Kevin Costner Officially Joins ‘Superman: Man of Steel’ Cast

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Kevin Costner Jonathan Kent Superman Kevin Costner Officially Joins Superman: Man of Steel Cast

After The Tudors star Henry Cavill was announced as the next man to don the blue and red in Superman: Man of Steel (unofficial title), many rumors surfaced regarding potential candidates in the running for key supporting roles in Zack Snyder’s reboot. Most names revolved around the two female lead roles of Lois Lane and Kryptonian Villainess Ursa, but when news broke that Kevin Costner was in talks for a “key” role in the picture, we knew right away that he was being looked to play Clark Kent’s dad.

Warner Bros. has finally sent out the official press release regarding the casting of Costner as Jonathan Kent in the new Superman movie. Costner will co-star alongside Dianne Lane who was recently cast into the role of Martha Kent.

The casting has been smart and likeable thus far and Costner is a prime choice for the fatherly, mentor role as Clark’s dad. How fitting is it that just yesterday, Hero Complex posted the following quote from Snyder about further casting:

“There’s more to come and I think it’s consistent in its … awesomeness.”

With the official news came Snyder’s positive words about his and Warner Bros. signing of Kevin Costner”

“Jonathan Kent is the only father figure Clark has ever had, the man who was there to help Clark understand what he was meant to do in the world as Superman. Kevin will be able to communicate the quiet strength of this rural American man who raised the greatest super hero of all time.”

With the Kent family filled out, we can now look forward to upcoming news on who will jump into the iconic role of Lois Lane and arguably more important, who will play the villain(s)?

Snyder’s take in Superman is confirmed as a total franchise reboot, that will tell a new origin story and according to him, will show us a side of Superman we haven’t seen. It will not be held down by the previous franchise films as Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns was.

Superman: Man of Steel (not yet officially titled) is produced by Charles Roven, Emma Thomas, Christopher Nolan and Deborah Snyder, and is set to hit theaters in December 2012.

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  1. I love it

  2. Sounds good to me .
    And the best thing about it is everybody who didnt like the rumors of Kevin being cast can now be OFFICALLY upset!

    • Lol!

  3. Dont why they would be he has did great in Field of Dreams.

    • …and noodles to the hello where’s she who’s nachos?

  4. I like it. Go snyder!!!!, now Danial day Lewis as zod…..,sooooo cooooooool!!!!!!!!

  5. so far so good for the casting of the kent family, only beef i have is that diane lane is to hot and young to play Martha but im sure with the magic of hollywood they’ll make her look older and less hot then she already is but other then that she’ll be good as Martha looool.
    as for the rest of the casting id like carla gugino or Zooey Deschanel as lois Lane.
    Jorma Taccone as Jimmy Olsen
    Anthony Hopkins as Jor-el
    Viggo mortensen as Zod
    im guessing they may have Lana Lang in the film seeing as CK will be kinda young so id have Diane Kruger to battle Lois for CKs love

    • I like the Hopkins and Mortensen ideas, but NO to Zooey Deschanel as Lois. I like her as an actress, but she’s not voluptuous enough for Lois. It would be like casting Margot Kidder all over again (but not AS bad.) I’d rather see Rachel McAdams or even Morena Baccarin cast as Lois than Zooey.

  6. oh how could i forget Lex Luthor, id have Billy Zane to play him due to the face he looks alot like him and can be decent when he wants to be

    • Billy Zane as lex would be real good!

    • Ironically, I would cast Jon Hamm as Lex Luthor.

  7. i mean Fact not face looool

  8. I really like the casting so far for this movie, I just hope that the writing and directing live up to the cast members.

    • And that’s the real problem. The cast is fine; I have reservations about the story and direction.

      • Yup, the best cast in the entire world cannot survive bad writing or bad directing.

  9. Great casting. That is all.

  10. Good…three down. Now, who else?


  11. Best casting news of the movie yet!

  12. No one has pointed out the fact that WB lost the film rights to Superman’s origin story. And that is probably the #1 reason for the total reboot. But I do admit it needs a reboot anyway. I wonder if they can even mention Krypton or Jor-El, or even Kryptonite.

    • Some (including myself) would say that’s a good thing because it forces the production to take a fresh approach to the character. Don’t get me wrong, I find the backstory of Superman to be fascinating, but that’s more from a comic book perspective. Like most others, I want to see Superman in action, taking on baddies and being heroic on the big screen – which is the main reason Snyder was chosen to direct. Hopefully the non-action sequences can make Superman/Clark seem vulnerable and someone we can relate to on an emotional level so that the audience is able to have a vested interest in the problems he faces over the course of the film.

      • No the main reason Snyder was chosen to direct was that he wouldnt rock the boat or try to make any changes to the script.

  13. I’m liking the casting. Now we just need Rachel McAdams as Lois!

  14. Here is the perfect casting to the residents of Smallville in Zac Snyder’s “Man of Steel” film:

    Logan Lerman (Young Clark Kent), Emily Osment (Young Lana Lang), Alexander Ludwig (Pete Ross), Aidan Quinn (Ben Hubbard).

    • i doubt that lana will appear in this movie. i think its about clark kent ALREADY being superman

      • If Clark is already Superman in the movie (which is unlikely as this is an origin story) why are the Kent’s in it at all? Jonathan Kent should be dead.

