Kevin Feige Teases ‘Different’ ‘Iron Man 3′; Jackson Talks ‘SHIELD’ Movie

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iron man 3 shield movie Kevin Feige Teases Different Iron Man 3; Jackson Talks SHIELD Movie

It will be interesting to see how exactly the Marvel movie universe changes in the aftermath of The Avengers. The next film in line following Joss Whedon’s superhero extravaganza, Iron Man 3 already looks to set a precedent by tackling a famous comic book storyline that not only breaks away from the narrative format of previous Marvel Studio efforts – but would also force the Tony Stark character (Robert Downey Jr.) to literally evolve.

Marvel President Kevin Feige is already hyping the idea that the third Iron Man movie will shake things up, more than fans might expect (take that boast with a grain of salt). Similarly, when asked about the possibility of a SHIELD movie centered around his onscreen counterpart, Nick Fury, Samuel L. Jackson described a film that would indeed be a relatively far cry from a “traditional” superhero movie.

To go along with his previous statements suggesting that Iron Man 3 will take its cues from the first act of Iron Man, Feige recently teased ABC News with the following bit about Tony Stark’s overarching journey in IM3:

“It’s going to be very different, very unique and I think not ascribe to any specific formula that [moviegoers] think they may have pegged us on. It’s all in the story. It’s where you take Tony Stark on his journey in an unexpected way and have him come out of ['The Avengers'] a slightly changed individual, which people will see when they see the movie.”

Iron Man 3 director Shane Black’s vision for the movie has been likened to that of a semi-grounded, globe-trotting espionage thriller (in the vein of a Tom Clancy novel) that pits Tony against “real world villains” - one of which may or may not be portrayed by Oscar-winner Ben Kingsley – who, judging by one of the film’s shooting locations, could indeed be playing a Mandarin-like antagonist (official denials to the contrary).

All that does point in the direction of an Iron Man threequel that stands apart from its predecessors. If nothing else, Tony’s problems in IM3 could feel much more compelling than those in Iron Man 2 – which is kind of odd, when you recall that he was literally dying in that movie. Such was that lackluster execution of that particular subplot (in our opinion), but, moving on…

samuel l jackson nick fury shield avengers Kevin Feige Teases Different Iron Man 3; Jackson Talks SHIELD Movie

During a separate Avengers-related interview, Jackson offered the following insight about a potential SHIELD movie (when prompted by MTV, that is):

“Natasha [a.k.a. Black Widow] is part of S.H.I.E.L.D., Hawkeye is part of S.H.I.E.L.D., and I couldn’t do a S.H.I.E.L.D. movie without those two people. They’re essential elements of what’s there… Now we know Agent [Maria] Hill is an essential element of S.H.I.E.L.D. so she would have to be there. And I’m still not sure if she’s the eyes and ears of the council hanging around inside their place and telling people, ‘We’ve got these superheroes over here!’ She wants my job. I can tell. She’s ambitious.

“… I don’t know how much of S.H.I.E.L.D. [Marvel] want[s] to expose…I mean, we’re not superheroes. We’re more of a shadow world. So, it would be more like ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’ with good toys—closer to a ‘Bond’ movie than a superhero movie.”

Jackson’s specific comments about the SHIELD movie probably being akin to a James Bond flick (or Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, albeit not quite so low-key) allude to a film that bears more than a passing resemblance to the proposed approach for Iron Man 3. That is, both could be fashioned as more “realistic” thrillers than any other Marvel Studio-backed movie to date, including The Avengers (based on what we know of that movie).

In other words: parts of the Marvel movie universe appear to be evolving in a distinct direction, as further supported by popular speculation that Captain America 2 and the impending Ant-Man movie could likewise be taking the shape of relatively down-to-earth adventures (rather than live-action versions of Saturday morning cartoon serials).

How exactly all that fits in with those long-standing rumors that Marvel will go cosmic post-Avengers, that’s another matter…

The Avengers assemble in U.S. theaters on May 4th, 2012.

Iron Man 3 will fly into theaters around the U.S. almost exactly a year later on May 3rd, 2013.


