’t sold on the trailer I bitterly regret it. It was exactly the way this kind of movie should be done. Small budget, limited space of action, limited set of characters, it gave a glimpse of the global world, very intense,uncompromising on the tone. Honestly they couldn’t have it done better. It failed on the marketing but selling a r movie is a tricky business. If you don’t get the fan quickly in the theater then there is no buzz and it’s quickly off the screen.

          Kickass is based on a very poor material to begin with. I mean the so called realism that is supposed to be the basis is out of the window by half the first volume. I am kind of disgusted by the fact that it can be called a franchise. Honestly the characters are lacking any relatibility or heroic quality, it works as a joke and the longer it goes on the more pathetic it looks.

          • LOL

          • f@ck you that is all.

    • On the plus side, KA2 was made for only $28 million, which it should easily surpass with a combined domestic and foreign box office. Plus, it’ll likely make a lot from home video.

      • Lord, I hope so.

    • +1. Really disappointed that Kick-Ass 2 is not doing as well. I was so hyped for that movie.

  2. Didn’t The Butler garner a 73% on Rotten Tomatoes? That’s not that bad with critics

  3. The older African-American crowd were supporting the Butler. The lines for tickets were pretty long when I went, but the Kick-Ass 2 showing I was at was probably 25% full at most.

  4. I hope this gives the studios lessons in how to go forward. They should avoid overcrowding the summer with “blockbusters” ; realize that solid original stories (We’re The Millers, The Conjuring and The Butler ) can be just as important as expensive special effects laden movies or sequels (Percy Jackson and Kick Ass); and the money spent on hero or comic book films should be tempered to the situation (Wolverine) instead of over spending (The Lone Ranger).

    • Kick-Ass 2 wasn’t expensive, with a $30 million budget, same as The Butler.

      • But I was a sequel and studios have valued them more than original films

        • @Patrick Baynard. That’s not actually the reality. If you analyse the worldwide grosses (a record breaking summer despite the odd flop) you’ll see that the majority of the money was earned through sequels and remakes. I agree that it’s important that Hollywood generates new IP but we’re living in the age of shared universe mega-franchises (and they’re here to stay). Oh, and Kick Ass 2 was fantastic, I think it’ll have fairly long legs internationally and easily quadruple it’s modest 28 mil budget.

          • While I am not suggesting that studios stop making sequels the return on investment has been healthy for original films. The sequels are responsible for most of the earnings but dollar for dollar movies like The Conjuring and Mama made nearly 10x their production costs at the world wide box office. The most successful sequel Iron Man 3 did not manage that dollar for dollar return. My point is that original films should be valued more than they are.

        • Though I really wanted Kick-Ass 2 to do well (and still do), I agree 100% Patrick.

          • I don’t want it to sound like I have something against sequels. I also wanted Kick Ass 2 to do very well. I am just hoping there is more investment in original films. Thanks for the vote!

    • If you think this summer was overcrowded with tentpoles ,wait till you get to 2015

      • I think that Star Wars is being pushed back to a December Holiday release so maybe the message has been received.

  5. I was scared this was going to happen when I went to see Kick-Ass 2 on Friday night. I think my theater was maybe 10% full, if that. I commented to my friends how empty the theater seemed, so I was expecting this. It’s a damn disappointment though, I’ve watched somewhere between 40-50 movies that have come out this year so far, and Kick-Ass 2 is firmly in my top 5 for the year so far. I was really hoping for a third movie, so I hope this doesn’t ruin its chances.

  6. -Good to see the butler kicking ka 2 in the behind. Hopefully the franchise is dead, violence is too excessive. Props to jim carrey for taking a stand.
    -props to pacific rim for doubling its budget worldwide and now stands at 384
    – kutcher as jobs?? Worst casting of male lead for summer

    • The violence isn’t excessive at all. Either treat it as a parody or treat it as Mark Millar needing extreme violence and language to sell one of his original properties in between his writing for DC and Marvel.

      Agree with you on Pacific Rim though. It’s like the Dredd situation all over again, giving me hope that the rest of the world isn’t as blind and/or ignorant to a great movie.

      I mean, honestly, of all the movies I’ve seen in 2013 so far, Pacific Rim is way up there in the number 1 spot. Same as Dredd was last year. Criminally underrated by US audiences.

      • Criminally underrated by US audiences? Come on. It was a movie about giant robots fighting monsters…

        • Don’t dare disrespect The Place Beyond The Pacific Rim. That’s Dazz’s Oscar pick hahaha.

