Kevin Smith to Retire From Directing After ‘Clerks 3′

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Following the commercial and critical success of Kevin Smith’s first film, Clerks, in 1994, the filmmaker rode a wave of more moderately successful releases that kept his career head slightly above water. His devout cult following has helped him sustain his career as a writer/director in Hollywood after enduring such flops as Zack and Miri Make a Porno and Cop Out.

For years, Smith has talked about retiring from directing. Some suspected Red State may have been his last film if it wasn’t a hit – and it wasn’t – but Smith announced he would do one last feature (a hockey film titled Hit Somebody) before calling it quits. However, with the news that Hit Somebody is becoming a miniseries, Smith now has an opportunity to amend his retirement plan.

Smith announced this week via Twitter that he will write and direct Clerks 3 before he hangs up the headphones and folds up the director’s chair for good. Smith tweeted the following:

“So with the ‘HIT SOMEBODY’ shift, the minute Jeff Anderson signs on, my last cinematic effort as a writer/director will be ‘CLERKS III.’”

We haven’t heard much about Clerks 3 yet, but that’s because it’s still very much in the early stages of development. Smith tweeted this about the project:

“I’ve got a 70 page outline for ‘Clerks III.’ Transitioning to full script won’t take long.”

Obviously, Smith’s legion of fans will be sad to see him retire, but many of them are likely to be comforted by the fact that Smith’s career would have come full circle, ending where in approximately the same place that he started. Clerks is easily one of Smith’s most revered films and, being the one that started it all, it seems only fitting that he would chose to end his career with what will apparently become the third and final entry in the series.

Clerks 2 10 Jason Mewes Kevin Smith to Retire From Directing After Clerks 3

Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith as Jay and Silent Bob in ‘Clerks 2′

Kevin Smith fans will also likely be thrilled to see the characters from the Quick Stop return one last time. Although Smith doesn’t call himself an actor, his performance as half of the duo of Jay and Silent Bob might be what he is most known for, especially from moviegoers unfamiliar with the rest of his body of work.

Since Smith’s retirement is only from directing, we will assuredly see him contribute to future projects in some form, whether that be as a producer or actor. And considering all the big-time Hollywood players he calls close friends, most notably Ben Affleck, we’re likely to see Smith’s unique voice surface again sometime soon.

There’s no word yet on when Clerks 3 will go into production or be released.


Source: Kevin Smith’s Twitter Page

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  1. Who cares, really… I like Kevin Smith and all but what has he really done lately? If he was coming off of some really successful project this might illicit a surprised response, but Im just like “meh”.

    • What has he done lately? A TON of stuff. He runs a highly successful podcast network, he’s got Comic Book Men, a web show on Hulu, books, live events. Just because he’s not making movies – or something else you’re interested in – doesn’t mean he’s doing nothing. I’m actually more entertained by what he’s putting out now than I ever was by his films – and I LOVE his films.

      • In fairness Eric, we’re talking about movies. All the stuff on the side is irrelevant to this headline. :)

        • KC…..Kevin C? hmmm. sounds like you are one person trying to defend yourself. could be a coincidence though.

          • Wrong.

          • Hey, to reiterate my point, the post is talking about retiring from directing, and perhaps I should have been more specific in stating, I do not care that he will no longer be directing feature films. As I stated in my original post, I am a Kevin Smith fan. I love his older stuff, eg/ Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy and enjoy his Q&A sessions… but I haven’t enjoyed any of his films since then personally and I really wanted to like Cop Out, but… didn’t. And come on mang, if I was going to post under a pseudonym to defend myself I would have gone with something a little more creative Mr. Holmes…

        • Actually KC, The question was “What has Kevin Smith done?”

          Well it was a wide ranging question that Eric gave a response that was Valid.

          Kevin Smith has done more than movies.

          • Jeff, given the title of this post is based on cinematic achievement, I doubt anyone who really cares about podcast merit and what not, my 9 year old nephew runs his own podcast, he’s being featured on tomorrow’s screens rant home page, apparently replacing some clerks director.

            Hahhaha nah, just being cheeky.

            Guys everyone have fun continuing to debate on the smallest of matters, I’m off to get some sleep, hard work being a clown… *rests head*

      • Kevin Smith would be the first person to tell you he isn’t the worlds greatest director. He has a unique voice and always manages to infuse his films with so much heart and truth no matter how crude or outlandish the situation. Kevin Smith is a inspiration because no matter what he puts his mind to, he does it with such complete candid honesty it’s difficult to not relate on some level. Can’t wait for Clerks 3.
        I also think when all is said and done he’ll be remembered foremost as an amazing public speaker and broadcaster. Smodcast is hilarious

      • I love his podcasts. Comic Book Men is great. I would like to say Red State. Red State is pretty good.