Source: ABC News, MTV

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  1. i think a shield movie would be cool to see

  2. I would love to see The Leader excape from shield and just be brilliant like gerard butler was in Law Abiding citizen.Just creating wild looking creatures, and weapons to destroy shield with. he could free the Abomination, and as Shield is torn apart,but doing a good job of handleing Leaders army, and almost beaten The hulk Appear and helps. I would love to see this since they do not plan on doing another hulk film, and would love to see some of the things Shield is dealing with like the leader.

    • that sounds good but he said there were no plans for TIH 2 “right now” so im still holding out hope for one eventually.

    • @Film Fan I like the way you think sir :) I wouldn’t mind seein a SHIELD movie with Nick Fury, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and, Coulson

  3. If IM3 doesn’t have The Mandarin with his 10 rings of power then they have already failed imho. Using the Extremis story is a lame cop-out when they have had IM’s arch nemesis right there, asking, begging to be used.


      • Um, I take it you typed that on a mobile device? Always nice when people agree with my PoV but all caps make things difficult to read.

        GOLDILOCKS SMASH!!!!!!!!
        J/K :)

      • all thats to worry about is how the story moves along nonetheless the actual cast could carry the movie i mean youve got three really great actors in johanson, jackson and renner plus it saves the original idea of having a solo hawkeye and black widow movie. they could also create a crossover platform for more avengers and some minor villains

      • Gotta disagree on this one…not into the comic book world as heavily as some, so i don’t know all the different storylines and whatnot, but… Hawkeye, Black Widow, Nick Fury and Agent Hill in a Bond-esque spy movie? That would kick some serious tail! It might draw a different crowd, sure, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, is it? Now you have the Jason Bourne/James Bond/Smiley followers invested in a Marvel movie. Wouldn’t that expand Marvel’s fanbase that much more?

  4. Why would they get all realistic AFTER The Avengers?? That makes no sense! That movie is supposed to open up the universe to insanity!

    • @ eddie

      Good question. I can only think of DC/WB plans & (Nolan’s Bat-films/Snyder’s Superman film) being the reasons. Big bucks you know & thinkin everyone wants all CBM to be realistic as possible, regardless of the character/characters featured.

  5. I could see a Prometheus style cosmic adventure. Maybe things are more grounded in that sense. Less Chronicles of Riddick and more Pitch Black.

  6. If what I heard is correct that sounds lame. Use the Mandarin and action it up with more super heros like Avengers dont go the gay no one wants to see serious down to earth route wrong move Marvel wrong move!

  7. I dont want realistic, thats why im going to see a comic book movie because i want super-powered heros beating the crap out each other. Iron Man 3 doesnt need to be a spy movie becuase there are plenty of those out there.

    Iron Man needs to be fighting super-villians

    • Right without making or grounding the movie to reality which everyone love on the Dark Knight/Xmen/Ironman so far, you get THE GREEN LANTERN, look at how that turn out. It would become ridicolous and amateur only acceptable for the Ben Ten crowd.

      • Green Lantern wasn’t bad. Mark Strong was better than I thought he’d be (he IS a Brit therefore expected to be good – the reasons the Batman and many other superhero things have so much improved out of all expectations is due to British and Anzac actors writers and directors – latest Batman and Avengers baddies are Brits)
        But oh yes. It would be a CALAMITOUS mistake to make it more “realistic”
        By the way – hope it IS the Skrulls. Others have been mentioned, but onl;y the Skrulls have the kick.

    • I don’t know where you got the idea that IM3 is going to be a spy movie, because it isn’t.
      If they ever make a ‘SHIELD’ movie, then that’ll most definitely be a spy flick (as SLJ said), but IM3 isn’t going that direction (although, I think Cap 2 is leaning in the covert-ops direction…)

      • I think the gist of the spy movie comment is IM needs something more than just a terrorist to battle. Even a terrorist with nano-tech able to wipe out 94% of the population is still just a terrorist. So it’s tech vs tech, /yawn we did that in IM1 AND 2 so I believe most of us want an actual super villain this time around.

