Kevin Smith Says Rumored DC Movie Lineup is Legit

Published 11 months ago by , Updated June 16th, 2014 at 6:22 pm,

Justice League Batman Superman Wonder Woman Kevin Smith Says Rumored DC Movie Lineup is Legit

Any plans that Warner Bros’ might have had for a big surprise reveal at San Diego Comic Con this year were potentially scuppered last week when Hollywood blogger Nikki Finke, founder of Deadline, launched her new website with a list of DC comics-based movies that the studio is supposedly currently developing – along with their release dates, just for good measure.

To recap, Finke claimed that Warner Bros. plans to follow Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice with Shazam, Sandman, Justice League, Wonder Woman, a Flash/Green Lantern team up and finally Man of Steel 2, all to be released between now and summer 2018. If true, this flies in the face of David S. Goyer’s recent statement that Warner Bros future DC movie plans haven’t gone beyond “vague conversations.” Adding fuel to this gossip fire, filmmaker Kevin Smith has now backed up this account of DC’s plans during his weekly podcast.

When SModcast’s Hollywood Babble-On co-host Ralph Garman explained that Finke had claimed to have a list of the upcoming line-up of DC movies, Smith cut in, “So have I.” When asked to elaborate on what he had heard he added, “I can’t tell you,” and when pressed on the subject of how he had got the list he replied, “Because I know people, motherf**ker.”

So, does Finke’s report of Warner Bros’ plans match up with what Smith knows? He confirmed that it does, saying, “I looked at your list and I was like, yeah, that’s what I heard, that’s what I was told.” Skip to the 1 hour 29 minute mark to hear for yourself.

Smith has prior ties to Warner Bros’ Superman franchise, having at one point been hired to write a script for a Superman movie (a story for which he has a pretty great set of anecdotes). He also has a long history with Ben Affleck, who has starred in six of Smith’s movies, and is friends with director Zack Snyder. He’s previously supplied information about Batman vs. Superman, including a description of Affleck’s Batsuit that turned out to be completely accurate, so consider him a solid (albeit unofficial) source when it comes to this story.

For what it’s worth, he also greatly approves of the list. “That just gave me a reason to live,” Smith said happily. “This is a list that would make f**king Grumpy Cat smile, dude.” Individual concerns and gripes aside, this generally seems to sum up the collective opinion of Screen Rant readers who reacted in the comments.

Are you happy to have Smith back up this rumor, or are you hoping that elements of it (or even the whole thing) turn out to be false?


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is scheduled to hit theaters on May 6, 2016 with Justice League set to follow some time in the future. Currently, the rest of the rumored Warner Bros. release schedule remains unconfirmed.

Source: Hollywood Babble-On (via CBM)

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  1. You can’t CONFIRM that something MAY be legit. I can also confirm that this may be true. Quote me as source, please.

    • I knew there’d be some twat saying something like this… Yeah, the wording is off; but you really don’t know the difference? Here’s the difference: Smith has credit. You, on the other hand, are no one. Sad but true. And that, as they say, is that.

      I’d love it if it were true, and Smith has never been one to tout rumors in the past so I see no reason to believe this one is. That, and the movies themselves seem like natural progression with what DC has been doing, and they’re all pretty safe picks. Except Sandman really, but that’s the one I’m excited about most, especially if Gordon-Levitt stays on.

  2. I still doubt DC will make 3 movies a year. I mean, no offense or anything, but they can barely make 1 every 2 years. If they actually do, then won’t they oversaturate the market? Unfortunately, too many superhero movies isn’t a good thing.

    • The key to prevent market saturation for particular content that targets the same audience is to schedule their release dates accordingly. If they can release a superhero movie every season, then that can work towards the studios’ benefit. For example, Captain America 2 was released in spring of early April but mostly in late March to overseas markets and Thor 2 was released in the fall of early November last year. ASM2 and X-Men were released in May but are 3 weeks apart, however were facing stiff competition from other movies being released that same month, i.e., Godzilla and Maleficent. I would hope that studios would adopt this method of scheduling in effort to not try to maximizes the summer season. Have one superhero movie released in the spring, 2 or 3 during the summer movie season (May, June, July, or August)and another during the fall or winter.