    • Unlike most movies, kick-ass does not choose to desensitize its audience to violence. It chooses instead to show that violence is a horrible, gory, stomach turning and inhuman act that has consequences (people die, even characters we are attached to). How is this less appropriate than making violence without blood, pain or consequence? I would say it is far MORE appropriate.

      • I love you bro, I could not agree more.

    • Yes, completely agree. Great seeing Kick-Ass fail, gave me a little more faith in humanity. Hopefully KA3 never gets made.

      • +1

    • Taking a stand? More like trying to grab attention. Why did he wait until the Connecticut tragedy? Oh yeah because it was the closet thing at the time to used during the promotion of Kick-Ass 2. The violence in Kick-Ass 2 is no where near the level of the first movie. The sequel is quite tame in the violence department.

    • Oh so I suppose you are one of the many people who call a turd gold if it came out of Oprah’s ass?

  7. I kind of expected this. Although KA2 was alright, it wasn’t nothing special either

  8. Whenever I see Ashton Kutcher in a movie or on TV, I always think of Michael Kelso no matter the role he’s in. I really don’t have anything against him and think he’s OK as an actor, but he was SO good as Kelso that he’s KELSO playing a different character.

    • He was so good as Kelso? What can you compare it to? Only he was ever Kelso, and it was basically a fictionalized version of himself in his 20s.

      That’s like Russell Brand was so good as Aldus Snow. He’s just playing a fictionalized version of himself.

  9. I didn’t love the first Kick Ass…it was a decent movie but I saw it as a rental and figured the second one would be a rental too. I was hoping Pacific Rim would do better domestically but its world wide gross at least spells potential for future Mech movies. So far my favorite movies this summer have been
    1. The Wolverine
    2. Pacific Rim
    3. Man of Steel
    4. World War Z
    5. Iron Man 3

    • I haven’t seen Elysium yet, so I can’t rate it. I’ve been tight on cash lately. Maybe I can snag a matinee soon.

    • I’ll weigh in on this… Managed to get to the flicks every week so far this year…

      1. Kick-Ass 2
      2. Man of Steel
      3. Evil Dead
      4. This is the End
      5. Despicable Me 2
      6. Iron Man 3
      7. The Worlds End
      8. Monsters University
      9. Fast and Furious 6
      10. The Wolverine
      11. The Purge
      12. After Earth
      13. Jack the giant slayer
      14. The croods
      15. Star Trek into darkness
      16. G.i joe: retaliation
      17. Oz the great and powerful
      18. The great gatsby
      19. Trance
      20. Texas Chainsaw 3d
      21. Now you see me.
      22. world war z
      23. pacific rim
      24. oblivion
      25. warm bodies
      26. the last stand
      27. gangster squad
      28. Only god forgives

    • For me atleast tho i missed many films…

      1. The conjuring
      2. Man of steel
      3. Star Trek Into Darkness
      4. Pacific Rim
      5. Despicable me 2

      (Not been overly impressed with anything outside my top 2) Mud has been my favorite film of the year.

    • I’ll weigh in too.

      1. Pacific Rim
      2. The World’s End
      3. Iron Man 3
      4. World War Z
      5. Fast and Furious 6
      6. Monsters University
      7. Star Trek Into Darkness
      8. The Wolverine
      9. Despicable Me 2
      10. Epic
      11. The Great Gatsby
      12. Man of Steel

      By the way, 10 and below are the movies I saw this summer which I actively disliked. The rest ranged from fantastic to pretty good.

      • Man you got to see the worlds end?! Seeing it so high on your list makes me excited for the weekend

      • Iron Man 3 at number 3, disgusting!

        • I know is your opinion, and I have to respected but I cannot understand a single person liking that movie. For me is the biggest turd of the summer.

    • For me, my top 10 is

      1. The Conjuring
      2. Man of steel
      3. Star Trek Into Darkness
      4. Evil Dead
      5. Elysium
      6. Fast and Furious 6
      7. The Great Gatsby
      8. World War Z
      9. The Wolverine
      10. Iron Man 3

  10. Wow,how in the hell did KA2 make less than the first one with all the hype and new fans it got? Well I guess that’s it for a chance at KA3.

  11. Just saw kick ass 2 and the theater was dead, but I freaking loved it even more than I expected! Sucks there won’t be a number three but I can deal with just 2. Maybe they will get to make an ultra low budget 3rd if the fans want it enough.

    • Just make a Hit Girl only movie, and I’d be happy.

  12. It’s August and the fatigue has set in for many movie-goers at this point. Just due to the horrible heat and other circumstances I have not seen hardly any of the summer movies, and don’t really feel like I missed much. Studios are going to have to take a long look at how practical it is to stuff too many movies into a three month window and expect them all to do huge numbers (especially these 150 million plus budget ventures).

