The Kenneth Branagh Gameshow: Pick Your Thor!

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thor header The Kenneth Branagh Gameshow: Pick Your Thor!

Nikkie Finke reported yesterday about the upcoming Thor film and how Marvel and director Kenneth Branagh are facing a big challenge in trying to cast the lead character. In her report, she lists some of the candidates in the running to wield Mjolnir and become the God of Thunder.

Interestingly, she also points out that they are considering Josh Hartnett not only for the role of Loki, the God of Mischief, but to play The Mighty Thor himself. Now, I can see him giving an interesting performance as Loki but my suspension of belief doesn’t extend to him playing Thor.

While there’s some desire by Marvel to see Hartnett or another recognizable actor to play Thor, there’s also a lot of interest in casting an unknown. Personally, I don’t know which would be best for this movie but I liked the idea of casting a relatively unknown actor like Alexander Skarsgård (who was rumored to be Branagh’s leading choice last week).

So, now we have a list of candidates (or shall I say…contestants) who are in the running to play our favorite Asgardian Avenger. Let’s see what they’re all about:

Josh Hartnett

Our first contestant enjoys reading, writing and long walks on the beach… Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Josh, our obviously most famous candidate, is 30 years old, 6′ 3″ and was born in San Francisco, California. Josh has starred as the lead in many feature films including Pearl Harbour, Lucky Number Slevin and Hollywood Homicide.

Josh was rumored last week to be sought after to play Loki in the Thor movie, it is now said he is being considered for Thor.

Liam Hemsworth

Liam is an Australian actor who doesn’t have a large acting resume as of yet. He is best known for roles on the two television programs, Neighbours and The Elephant Princess. Liam has upcoming appearances in next month’s Alex Proyas movie, Knowing as well as a rumored role in Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables.

Tom Hiddleston

Tom is 6′ 1½” and nearly 28 years old. He hails from London, England and played a role in the Wallander miniseries which starred Kenneth Branagh as the lead character, police detective Kurt Wallander – Now we get the connection.

Charlie Hunnam

Charlie stands 6′ 1″ and turns 29 next month. Born in Newcastle, England, Mr. Hunnam and has had roles in some big movies such as Children of Men and Cold Mountain. Charlie made his mark in the business with his starring role alongside Katie Holmes in the 2002 thriller, Abandon.

Joel Kinnaman
There’s not much information on the web available for Joel but we do know that he is a Swedish actor, 29 years old who hasn’t yet starred in any North American films or television.

Alexander Skarsgård

Son of actor Stellan Skarsgård and both our tallest and oldest candidate, Alexander also hails from Sweden, is 32 years old and stands 6′ 4″. Alexander is growing rapidly in popularity for his role in HBO’s Generation Kill and his current role in HBO’s True Blood as a 1000+ year old vampire who sports the same hairstyle as Thor.

Alexander was also spotted in a meeting with Kenneth Branagh last week, which sparked rumors of him being the director’s first choice to play Thor.

That’s it for our contestants – My personal pick goes to Alexander Skarsgård whom I thought was a good pick when the rumors first surfaced last week. There was some feedback however, saying he was small or skinny which I believe is entirely untrue – just look at the following image of him as Eric Northman in True Blood.

Now imagine giving him another two years to workout for the role.

Out of the candidates, Alexander is the tallest, oldest and the largest. He also hails from a Nordic country and has the natural hair and look. I don’t think it gets better than that.

As for Josh Hartnett, I can in no way see him as Thor but I do like him as Loki.

What do you think of the candidates and who should Kenneth Branagh cast?

Thor opens in theaters June 17, 2011.

Source: Nikkie Finke

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  1. I’m sorry but you guys want some theathor trained idiot to play thor and I appreciate the sentiment a little. But first I was typing in a hurry the other day. Sometimes (because I’m human) I don’t pay attention to the name I was typing Liam please forgive me. Ian I hope you do too. Okay now that I have aknowledge grammar class let’s get to the nitty gritty here.