    • Also, as long as it makes money, they’ll continue to make superhero movies.

    • Well I don’t know about you but I don’t consider “Sandman” to be a superhero movie, let alone one to oversaturate the market. And Shazam might be a completely different tone than what they’re doing all together.

    • It’s WB making DC movies not DC making DC movies, that’s why they take so darn long.

    • the thing is it is not made by DC as it doesn’t have an individual production unit, WB is co-producing and distributing this movie, well WB was been in this business for 100 years and they have the required resources and connections and in 2013 they were in a position to co-produce and distribute 18 big budget movies, and if i’m not wrong i think WB is the only studio which was able to shoot movies back to back in joint production, so i think 3 movies a year is not a problem at all for WB

    • Do people not get this yet? DC does NOT make movies. Warner Bros does. And WB Studios is the biggest film studio (yes, even bigger than Walt Disney Pictures). So if they really wanted to release 3 DC movies a year, they could. They may need to co-finance with another studio (like they did with Legendary for The Dark Knight trilogy, Man of Steel, etc.) but it’s still very possible.

    • I think its true considering DC’s position in all of this. Warner Bros are playing catch up but they also want to define their Superheroes by making sure they get certain movies out before Marvel can. So they’ve gone and built their DC universe in reverse but they also hoping to make avengers style money along the way. BvS and JL two team up movies in the span of two years,In BVs you get two of the bigggest knowh superheroes in one film, something Marvel can’t do with their major heroes like Spidey because he’s tied up with Sony. The other is the introduction of Aquaman so they’ve managed to get their underwater hero on the screen first, Then in JL they will introduce their big bad cosmic villain in the form of Darkseid before Marvel officially fully reveals theirs in the form of Thanos and what he’ll do in the third Avengers film.At the moment he mainstream audience is still scratching their collective heads on who Thanos is because he’s just making cameo appearences in end credit scenes or small scene in GoTG. Then it will be followed by Wonder Woman, the first super heroine movie in this new cycle of super hero films, beating Marvel to the punch on whatever they may have planned,by following JL in 2017. Whether it will work or be any good is one thing. But the point is DC/WB needs to put their stamp on the genre before Marvel can cement the superhero genre as being a Marvel thing only.

  3. If this is true then why shazam? Of all the hero’s that could fit dc’s dark gritty realistic approach why shazam a hero whos alter ego is a KID that yells a magic word to turn into a magic version of superman. Maybe im crazy but I don’t see a way in hell this could please dc movie fans who’s big reason for see sc movies is because its more serious than the fluff that marvel puts out.

    • Money.

    • I think Shazam would be a great character to introduce. Then again, I always liked Shazam more than Superman.

    • @jit – WB has created films for Jonah Hex and a solo Catwoman and Steel with Shaq. And you are surprised about Shazam?

      Let’s break this down. A kid who becomes a superhero…hmmmm, who buys the most movie tickets? Kids. And they’re releasing it in the summer when the kids aren’t it school. I think this is a great move from WB. All their films don’t have to be dark and gritty with realistic tones…not all superheroes parents were gunned down in an alley. I’m hopeful that this list is true.

      • And just imagine if Dwayne Johnson is actually playing Shazam or Black Adam, $$$!

        • with The Rock’s history as the savior of all franchises, I think it will be a great film also

      • Also, a sh*tload of Shazam toys are going to get sold with this movie. I see a McDonald’s deal here.

    • “Kingdom Come” the excellent miniseries/later graphic novel shows how Shazam can fit effectively into a more serious story. I’m not at all saying that story’s elements will have ANY bearing on BvS:DoJ…just that it shows the possibilities of including Shazam.

