The Kenneth Branagh Gameshow: Pick Your Thor!

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thor header The Kenneth Branagh Gameshow: Pick Your Thor!

Nikkie Finke reported yesterday about the upcoming Thor film and how Marvel and director Kenneth Branagh are facing a big challenge in trying to cast the lead character. In her report, she lists some of the candidates in the running to wield Mjolnir and become the God of Thunder.

Interestingly, she also points out that they are considering Josh Hartnett not only for the role of Loki, the God of Mischief, but to play The Mighty Thor himself. Now, I can see him giving an interesting performance as Loki but my suspension of belief doesn’t extend to him playing Thor.

While there’s some desire by Marvel to see Hartnett or another recognizable actor to play Thor, there’s also a lot of interest in casting an unknown. Personally, I don’t know which would be best for this movie but I liked the idea of casting a relatively unknown actor like Alexander Skarsgård (who was rumored to be Branagh’s leading choice last week).

So, now we have a list of candidates (or shall I say…contestants) who are in the running to play our favorite Asgardian Avenger. Let’s see what they’re all about:

Josh Hartnett

Our first contestant enjoys reading, writing and long walks on the beach… Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Josh, our obviously most famous candidate, is 30 years old, 6′ 3″ and was born in San Francisco, California. Josh has starred as the lead in many feature films including Pearl Harbour, Lucky Number Slevin and Hollywood Homicide.

Josh was rumored last week to be sought after to play Loki in the Thor movie, it is now said he is being considered for Thor.

Liam Hemsworth

Liam is an Australian actor who doesn’t have a large acting resume as of yet. He is best known for roles on the two television programs, Neighbours and The Elephant Princess. Liam has upcoming appearances in next month’s Alex Proyas movie, Knowing as well as a rumored role in Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables.

Tom Hiddleston

Tom is 6′ 1½” and nearly 28 years old. He hails from London, England and played a role in the Wallander miniseries which starred Kenneth Branagh as the lead character, police detective Kurt Wallander – Now we get the connection.

Charlie Hunnam

Charlie stands 6′ 1″ and turns 29 next month. Born in Newcastle, England, Mr. Hunnam and has had roles in some big movies such as Children of Men and Cold Mountain. Charlie made his mark in the business with his starring role alongside Katie Holmes in the 2002 thriller, Abandon.

Joel Kinnaman
There’s not much information on the web available for Joel but we do know that he is a Swedish actor, 29 years old who hasn’t yet starred in any North American films or television.

Alexander Skarsgård

Son of actor Stellan Skarsgård and both our tallest and oldest candidate, Alexander also hails from Sweden, is 32 years old and stands 6′ 4″. Alexander is growing rapidly in popularity for his role in HBO’s Generation Kill and his current role in HBO’s True Blood as a 1000+ year old vampire who sports the same hairstyle as Thor.

Alexander was also spotted in a meeting with Kenneth Branagh last week, which sparked rumors of him being the director’s first choice to play Thor.

That’s it for our contestants – My personal pick goes to Alexander Skarsgård whom I thought was a good pick when the rumors first surfaced last week. There was some feedback however, saying he was small or skinny which I believe is entirely untrue – just look at the following image of him as Eric Northman in True Blood.

Now imagine giving him another two years to workout for the role.

Out of the candidates, Alexander is the tallest, oldest and the largest. He also hails from a Nordic country and has the natural hair and look. I don’t think it gets better than that.

As for Josh Hartnett, I can in no way see him as Thor but I do like him as Loki.

What do you think of the candidates and who should Kenneth Branagh cast?

Thor opens in theaters June 17, 2011.

Source: Nikkie Finke

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  1. Geez, if nothing else Thor will be successful just from all of the women who will see it. It’ll be the Titanic of comic book movies. We all know that chick flicks are automatically double their target audience since women will tell their husbands or boyfriends to watch a movie they don’t want to watch alone but boyfriends/husbands can’t tell their girl the same. So basically guys are forced to watch every crappy chick flick but if a girl doesn’t want to watch a movie we want to watch, they’ll refuse to go and send us to go watch it by ourselves, lol.