    And it is probably not that most of these movies are bad or that inferior to other movies that make a lot of money, it might just be that too much mediocre and repetitive product does not go a long way.

  13. Why America, why you not watch good movies?

    • Why do you care what other people watch?

      • If enough people watch we might get a sequel or if a certain directors movie does well he might be able to direct another original movie again. The American audience determines what movies we’ll see in future.

    • KA 2 is an alright movie but not good enough to pay money to see it on the big screen. I’d rather save it and some see Thor 2 or The Hobbit: DOS

  14. My favorite films this summer so far
    1. Star into Darkness/Man of Steel (too close to call)
    2. Pacific Rim
    3. Fast and Furious 6
    4. The Wolverine
    5. This is the End
    6. The Conjuring
    7. Despicable Me 2
    8. The Heat
    9. Iron Man 3
    10. Red 2
    11. Monsters University
    12. Elysium
    I still have yet to see Worlds End or Kickass 2 then my summer movie season will be complete :)

  15. I haven’t seen Elysium yet, so I can’t rate it. I’ve been tight on cash lately. Maybe I can snag a matinee soon.

  16. Honestly, I don’t go to the movies because I don’t like paying 8-16 dollars to get in depending on the day and time. I also don’t like then being charged close to ten dollars for popcorn and then five dollars for a drink.

    “Holy ****, everyone pirates because they are cheap bastards!!!”… No, people don’t like getting ****** in the ass. Want a good movie release? Stop ****ing us. That’s why most people I know along with myself don’t go to see movies at release. 😀

    • Just skip the popcorn and drinks. What are you baby? You cant watch a movie without popcorn?

  17. Loved the first movie, but if Kick-Ass 2 is any indication of where the franchise is headed, I couldn’t care less if we got Kick-Ass 3.

    I can’t really call it’s 4th place finish at the box office disappointing because the movie itself is so disappointing.

    • I agree. I just didn’t feel that same passion that I felt from the first movie. It’s an alright movie but not worth for me to pay to go see it on the big screen. Good thing we had free passes but even at that I felt like they were a waste. I would have rather used it for Thor 2 or something else.

  18. I blame the poor performance of KA2 on the recasting of Todd.

    This does not bode well for Batman vs. Superman. :)

    • Who is Todd? See he’s not that important of a character.

  19. I think people are starting to look past the CGI.

    • Agreed. I think most of the people(general public) are looking for a movie that will have great storytelling, CGI or not. I asked some people about if they wanted to see more originals? The majority said they didn’t care if it was original or not as long as the storytelling is good. A couple of them told me, “I don’t want to see a movie that focuses on CGI, things exploding, robots running around fighting lizards, slow motion action. I want a movie that has a great story to tell and focuses on that first, then the CGI, action, explosions, monsters second”.
      We shall see how the rest of the year goes

    • +1
      And it’s a good thing too.

  20. The thing about Man Of Steel 2 is that they should make a sequel just dealing with Superman and one of his other enemies. There are son many other ones out there, that it is not necessary, at this point, to bring Bruce Wayne/Batman into the mix quite yet. A little more times needs to go by before we reboot him. Reboots suck as it is, but the industry will keep doing them as long as you keep buying tickets.

  21. Not everyone has the time or money to go to a movie or two every week. I pick out two or three per year. I feel I am an average movie goer. I can waste my time on a poorly made movie or see it cheaper later where I can turn it off if it is bad.

  22. Kiss A– does well for a small budget flick making back its budget. And I’m sure thats all the suits are looking at in terms of numbers.

  23. Man of Steel was gay. Kick Ass 2 is too stupid for anyone to watch. Glad that jobs bombed because Ashton Kutcher is nothing but Kelso and always will be. The Butler was for black people. Pacific Rimjob- another stupid movie. A lot of stupid movies playing right now. The only good one coming up that even has cajones is Riddick. My prediction- oversaturation of superhero movies will turn people off and they’ll see them much less. Example- that stupid movie called The Wolverine. Hugh jackman don’t got it anymore and he’s getting old. Same thing will happen with the next Thor- too much CGI and the guy that plays Thor looks like he’s gay.

    • Wow, Carlos…I can tell you really love gay people…or are still “in the closet”. You can’t think of anything better to say to describe your dislike of a movie…Really?


    • LOL, wow. Tell us how you really feel Carlos. Although the way he said it might have not been the best way to present your argument I do see his point on CGI based movies which is why I have a movie like The Conjuring as #1. The movie uses some old school props and focuses on the storytelling instead on CGI based scares. Was it the scariest movie I’ve ever seen? No, not at all but was it superiorly made compared to the CGI overblownfest out there? Yes

    • all this homophobic s*** makes you look super gay.

