Kevin Costner Officially Joins ‘Superman: Man of Steel’ Cast

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Kevin Costner Jonathan Kent Superman Kevin Costner Officially Joins Superman: Man of Steel Cast

After The Tudors star Henry Cavill was announced as the next man to don the blue and red in Superman: Man of Steel (unofficial title), many rumors surfaced regarding potential candidates in the running for key supporting roles in Zack Snyder’s reboot. Most names revolved around the two female lead roles of Lois Lane and Kryptonian Villainess Ursa, but when news broke that Kevin Costner was in talks for a “key” role in the picture, we knew right away that he was being looked to play Clark Kent’s dad.

Warner Bros. has finally sent out the official press release regarding the casting of Costner as Jonathan Kent in the new Superman movie. Costner will co-star alongside Dianne Lane who was recently cast into the role of Martha Kent.

The casting has been smart and likeable thus far and Costner is a prime choice for the fatherly, mentor role as Clark’s dad. How fitting is it that just yesterday, Hero Complex posted the following quote from Snyder about further casting:

“There’s more to come and I think it’s consistent in its … awesomeness.”

With the official news came Snyder’s positive words about his and Warner Bros. signing of Kevin Costner”

“Jonathan Kent is the only father figure Clark has ever had, the man who was there to help Clark understand what he was meant to do in the world as Superman. Kevin will be able to communicate the quiet strength of this rural American man who raised the greatest super hero of all time.”

With the Kent family filled out, we can now look forward to upcoming news on who will jump into the iconic role of Lois Lane and arguably more important, who will play the villain(s)?

Snyder’s take in Superman is confirmed as a total franchise reboot, that will tell a new origin story and according to him, will show us a side of Superman we haven’t seen. It will not be held down by the previous franchise films as Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns was.

Superman: Man of Steel (not yet officially titled) is produced by Charles Roven, Emma Thomas, Christopher Nolan and Deborah Snyder, and is set to hit theaters in December 2012.

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  1. Who’s next Terrance Stamp as Jor-El, what about Perry White, Lex, or more importantly LOIS, Personally I would be down for Rachel McAdams as Lois, since my first choice Natalie Portman is now tied in with Thor. And Pregnant. And here’s hoping that there’s NO KID in this Superman movie.

  2. Costner is also a good choice.for Those worried about Smallville!Ten Years is a long long as They end it on a scale above Vessel and Zod combined(which together is Movie worthy).Returning back to Costner,He’s capable,but not what I expected.I like him and believe He can do it.Fans have to realise(Smallville)Fans is that time brings change,which I’m all for.I want to see Smallville end a Superman Franchise while Synder introduces us to begining of a New One!,as long as Smallville is allowed to do so with all Loose Ends Tied!plus welling in action as Superman fighting Darkseid.

  3. I think Kevin Costner is a good actor, who will prove to be more than competent in the role. Despite my continued negative feelings on this Superman reboot (Snyder directing, Cavill in the title role) Costner’s selection is the first casting choice that I’d probably agree with.

    His film output has been of a mixed quality. The heights of The Untouchables (a true classic), JFK, Dances With Wolves have been comfounded by the lows of The War, Wyatt Earp etc. A lot of people tend to forget that he was the most successful leading actor of the early to mid nineties.

    Overall I’d say his best screen performance was probably Mr Brooks.

    No worries at all about the Smallville finale, it’ll probably be even more movieworthy that this upcomning reboot will that’s for sure.

  4. hmmm interesting his a good actor but not for this role. he could prob pull it off tho

  5. I Love SCREENRANT. I try to read every article every day. I get Great Joy from this pursuit.
    Snyder may not be Kubrick, but he did a pretty good adaptation of Watchmen, except for in his interpretation we did see Jon’s piece more than in the source material, and he took other liberties, but it was a good MOVIE. It is the only movie he’s directed I’ve seen.
    As far as …to posit an opinion as to how an unfinished movie–no, I mean, to offer an opinion on how a finished movie will rank on the quality scale before the film’s cast has even been secured is a great opportunity. It may be foolish, speculative nonsense, but people can do that here. Comic book heroes are our new mythological heroes and it is great that now so many heroes are getting the silver screen treatment. Film Studios will buy all the rights to the “other” publishers’ properties, and DC/Warner and Marvel/Disney will make movies about every one of their respective characters, EVERY ONE OF THEM, FOREVER. And they will reboot them again and again for centuries.
    I’m impressed that Avi Arad saved Marvel Comics from bankruptcy and instead of being a toy maker he is now a movie maker. I haven’t seen MAN OF STEEL yet, but I am appreciate that it is being made, even if the only reason it is being rushed into production is because they have to so that they can milk it for the money, because if they don’t the rights to the character will revert to the heirs of the creators faster. There is something going on. I don’t have all the details.
    If I was directing this thing I’d have Lois and Lana be comic foils while during most of the film Kal-El was underwater getting it on with Lori Lemaris. Best.Superman’s-girlfriend.Ever.
    I do hope Zack’s version of the Fortress of Solitude has that GIANT KEY.

