Kevin Bacon Talks Sebastian Shaw In ‘X-Men: First Class’

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The X-Men series has had its share of ups and downs. While the first two films were fairly critically and financially successfully, the latter two were only financially successful. In fact, both X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine were so reviled by fanboys that the sequels to both have been drastically overhauled.

Take, for example, X-Men: First Class. It’s a 1960s period film, with a class-act director in the form of Matthew Vaughan, and a badass cast to boot. They’ve even got Kevin Bacon, otherwise known as that guy from the six degrees of, who was recently confirmed as playing the sideburns-sporting Sebastian Shaw. Today, Kevin Bacon discusses the version of Sebastian Shaw we’ll get in First Class.

While talking to Philadelphia Style about his life, his career, his passion for music, et cetera, Kevin Bacon let slip  that he would be playing the Black King of the Hellfire Club, Mr. Sebastian Shaw. When asked what kind of work he’ll be doing for the role and whether or not it’ll require a lot of physical activity, Bacon said:

“I’ll let the younger actors do that. I’m more one of those sit-in-my-chair-and-destroy-the-world type of guys.”

adam kubert hellfire club Kevin Bacon Talks Sebastian Shaw In X Men: First Class

The Hellfire Club as drawn by Adam Kubert

This seems to contradict the very nature of the comic book character’s mutant power: Shaw can absorb various forms of kinetic energy and transform that energy into incredible physical strength, speed, stamina, and healing ability for the purposes of beating the crap out of everybody.

Now, either this means that the filmmakers have altered the character to fit the film’s story, or it just means that the character will only briefly participate in action scenes – perhaps at the end of the movie. In the original Hellfire Club story, it was somewhat of a surprise when Shaw revealed that he could punch heads off with the best of them.

If I’m being honest here, Kevin Bacon would not have been my first choice for Shaw – I mean, there’s certainly no physical resemblance and Bacon doesn’t tend to carry himself like a nineteenth-century aristocrat. But that’s okay. Matthew Vaughan and company are clearly not strictly adapting any specific X-Men story (for details on what they are planning, go HERE). So long as they tell a top-notch tale of the X-Men, I’ll be beyond satisfied.

X-Men: First Class has already begun filming and hits theaters June 3rd, 2011.

Source: Philadelphia Style

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  1. I think Bacon would have been more suitable for Mr. Sinister than Shaw.

    • I wish I could still “like” comments. I totally agree Lil Monster.

      • Me too. And about the “filmmakers altering the character to fit the film´s story”-part… Why not? This movie isn´t wrapped yet, but messed up already. I bet they used the “Ultimate” version of Shaw in which he was a normal human.

      • I always thought Jeremy Irons would’ve made a great Sinister. He totally looked the part in The Time Machine.

      • no way sinister he is not.

    • @ Little Monster

      Like Vic @ Scapegoat id agree with ya about Bacon being more perfect as Sinister. I can’t think of anyone young enough to play Sebastian Shaw & be somewhat of a Aristocrat at the sametime. From some comic book pictures & maybe 90′s animated series, Frank Langella looks more like the character but obviously he’s past his young years for the role as a choice.

      • @ Wally: This is what I posted in the “X-Men and Blade anime” thread:

        “Yup, you have virus. How do I know? You´ve sent it to me with your e-mail. Without purpose of course. Are you on any kind of social network? MySpace or *cough* Facebook?”

    • yep

  2. According to the photo at the bottom, apparently we needed a young Jack Nicholson for Shaw.

    • or Hugh Jackman, but I guess he was otherwise engaged.

      • I would have preferred a young Anthony Hopkins. Ah, well.

    • Jack Nicholson was young once!? lol jk XD

    • A young Jack Nicholson? That would have to be Christian Slater? He hasn’t done anything good lately.

  3. I think if Kim Coates could do the accent he’s be great as shaw

    • Accent?

      • sebastian shaw has an accent

        • Based on what? He’s from Philadelphia. I know that Emma Frost has a fake English accent, but I don’t recall anybody ever saying the same for Shaw.

          • I never said english! there whole desighn of the Hellfire club is rounded around 1840-1930′s in terms of clothing and hair ect ect, so they’s have an olde american accent wouldnt they
            (unless you think there posers and just like the look)

            • I never said you said English, I said Emma Frost has a fake English accent. I don’t think there’s any evidence to indicate that Shaw has an “olde American” accent just because in dresses in that style.

              • then why mention emma frost at all she’s irrelevant from this discusion, this is about shaw, I’m saying based on the art work of him…well c’mon I mean look at that guy, actually look at him, Do you mean to tell me a man dressed like that dosnt have a distinguished accent..ofcourse he does, why else would dreess like that, for kicks

                • Because she’s in the Hellfire Club? Because she’s the White Queen to Shaw’s Black Queen?

                  Okay, so you admit you have no solid reason to assume he actually has an accent…

                  • Shaw as the Black Queen? My, that is quite a change from the comics. I just hope Kevin Bacon doesn’t end up wearing the Black Queen’s standard outfit, too.

                    Sorry, I know it’s just a typo, but the mental image was too funny (and disturbing) not to run with it. haha

                    • Haha, I deserved that.

                  • I never said such a thing in the slightest, I actually think your on smack. All I really said originally is that Kim Coates would be good for the role,(and I maintain that) your the one acting confrontational & utter Daft! about quite frankly…. Sebastian Shaw!

  4. “This seems to contradict the very nature of the comic book character’s mutant power: Shaw can absorb various forms of kinetic energy and transform that energy into incredible physical strength, speed, stamina, and healing ability for the purposes of beating the crap out of everybody.”

    yeah….and Deadpool doesn’t have crappy alt-punk face tattoos and arm swords,

    but we all see what happened there.

    • Deadpool sucks anyway. He’s a third tier rippoff loser and Ryan Reynolds isn’t gonna play him, haha.

      • yes…thats the point i was trying to make..:/ *sigh*

      • deadpool sucks? u should cut off ur fingers for writing that!! deadpool is probably one of the awesomest character ever………cos he is crazy and stopped juggernaut just by talking…….the movie’s potrayal of him suicked and ryan reynolds doesn have the balls to play deadpool…he shud go back to starring in college comedies or chick flicks…….

  5. I rather like Kevin Bacon being cast in the role of Shaw. No, I’d never have picked him, but one thing he does very well is act. He puts a lot heart and soul into his roles. To me, his casting is a very positive sign for this film. Movies where Bacon is part of the supporting cast typically turn out excellent. You need only look to “Apollo 13″ and “A Few Good Men” to see this.

  6. Honestly, I think Kevin Bacon plans on doing the physical stuff. He’s just saying that in modesty, incase they use a lot of stunt people for the action on his behalf, special effects, or him not being able to pull it off on his own. Besides, did anyone see him in Death Sentence? Dude can handle action and violence just fine. It’s his acting chops that get you amped. This is a great choice if they use him well.

  7. this film stinks ike wyen you step in dog will totally suck. OH! DAng! I STEP IN THE NEW X-MEN SCRIPT.EWWWWW!

  8. The young Oliver Reed would’ve been PERFECT for this.

  9. I think the actor Michael Ironside would have been a PERFECT S-Bass Shaw. For those that have no idea who I’m talking about, google him, you’ll agree. His resemblance & acting skills are great!

  10. Wait! Back up a bit! “Bacon doesn’t carry himself like a nineteenth century aristocrat..” Isn’t it the director’s job to get the right performance out of his cast? Kevin’s a dancer. I doubt he’ll have trouble physically performing.

  11. As always, so many are hung up on the look of a character. Acting skills takes priority.