Kevin Feige Calls ‘Doctor Strange’ Movie a ‘Mind-Bending Acid Trip’

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Kevin Feige Cals Doctor Strange A Mind Bending Acid Trip Kevin Feige Calls Doctor Strange Movie a Mind Bending Acid Trip

Although a Doctor Strange film is confirmed to be included in Marvel’s Phase 3, the movie still has no release date and cannot premiere until July 2016 at the earliest. Marvel enlisted Scott Derrickson (Deliver Us From Evil) to direct and Jon Spaihts (Prometheus) to revise the script written by Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer. With production to officially start in early 2015 and casting to begin soon, the project is one of Marvel’s most talked about, especially at San Diego Comic-Con, where we thought the studio might announce a release date for it.

Though Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, didn’t announce Doctor Strange‘s release date or star, he did talk more about how the film will be a “classic Marvel origin story” as well as how they will weave mysticism into their science-heavy universe.

Feige told us about how Doctor Strange will traverse through alternate dimensions and different realms. Feige said that they’re welcoming the turn to the supernatural that a Doctor Strange movie offers, and that they’re questioning the definition of supernatural.

Read Feige’s quote:

With Strange, it is a classic Marvel origin story because he’s got one of the best origins ever. And it’s our opportunity to take that left turn into the supernatural. Now, what is the definition of supernatural? It varies. We like the idea of playing with alternate dimensions. The very sort of crazy – [Steve] Ditko crazy acid trip way of traveling through dimensions and traveling through other realms is something that we think is very, very cool … playing with the perceptions of reality.

It’s certainly easy to see how Doctor Strange’s origin story could easily fit into the MCU: Stephen Strange starts off as a neurosurgeon, but after a car accident damaged his hands beyond repair, he traveled the world searching for a way to restore his ruined hands. He met the Earth’s Supreme Sorcerer and became the Ancient One’s disciple, learning the mystic arts.

Kevin Feige Doctor Strange Mind Bending Kevin Feige Calls Doctor Strange Movie a Mind Bending Acid Trip

However, as Feige stated previously, since Doctor Strange starts off as a scientist, he will approach magic with an eye to figuring out how things work and there will be a tension between the logic of science and the faith of mysticism. Feige said they approached the movie with a similar mindset of how the mystic arts will fit into their established universe.

Said Feige:

I just watched the Neil deGrasse Tyson ‘Cosmos’ series, which is amazing, and which may as well be an acid trip. It is mind-bending and it’s all based in physics and based in quantum mechanics. We’re going to play a lot with the notion of that as an explanation for how the sorcerers do what they do.

So far, the MCU has predominantly been rooted in science. The origins of Tony Stark’s Iron Man, Steve Rogers’ Captain America, and even Thor’s arrival on Earth from his home-realm of Asgard have been explained through science in the films. It seems, as indicated by Feige’s comments, that the Doctor Strange movie won’t be too far removed from the science at the heart of the MCU.

What do you think, Screen Rant readers? Are you glad to hear that Doctor Strange’s powers might be based on physics and quantum mechanics? Let us know in the comments.

Doctor Strange currently has no release date.

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  1. If they just say that magic and advanced quantum physics are the same thing, and leave it at that, I’ll be happy.

    Oh, and just say that he goes along with the title Sorcerer Supreme for the sake of tradition and/or so that he doesn’t have to explain how he’s doing everything to everyone.

  2. Isn’t science the explanation of how something works? So regardless of what we are talking about, dimensions or other worldly beings, they could be explained by science.

    Why does it seem like everyone is getting their panties in a bunch over this?

  3. I was speaking about Dr Strange to my good pal Jimmy Palmiotti and I had said if I was in charge I would have it based entirely on Quantum Mechanics,String Theory,Dark Metter etc. it makes perfect sense,and it is still ‘Magic’ because we do not fully understand it all yet. It’s much better than just saying “goobledy goo gaa” and everything turns back to normal.

  4. I actually find the idea of magic to be lazy so I’m glad Marvel wants to do more than just “I have superpowers cus I can”. I was waiting to see how they would handle Strange and now that I have a hint, all I can do is wait for the finished product to see the execution. As always though, I don’t think they’ll mess it up – at least not in the minds of the general audience. Plus they will want to avoid mentioning more than the one common God (if any are mentioned) so as not to turn off the religious crowd.

  5. As long as the sorcerers attain these powers through meditation and still affect reality with their minds, they can put whatever physics spin on it they want. Dr. Manhattan style.

  6. No offense to hardcore comic book fans but I hope they redesign he’s whole look (coughs *Remove the Cape* coughs) just saying

    • Based on Ditko and Lee’s traditional version of Strange, its not just a cape. It is “The Cloak Of Levitation” which he can control with his mind. More than once has he summoned the cloak to come to his aid, for example once it removed a mask covering his face and another time it wrapped itself around one of Strange’s foes to bind him.

      Might as well take away the Eye Of Agamotto while you’re at it.

  7. Guys, I might have an idea. If this is going to go to alternate universes,why not show him entering the X-Men or Asm universes? No need to show characters, just show oscorp tower or whatever.Any thoughts?

  8. They need to hire the Art Director from Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland”. It is the only film that aesthetically comes close to combining psychedelic and gothic styles. The Art Director needs to add a third aesthetic, which is EAST ASIAN MYSTICISM of India and Thailand to the costume and set design to the film.

  9. The Marvel movies have done a pretty successful job at capturing Jack Kirby’s energy and ‘vision’ and bringing it to the screen. Hope they do the same with Ditko’s Dr. Strange. Sounds like they’re at least heading in the right direction.