    Oh yeah, and Jimmy Olsen’s signal watch!

    As far as casting Costner…I really have no opinion. He’s a good actor. If he’s lucky he’ll get to see Dianne Lane naked.

  6. @ Dr.SamBeckett

    How much Superman memoria you got? Just curious.

    • Wally, put it this way, I cannot leave the house without the S symbol on me somewhere, whether on a t shirt, belt, cufflinks, bag, wallet. I have Superman slippers.
      Sometimes I wear my black trenchcoat with black S t shirt (Clark season 9) or even the red jacket blue t shirt combination.
      I like to think I am superman :)

      • @ Dr.SamBeckett

        Wow lol. Most of the stuff i got is Bruce Timm animated related. I got a book about Superman:TAS, another book How to Draw Superman from TAS. which i drew many pictures of & turned out great. I have quite the collection of Batman:TAS/Superman:TAS & JLU figures and still growing. I too have a Superman shirt i still wear thats red/yellow blue. Two Superfriends Superman figures, one which has the yellow S emblem on the cape. I single track of Superman theme song. What was disappointing was i came close of buying the dark red cape that Christopher Reeve wore during the Salvage Yard fight in Superman 3 but at the last second i was outbid on ebay.

  7. I guess I am very old fashioned.
    I believe in judging the final product .
    And we wont see that for awhile yet .

  8. So far they have a very good cast coming together

  9. Great casting by going with Costner and Lane as the Kents! There will be more great casting announced soon!

    This film will be EPIC and will be the kick ass Superman film we have been waiting for the past 30 years!

    Nolan+Snyder=DREAM TEAM

  10. Hah. Im one person who won’t make the same mistake twice by gettin hyped up over this anticipated film only to be let down afterwards like Superman Returns.

  11. Kevin is good for Jorel not ;onathaAan. any eitherrole

  12. Kevin is good for Jor-EL not Jonathan. Though he can play the role because of his range he’s best suited for a more majestic role. I think an older actor is suited for Jonathan Kent.Any older Actress could play Martha. Its the male characters that carry the weight of truely rebooting the Franchise. Cavill is perfect! Lois Lane should be sexy and fiery like Erica Though!

  13. I’m starting to think that we will be seeing Superman in the present with his back story being told through flash backs. And if they are starting completely from scratch maybe both Jonathan and Martha die while Clark is still in his teens. But as we know from Watchman Snyder will cast someone young and apply the make up to age them so I am probably completely wrong…

  14. Mr. Costner,
    Excellent choice mr Costner, smart move on your part to accept the role, and script!
    This by far makes all other superman movies look terrible, this is what our children need to see as far as morals, and values
    As you know our world, and country are a mess rite now! I only wish that we has someone come to our planet ,and scare the hell out if us, so we might get life rite!
    With the awards, and movies you have done, there is no doubt you were sent here for a reason , please keep being the role model you have been for your Peers.
    I am a 100% disabled combat. Vietnam Veteran, I have two sons, and one daughter, but I did three tours in Vietnam, and after I came home after evacuating the last Americans, and South Vietnamese, I had lost faith in God, Humaity, etc. We lost 59,000 in vein, not counting all of us that had our souls poisoned by war!
    I honor your work, and I know the entertainment industry can destroy lives, we see it happen all the time as fans!
    Good Luck Sir,
    Continue your work please!
    Take time out to live as well!
    Your Fan,
    Richard M. Flint
    PTSD Consultant volunteer for the Veterans Affairs
    Certified, VA background investigated, vetted Peer to Peer Counselor i