Kevin Smith Says ‘Clerks 3′ Is Still Happening; Reveals ‘Tusk’ Poster

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Kevin Smith Says Clerks 3 Still Happening Reveals Tusk Poster Kevin Smith Says Clerks 3 Is Still Happening; Reveals Tusk Poster

When Kevin Smith (Mallrats) initially announced a third followup to his 1994 cult classic comedy Clerks – and its sequel, Clerks II, which arrived in 2006 – he also told his fans that he would retire after the creation of Clerks 3. At the time, the film was still in the early development stages, but Smith finished the script late last year and has moved on to finding financial backing for the film.

After Smith announced that The Weinstein Company, who were involved with producing and distributing Clerks II, would not be funding Clerks 3 with its $6 million budget, it seemed the project had stalled. However, Smith has since responded to concerns over the future of his Clerks threequel.

Addressing his fans directly on Twitter, Smith reassured everyone that Clerks 3 is still in the works despite the Weinstein’s lack of desire to provide funding. Smith also reiterated that the company did offer to distribute Clerks 3, even though they do not want to foot the bill for the whole film.

Read Smith’s tweets:

For those who had speculated whether Smith would be able to keep Clerks 3 alive after the Weinstein’s passed on the project, the filmmaker seems undeterred.

Despite his optimism, though, Smith has a few other projects currently in the works. He originally delayed Clerks 3 in order to film Comes the Krampus, but Smith’s upcoming movie, Tusk, will be his next release. However, the filmmaker’s own works have taken a backseat recently in favor of a certain big studio franchise.

Kevin Smith Says Clerks 3 Still Happening Kevin Smith Says Clerks 3 Is Still Happening; Reveals Tusk Poster

Over the past few weeks, Smith’s name has been tied to Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel followup, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and the DC Comics/Warner Bros. films on multiple occasions whether he was discussing the colors of the new Batman costume or claiming the studio’s rumored lineup of upcoming superhero flicks was authentic.

Most recently, Smith took to his blog to deny rumors that he had penned a script for Dawn of Justice.

On his blog, Silent Bob Speaks, Smith quelled all rumors of his involvement with a script for Warner Bros. and drew a line between what he could and couldn’t confirm in regard to Dawn of Justice. The filmmaker also took the opportunity to debut the first official poster for Tusk, which he called the best movie he’s ever made – “or at the very least, the most interesting.”

Check out the poster:

Kevin Smith Reveals Tusk Poster Kevin Smith Says Clerks 3 Is Still Happening; Reveals Tusk Poster

To create Tusk, Smith was inspired by a story about a man who is shipwrecked and befriends a walrus, then hires someone to dress up in a walrus suit for two hours a day in an attempt to recapture that friendship. At San Diego Comic-Con last year, the filmmaker described it as “a cuddly version of The Human Centipede.”

For those wanting to know more about Tusk, Smith also revealed that he would be posting the official trailer for the film on its website after premiering it at his SDCC panel in a few weeks.

Casual fans of Smith’s may need to wait for the trailer before passing judgment on Tusk since very little is known about the film, though many of the filmmaker’s devoted fans already made their opinions clear when they voted #WalrusYes last year and helped Smith create the movie.

Stay tuned to Screen Rant for more news on Clerks 3. Tusk will be released sometime this year.

Source: Kevin Smith, Silent Bob Speaks

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  1. Kevin Smith is such a hack.

    • You’re such a clown, troll.

      Kevin Smith is awesome, some stuff he puts his name on…well not all that great. But MUCH of his work is just stupendous. He made it big doing what he loves and staying true to his roots – gotta commend him.

      • Staying true to your roots, and not evolving (like at all) as an artist, are not the same thing.

        • I’m not one of these guys who likes Kevin Smith and feels the need to defend him like he’s the greatest thing to hit movies, but I think that he has grown in his craft.

        • I’m a bit confused by your comments, genuinely. Are you implying that doing the same thing (art) and not branching out to other areas is a bad thing? So say a fashion designer should totally go try nude painting, Leonardo should (wait, he’s done too many things so we’ll skip him), Shakespeare should venture into cartoon art, and so on?

          I totally understand about roots and art not being entirely the same thing. I mean, how can it be art when the guy chooses to paint his movies with memories and expressions of his upbringing, of the love he has for the city he’s from, of the people and even the Quick Stop store. Screw that, that’s not art.

          So yea, a bit confused here. More confused because you will have the other side complain that he’s not staying true to his work, like the killing of fond childhood 80′s cartoons by Michael Bay. that is art also, but atrocious art for the most part.

          • I don’t think what indigopoop said is very hard to understand. KS’s biggest successes have all revolved around Jay & Silent Bob. Comparing him to Shakespeare & Leonardo is just too silly, so instead I’ll do a more realistic example: Christopher Nolan hasn’t had to keep making sequels & spinoffs of Memento to find success. Do you get it?

            KS peaked with Dogma and even though I liked J&SBSB, his work has gone steadily downhill since then. When he officially branched out to try new things, we got Jersey Girl (ouch) and he immediately went back to Clerks II. He even made some self-aware short called “Back to the Well” referencing this. Even though I didn’t like C2, it still turned a decent profit thanks to its tiny budget.