  10. I always thought that the way Jim Butcher introduces and explains magic in The Dresden Files Series to be fantastic and believable at the same time.

    I like the fact that they mention Steven Strange in Cap America 2.

    I agree with you Dmitri, I still think that Benedict Cumberbatch with the right makeup would be great as Dr. Strange.

  11. As long as the science isn’t delivered with the same kind of exposition as Lucy! Nothing as explicit as “10% of the brain” and just leave it as vague as “I come from a land where they are one and the same”

  12. This movie will be definitely cool. The potential is really good. Let’s all hope for a great script and even better effects. This is one probably more classical actors should play like in Thor.

  13. This sounds very much like how Anne McCaffrey explained the psionic abilities of the Talents in the third book of her Talents Saga (Pegasus in Space). Essentially, the talents were manipulating or interacting with quantum phenomena.

  14. This is what I would call the “Nolan” factor.

    They (MMU) removed Thor and his ilk as being mystic god type entities and made them alien. Why? To possibly make them more realistic and or believable.

    They dont flat out say magic in the magic sense doesnt exist they just took a complete ecosystem and displaced it.

    In laymans terms most magics/abilities/etc that do not come from evolution, science, or aliens usually come from god like beings. Be they among the top tier Loki, Mephisto, etc or handed their powers like Crusher Creel. Some are even born into them as was Satana and Daimon Hellstorm.

    However once Marvel pulled the alien card in Thor they may have screwed the pooch when reaching into the magic bag.

    I dont accept the excuse of magic is just science not explained when it comes to comics. I like the idea of God like beings (Celestials whatever) that handed down the ‘gift’ (or had it stolen etc.) instead of it all being explained.

    They still may be able to rectify it so I hope they keep and or add magic in the truest sense and not just play it off as ‘science’.

  15. I hope when they call him a ‘scientist’, they just mean, as a doctor, he is rooted in what he can see and understand…and that is the conflict with him accepting magic. Not that they are scrapping his back story of being a surgeon.

    Also, if they do try to explain it all away with scientific reasons, then he is going to look pretty silly in his outfit.

    “Pssst… Tony, I know it’s really science, but I like to put on a big show. Now where is my Doug Henning costume?”

  16. As an old school comic reader and the fact that Dr. Strange is my #1 favorite character in the Marvel Universe I pray they do this right but although I have been impressed with the Avengers, Thor, Captain America two Iron Mans, and of course the Guardians I am almost positive they will not get it right the way it should be.

    First as an origin storyline it should not be done in the modern times but the 70s or 80s and honestly you can go older even the 20s if you like, remember the Ancient one is over 500 years old and once he becomes Sorcerer Supreme he ages very slowly, if you read the original Guardians of the Galaxy set in the 31st century he is still alive and is now the ancient one. he can be you with black hair another very important feature needed and his main villain needs to be Baron Mordo which was the first apprentice of the Ancient one. The end should show him now in modern times showing his age with the mustache and the gray hairs on the side.

    Reason why is because the Dr. Strange the Avengers will eventually meet should be a more confident, experienced and well educated in the Mystic arts not someone still learning his abilities.

    and No to this whole quantum physic use to describe magic it is not even truly called magic but the Mystic Arts, the fun to have meeting Dr. Strange who does magic while Tony Stark and Bruce Banner tries to explain everything he can do through science making sense for some and others more theoretical explanations where they can not even prove their theories are correct up until the end when Dr. Strange does one big mystical spell that neither one can scientifically explain.

  17. Wah Wah Wah, Honestly their are some people that don’t want mysticism and connections to the Devil in their Marvel movies. Granted that’s their origins. So far we have seen Marvel Studios change a few things that are not canon anyway. So this would be awesome to me!

  18. People forget that all the origins of supernatural and mysticism are not truly original ideas anyway. They are all routed in Christianity. I think someone here said it correctly that its really cheap to just explain things as being mystical. Granted thats all canon, but maybe society wants to move on from religious origins for things and at the same time reach a larger audience. I for one dont like mystic arts in my movies and would prefer neutrality when it comes to religion and my superhero movies. No disrespect to the comic purist but I think this is an example of a great when for studios to bring comics to the big screen and make a lot of money. I mean their are kids that love Marvel, but you want to show him going to fight against Surtur and demons etc….

  19. Let’s just say this: I would be more happy with an explanation on how science is not involved, unless we are talking about a certain chemical developed by Hoffman at Sandoz Labs. Check out the Eric Burdon and the Animals baby, “Girl Called Sandoz”. Like the song says, she can teach you many things, and give your mind wings.

  20. 5 words:Steve Ditko CGI 😉

  21. I dont know what the big deal is magic has already made an appearance in the mcu with a simple utterance of words Odin makes it impossible for anyone to use thors hammer who is not worthy, making the hammer impossible to lift for even the hulk…magic.

  22. The Art Director will be incredibly important. Dr. Strange is aesthetic mix of psychedelic, gothic and oriental mysticism. Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” was the only movie to mix gothic and psychedelic well. They also need figure out where to ground Dr. Strange. For example, Harry Potter is grounded in London. For Dr. Strange, I would not recommend the West, because it’s too modern and open. The best would be to ground it in the deep south, where there’s a stronger feel of antiquity. The only other choices would be outside the U.S. in cities like Prague or Istanbul.

  23. Thor said in the first Thor flick that on his planet magic and science are the same. They could use a similar concept with Doctor Strange.