    • @Carlos Dangerous

      Man of Steel was gay? So it was happy, you’re right I felt very happy when I saw Man of steel, good description. But I think that you spelled Pacific Rim wrong, don’t worry about it, accidents happen, you seem like a very happy, positive and non judgmental person.

    • You know you love me Carlos!

  24. you want to know why Kick-Ass 2 did not make 20 million as the weekend went on ? F@$KING critics that is why! If you ask me they hated the first Kick-Ass so much that they made sure that they did not go easy on Kick-Ass 2 in hopes that it would kill it thanks alot critics now we might not ever see Kick-Ass 3 you slimy little s***’s!

    • I know right
      Critics also destroyed the box office prospect of grown ups 2 and identity thief while making pacific rim and dredd the highest grossing movies of their respective years
      All hail the mighty critics

      • As long as they do not cast the wrong person for The Dark Knight, it should be better.

      • LOL….those critics are to blame for everything, especially for giving such great reviews for Grown Ups 2, Identity Theif, and gave such bad reviews for Pacific Rim, Dredd, KA2. LOL, wow

      • I know right? Grown Ups 2 could have been a hit had it not been for those damn critics.

    • Makes a lot of sense. Oh, except critics actually liked the first Kick-Ass.

  25. It is a little disappointing that Pacific Rim under performed at the U.S. box office,but on the bright side its at over $98 million at the U.S. b.o. and should hit $100 million soon which means that the fans of Pacific Rim (including myself) are passionate about this movie and they are doing everything in their power to try and support it,and more good news PR is about to hit the $4oo million mark worldwide so at the end of the summer, at least can’t be called a flop,and with the blu-ray and dvd sales coming down the road,I think chances are good that Pacific Rim could turn a small profit and still spawn a sequel in the future,btw, my other favorite movies this summer outside of Pacific Rim (which is my #1),#2 is Man of Steel,#3 The Wolverine,#4 Star Trek:ID and my #5 is World War Z.

    • Yeah but I saw PR IMAX 3D, and I liked it, bc of IMAX 3D. I found the movie boring. The only part I liked about the movie was Charlie Day, bc he makes me LOL. But I have no interest in seeing it on HBO, or getting it on DVD.

  26. I’m glad an surprised that “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” is doing so well. I thought Kick-*** was going to rule the weekend.

    I think “Elysium should get more attention, it’s one of the science-fiction films that stay true to the genre. Really good.

    Ashton Kutcher did well as Steve Jobs. But after this film he probably won’t take up any serious roles for a while, cashing in on comedies.

    I feel bad for Logan Lerman’s career possible going on ice for a while after Percy Jackson. He’s proven to be a very great actor from “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”. Maybe he’ll stick with indi films?

    I expected “Paranioa” to fail, but not crash and burn.

    • Don’t worry about Logan Lerman. He’s young, white, ad Jewish. That’s all it takes to be successful in Schmollywood.

      • …and Jewish has what to do with success in modern-day Hollywood?

        • If you have to ask, you’ll never know. If you’re really interested, do a little google search.

  27. Found this interesting.

    In the UK and Ireland, Planes took the number 1 spot with £1.74million in three days of release (80% of those sales being 2D tickets) while Kick-Ass 2 was released 2 days earlier and still only took £1.48million.

    • Did you not think they had planes in the UK and Ireland?

      • I have no idea what you’re trying to say there.

        I saw the box office numbers here and thought I’d share, especially since Kick-Ass 2 did terribly here as well and not just over in the US.

  28. I’m get straight to the point , I liked the first dredd and the reboot no problems kick- ass 1 and 2 was fine in my book made me laugh like a retard in theaters and PR, I grow up watching Gundom so clearly this movie was beautiful in my eyes. I try not to think about the original story so don’t get disappoint for every movie that falls of what the book said ( most movies do).

  29. Why was the aricle’s thumbnail a picture of Kick-Ass 2, when the #1 movie was The Butler?

    That seems a bit racist to me.

    • Because Kick-Ass 2 was expected to be the number 1 movie everywhere and some people here were looking forward to seeing how it did at the box office.

      Judging by this comment and your other one in response to my UK box office numbers, I’d guess that you’re not very bright, are you?

      • They should put the #1 movie in the thumbnail. How does that not make sense to you?

      • How was it expected to be #1, when it got annihilated by the butler? Fire these experts who predicted Kick-Ass would beat the butler. They clearly know nothing. I expected the butler to do very well.

        • +1