            However, then we got Zack & Miri and Redstate (ow, owwwwww). Now we’re getting Clerks 3 and a documentary about him making Clerks 1, lol. The walrus & Krampus things sound totally uninteresting and I predict they will flop just like the rest of his non-J&SB stuff. I mean, seriously: Clerks was funny…when I was 16. Dante & Randall are almost 50 years old now. I think it would be incredibly depressing to see them still clerking. It’s just not funny to many of us anymore.

            Smith at least knows his audience, I’ll say that for him. If he can keep the budget to $6 mil for C3, there are enough people like TheOne out there who will obediently pay to watch it and buy the overpriced collector’s edition later on blu-ray. It’ll turn a profit, but again: it’s something that has to go back to Jay & Silent Bob territory. So: not really evolving.

            You may now return to your hyper-defensive, ad hominem attacks.

            • Wait, so expressing thoughts of childhood, nostalgia, your upbringing, etc, cant be devoted to art?

              Have you never heard music or seen a painting?

              He makes movies about the state he’s from, that doesn’t automatically differentiate it from art. At all.

              I’m a fan of Smith, have been since I was a kid and am now. He can definitely come off as a tool at times, but he’s got a legitimate passion for the s*** he does and you can tell that. And he’s more open to the public than many of the director’s who consider all their films super top-secret, be all end all affairs.

    • ok Patrick, go ahead and enlighten us as to why he is a hack? why a guy who makes what he wants regardless of the opinion of critics and others…..yes I can see why you hate him.

  2. Yes clerks 3 must be made!!!!!!but tusk sounds very interesting can’t wait to see it. The tusk poster looks pretty badass too and I also heard that there is a spinoff planned about two characters that work at a convenience store in tusk “yoga-hosers” Kevin smith is a great director just about everything he does is comedy gold and makes u think and his movies are all dialog driven he understands the average geek/slacker to a T

  3. GREAT comment. What I liked MOST was how you were able to dissect a man’s body of work in just a few words. It’s so hard to find truly smart analysis these days. I think ‘kevin smith is such a hack’ says more in 6 words than a coherant argument ever could. Also, I believe the hurricane-like force of your opinion will no doubt turn his misguided fans into haters instantaneously.

    Your insight has won da internets for the day. Go and celebrate.

  4. That is a very cool looking poster.

  5. Does anybody know the status of hit somebody at this point?

    • I was wondering that myself, because he said that Hit Somebody, and not Clerks 3, would be his final movie/mini series before he retires as a filmmaker. Since he is such a Gretzky and ice hockey fanatic (duh!) I would be surprised if he would have let that idea go. I’m still in the process of catching up with the old Smodcast episodes, since I started listening to his podcasts about a year ago, perhaps that info is hidden in one of the later episodes (the last one I listened to was #195).

    • Last I heard, Hit Somebody has been picked up by an unspecified premium network (my guess is probably Showtime), but, has yet to cast anyone or confirm a release date.

      • Thanks!

  6. “After Smith announced that The Weinstein Company, who were involved with producing and distributing Clerks II, would not be funding Clerks 3 with its $6 million budget, it seemed the project had stalled. However, Smith has since responded to concerns over the future of his Clerks threequel.”

    No it didn’t seem to stall it was assumed to have stalled, but Smith has said ad nauseum that he intended to shoot it independently and that going to the Weinstein’s was a legal formality. But rather than find this out with things like research, movie sites everywhere decided it was a bad sign.

    • I’m so glad I’m not the only one who understands this. Kevin Smith has gone on record (MULTIPLE times) saying that the only reason he went to The Weinstein Company was because of legal reasons; they get first say, and, if they pass, he can go anywhere else. If that “anywhere else” accepts, TWC then gets to have another say on if they want to foot the bill or not. It’s not difficult information to find; just listen to pretty much any of his 2154 podcasts.

  7. I thought this was supposed to be a horror movie? When did that change?

    • It didn’t. It’s still a horror movie.

  8. ‘Tusk’ has an interesting poster. I’ll wait for the trailer.

  9. Clerks 2 was just awful. Only the most devout Kevin Smith cultists could possibly be interested in a third.

  10. I don’t care for the title or the subject of this article, but I’m going to make a negative statement on it anyhow just so people on the internet will think I’m edgy and cool. Go back under the bridge from whence you came.

    • Sorry, mate. Kevin Smith is done. Should have “retired” after J&SBSB. Truth hurts. Keep insulting me if it makes you feel better, though. It makes you look edgy and cool.

      • He didn’t insult you though, you insult yourself by speaking.

        • Lol, right. My mistake. KS is just as good as he ever was. Clerks 2 was a masterpiece. The movie with the walrus costume sounds fantastic. Carry on, KS fanbois.

          • You forgot to include a hashtag and the word “ever”. Not even a pause even though someone pointed out your idiocy eh? lol. Such passion for hate is astounding!

            • The only “passion for hate” on display here is from the unhinged KS zealots like you.

  11. this is a hoax. Can anyone believe this rat after last week. He should work for Marvel.

    • Is that you, rolan???

  12. So Kevin Smith is Mike Portnoy’s alias, just like with Superman and Kent. Pic at top for proof. They just take their glasses off.