    • @ digimass


  8. Damn…..A Shield Movie?…Um….Not necessary. At All. They should focus their energy on something else…

    • Um…disagree. SHIELD stories are some of the best out there.

      • Yeah, i actually wouldnt mind seeing a shield movie if they have the right characters. Meaning they need Hawkeye, Black Window, Nick Fury and maybe Captain America since he will most likely be with shield now.

        They need to expand on the Marvel universe and a Shield movie would be a good way to ease other character into the Marvel movie verse like Black Panther. It could have Shield trying to deal with other Heroes popping up after the the big Loki invasion.

        Would love to see Luke Cage and Iron Fist together but save them for a Heroes for Hire perhaps

  9. I like Shane Black’s last movie Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, but I don’t like the direction he’s taking Iron Man 3. It doesn’t need to be realistic, especially after The Avengers.

  10. I would really like it if this downplaying of the fantastical could be the first of a step stone of maybe heading towards a Civil War. If they really did reboot X-Men and the fact they have so much more time to do so many things I think it could be brilliant.

  11. They sound awesome but they need to quit it with the “grounded, realistic” ideas. Iron Man needs to fight some dang super villains not more terrorists. I could see a great SHIELD movie, James Bond meets Mission Impossible with a comic book/superhero twist.

    *SPOILER* One of the reasons I loved the clip from the Avengers of IM fighting Thor is for the first time in the movie universe, he’s not fighting another guy in a knock off of his armor.

  12. I have to disagree, and say im into any kinda of genre of film Based on a good story/characters. not just a bunch of action/beating the crap out of each other for three hours. if there is no story,or character development the characters would fall flat. I was just stateing in my Rant above that a Shield film would be pretty good, but i would love to see more Hulk and he would fit in good with a Shield film since they are the one who have captured his two main villains The Leader Samuel Sterns created at the end of the Hulk film when Hulk blood entered his Head wound , and The Abomination.anyways Give some good ideas and feedback love it.

    • I don’t think anyone is saying that story doesn’t matter, I believe they are saying that this current fascination with realism is getting annoying. How can you have a realistic movie with a guy who turns into a green behemoth with godlike strength? Or a movie with a man in a suit of armor that allows him to fly, lift tanks and shoot beams out of his hands? Comic book movies should be fantastical.

      • Still, IMO there has to be a sense of “groundedness” or realism – it’s what makes these movies slightly believable (I mean, the way they did ‘Iron Man’: it really does seem as if this technology CAN, just MAYBE exist).
        Sure, it’s still way out there and fantastical, but there are different types of fantastical:
        For instance, you get Iron Man from the 60′s: he’s a guy with lost of armor parts in a suit-case… and somehow, he can put it on without needing hours to tighten the bolts – and even more absurdly, it just works! It’s a bunch of armor plates for crying out load… we never saw any wires or circuits that suggest that it’s a working piece of machinery connected to a power source…
        Compare that to the Iron Man we saw in the movies: it’s all thought out. The weight of the armor, the mechanics, the way the pieces interact with each other, the assembly… everything works in a believable fashion.

        So yeah, I’m glad realism plays such a large part in movies like this. Yes, they should still have a comical feel and be fantastical, but without a bit of realism, we’d feel alienated from the story and the characters.
        You know it’s true! ;)

        • Your point is valid for IM; but what about Hulk and Thor? How can someone explain a man gaining like 800 or more pounds in seconds, or an alien who can lift a hammer easily that no one else (even people stronger than him) can lift? For me, these things are not based in reality, just as vampires are not based in reality (I mean real vampires :-), not those sparkly ones 8-) ). I think people just see the phenomenal success of TDK and want every CBM to be similar.

          • and don’t forget how a man gains 800 pounds and rips all of his clothing but his pants. If they want realism, where is the Watchmen-esque green wiener? (nobody wants to see that…besides my wife). I’m in agreement with Kahless. I like the fantasy creatures placed in the real world…but I don’t need the creatures…super humans…Gods…etc. to be realistic.

            Ironman and Batman work in realistic life-like settings because they are rich guys with technology, but honestly all they really are James Bond in better suits.