    • x 2!!!

      The less engaging someone’s films are, the less we care about their retirement.

      • 2 different people and nothing to defend.

    • What has he done lately? Try Red State. 2011 not recent enough movie for ya?

  2. Very overrated, IMO.

    • LMFAO!!! Great stuff!!!

    • thats uncalled for.. i hope admins delete that comment

      • Is someone feeling self-conscious about themselves Burgerman? And that fat mom probably thought you were overrated too. But we all have to settle for something.

      • Admin! Help!

  3. Long Live SmodCo!!!

  4. I love kevin Smith and have been a fan since high school and watching clerks, and then mall rats in my friends basement. I had never seen anything like it at that point in my life, and It was awesome to see a movie about bored kids in a crappy suburban town, who were very much like me and my friends. His movies since then haven’t been mainstream successful, but are for the most part pretty entertaining low brow comedy. He’s past his peak and its fine if he wants to retire but I still want some more from Kevin smith!

  5. Love kevin’s work in all its forms. He has movef on from directing. Now he talks to his audience as himself through smidcasts and sir radio. Hisvsize has nothing to do with his talents! Grow up commentors. Hiw many films have YOU directed?

    • I don’t want to be the “I’m getting really tired of the…” guy but I’m getting really tired of the how many films have you directed line. Somebody with tons of talent could make only one film that was better than all of Smith’s put together. Or he could make no films but still be better. And how many films has Roger Ebert made? “Beyond the Valley of the Dolls” was a real turkey. Should he stop being a critic? No, because critics don’t make films.

  6. Not a great loss.

  7. good , his movies suck

  8. Cant wait to see how clerks 3 will come out…..

  9. He once stated that if he EVER made clerks 3 that it would be in space. im sure that’s not the route he’s going (obviously) but what is assumed is that Randall and (can’t think if his name) will move on from moobys (wrong name?) and they’re going to re-build the quick stop, I hope Mr. Smith converts it back to its original form, black and white, and I hope he takes the “amateur” approach he had taken in Clerks, the camera angles, the scene cuts were cool the way they transitioned into another.

    • UMMMM, i guess you didn’t see clerks 2 then because Dante and Randall both left mooby’s and went back to the quick stop which they co-own now so part 3 would be back in the quick stop…

  10. Plus his other work in comics such as Green arrow, green hornet, dare devil and many others which also helps define his wide range of skills as a writer.

  11. I’m surprised how many negative comments there are here. Kevin Smith is one of my favorite comedy directors. I guess I’m just part of his cult following. Can’t wait for Clerks 3.

    • I love kevin smith films. Well the one that are all together in the kevin smith universe that is. Clerks, Chasing Amy, Mallrats, Dogma, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back and Clerks 2 So I’m pretty much looking forward to Clerks 3…

  12. What a lot of the negative posters here aren’t getting is that Smith understands that he is not a filmmaker or a director any longer. He has proclaimed that he is not comparable to a Chris Nolan or a Zachary Snyder. But he is a great writer and one of the anchors of the podcasting world. That is his strength now. That is his focus. He is making clerks 3 for his fans who have supported him for the last 20 years. And before you start throwing stones, go create something that inspires ANYONE, let alone generates income. And if you don’t wanna see clerks 3, then don’t. The only reason why he has had a film carear is because someone far more important than you decided he was worth investing in.

    • You mean “not comparable to a Chris Nolan or even a Zack Snyder”. They’re not in the same league. And Smith’s not a great writer. His monologues sound like they were written by high school kids impersonating adults. But his fans defended him because he was a Hollywood underdog and now his dead career will receive the respectful lip service that the corpse always gets at a funeral, now matter how bloated and stinky it is. He’s been pretty luck, I’d say.
      And I think I’ll keep criticizing things I don’t like whether I’ve met with your qualifying professional criteria or not.
      I’m glad I never spent any money on his artless work. I’d have felt like a real chump!

      Humans built the Death Star out in space for a society with droids? I’ll never get over that.

  13. I’m cool with a Clerks III as long as he doesn’t kill off Randal or Dante. Don’t laugh. Check out the cut scenes from the original Clerks. He tried to kill off Dante until he was told it was a bad idea and changed it. Loved Clerks II. Will be happy if there is a III.