    1. You guys keep calling wrestlers egotistical monkeys. This makes me wonder if you have ever even touched comic book in the first place. Thor is an egotistical monkey. Anyone can say thee and thou. But at the core you need someone who is very use to being full of themselves. What is amazing to me is that all of you seem to be talking about what the wrestler is like (and by the way I hate wrestling) and not what the character is like. He is a Norse God. THEY ARE ALL EGOTISTICAL. He is a warrior. Those of us that are comic book babies (You know since this is a comic book movie) Aren’t looking for sexy. That you ended up with such a silly looking, model looking, pinhead for superman. (I’m aware I spelled it with a small s.) I for one love Dwayne Johns… “The Rock’s” movies. I think he really can act. They have made money because they are good. Every who knows Thor’s comic/cartoon/mythological history knows that he his a big blonde professional wrestler.
    The truth I don’t care if he is or is not a wrestler. But comic books are visual. Therefore there movies must be too. Nobody cares who plays the part or where he learned to act. They care if he carries the part first. Second if he looks like the part. That being said there is no better place to find an actor that looks the part than professional wrestlers.

  2. Correction:
    Those of us that are comic book babies (You know since this is a comic book movie) Aren’t looking for sexy. That ish how you ended up with such a silly looking, model looking, pinhead for superman. (I’m aware I spelled it with a small s.)

    Also big thanks to John Hex for seeing the hummus on this one.

  3. Willie,

    I think Dwayne Johnson can pull off acting too. I think he has done great coming out of the more “beefed” up roles. He showed a great sense of humor at the Nickelodeon Kids Awards show.

    I will most likely go see Thor in the end no matter who they cast, because I am a comic book fan. But I still like Skarsgard, and I don’t know how much training he has had exactly. But I do know that he did have somewhat of an egotistical edge in a quite way as Sgt. Colbert. And he has had so much more work than just Meekus, Colbert and Eric the Northman, just not much of it seen here in the US.

    All in all I am sure a good choice will be made.

  4. Well…ok, some guys would like to see triple H…others another wrestler, which would make the movie look cheap, some girls would like to some handsome stud play the part… In truth, what I would like to see is someone who’s faithfull to the comics. It doesn’t need to be the tallest,the bulkiest and the blondest guy, but the one who’s better fit for the part. One good example is the casting of Wolverine…if the producers were only to find a cranky and short actor maybe we would never be able to see the true jewel of an actor that is Hugh Jackman!And he is Wolverine in the flesh!:P

    Although I like Dwayne Johnson very much, he can’t act very well…but he has a great charisma and a very noticeable sense of humor,plus he was a great wrestler!

  5. Abs thank you for your point. You are right I will go see it if they cast Thor as a woman because I am a comic book and more specific a thor fan.

    Aye! A. It is a COMIC BOOK MOVIE it is by definition cheap. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE!!!!! comic book movies. But I am not expecting them to win an award from the actor’s guild or anything. Part of what makes them so great is that.

    B. Wolverine is not a good example. Wolverine first should have been better type casted. Second Wolverine is such a fan favorite(from the comics) that they could have given my little sister claws and stuck a cigar in her mouth and they would still love him best. I could have rattled off a list of possible that would have started with Sylvester Stallone.

    Listen people I’m going to say this again because I really want to get this point across. Comic Books are very visual. This is why thy spend so much money on the very expensive Artist who draw the magnificent pictures. They are popular because the people are (for lack of a better word) beautiful. Thor is a big hulking Norse god. He is Blonde Larger than life and proud of it. After all he is the god of Thunder. That being said Comic Book Movies must compare. The truth is that getting it close is why Marvel movies rock over DC movies. So all of you that think that skinny Asgard I mean Skarsgard, can pull it off, answer this question for me. What happens when Marvel decides that Thor and the Hulk will fight? Trust me it will happen and soon. How convincing will it be if Thor is build like a truck himself. Okay I agree that wrestlers aren’t really the answer. But at the very least they need Brad Pitt from Troy. Even then I would say he needed to gain about 20 lbs.

  6. Correction:

    How convincing will it be if Thor isn’t build like a truck himself. Okay I agree that wrestlers aren’t really the answer. But at the very least they need Brad Pitt from Troy. Even then I would say he needed to gain about 20 lbs.

  7. Point of fact: I’ve read many Thor comics, from the glory days of Walt Simonson to the dregs of the 90′s to Jurgens run to Oeming’s Ragnarok to J. Michael Straczynski’s current, great series. And behind the misplaced olde English idioms is a guy who solves his problems by hitting things with a hammer. He defends people by hitting things, gets mad and hits things, and inspires by hitting things harder than anyone else. Yes, there’s a nobility to the character, and an arrogance that needs to be well acted, but don’t look for this movie to be The Dark Knight. It’s the wrong material. You wouldn’t want Superbad directed by Kenneth Branagh. I would just appreciate directors and actors who respect the material the way Nolan/Bale, Favreau/Downey, and Raimi/Maguire do.

