Kevin Bacon Could Be The X-Men: First Class Villain

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With the plethora of casting news we faced yesterday for X-Men: First Class, the upcoming franchise prequel to be directed by Matthew Vaughn, we have one major report to add to the mix.

Yesterday’s batch included a rumor as well as some first reports and confirmations for a pile of X-Men characters including Cyclops, Banshee, Beast and Havok – all heroes. We now have word that veteran actor Kevin Bacon could be playing the X-Men: First Class villain.

Deadline only knows at the moment that Bacon is in talks for a villain role but there are no details yet on which character he could play should he sign on. Our own Kofi Outlaw suggests that Bacon would make for a perfect Mr. Sinister character, the evil scientist who gets a kick out of experimenting on mutants, and I couldn’t agree more.

The possibility of Sinister being included in First Class opens countless other opportunities for introductions to many other characters and storylines. Many X-Men fans have long-desired to see Sinister included in X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men 4 where he could lead the way for a movie about Apocalypse (the ultimate X-Men villain). With the character of Sinister also comes his team of Mauraders, a group of mutants he commands to do his dirty work and which often included the fan-favorite character of Gambit (played by Taylor Kitsch in X-Men Origins: Wolverine).

x men 4 the marauders gambit mr sinister Kevin Bacon Could Be The X Men: First Class Villain

Mr. Sinister and the Marauders

It wouldn’t be too surprising to see Sinister finally added Fox’s X-Men movie universe, especially since we know the character of Havok (Cyclops’ brother) will also be included – played by Lucas Till. Sinister has a special interest in the Summers’ family and Jean Grey – he was integral in leading to the birth of Cable, another character discussed in Fox meetings last year. If used right, Sinister could be the key to tie together many future X-Men movies, both prequels and sequels. I suggested last year that he’d make for a great villain in X-Men 4 where he could be used to bring back Cyclops and Jean Grey. If producer Lauren Shuler Donner succeeds is trying to put X4 into development, that’s one theory.

Sinister is a creepy character and his inclusion could pave the way for X-Men: First Class taking audiences to darker and harsher themes. In the books, we have seen Sinister do some very evil and disturbing things to mutants and you can imagine what he could do to some members of Professor X and Magneto’s first school mutants to generate some conflict.

I’m ecstatic about the possibility of Kevin Bacon joining the X-Men franchise, an actor you’d never guess would be a part of it. Bacon further strengthens the talent pool of the principal cast which already includes Michael FassbenderJames McAvoy, and Alice Eve.

What do you think about Bacon playing an X-Men villain and what characters do you think he could play? Let the speculation begin…

If you’re a fan, see our article on What We Need From X-Men 4, which talks about Sinister and the Marauders, as well as our discussion on What X-Men 3 Could Have Been.

Share your thoughts in the comments and with us on Twitter @rob_keyes and @screenrant.

X-Men: First Class opens June 3, 2011.

Source: Deadline

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  1. I’m all for Sinister. I’m also for Kevin Bacon. :)

  2. yea sinister is the best villan by far, so creepy lookin.

  3. I have also seen some speculation that he might be cast as Mastermind.
    It will be interesting to see how it all shakes out .

  4. Kevin Bacon is a great actor.

    Is Emma good or evil in this film? I hope she’s a bad girl. ;)

  5. Sinister or Apocalypse….Those are really the only two great villains the X-men have besides Magneto…but im assuming they (Prof. X and Magneto) are friends and co captains of the x-men in this movie until the end.

    Actually on further thought since Apocalypse is an Egyptian, It might be safer to CGI him…and for whatever reason apocalypse always sounded black in my head. I always thought of James earl Jones, or the persian king from 300 voice wise…but in human form i would settle for Laurence fishburne…because the guy has that intense “I can kill you from 300 feet away” stare.

  6. Ok if we get Sinister or Apocalypse I’m in. Wasn’t going to watch this one, but for either of those guys I will.

  7. Kevin Bacon …….nuff said ..I’m there

    till next time

  8. The first thought I had when I saw the headline: Heck yes.
    The next thought: he could pull off Mr. Sinister.

    The next thought: It very well could be Mr. Sinister. After all, he is one of those characters who have some gift of slow aging. When Xavier and Lensherr team up, Sinister would make a nice foe for them to face. Then, later on, shortly after the events in XMOWolverine, Sinister could “continue” Stryker’s work with mutant DNA manipulation, but in other directions.

    If he were to get some of Styker’s “work” he could have DNA samples from any of those who escaped from the experiments on Three mile.Including Cyclops and GAMBIT. If Sinister got ahold of Cyclops and Jean Grey…that would make MANY MANY MANY people happy. (WE could bring Cyke back in X4, Jean Grey may be dead but there’s the clone Maddie Pryor) and the mere notion that we have Moria McTaggart in the script- we might even get a clue as to who that “person” was in the bed (If you think Sinister clones Prof X raise your hands and clap!)

    Suddenly, First Class just sounded good.

