Kevin Feige Compares ‘Avengers’ to ‘Dark Knight Rises,’ Talks Loki’s Army, & More

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Kevin Feige Avengers Dark Knight Rises Lokis Army Kevin Feige Compares Avengers to Dark Knight Rises, Talks Lokis Army, & More

With The Avengers mere days away from a UK release – and mere weeks away from a U.S. release – media exposure is at an all-time high, with footage, imagery, interviews, and more hitting the web at an increasingly rapid rate.

Recently, Kevin Feige discussed a great many things with regard to the superhero mash-up film, including the similarities (or lack thereof) to The Dark Knight Rises and the mystery surrounding the identity of Loki’s army.

(MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD for those who don’t want to know anything about The Avengers!)

Courtesy of Comic Book Resources, Feige talked about The Dark Knight Rises‘ very different tone:

“I haven’t seen ‘Dark Knight Rises.’ [Christopher] Nolan’s tone is very specific and is pretty awesome and we’re very different. I think that while we have, particularly in ‘Avengers,’ very serious moments and [it] is as dark and serious as the moments in any of our films, there’s a sense of humor that goes along with it that Joss is an expert at and that we believe very strongly that Jon Favreau really helped define in the ‘Iron Man’ films, that allows, we believe, the audience to get even deeper into the story.”

On the Marvel movies’ patented sense of humor:

“There’s a lot of crazy stuff going on in our movies and we want people to believe in them and we want people to relate to them. When they’re laughing, when they’re cheering, you can suddenly hit them with something else — you open up through humor and that tone, that fine line between the epic, the bombastic, the moving and the humor is to me that favorite part of stringing all these movies together. One of my favorite compliments coming out of many of our films is, ‘I didn’t think it would be so funny!’”

While that may be, it’s worth noting that one of the most common criticisms of Thor was its overabundance of sitcom-y humor, especially once Thor crash-landed on Earth.

On Joss Whedon’s role as screenwriter of The Avengers:

“I would say [he was] more than just filling in. It’s not like we had enough defined that we just needed someone to come in and color by numbers. If that’s all we wanted, [we would've hired] very different filmmakers and [our films wouldn't have been nearly as good],”

What, precisely, did the producers have planned before Whedon came onboard?

“We told him what characters we wanted, we told him how we wanted S.H.I.E.L.D. to be sort of the umbrella organization that tied it all together, we wanted the Helicarrier, and we wanted Loki to be the bad guy and sort of that final, final battle in New York. All of the specifics, all of the dialogue, all of the humor and the emotional states of the characters and the interconnected way the characters relate to each other is from the books, from the other movies and from Joss.”

On the (un)importance of Loki’s alien army:

“Truthfully, they are Loki’s army and what is most important about them is that they are Loki’s army. The notion of Skrulls and Kree and the amount of speculation — the great thing about the fans just want to know everything they don’t know. They wanted to fill in the blank, and that blank wasn’t particularly important of who the aliens were; we revealed Loki a long time ago, he was the main bad guy.”

We recently broke down the most likely suspects for Loki’s army. It has since been revealed who/what they are from people who have seen the film. We won’t spoil that reveal here, but suffice it to say, they were on the list – and their identity is far less important than their role as an army of minions.

On Loki’s role as “the bad guy” in The Avengers:

“It was Loki in the ‘Avengers’ #1 comic who caused them all to come together, so we like the legacy of that all. Why reinvent the wheel when we don’t have to? The order of the movies was very intentional, it allowed us to set up a villain in a deep and meaningful way to really blow it out in ‘Avengers,’ just like they did in ‘Avengers’ #1. [That said], there’s a reveal at the end [of the film] — the notion that Loki has made an arrangement with somebody, that somebody has provided these extremely deadly and creepy and cool aliens to fight alongside him and then to reveal who that somebody was, that’s all Joss and that was sort of the big payoff.”

Fans who have been dilligently following The Avengers coverage already know what that big payoff is.

On Joss Whedon’s take on The Hulk and choosing Mark Ruffalo to play Bruce Banner:

“There had been discussion as to where to take [The Hulk] and where to take the part and Joss had some ideas. He came to us and said, ‘I’d like to think about another actor,’ and we said, ‘Well, much of what we like about ‘The Avengers’ is we’re taking all the actors we had before and putting them together again, so we said it depends on who you’re thinking of — if you’re thinking of A, B or C maybe not, if you’re thinking of Mark Ruffalo, we’d be open to a conversation. And he goes, ‘Holy ****!’ and takes a list out of his pocket, and at the top of his list was Mark Ruffalo. We had [suggested Mark] because he had come very, very close to playing Banner in ‘The Incredible Hulk,’ [but] Joss had no idea.”