    I’m not saying Thor will be a crappy chick flick, but it looks like there will be a large number of chicks that are interested, which means their guys will be dragged to it regardless of if they are interested in a Thor movie, then add the guys that ARE Thor fans, this movie should be huge, lol.

  2. Oh come on, do you really think Titanic was such a huge success because GUYS were flocking there to watch it on their own accord??? ;-)

  3. I think the larger point is that not all, perhaps not most, women “drag” their partners to films they don’t want to see. I certainly don’t. I don’t even want to see a chick-flick with a man – they ruin the vibe with snide comments or physical restlessness.

    Anyway, I want to protect any man I’m with from having to endure any more torture with modern life than is absolutely necessary. LOL

    But I can agree on one thing, Ken – if Skarsgard is chosen as Thor, chicks WILL flock to see it, like they flocked to 300 to see Gerard Butler.

    Don’t really need to have “company” to go see a movie.

  4. Well, it seems to work out that way in the past. And from what I’ve seen and experienced with women, is that if you say you don’t want to go see something with them, they will get insulted and feel like you don’t want to spend time with them. But they will refuse to go with you to do something they don’t want to do in a heartbeat and if you get “insulted” by that they’ll get mad at you for it… lol

  5. Sounds very unfair, Ken. I apologize on behalf of all stupid women out there.

    Next time, check out a better class of women. Because what you describe is just BS, no man should get strong-armed into anything unless it’s (at least) fairly reciprocal.

  6. Well Lauren,

    I don’t mind when you say that you’d like to see Jared as Thor just because he’s hot…it’s the truth!
    It’s your opinion and I will respect that.

    But I really disagree when you say that both Jensen and Jared are equaly good as actors(But this matter would be better discussed elsewhere not here…Thor is being discussed here).

    If we are limited to the actors above I’d prefer to have Alexander Skarsgård cast. Kevin Mckidd or Jim Carrey could be Loki. Odin could be…Gerard Butler…Mwahaha!:PPPP

  7. Sweetwater, sometimes I don’t mind bending over backward a little bit as long as my girl is loving and loyal to me. It’s a small price to pay. :-)

  8. That’s sweet, Ken.
    “We” appreciate that kind of generous spirit.

    Skarsgard for Asgard!

  9. But …. even on Ken’s official site – under his credits as actor – he has the same expression in every photo. Have you seen him act? Were you impressed? I haven’t seen his work.

    Plus, I think the producers are concerned about Thor looking young to include a younger audience as well as having a youthful actor to maintain his looks and vigor through multiple movies (over time).

    Not sure if movie make-up is enough to compensate for age in this day of high def. And I’ve yet to see a wrestler that can really act – though I haven’t seen Nash on film yet.

    Acting is more important than size (IMHO) – though size matters with Thor. Skarsgard is over 6’4″ and could bulk up for the films.

  10. Hey girls, potential bad news. I just read on another movie site that Skarsgard was recently asked if he would play Thor and his answer is “I don’t think so.” So there’s a chance he didn’t get it afterall.

  11. DO you have a link to that site? You just ruined my day…

  12. I think E (entertainment) network asked him about it. Skarsgard said he didn’t think he was chosen because he hadn’t “gotten the call yet”.

    But no one else (as far as we know) has gotten the call either. Still could be him, I think.

  13. Hunnam does nothing for me. If Branagh lets Alexander Skarsgard pass on by, he has lost his good sense. I thought that he would have made the bold move of screen testing Skarsgard even if he decided not to cast him for the role. What does it matter if Thor is a relatively unknown actor to the American audience. Skarsgard ‘is’ known in Europe and Scandinavia. And, is Branagh still British? :-) I want Alexander Skarsgard.

  14. The notion that Skarsgard, who is 6’4 and definitely not skinny, can’t convincingly portray Thor is ridiculous. With a summer 2011 release date, he’d have at least 6 months to beef up for this part. Exhibit A: Gerard Butler in 300. Exhibit B: Hugh Jackman in Wolverine. Skarsgard’s clearly got the essentials. And, he can actually act, unlike many a knuckleheaded beef cake.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger as Conan? I’ve actually met him and he’s not a big man. I’m 5’9 and could look him right in the eyes. Very unimpressive in person. It’s called movie magic, people.