    • If you think that Shazam is a magic version of Superman you have no clue about what your talking about. Superman stole far more from Shazam ever stole from Superman. Who flew first? Shazam. Who had speed to rival flash first? Shazam. Essentially the Silver age Superman is what Shazam’s original character was. Because after DC sued Fawcet comics and had them stop publishing Shazam’s comic they hired the writers to work on Superman. To be honest, and I am a big Superman fan, if the Superman that was being published while Shazam was being published had a fight Superman would get torn apart. That’s how much more powerful Shazam was. I can’t wait for a Shazam movie because I love the character, I also love Superman as well.

      • Shazam still has his magic to go against Superman. But enough of that. All I want is to see Black Adam on screen, and if they adapt forever Evil, Black Adam vs Ultraman something I look forward to.

    • Seems your issue is that you think WB is putting out films for DC fans. 3/4 of their tickets will be bought by people who think DC means District of Columbia.

    • Because perhaps a 100% dark, gritty and realistic approach is not what WB/DC is going for. You can still put characters like Shazam and heck and b’adge the green lantern squirrel and people will still buy if the plot surrounding those characters are hardcore and serious like in the comics. Maybe the marvel films are too kid friendly but read the comics they sell, they are not kid friendly, appealing to adult teens and up.

    • what if they made billy batson a 17-20 year old guy, who doesn’t transform into a gigantic figure after yelling that word, it could bring the immaturity of the teenage guy as well as little reality, if you wanna say that he will be frail and skinny, then WB can cast a 18-20 year old actor who is appropriately built for that age or may be that teenage guy got some abs and muscles because of his new found powers. c’mon if i came up with this sort of grounded and realistic thoughts, i’am sure the creative execs back in WB/DC can, as they have an amazing track record that making things incredibly realistic, but trust me the original comic book formula of kid turning into a adult superheroo is a great thing, it’s like the brain of 10 year old guy in the body of 25 year old guy, that sort of thing will b a fun to watch and enjoy, it will be the most unique characterization, more than that kids will enjoy it more than anything else, magic is not something people understand (as it is not an understood form of science) so who knows just wait and watch.

    • Who said ALL of their movies are going to be of the same tone or appeal to the same audience? Can you guys even think for yourselves without needing everything spelled out for you? This is just sad…

  4. For once DC doesn’t make a Batman movie.

    • Maybe you should be grateful instead of just snarky?

  5. Should change the title to

    Kevin Smith adds weight to DC line-up rumours.

    Accurate and puntastic.

    • +1

    • Hired.

  6. I think Shazam is in for a sci-fi-ish reimagining ala Thor. This will be another divisive one. Maybe they’re building to Kingdom Come, when Superman and Shazam face off and almost end the world (fingers crossed).

    • That would and should be the endgame of any long term plans for DC if they have any collective intelligence. Some type of riff on Kingdom Come would be insane down the road. It doesn’t have to be a straight adaptation either, kind of like how Days of Future Past took a lot of the great parts of the comics, but changed what they needed to make it work…

      • I was about quote your first line and say “I agree with this” but I ended up agreeing with every word of your comment. Some amalgamation of Kingdom Come and Injustice to close out the DCCU would be fantastic.

  7. Despite this, I still don’t believe that list is true. DC funding three movies a year aside, it’s just weird to me that they have no plans for a Ben Affleck-starred and maybe even directed Batman movie or an Aquaman flick, but are immediately going from Batman and Superman to Shazam, an extremely tough sell (especially for DC’s gritty world). The gamble that audience’s love Gal Godot’s Wonder Woman in Justice League and would flock to her solo film two months later just seems like too much of a risk.

    I don’t agree with DC’s “team movie first, solo films after” approach but regardless, something with that list just isn’t right. I’d rather they get on officially confirming or denying if CW Flash and Green Arrow are a part of the DCCU or not.

    • The reason for DC doing “team movie first, solo films after” is because they’ll be approached as copycats to Marvel. Also, WB doesn’t want to risk doing solo films because they want to give the viewers a first look of them in a team.