The Hulk in The Avengers Kevin Feige Compares Avengers to Dark Knight Rises, Talks Lokis Army, & More

On Marvel’s second wave of superhero films in the wake of The Avengers:

“The movies we’ve already announced are the ones we’re working on most heavily and are the ones that are frankly taking up most of our imagination right now; how to bring Tony Stark back in a way that is unexpected and surprises people, how to evolve the Thor franchise and the Captain America franchise in new and unexpected ways to elevate them beyond what they started as. Doing something completely unexpected, outside the box, we’re going to do that on these other Cap movies and Thor movies and Iron Man movies.”

Kevin Feige went on to strongly imply that two of the following films – Ant-Man, The Runaways, Guardians of the Galaxy, and The Inhumans – were closer to beginning production than any of us realized. Based on recent talk, Ant-Man is probably one of them, but which of the remaining three (and really, Inhumans is pretty unlikely) is the second film? Runaways or Guardians of the Galaxy?

The Avengers hits (American) theaters May 4th, 2012.


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Source: Comic Book Resources

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  1. Can’t wait for thismovie! I would be totallyhappy with an Ant-Man film, but I also want a Black Panther solo film…

    • Totally with you on the Black Panther film, I would also like to see Heros for Hire, and maybe even a Silver Surfer (I don’t think that Marvel owns that, yet, but I’m still hoping) film.

      The Inhumans would be great too, Black Blot has always been one of my favorite guys, love to see more of the cosmic/space characters too.

      I hope they eventually get the Kree involved in these movies, because I would love to see Ms Marvel being introduced for upcoming movies.

  2. Im surprised that a Runaways movie would be so close to getting made, wouldn’t they want to bring in heavy hitters to set the foundation for this universe they’ve created?

  3. i stopped reading when you said minor spoilers ahead!!! getting to close now and ive done pretty good so far not to spoil anything! bring on may already!!!

  4. I love both Guardians of the Galaxy and Runaways, but honestly I think Guardians has a better chance of hitting theaters any time soon (especially with awesome characters like Rocket Raccoon). that being said, I wouldn’t mind if they made Runaways an animated movie like Ultimate Avengers or Planet Hulk.

  5. Ok I will give them Ant Man, but I am getting a little discouraged with no Black Panther mention.

    • These weren’t the only films “closer to production” than we knew, they just happened to be the ones mentioned.

  6. WHERE IS T’CHALLA? The Panther is denied again!!!

    So is it safe to say after 2013′s IronMan3 and Thor 2, 2014 will have Cap2 and…. ANTMAN, or Guardians?

    If I had to pick…


    • Marvel Studio’s is afraid of Africa!

  7. Nice article

    • Thanks!

  8. Sooo close to may 4th aaa i just wanna watch this noww

  9. It’s been said before but it’s worth mentioning again that what Marvel has done with the films leading up to and including The Avengers is amazing.
    Think about it. Even though the 1st Hulk film failed to be what they hoped they stuck to the plan with Iron Man and then tried the Hulk again. And if either Captain America or Thor bombed their would have been serious doubts about wether or not The Avengers could work.
    Now a days studios aren’t willing to take big risks especially something as big as The Avengers. It was in production before Cap and Thor were released so if even 1 of those films performed below expectations it could have spelled doom for The Avengers.
    And let’s not forget how they took chances with Favreau and Branagh. Both were a surprise as choices to direct a CBM.
    But the selection of Joss Whedon to write and direct The Avengers was brilliant. I can’t think of someone better for the job. Who else do you bring in to direct the ultimate CBM? He’s loved by fans and critics, he knows the medium and has worked in gener before with success.
    Sorry for the rant :) I’m typing on my iPod so I can’t see past the last 4 lines so if what I’ve said makes no sense I apologize.

    • The first Hulk (Ang Lee’s Hulk in 2003) doesn’t have anything to do with this though… That one was produced by Universal, and The Incredible Hulk is the one and only Hulk movie independently produced by Marvel Studios.

  10. “army of minions” was a spoiler. Add “the notion that Loki has made an arrangement with somebody” who “has provided these extremely deadly and creepy and cool aliens” and we already know who the bad guy is in Avengers 2.

    • Army of minions isn’t a spoiler. A minion is, literally, a follower. In this case, the point was that they were following Loki’s command, something you would know from the trailers, etc. Also — and perhaps you weren’t complaining, just sort of commenting on it, so if that’s the case just ignore the following — there was a spoiler warning at the top of the article.