  8. Willie Green,

    I disagree with you on Wolverine!It’s an excellent example!It’s precisely for being a fans favourite they had to cast him right or else there would be a riot at the studio door!Besides Jackman wasn’t the 1st actor thought of for the part…Ewan Macgreggor and Dougray Scott were!Also… he’s very tall, contrary to the character in the comics but he was born to play Wolverine!If you see the movies closely Hugh Jackman stays true to the character both physically(ex.:mannerisms while fighting) and psychologically… That’s why an actual trained actor is needed!

    I don’t want a fancy puss to play Thor as much as you do, but using a wrestler to me is very much out of the question when there are good actors out there who can embody the character well.

    Superman(Brandon Routh) wasn’t miscast, Lois Lane was and Kevin Spacey meh(I would have gone with Michael Rosenbaum from Smallville)… it’s the movie itself that sucks…

  9. Aye!

    I couldn’t disagree more. If the original X-Men had been a Marvel Studio production as opposed to being a 20th Century Fox movie there would have been some major changes. And it would have been an all around better movie. Now I realize that this is speculation on my behalf. But, I truly believe that Magneto would been played by a more muscular and a bit younger person. In the comics this is part of the reason why can put up such a good fight with the X-men. He’s in as good a shape if not better than most of them. I want to say that Arnold would still have been good around that time but I can’t remember. Halle Berry (although what man can complain about her in tight leather) would not have been Storm. Storm is from Africa and is a bit older than Jean and Scott. Halle Berry should never have been Storm. She’s not exotic enough. And there is no wisdom in her eyes. Hugh Jackman was not a good pick for Wolverine. He didn’t carry the part and he was scarcely convincing at all. Evening now in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” he is only now discovering that he is the character. Only now is he convincing. Have you ever read an X-men comic? Wolverine is scruffy. It’s not a bad attitude and a cigar that makes him Wolverine. It’s the actual struggle between the human and the animal in him that is the appeal. Personally I believe they head the nail on the head with the first Sabertooth, Tyler Mane. Although I did like the new as well.

    Okay on to this Brandon Routh not being a miscast. Warner Bros. and Bryan Singer have all but admitted it themselves. They have tried to get out of their contract with Routh for more movies. They have considered a complete reboot. If you want a real Superman check this guy out (Paul Telfer). Now he could carry Superman and Clark Kent. I agree that Kate Bosworth’s Lois Lane was ridiculous. But Kevin Spacey (and all reviews of this I’ve seen agree) stole the show as Lex the way that Gene Hackman did in the first Stuperman. Me personally I would have went with the cast from Smallville myself. Tom Welling is Clark Kent and would carry the Superman part very well. The red head Lois of Erica Durance is a twist but a good one. Michael Rosenbaum pulls off the evil genius routine very well. They had (I say again had) plenty of room to go with the story. They could have done a complete reboot at that point and would not have had to compete Brandon Routh to Christopher Reeves (which in the end is what killed the movie… well that and the Kryptonite Island).

    Face it people what I’m saying is true. Physical image is all important in a movie like this. People didn’t believe Brandon Routh lifting the Island because he didn’t look like he could lift the boulder. It’s why the second punisher did better than the first. And the second movie was horrible!!! But the Ray Stevenson looked more like the Punisher/Frank Castle than Thomas Jane. It’s why Michael Keaton was the best Batman yet. He looked and like Bruce Wayne and Batman. George Clooney looked like Bruce Wayne. Val Kilmer looks like Batman. And (Captain Curse You Out On Set) Christian Bale, while he is a great actor and I can’t wait to see his John Connor, looks like both, but sounds like Froggy from the Little Rascal when he’s Batman.

  10. Sorry about my last comment being so long. But, I had a lot to say.

  11. Willie, you make some interesting assertions, however the majority of the movie-going audience DO NOT read comics. They don’t know how close the actors are to the original. For the movie to make a profit, it must be a good movie – not a faithful depiction. If the character of Wolverine was cast properly, there would be far less reason for the female audience to see the film. Wolverine became a sex symbol with Jackman in the role. He’s the reason I watched it to begin with. BTW, you liked the guy originally playing Sabertooth? Ugh. I thought he was awful – so amateur in his acting.