  15. I like how casting is going also even thou slow still im pleased so far

    Liam Neeson=Jor-El
    Lois Lane=Olivia Wilde

    • Even though they are not connected if ppl see Liam Neeson in here they would be like “Why is Ra’s al Ghul in Superman”

      • Why is the Human Torch in Captain America? Why is Deadpool in Green Lantern? I think audiences cand differentiate between two very different characters.
        I love the idea of Neeson as Jor-El!

        • Yea I guess but I would keep asking myself that lol.
          What about Ralph Fiennes as Jor-El?

          • He’s too scary to be Jor-El.

  16. Love it..

  17. still say Lex Luthor should be in it. He doesnt have to be the main villain, or even a villain at this stage of the superman story. But he is always present in Metropolis

    • Agreed. Though many people, including me, are tired of lex I think he should be present in the movie. What’s Metropolis without Luther?

  18. So far so good.

  19. Cool!. I knew he was going to be papa Kent :D I will love to see Generol Zodd as the main villain and have Lex as a side villain. Make him the main villain of the part 2… Maybe make himself a robot kriptonight… METALO! :D other the that, love that Kent’s casting.

    • Villian*

  20. I never like the news that comes out about this movie. Everybody chimes in “then stop reading the news”, but I can’t help it. It’s like a slow moving car wreck. You can’t look away.

  21. Rachel McAdams would be wonderful as Lois Lane
    @ Eric Nixon: Jon Hamm as Lex Luther = brilliant

  22. I like the cast so far. I just think Mrs. Kent is way too hot lol. But it will be fine. I doubt they will make her look much older with makeup like some people say, but im sure it wont be that big a deal… Though I will never think of ma kent them same :p…. Take that back, she was hot in smallville way before this movie got went in to production…

  23. Meh. I actually really like Costner but he isnt right in this part to me.

    People seem overly concerned about the casting and are ignoring all the stuff going on in the background, the reasons this film is being made (to hold on to what little WB have left of Superman) and the consistent rumours that the script is unfinished and has no final act.

    Put Costner and Lane together. Do they really look like Jonathan and Martha Kent? The answer?


      • Yeah Wally, you and I are totally on the same page regarding this. I have no problems with any of the actors involved, but to me they are just wrong for the part.
        Smallville got the Kents just right. And it got Lex better than anything before. And it did most villains better than anything has done before. And it has the best Lois Lane.
        Wait a minute, I think they have made a horrible mistake with this reboot!

          • Yeah, that’s exactly how I feel too.
            I always forget how good John Shea was in the role.

      • Actually the only movie I am actively ‘bashing’ is this one. It’s funny, because I dont like the way my favourite superhero is going to be portrayed, the character that I looked up to as a child.
        I think my “long elaborate rants” are conveying the way I feel about this reboot, surely this is the appropriate forum for such an undertaking, no?

        Look, I said in numerous posts, that I am a fan of Costner, he has been in some great movies, he is a good actor with great presence and yeah I understand when you say he is a fatherly figure. Ok? I get that. But to me, he isnt Jonathan Kent. He would been a better fit for Jor-El. Diane Lane is hot, but do we want the salt of the earth farmer’s wife Martha Kent to be hot?

        As you said the basics will be there. But we have seen the basics so many times before, we don’t need to see any of Smallville again, the whole world knows the story of how he became Superman. My five year old sister know the story of Krypton and Kal-El for gods sake.

        There is no need for there to be an origin story. The only reason there is going to be an origin story of any kind is due to the legal disputes between WB/DC/Writers Families. They will most likely create a new origin as they might not be able to use many of the elements that we are oh so familiar with.
        The motivation to make this film, is not creative, it is purely financial, WB are panicking that they will lose one of their cash cows before they can bleed some more money from it.

        How’s that for a “long elaborate rant”?

        • Since i dont work for the WB or give a FF about their finacial problems, i could care less. If anything has the S on it people will pay. Superman is Money.

          “It’s funny, because I dont like the way my favourite superhero is going to be portrayed” How do you know how he will be portayed?

          Let me ask you a question. if they announced today that Cosner will be playing Jor-el you would have been cool with that, no, you would have bashed them for making that call and said he would have been a great John Kent. Which he will. He would have been an aweful Jor-el.

          And since this is a REBOOT we (meaning everyone but the writers) have no idea what the story will be. All we can do is read what other people think the movie will be about.

          BTW your Screen name is Awesome.

  24. I really like Costner. He’s been in some really bad films and all, but he has talent and authority. Authority is an integral part of Jonathan Kent.

    But honestlly I wouldn’t think too hard when watching a superman movie. I did that when watching the last reboot and I just couldn’t get it out of my head how stupid it was that people who knew Clark Kent didn’t recognize him just becaause he wore spandex and took off his glasses.

    • Maybe because Superman and Clark Kent look pretty different. Look at Chris Reeve as Clark, with his clumsy demeanour, glasses and hat, and then look at Superman, all confident, bulked up and wearing tights.

      It’s part of the mythology. It allows the audience to be in on the joke, we all know Clark is Superman, but Lois doesnt, she has to discover that for herself.

  25. I really like their choices here. Costner will make an impressive showing. Then Dianne Lane… okay. Nice:) I think these two will do a wonderful job.

  26. Fantastic casting news!

  27. Ok if They Rachel McAdams as Lois then I’m DEFINITELY seeing this movie, right now still on the fence. Though I do like Costner as Jonathan Kent, Diane Lane as Martha, WOW! That’s all I have to say. lol.

  28. What is Snyder doing……

    • Umm…getting ready to make a big time EPIC and bad ass Superman film!