  14. I love Kevin Smith! I hung out with the guy a long time ago when he had a comic book shop in LA, he’s super cool. Been a huge fan for a long time and I’m sorry to see him retire from film. On the bright side he won’t be retiring from podcasting and in the city of angels he’s only a stones throw away. I’m so glad he’s doing a third Clerks movie.

    … or at least, I don’t. Never liked any of his movies.

    • Huh, something weird happened to the link there.
      Let’s try again:….jpg

      • I give up :|

        • Was not your fault my friend, The link, it is broken. How would you know.

    • If you don’t care, why read a story about him and then post a comment. Seems odd to comment on something you don’t care about.

  16. I have enjoyed some of Kevin Smiths movies, Dogma was very clever and Red State was a decent change of direction for him, it’s a bit sad that he’s decided to retire, but many of his movies were just a variation on Clerks and didnt really bring much new to the slacker/geek genre with many of his characters just coming across as whiney man child’s, Clerks 2 was pretty good, the LOTR skit is pretty awesome but the dialogue in his movies never feels acted, it’s like a script reading word for word

  17. I think Kevin Smith is an awesome person in general, but I believe there were just some things he should’ve veered away from. Not many though

  18. Clerks 2 sucked real bad! I want my time and money back. hopefully he’ll redeem himself

  19. Writer! His writing credit on Die Hard 4 was hard-fought according to one of his signature Q&A sessions. We could easily see him as a writer on a title in the future.

  20. Hate fanbois unite here and think your taste in film matters.

  21. Good. The sooner we stop hearing about this one hit wonder, the better.

  22. Smith- nice guy, smart, a quirky DIY director, not technically skilled, nailed it perfectly with “Clerks”:, periodically funny, periodically embarrassing as a writer/director.
    Here’s hoping… uh, “Clerks 3″… actually isn’t the worst way to end his career. The tired sight of a 40-year old stale T&A jokes Jay and a mugging, eye-rolling boomer-era “Silent Bob” in a long ratty peacoat isn’t exactly sending shockwaves of confidence through the interwebs.
    Guess this one is for the kid’s college fund, and that’s ok- but he should’ve wrapped it after Red State.

  23. Hey! I liked Zack and Miri make a porno! Anyways, i like his movies but i can see how his string of flops would get to him. Although i heard red state was good. Also, i like Kevin Smith as a personality and fellow comic book geek rather than a director/screenwriter.

  24. hopefully in Clerks 3 we get some more Jason Mewes peen like in Zack and Miri.

  25. I remember Kevin Smith stating Clerks 3 was going to be a stage play, I’m glad to hear it will be full fledged movie. I really enjoyed Red State a Z&M so I don’t really understand the hate.

    Cop out wasn’t very good but I wouldn’t write off the guy’s directing career over it.

  26. I’m a huge fan of Kevin Smith. And this is his decision, he knows he isn’t the greatest director ever and wants to move on with other ventures in his career, and I’m fine with that. I love Smodco products like A&E’s Comic book men, Spoilers! on Hulu, or Smodimations which I saw on Netflix. And almost all of the podcasts on the smodcast network are hilarious (a few don’t float my boat, but I’m sure others enjoy them). I’ve heard that Hollywood Babble On is becoming a television show, the mini-series for Hit Somebody is coming soon, and I’m excited to see what else is in store for Kevin Smith as time continues on. His live performances are hilarious and show what a great story teller he can be. He’s written a number of comics as well and created the Green Arrow/Batman villain Onomatopoeia. As for his movies, he has a cult following (including myself) love his comedies. We all agree that Jersey Girl was a mistake and Cop Out shouldn’t have been made…but it’s a mutual understanding between his fans. But what is this hate for Zack and Miri? Without that film, I wouldn’t know what a double dutch rudder is. And Red State was an amazingly different style of film-making for Smith where there isn’t a main character only a disturbing tale told from multiple angles. If you haven’t seen that film, watch it. It’s streaming on Netflix. So, I’m excited for Clerks 3, but this won’t be the last time we hear about Kevin Smith. He’s got his hand in quite a few projects.

  27. How the f**k was Zack and Miri a flop?? That movie was hilarious!

  28. Can’t say I am disappointed, hes an overrated hack who hasn’t made anything decent since at least Dogma

  29. It is amazing how bold people become on the Internet. Go ahead… Insert wise ass comment below.