  15. Tobey Maguire was perfect for Peter Parker, because he looks like a geek, which Parker is. Alexander Skarsgard would bring realism and acting ability to the role, but unless he was killed off True Blood, gaining 50-60 extra pounds of muscle will be a problem for him to do half a year of shooting and re-shooting, especially since he would be doing multiple Thor movies(if successful) down the line and an Avengers movie two years later.
    Emery, if you mean Arnold now, he is no longer as big as he was as Conan. Young Schwarzenegger was huge by any standard. Like Lou Ferrigno still is. And Hugh Jackman, no matter how much he’s grown on me, was massively miscast as the under five foot, hairy, craggy Wolverine.
    Triple H would be perfect for Thor. I think he can pull off the acting, a voice coach could help affect a Nordic accent, and I think most of the drama will be for whomever is playing Donald Blake.

  16. This is 6 of the biggest disappointment in their casting. Listen Roberty Downey Jr. was an genius pick. Ed Norton is an incredible pick. Heck they even got prof. X and Wolverine right. Toby was the perfect peter parker. But I have to say that they have jacked some choices as well. Halle should have never been considered for Storm (although I can’t complain). Oh and who picked Liam Neison for Magneto? They should be shot. I’m not fund of the Don Cheadle trade out for Rhodie. But to pick one of these toothpicks to be Thor would be the exact same mistake that DC made with picking (said girlie) *Brandon Roth* as Superman.
    Me personally I’m all for Triple H doing the job. Maybe Brock Lesnor.

  17. Um… nobody picked Liam Neeson for Magneto since he didn’t play Magneto, Ian McKellen played Magneto…

    And even if they did pick Liam Neeson, at least he could act, unlike your wrestler choices for Thor…

  18. Yeah, thank you Ken J.

    Willie …. we’re not back to the idea of a wrestler again, are we? Ugh. This needs an actor. The actor can bulk up. Nothing a wrestler can do about a lack of acting chops, training and experience.

  19. geez…some guys think that being manly or being like a warrior god equals being a monkey wrestler like triple H!!!I agree with sweetwater.

  20. Probably why Tyler Mane didnt come back as Sabertooth in the Wolverine movie…this time there were actually needed lines instead of dumb brawn as they played him before.

  21. Willie Green,

    Having Triple H or Brock Lesnor as Thor would mean box office failure.

    Luckily, neither are being considered for the role.

  22. Yeah, you can’t have a wrestler in an action movie. I mean, it’s not like any of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s movies made any money.

  23. Jon Hex,

    “Thor” has to be done right…without egotistic monkeys…read the comics!

  24. Oh no ….. we’re not talking about wrestlers in the lead role again, are we? If the Rock’s movies make money it’s because they’re kept within a certain production cost. As a woman, I know I never watch them, can’t get through 20 minutes of them. Only know one lady that has gone to the movies to see them – her husband dragged her.

    Thor has to appeal to a broad range of people to be successful. Plus, now movies based on comics are starting to get some Oscar attention. I can’t imagine they’ll risk blowing the trend towards artistic respect by casting a wrestler.

    Thor’s language, his way of speaking, would sound unintentionally hilarious out of the mouth of anyone who wasn’t a trained actor.

    Most wrestlers look kinda weird anyway … not handsome, not sexy. Beyond a small core of female followers, generally, wrestlers are not objects of sexual desire among the average female population. You’re going to need the girls to make Thor a blockbuster.

    However unlikely it may seem at the moment, I’m still hoping for Alexander Skarsgard. He’s tall with a gorgeous physique … just needs more mass. The internet is buzzing over him in his role as Eric Northman and Sgt. Colbert already. He’s a trained, experienced actor who is also a total chick magnet. Plus, he’s got the right pedigree!

  25. Why are wrestlers egotistical monkeys? They’re just actors in a physical medium. That’s not how they really are. Most of them are friends, they just act like they hate each other.
    A Norse god who talks like a Shakespearean character is already unintentionally hilarious. I do want the movie to be made well, to be intelligently done, but I would also like Thor to look like Thor. And we saw how Ang Lee’s Hulk turned out when it tried to be too dramatic.