      CW’s Arrow and Flash are not part of this DCCU.

      • Yep, right on all counts.

        Besides, globally, the 3 most well known comic book characters are Batman, Spider-Man and Superman, in that order. Comic book fans might get sniffy and assume that’s false and name a number of other characters that they’ve heard of and wrongfully think the rest of the world has too but that’s a fact (Cap 2 did better in the US than it did everywhere else despite being a good film because more people internationally know who Spider-Man is, hence him beating Cap 2’s box office consistently).

        Besides, what’s the best way to introduce little-heard-of characters? Solo films and keeping your fingers crossed for success or put them in a film with 2 of the 3 biggest comic book names in the world?

        If you say Option 1 then you have no business being involved in marketing.

        • You mean like Marvel Studios did? All obscure, second tier characters having solo movies, and than a team up movie that’s number 3 of all time in box office sales.

          • Because Marvel Studios didn’t have Superman or Batman. “Avengers” didn’t mean anything more to the general public than “Iron Man” did before 2008. People at least knew what the Justice League was at that point.

      • +1

      • “CW’s Arrow and Flash are not part of this DCCU.”

        That has not been confirmed. Stop spreading BS guys.

    • Seriously…can nobody see that the WB who lived off Harry Potter for how many years is searching for another magical kid story? How can that not work out for them? It’s a no brainer for them to give it a shot.

      • But they already planning more HP films, WB has like no idea how to use the property they own.

        • ? I’m confused. They are using the property they own by making these upcoming HP spin-off films. I was just referring to the company already knowing that wizard-based movies have worked well and comic book movies seem to usually work well. So, wouldn’t a comic book based movie about a magical kid work REALLY well?

    • Just because they have no plans that we know of NOW doesn’t mean it will never happen. I mean seriously people, are we not capable of deductive reasoning or critical thinking? Affleck is a busy man but I’m sure there will be solo Batman movies down the line.

      This list is very believable. Every single one of these movies have been talked about in public by someone affiliated with WB (other than Flash/GL).

  8. I listened to the Babble-On podcast this morning and wondered if Screenrant would run an article from his statement.

    And Smith’s co-host Ralph Garman sang Rainbow Connection like Arnold Schwarzenegger, so instead of skipping ahead…listen to the whole damn show! It’s funny (very crass, but funny nonetheless).

    • The bits with Schwarzenegger singing have me near crying with laughter every week. Also, the Justin Beiber theme song is….precise.

      • @Lemmys Tash – I love that theme! Also, this week having Pee Wee Herman say Liam Neeson’s speech from Taken was priceless. I hope having Pee Wee Herman say classic movie lines because an ongoing gag.

    • I love Hollywood Babble-On. I also like that it always takes place in front of a live audience. Meaning: Smith doesn’t smoke pot during the whole show and doesn’t have caughing fits every couple of minutes, like he does on his other non-audience podcasts like SModcast or Edumacation. All that caughing can get really annoying even though these podcasts are fun as well.

      • @TheLostWinchester – I know! I’m not a fan of the coughing either. I listen to Smodcast. I haven’t tried Edumacation or Fatman on Batman or the Jay one. I find too much of Kevin Smith gets old quick…plus I have to make time for the SR Underground!

  9. If this list is true, then it’s a pretty ambitious and obnoxious move from DC.
    Even Marvel (Studio) is still hesitating in doing 3 movies a year, now WB/DC wants to do it before them. Well, WB does have more extra money in their sleeves… but the problem, it’s more than just money, it’s also about scheduling, casting, and other stuffs. Doing these many without proper script done, directors approached and all? Wow… that’s ambitious indeed. Honestly, I’m more skeptical than optimistic about this type of approach, let’s just hope they won’t end up ruining/oversaturating the ‘superhero genre’ with this move (remember that highly ‘beloved’ Green Lantern?).

    • How do you know they don’t have casting and scripts in place already?