  9. bacon can play an excellant sinister villian, no pun intended, hes done great, cold calculating villians in the past..not sure if he fits in a comic book adaptation..time will tell i guess

  10. Kevin Bacon as Sinister? hell yeah!!! that would mean that Apocalypse is in it!!! and thats the best news for this movie so far!!! whos playing Apocalypse? Angel wouldnt be one of his horsemen, would abyss maybe? i am very, VERY exited!!!

  11. Laurence fishburne or the persian king from 300 could play Apocalypse nicely in regular form. After seeing Predators tonight Laurence fishburne has my vote…Kevin Bacon would do nicely as Mr. Sinister.

  12. Also introducing Apocalypse would or could mean we see abducted and become ArchAngel…man that would be so sweet…they have to bring back Ben Foster though as Angel, that guy is so talented.

  13. I’m not sure about Bacon as Sinister, but the character does need to be introduced. Let’s not forget that in X2, Nathaniel Essex’s name appears on the files when Mystique is using Lady Deathstrike’s computer.

  14. it can work only if they tie in the fact of the facility at 3 mile island from the Wolverine flick…as in the comics,Sinister has the ability to morph into other scientists, and stay in the background thus furthering his own agenda..personally i thought they should’ve at least had Sinister cameo in “Wolverine”,that ending was more along Sinister’s background then say Stryker’s-who was more Militaristic..also if this is indeed more of a quasi-sequel/prequel so as to tie-in the series more and give a better jumpoff point for a true sequel, then by all means add the “family”factor as well…one thing that missed most of all in the whole franchise is the fact that they excluded alot of minor family characters as well as history beween the characters…hopefuuly this wiil be fixed..

  15. I now have hope for this film and X-men 4

  16. Bacon!you have got to be F-n-ng!! kidding me!!!!!!.They cant do better geez!!!His afce looks like skeletor lol i can think many more better suited actors to apply sinistar geez!.This sucks1 this film is going badly already i tell by the cheese spread castib choices .so disappointing.

  17. this film may be being rushed, but to its doom? if Kevin Bacon is involved, especially if hes playing Mr. Sinister, then I say nay!

  18. So all of us “fans” are ok with them and the way they are treating “it”. Sorry it sucks imo. It might be ok but meh

  19. NO!!I am as big a X-man fan as you get me i have the outfits but BACON!!!!!ooooooo!!!i FEEL SO THREATENED OOOOOOOH! NOWAY! THIS REEKS AND SUCKS!!

  20. I know Kevin Bacon.

    Well..sort of, my girlfriends niece used to date a guy who dated the girl who does his wife’s nails.

    • 5 degrees of Kevin Bacon ..I know it’s six degrees of Kevin Bacon but you did it in 5

      • Yeah that game is gonna start getting really easy if you put him in this movie.

  21. I think that is a great pick. I have been waiting on this villain forever. I am also ready to see some Sentinels. That teaser in the 3rd movie just wasn’t enough. Bacon would also make a good Trask. I could see them tying in the sentinel project to the first movie. Both sides are building themselves up.

  22. He’ll do fine with any role thrown at him and he helps put butts in the seats, wise move by the studio.

  23. You guys are sheep..this movie is going to stink and you will be here bitching about how bad it will be..They are ruining what could otherwise be a very good movie ,,to bad too because this will be as bad as directed to DVD movies. They would put a turd sandwich out there and you guys would go for it just like people in south park.tags how you guys will buy into any celeb being cast its very sad really..and people wonder why films bomb..

    • Quite the opposite. Bacon adds a little credibility.
      I suggest you check out Taking Chance and then see if your tone is different.

  24. uh?I just cannot see him playing Sinistar..sorry but he is just wrong fir this part.the damn! truth is he is biog timer comic fan and such the reason i believe that he gets to be in the film but as Sinistar no sorry its like casting Dicaprio to play Darth Vader just won’t find this wills think too far with all the casting changes i see a stinko-film and this very sad because they could cast someone much more suited and deserving for sinister ,,Sinistar is foreboding dark character no way Kevin fits and what he will do is he is going to either Cliche’ the part or over do it to point it will be campy..and suck! it just wont work..

    • That is why he would make a good Trask.

  25. That Photo of here here..Looks like my Uncle Floyd..Bacon needs Geritol and and depends!!!

  26. Bacon’s Photo looks my geriatric Uncle Floyd lol

  27. Throw in some Bacon and look at them all cave.


    I won’t support a Tween X Men ever!

  28. ROgue…its time for your meds. lol. seriously though Im a huge X-men fan since the 80′s. My thoughts are: Fans dont have any influence on what the studios do to our fav. comic titles…so instead of Bitching we should just pray for the best.

    I have high hopes that the studio will ditch the tween thing and just go for late teen actors( which it looks like they are doing) Kevin Bacon is not the worst actor. They could have done worse…plus hes good enough to make you believe the roles hes cast in (Stir of Echoes, Sleepers, Mystic river…etc).

  29. Laurence fishburne as Apocalypse, and Kevin Bacon as Mr Sinister…those are my picks for the X-men: first class vilians.