    Marvel has to walk a thin line between addressing the concerns of their hard-core comics audience and creating a movie with mass appeal.

    Audiences have proven that they want at least one sex symbol as hero – more than one is better.

    I didn’t bother seeing the newest Superman movie. Everyone I know said it was a crappy movie. Perhaps because it was miscast, as you say.

    Thankfully, there has been no official indication that Marvel is considering a wrestler for Thor. That would be laughable … acting is much tougher than you seem to think. It’s much easier to build up the body of an actor who has a good build and height than to trust the film to a non-professional.

  12. I think James Preston Rogers should play the role of Thor,
    I mean look at him he is perfect,he has the looks,the body
    when I see him I think Thor…..he is just too hot not to get the role.

  13. Oh Karen, Yuck.
    I don’t think he’s hot and I would sure hate for a wrestler to be cast as the romantic/action lead of a multi-million dollar, multi-picture franchise. Eww.

    I don’t think Marvel or anyone connected to the picture has indicated that a wrestler or sports figure is being considered.

  14. Willie Green,
    I’m a huge fan of Wolverine since daycare and read the comics extensively…but let’s face it!Without Hugh Jackman there wouldn’t be an X-Men 2,3, the spin-off in the 1st place…he loves the character and he does a very good job, the pain, the irony…Wolverine is not a wuss and of course he’s going to have an attitude!He won’t cry like Mary Magdalene “I’m confused! am I an animal or a man?Help me!” He’s a bad boy!Quiet and reserved “don’t mess with me I don’t mess with you” kind of guy…Halle Berry is very overrated as an actress but she did a better job in the second movie. Magneto was well cast due to the fact that he’s the same age as Xavier(ask for guys of that age to bulk up just 4 a movie and they’ll tell you NO)- Arnie?!?No way!Ridiculous!
    Other thing is…you have to think about what works in a movie as opposed to the drawings on the books…like yellow spandex fer instance
    As for Superman…they could have done so much more with it, I agree completely plus,they “de-hanced” Routh’s assets digitally(so old ladies wouldn’t faint I guess)which to me is stupid ’cause he is Superman!!would have also chosen the Smallville cast too.Tom Welling has the perfect look and presence for Superman.The guy you told me,Paul Telfer?Gorgeous yes,he has a warrior glint in his eyes(maybe they could consider him for a part in Thor)…Superman?Nope!

    I like big guys like James Preston Rogers but no…he’s no Thor fer me.

    My 2 cent’s:
    Jared Padalecki(heehee I know pretty boy,no blondness but he has the presence)
    Alexander Skarsgard – me likey too.
    Joel Kinnaman – just needs bulking up.

    see ya

  15. Alright alright, I know the solution to all of this, no more arguing or debating. We should have 50 Cent play Thor and Rosie O’Donnell will play his brother Loki… It’ll be awesome.

  16. First Ken J:

    I have to admit that I think the Rosie O’Donnell as Loki has its possibility for me.


    Marvel has already said that their intended audience is the hard core reader. When we are talking about casting characters we are not talking extremes here. It is highly possible to do so.

    The vast (I said vast) majority of Comic Book Movie goers are very much Comic Book readers. You guys keep talking about a balance between the readers and the normal audience. Listen, I really wish people like yawl quit watching comic book movies. I really don’t mean any harm. But it’s kinda like having people wanting a mustang to have more cup holders in it and backseat room. That’s not its purpose.

    You know in the middle of this I noticed that I’m arguing with women about this. Ofcourse you want Wolverine to be pretty and Thor as well. The truth is we will never agree so I agree to disagree.


    I appreciate the conversation, but I like the I idea of the blue and yellow spandex. The bright lights are a part of the thing.

    Big ups to you all. I’m glad we all have our opinions. But you know what opinions are like right. Here’s a hint (o).

  17. Ken J, I’ll take your word for it. I just can’t see there being enough of an audience for comic book faithful depictions. But I’ll stand corrected – since it’s you.

    Yeah .. forgive me, I long for handsome heros. Can you blame me? Don’t you want attractive females when possible. I adore Wolverine when played by Jackman … sigh.