      They announced Batman Vs Superman a month after MOS released and started filming for it earlier this year (after filming a brief college football scene last December), meaning they had a script and a plan in place long before they actually announced the film’s existence.

      The Rock has been rumoured for a DC role for 18 months before hinting back in March that he was playing a badass on a level with Superman (aka Black Adam, Shazam’s villain). Do you really think they’re rushing into any of this with last minute scripts?

    • the most important reason as to why WB/DC delayed batman v superman dawn of justice, is to cast the other members of justice league and more supporting members and to create a proper road map and strategy for this universe, so i think they are in the right path.

    • “Doing these many without proper script done, directors approached and all?”

      And how exactly do you know that’s the case? Jeez you people are ridiculous. How exactly did Green Lantern (which was no worse than Thor 2 or Iron Man 3, BTW) saturate the market all on its own? I’m convinced 99% of people who use that word have no freaking idea what it means.

  10. Billy Batson (Shazam) got his powers from a wizard.

    And FYI:

    S = Solomon [wisdom of]
    H = Hercules [strength of]
    A = Atlas [endurance of]
    Z = Zeus [lightning bolts]
    A = Achillies [indestrucible]
    M = Mercury [speed and flight]

    WTF this is FG = effing goofy

    • magic is not an understood form of science, not yet, so that will be the approach of WB/DC while approaching this character i believe.

  11. I think it would be great if the sandman movie turns out to be about a guy with a gas mask and a gas gun.

    • I’m pretty sure it’s going to be about Neil Gaiman’s Lord of Dreams run on the character.

  12. Clearly this is all BS and a smoke screen designed to draw attention toward WB/DC and away from MARVEL.
    IF, I REPEAT IF, they make 3 movies a year, they’ll be garbage, even worse than MOS. MOS took years to make and look how that turned out. No studio can turn out that many CBM a year.

    Just remember folks, these are the same people that, immediately after The Avengers came out, proclaimed a Justice League movie was coming with Darksied as the main villain.

    Don’t believe a word WB/DC says until it’s on he screen in front of you.

    • MOS was great and I don’t understand how different people working on different films throughout the year would make them be garbage. Please throw out your modem.

      “Just remember folks, these are the same people that, immediately after The Avengers came out, proclaimed a Justice League movie was coming with Darksied as the main villain.” Nobody ever said that in official capacity. Get your head out of your ass.

  13. first of all.. this guy knows nothing. seriously, who does he think he is? he just a guy… sorry, a DC fanboy. this is confirmed when wb say it.

    • “Smith has prior ties to Warner Bros’ Superman franchise, having at one point been hired to write a script for a Superman movie (a story for which he has a pretty great set of anecdotes). He also has a long history with Ben Affleck, who has starred in six of Smith’s movies, and is friends with director Zack Snyder. He’s previously supplied information about Batman vs. Superman, including a description of Affleck’s Batsuit that turned out to be completely accurate, so consider him a solid (albeit unofficial) source when it comes to this story.”

      • Hannah…

        Don’t try to explain it to Corey (and to Tony above him)…he has shown over and over in various comment sections that he is negative about the DC cinematic universe. He will continue to whine and complain no matter what you say (Tony, even MOREso).

    • He’s more than a fan boy. Even if you don’t like him he’s written for DC in the past has he not? Green Arrow and Batman?
      I listen to pretty much all his podcasts and the stuff he’s said would be exciting and new etc etc, has been. Bit silly to just write him off like that.

  14. Honestly, only two of those make me nervous: Shazam and Sandman.

    Shazam, just because I think most average moviegoers would just see Captain Marvel (or SHAZAM, sorry geez) as too similar to Superman. Now, I admit, I don’t follow Shazam comics nearly as much as others, but I know his origins and differences from Supes, but I’m not too sure most of the targeted audience will.