          • You make a fair point, but once again, if you compare the old Hulk and Thor from way back, to the new versions in the comics and the movies, you’ll notice there is a sense of realism mixed in with all the fantastical elements.
            My point isn’t that the movies should be COMPLETELY realistic (that would make it boring ;)): like I said, they should have fantasy, but with a small sense of realism to extend the viewers’ ability to believe in these characters and what they’re seeing (if only for a few seconds). Thor and Mjornir, and Hulk, among others – there’s no realism when it comes to their CORE elements: Bruce Banner turns into a green monster and Thor has a hammer that no one can use besides himself — that’s the stuff that’s immovable, but as for their stories, origins and backgrounds… realism isn’t all that bad.
            if you look at Thor for example: in the original comics, the Bifrost was literally a bridge made of a rainbow that ran from Asgard to Earth… now it’s been evolved as a portal to another world/realm (it’s still fantastical – it still isn’t “REAL”, but it’s more believable, and less far out than the old mythos.)

            Some stuff can’t be changed, and shouldn’t, but to get the audience to relate and feel involved in the story they’re watching, they need to make SOME of the elements more believable and less alienating.

            I think the ratio should be like 75% fantasy/sci-fi and 25% realism… something along those lines.

            • I agree 100% Avenger.

            • This I can agree with.

            • @ The Avenger

              I agree completely with ya. 75% fantasy/sci-fi & 25% realism sounds right to me aswell.

            • @ The Avenger

              This is one of the best points that has been made on this site; totally agree with you.

      • @ John

        Agreed heartly!

  13. Even after everything in Thor and the use of the cosmic cube in Captain America and The Avengers, I feel having an bad guy with “magic” rings would just be to comic book-y for the world the MCU has established.

    I have no problem with IM3 being more grounded but I don’t like this Extremis plot. Glob trotting as to track down a terrorist organization which ends up being lead by the MCU’s version of The Mandarin sounds cool, but I don’t think a semi-cyborg Ironman or power rings from crashed alien ship would work, personally speaking. But I also thought they couldn’t possibly pull off a Thor movie and I ended up being pleasantly surprised. Still early days.

    • Then dont look at them as magic rings. I forget who said it first, but it went something like this, any technology significantly advanced will appear to be “magic” to more primitive societies. Take for instance the black powder rifle. To natives in South America, these were sticks with magic. Now take that same logic and apply it to ten rings that have different capabilities to affect their surroundings and apply some very fantastical yet most times probable theoretical physics and you could probably ground those rings to reality quite nicely in a simple 2 or 3 minute montage with some brainy dialogue to boot.

      If you dont want to believe then you never will. Only the willing have faith.

      • Arthur C. Clark

    • The 10 rings of power are actually alien power devices. Mandarin found them in a derelict spaceship. He then tapped into their power to re-fashion them into rings he could wear. So is alien tech any more palatable?

    • I don’t see the big deal. There are aliens in The Avengers

  14. For a character like the Mandarin, it don’t think would make any differance how realistic they make him with rings or not because i think he could turn out bad still etheir way. A good number of comic fans wanna see his rings be magical as to keep the character somewhat traditional still. Some wanna go the hi-tech route with the character, whether the rings are hi-tech or not. Im not one them because seeing ten rings being hi-tech weapons to be realistic? C’mon, what powers them a battery back pack? Anyways, id prefer just to go with the magical rings. Aslong as they don’t kill the Mandarin off, they can always try another approach in another sequel if any. But they should ask themselves this, if not take the chance with Mandarin having magical rings, how do they plan on makin a Dr. Strange film down the road when he practices magic? Don’t tell me he’ll have hi-tech hands or gaunlets or somthing.

    • What powers them??? Simple, I micro zero point energy module. NEXT!

      • Stargate: SG1/Atlantis :-D

  15. When did the leader get arrested? I thought Sterns head was just thobbing the last time we saw him. Um…..Should I rephrase that?