      • You’re right about the minions. I was under the impression Thanos’ followers were referred to as his minions after reading recent comments on SR. I wasn’t complaining anyway.
        Nevertheless, don’t you think Feige’s statements pretty much lock Thanos as the bad guy in Avengers 2 (or 3 if they decide to go in another direction with 2)?

        • Oh, definitely. Unless they’re doing a long game. Introducing him at the end of 1 and then only using him as the main bad guy in, say, 3.

    • Actually, I am not sure who the #2 baddie is (Thanos perhaps? And might there be Skrulls? Please provide info here if you have an idea). I would like to see eventual appearences somewhere in the franchise of Thanos, Skrulls, Kang, Mandarin, & Ultron. Of course, they need someone to balance them out on the good-guy side, so how about Goliath (Hank Pym, cool yellow/blue costume), Wasp, Quicksilver, & Scarlet Witch?

      • It’s probably Thanos. Feige’s statements (I pointed them out in my comment) kinda confirming the rumor that the post-credits scene in Avengers involves Thanos being told that Loki has failed. Also, Ben says the aliens were on the list that he had recently compiled. The list included Thanos’ followers.

      • It’s probably Thanos. Feige’s statements (I pointed them out in my comment) kinda confirmed the rumor that the post-credits scene in Avengers involves Thanos being told that Loki has failed. Also, Ben says the aliens were on the list that he had recently compiled. The list included Thanos’ followers.

  11. Any reasoning on why Joss wanted a different actor for Hulk?

    • From what I understand it wasn’t just Wedon. Marvel didn’t want Norton back. It seems like he’s not the easiest guy to work with and I’m sure they didn’t want to deal with someone like that on a film this big with such a big group already.
      One bad apple could seriously spoil the bunch.
      I’m sure there’s more to it that someone else can explain.

      • Yeah, Norton was out way before Avengers even got started.

  12. This article was nice, I enjoyed it alot, keep up the good work you guys and gals

    • Thanks much.

  13. So im guessing Loki made a deal with Thanos if that makes sense.

    • Yes. >:)

  14. Ant-man would be cool…especially if it is the hank Pym one, and he turns into Goliath before the end of the flick. Inhumans would be good, too. I am not familiar with Runaways or guardians to any great degree, so i guess they would not be too far up my list. Now Heroes for Hire with Power man (Luke Cage) and Iron Fist I could handle, and Black Panther would be OK, too. I would like to see another Daredevil, a Fantastic Four reboot vs. The Frightful Four (Sandman, Wizard, Trapster, Medusa), an X-Men reboot with lots of Cyclops vs. The Sentinels, a Spiderman movie or movies versus Electro, Scorpion, Mysterio, and possibly Morbius (if not too much for the kiddies), altho not all of these villains at once, cuz a hero can only fight so many at a time. Dr. Strange would be OK, but not all that high up the list.
    Characters we don’t need more of (they were good such as they were, but we need to move on past thyem) include variously, Magneto, Wolverine, Dr. Doom, & Green Goblin, and I don’t want to see dumb villains in Spiderman like Rhino, Kraven, & Vulture. After 2 appearences in a movie, a villain needs someone else to pick up the torch. The same might be said possibly for Loki, a good villain again but let’s see if he is worn out s a character for awhile after Avengers #1.

  15. —possible spoiler ahead—

    Although I think the most of you are guessing this already:
    I’m thinking that Thanos is helping Loki with his army, and on exchange he wants the help of Loki to infiltrate Asgard to get his Infinity Gauntlet back from Odin, since he knows a way in without using the Bofrost (Thor 2 or Avengers 2?).

    • I mean Bifrost! :D

      • very good theory :)

    • Holy s*** I never thought of that hope your right, now look what you did got my hopes up :)

  16. All this is good and everything but I won’t be satisfied until I see TIH2: Brain vs. brawn

  17. And so it begins. This is a good time for superhero movie fans :-)

  18. Possible SPOILER———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–”NANO-TECHNOLOGY”(Two scientists involved but one is a master at it). Three movies involved with nano-tech.

    • Nanotechnology is the latest hot trend in Hollywood make believe.
      If you can’t show some special effect originated from standard technology you just say it is micro nanotechnology.
      This keeps you from having to explain it as magic or something even less believable.
      Unfortunately this nanotechnology explanation is getting overused for things that are just way out of the realm of possibilities.
      Fire breathing and 3000 Celsius from Extremis recipients for example. Yeah it may actually be possible in the future but it is too hard to believe for most people.
      As soon as you say magic/super nanotech exists ect standard superheroes like daredevil seem pointless.