    But Ken, you can’t realistically ask for non-hard core comic book people to stop going to comic book movies. Think of the loss of revenue. Do they really want to risk losing the multiple viewing dollars from rabid fangirls? Really?

    What does the selection of Branagh as director signal to you regarding the faithful adaptation of Thor? Is it just about the way Thor speaks?

  18. You are right that it’s unrealistic for me to ask that. But then again isn’t that what comic book movies are all about. Unrealistic behavior. But make no mistake. You guys really make up a very small percentage. The problem is making the changes for you guys kills much of the joy ride for us. No I don’t really need my super heroine to be attractive. I have a very attractive super heroine in my bed sleep right now.

    The truth I don’t think it will be faithful at all. First everyone of them are young. There is never an indication that he is young. Image depicts understanding. There is no wisdom in his eyes. He’s an Asgardian god, he’s suppose to be full of wisdom. Second they are all too clean cut. Okay no battle scars, but he does need to have a certain warrior look that I don’t know any of them can pull off.

    I don’t believe that the speaking has much to do with it at all. Anyone can Thee and Thou. I’m black and a part of the hip hop generation and I played the old blind soothsayer from Antigony (in high school mind you) so well that many people thought I would go on with acting. Another thing the couple of these guys that I’ve seen any of there work that I recognize are way to calm.

    By the way Paul Telfer is so much Superman I would buy the movie rights to it if he played the role.

  19. If you guys have the chance, check out these cartoon movies.

    Ultimate Avengers
    Ultimate Avengers II
    Thor vs. Hulk

    They two very different but very likable versions of Thor.

  20. “First everyone of them are young. There is never an indication that he is young. Image depicts understanding. There is no wisdom in his eyes. He’s an Asgardian god, he’s suppose to be full of wisdom.”

    Wisdom doesn’t come with age, it comes from learning lessons, you can be 60 years old and still learned nothing…I’ve seen many kids more wise than older ppl, plus if Thor is a norse god, according to the mythology he had to learn how to fight and use his brains since he was a child. The age factor…doesn’t count that much. Presence and talent do. I’m a girl, I like big handsome guys but I don’t want this to be a chick flick nor brainless action with a monkey. It has to be done right and the material should be well adapted from the comics to the screen.


  21. Well with the 6 guys above this is going to be a chick flick by default. But I’ll tell you guys what go ahead. As I said before I’ll agree to disagree. Older people will tell you that youth is wasted on the young. They mean (and often say) that if they knew then what they know now they would have done better. That’s call wisdom. But I’m sorry. I keep suckering myself back into this discussion. The least you guys can do is take this convo to my blog .

  22. Correction it is

  23. LOL Willie, poor Rosie, if only she wasn’t such a b**** I wouldn’t pick on her…

  24. Willie Green,

    And you guys who do you want to see next to Thor…Rosie O’Donnel?Oprah Winfrey maybe?They’re very intelligent women…

    Don’t you wanna have an eye candy for you too?

    Calling this a chick flick fer 1 guy is bollocks!

  25. Wait, did I just see someone type Rosi O’Donnell and intelligent in the same paragraph? And how does having either one of them attract guys anyhow? I would think ATTRACTIVE women who are not complete morons will be better to get guys, lol.

    Anyway, in case some of you didn’t catch on to the obvious fact, me saying for 50 cent to play thor and rosie o’idiot to play loki, i was joking… :-D

  26. :PPP my bad…

  27. LOL… Yeah but if John Leguizamo can play a fat clown from down stairs… I’ll believe that Rosie can be an evil mischief making Norse God.

  28. alexander,YES for Thor,bulking up will help.I am concerned about who will play Captain A.I might be crazy but i keep seeing Matt Damon as a great cap, he has a rawness,and serious edge that might work well for the roll.He also has a great WWII look.what yall think?

  29. Matt Damon is a great idea. He has already played Captain America. The only difference is his name was Jason Bourne. They only problem is he will also need to bulk up a little. They will also have to bleech his hair bleech-blonde. But he has the look the air-apair about himself. I could be convinced that it’s him. I really hope they don’t go back to WWII to tell the story though. We’ve already seen him in the ice in The Incredible Hulk. We’ve also seen his shield in Iron Man. We can live with a brief history in the movie and then have him in the present.