    • Read ‘Marvel’s The Avengers Prelude: Fury’s Big Week’
      It explains everything from what happened to the Leader, to where the Destroyers corpse ended up, to how and WHEN they found Cap’s body.

      • going to read it right now

  16. shield movie would be kool but they really need to make an antman movie with wasp or black panther

  17. Interesting.

  18. Agreed on the whole Ant-Man movie. I’m pretty disappointed they didn’t put him and Wasp in the Avengers. Ant-man needs to introduce him and Wasp and happen soon, and I think it’d be much cooler to have a Mandarin storyline than Extremis. That takes things in a really weird direction for the movies. I’d also rather see another Incredible Hulk with Ruffalo(namely him gaining more control over Hulk and using it to save people) than a Guardians of the Galaxy movie. And Black Panther would be pretty awesome. Have him, Ant-man and Wasp join for Avengers 2: Electric Boogaloo or w/e unnecessary subtitle they slap on it.

    • From the trailers it looks like your gonna get your wish about Mark ruffalo gaining control over his hulk since we see him saving ironman. I just don’t think a good enough script has come across Marvels desk in order to justify another Hulk movie.

  19. a spy movie would be perfect it could be based around hydra or one of the other organisations rising and causing trouble globally and somehow tie it into the return of red skull or the rise of another villain in preparation for avengers 2 ;)

  20. IM3 being realistic and grounded would be cool IMO (more in the vein of IM1, and less robots fighting robots from IM2 – although, I have to admit, the fight sequence where IM and WM fought the Hammerdrones was EPIC.)
    As I’ve already said, I’d like to see Iron Man fight some more terrorists (the ten rings), and then find out, the Mandarin (a guy who’s also been plotting a corporate war against Stark Industries) is financing them.
    I’m just REALLY against the idea of the Extremis story line :(

    As for a ‘SHIELD’ movie, I say: why not? It would be cool! BUT, Marvel needs to do ‘Black Panther’ and ‘Dr. Strange’ first.

  21. I think alot of the nocomic viewing audiance would wonder what happened to the leader, i for one have all the Marvel Encyclopedias,but do not read alot of comics, i just think they should cover the whole Leader/Hulk thing on film.

    • If the non-comic reading audience REALLY wants to know what happened to the Leader, then they’re just going to have to start reading comics or just do a quick google search (it’s as simple as that…).
      It would be cool to have a Hulk sequel, but according to Feige that isn’t happening anytime soon :(
      But anyone who wants to call themselves a hardcore fan of the Marvel movies, (IMO) wouldn’t mind spending a few dollars on ONE lil’ old comic book series…

  22. Right on!!!!!!!!!! seriously, MARVEL get your act together and give a SHIELD film, s nice rocking FUN Spy film ,BOND hasn’t been BOND since Brosnon did GoldenEye and Tomorrow Never Dies….Sam Jackson and crew could give us a kick ass film…just leave the Jason Bourne camera work at home, give us spys + gadgets + women+ action……

  23. A shield movie just comes across as boring to me. Ironman in China? Meh….we will see. I def think Marvel is gonna go more fantasy though after ironman 3 & cap 2. plus how can they not if a certain purple Bad guy is involved; who wants the infinity gauntlet so he can rule the universe.

    So they are basically pushing loki’s army action figures all over FB and I dident want to look…but God help me………. I Couldent resist. But anyways no spoilers from me…its just now I’m positive our fav. purple villain has to be involved….if they even remotely follow the ultimate storyline.

    Also I point evidence to the fact Marvel is interested in doing space based titles like The Inhumans…Argonauts etc. They are clearly following a pattern here guys.

  24. Also I cant see the avengers movie not introducing us to future avengers characters…..we all know Marvel loves the Easter eggs & honorable mentions lol.

  25. I like the idea of a SHIELD movie. That would give Marvel Studios an avenue to introduce us to all kinds of characters from the Marvel universe that we have not seen before.

    IM3 going the Extremis route: not a good idea IMHO. It wasnt the direction the character needed to go in the comics and it isnt the direction the character needs to go in the movies. Can we get a re write please!

  26. Fim Fang Foom… FTW!!!