    As for Sandman? I admit, I love Sandman so much, I’m just afraid Hollywood will f&@k it up. That’s all. I sincerely hope someone amazing will write the script and an equally amazing director will film it and blow my expectations out of the water, but I’m not convinced it’ll happen.

    • They can just adopt the recent new 52 origin of Shazam since it’s simplified and kinda borrows a bit from Harry Potter. Seriously look at all the new 52 story arcs its almost as if DC is trying to make it really easy for DC to adopt their comics to film. Recall when everyone compared the Avengers movie with the opening story to new 52 Justice League?

  15. Why waste time with piddle-flicks and solo movies of unimportant characters (Shazam, Sandman, Metal Men etc.)? Much more important characters and teams to get out there: more Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Flash (Barry Allen), Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, The Atom, Doctor Fate, Hourman, the JLA, the JSA, Legion of Super-Heroes, Deadman, Spectre, Metamorpho, Challengers of the Unknown (OK, those last four are lesser characters, so maybe I’m being a bit hypocritical, but I’d still watch them). Glad to see a Flash/GL team-up on the list, though. Everybody but everybody would like to see that, I’d warrant.

    • Hourman that much more important than Shazam? must be before I became an avid comic reader.

      • Hourman is not well-known these days, but wwaaaayy back in Days of Yore (like 60s, 50s), he was an integral part of the Justice Society (I just heard a few people say “who?), and was buddies with Doctor Fate sort of like Flash and Green Lantern have been buddies (60s, 70s) and Bats and Supes have been buddies (also 60s and 70s). Doc F. and H-man fought villains during team-ups between those two heroes like Psycho pirate and Solomon Grundy (did I hear “who?” again? Must be an owl flying overhead). Apparently someone has heard of Hourman besides myself (or was it all about my screaming for the character? Flatter myself–it’s all about me!!! hee-hee!), since the CW network is developing an Hourman TV series for 2015 (I worry a bit that they may step way outside canon, tho, but doing an Hourman show itself is great!). For more info on the character’s background, Google Hourman. The best one of three listed is the first one (Rex Tyler), the original one who was friends with Doctor Fate (Kent Nelson). Just for the record (yeah, I know, who cares?), Doctor Midnight, another hero in the Justice Society, was kind of cool as well, IMO.

        • I heard about the show, and the last I recall hearing of the guy in comics, was when new 52 earth 2 Batman explains he gets his super strength from the serum hourman uses. Heck if WB wanted to get real creative with their superhero property they should introduce the concept of the multiverse before Marvel does and show one earth with the justice society.

          • That thought kind of crossed my mind as well. That would be one way to get my beloved Doctor Fate, Hourman, Doctor Midnight, Sandman, Hawkman, and the Flash and Green lantern from that dimension, I would imagine!

            • I’d love a multiverse…. It would give me a way to keep my precious Nolan movies, Donners Superman and the CW shows alive albeit loosely connected.

    • Everything in this comment is wrong. You people are really infuriating. You think you can just post nonsense and nobody will call you out on it? Adorable.

  16. I see Black Lightning, Hawkgirl, and Red Tornado in the illustration on this article. Not front-line players, but would be kind of fun to see as backup characters on the team.

    DC/Warner is doing the right thing to get moving ahead with movies. they have sat on the fence way too long, trotting out tired old bats and equally tired old Supes since they can’t think of anything else to do. At least now they are trying to do something.

  17. Really like the list, except Shazam, I mean I like him but there are others I wish gets a solo first, like Aquaman or Hawkgirl.

    The only thing that worries me about this being true is DC’s comic-con surprise getting spoiled.

  18. I wonder if anyone here noticed that WB is easily capable of putting out more than 3 blockbusters a year.

  19. would love to see some of DC’s characters showing up in there own series on Netflix like Marvel!

  20. So is Shazam part of the shared DCCU? I guess Ill have to look into the character more because I don’t see how they can validate superman and shazam on the same team. I still would have loved to see the JL animated line up though this (hopefully) is better than no JL film

  21. :/ I’LL wait and see.