Keira Knightley Says No To Pirates 4

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keira knightley pirates of the caribbean Keira Knightley Says No To Pirates 4

For any of you Pirates of the Caribbean fans out there I’m sure you’ve been wondering and hoping that the franchise will continue, with the original cast intact. Well even though Johnny Depp is reprising his role as Captain Jack Sparrow, it appears that Keira Knightley won’t be returning as Miss Swann, or as anyone else for that matter.

In an interview with Moviefone, Knightley expressed her plans (or lack thereof) for the fourth film in the Pirates franchise. Check out what she had to say:

It was a completely fantastic experience, and it was an amazingly large portion of my life, but I don’t think I need to go there again. I think that it’s done. But I’m very excited to see the next one. And he [Johnny Depp] is so wonderful in that character. I think it’ll be wonderful.

The Pirates franchise is one which lost me at number two – the first was good (although has lost its appeal after being beaten over the head with the constant mentioning of all things Pirates), but the second and particularly the third were just total wastes and complete bores (why in the hell did the third one need to be nearly three hours?).

The only way I would want to see a fourth film is if they ditch the love story and concentrate on the franchise’s two best characters – Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain Barbossa. And with Knightley now saying she’s not doing another one (although we’ll see if time and a truck load of money changes that decision), it looks like at least as much of the romance won’t be present.

So is Keira Knightley right for not coming back for another Pirates movie? And should there be anymore at all?

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 is expected to be released sometime in 2011.

Source: Moviefone

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  1. Even though JD will be participating in On Stranger Tides, it will not be the same without Keira.

    The POTC series has just lost all its interest to its die hard fans.

    • Can’t believe it I liked the love story they need to come back

  2. Following my first comment.

    If Orlando has left, as the rumours say, then next to go will be Johnny & Geoffrey Rush.


  3. I will buy POTC 4 but, only, because, I am a die hard JD fan.

  4. nooooo lol it won't be the same without lizzie

  5. I wanted Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightly should come back and continue the love story especially because they had a son in the third movie!!!

    • exactly

  6. I am so relieved that Bloom and Knightly will not be there. Depp and Nighy are the two brilliant ones and I am so looking forward to Ian McShane as Blackbeard. Goodbye to the awful love angle bit and I never did like either of them in this.


  7. I think that 3 was enough because you can’t get rid of original characters its to sad – you’ve learnt to love them and then they’re gone.

  8. I think Knightly and Bloom’s ego could not handle Depp’s talent and screen presence. I find it a little ironic that Knightly is on a lot of late night talk shows, trying to one up the Pirates 4? It’s so obvious. If it wasn’t for Depp and Pirates..she wouldn’t be where she is.
    Always amazed that actors who are not well liked, become so successful.

    • she was already massive in the uk before pirates of the caribbean from the film “bend it like bekham” and “the hole” soooo…

  9. I agree that the 3rd movie was almost 3hrs. long, but the movie was fantastic. Especially the ending with Captain Jack fighting against Jones in a sword fight? We get to see him fight! He doesn’t do a lot of fighting during the movies…

    I liked Keira and Orlando in Pirates. It’s sad to see ‘em leave but I like Rush also and I’m glad his still there! Hopefully we’ll see Bloom again in the near future perhaps in Pirates since his now Captain of the Flying Dutchman and he could help captain Jack.

  10. I am a great fan of pirates series.
    It would have been better if keira was there.

  11. Hi,
    My name is Gabrielle and I’m a 12 year old girl who loves Pirates of the Carribbean and my favorite character is Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley). If you can please get in touch with Keira Knightley please ask her to read this an reconsider please,please,please PLEASE think about being in the 5th or 6th movie. PLEASE Keira Knightley!!!

  12. Hi,
    My name is Gabrielle and I’m a 12 year old girl who loves Pirates of the Carribbean and my favorite character is Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley). If you can please get in touch with Keira Knightley please ask her to read this an reconsider please,please,please PLEASE think about being in the 5th or 6th movie. PLEASE Keira Knightley!!! It’s no good without you!! Please go back Pirates of the Carribbean need you!! Johnny Depp is my other favorite and if you don’t go he won’t either please Keira please!!!!! For your fans!!
    Love Your Biggest Fan,

  13. Hi keira , my real name is paula and just like gaby said,,im a very huge fan of pirates of the carribean :] and my favorite characters are mr. sparrow and mrs. swann , ive already watched the 4th movie (ITS VERY FUNNY)>, i know the other fans misses it as well ..hope you get back in 5th movie (if there is):)) haha forget about william :PP jack is still there…
    i love you love you love you guys Elizabeth and Jack 4ever
    hope you 2 get together again in the movie :)btw,im 14 ^-^


    • Thank you Paula for backing me up. I totally agree with you!! She should sooo come back she was so good!!

  14. Yes, she is right for not coming back for a fourth and shows dignity and grace for not indulging in another mammoth budget hollywood franchise epic! Besides, it should be a great film without the pan faced tart!

    • Please Kiera, come back! I already watched the fourth movie and even though it was hilarious, I really want to see what happens between you and Will. PLEASE? Oh and gaby, I’m her biggest fan. Sorry!

      • Great for you Serena. Atleast i’m not trying hopelessly to prove myself to you. ;)

  15. OK LISTEN..This is what people do NOT understand! It is driving me to insanity! Now, I want you all to logically think about this for a minute. Everyone knows the story throughout the three movies. Basically, Will and Elizabeth are in love, were due to be married and did get married. Will made a PROMISE to his father, “Bootstrap” Bill Turner, that he would forever FREE him from The Flying Dutchman ship, and Davy Jones. But, in order to do so, he needs to kill Davy Jones. But see, in killing Jones and freeing his father, The Flying Dutchman must always have a captain. The duty that any captain of the Flying Dutchman was charged with was to ferry souls who die at sea to the other side. “10 years at sea, one day ashore.” Now, Will Turner wanted to free his father, and did, but he loses Elizabeth because where the ship is bound, only the crew and captain could go. Now, if you remember, at the end of the third movie, Davy Jones stabs Will. Jack put Davy’s heart next to Will and helped him stab it, because Will was DYING. The reason Jack helped Will do this, was because Will had not yet fulfilled his promise to free his father, and if he died his father would still be bound to the Dutchman and Elizabeth would lose Will. Also, Jones was already dead, which meant Jack would have to become the Captain if Will died. So it was better this way, because he would not have died. He would free his father, and Elizabeth would not have to bear the fact of his death. It was a steep price though. He now freed his father, but lost Elizabeth, but at least he did not DIE. She can see him once every 10 years. If you watched the last scene of the third film after the credits, you would see Elizabeth and Will’s son with Elizabeth, and Will coming to see her and their son for that one day ashore. NOW, MY POINT. THERE WAS NOTHING MORE THAT COULD BE DONE WITH THIS STORY LINE. IT WAS OVER. Thank You.

  16. Gosh,it was a horrible thing that happened to pirates when keira and orlando left and pirates 4 was a total failure now :( the action was boring there was barely any fun surprises unlike the other three and the blackbeard idea was horrible!!! the scene at whitecap bay was the best scene in the entire movie even though it is not nearly as good as from the other three films, the ending action was too obvious i mean I BET EVERYONE KNEW THAT BARBOSSA WOULD MEET BLACKBEARD AS SOON AS HE GETS THERE AND STARTS A FIGHT (DUH) AND THE SPANISH COME I MEAN EVERYTHING WAS OBVIOUSLY GOING TO HAPPEN … i missed keira and orlando maybe they could have made this movie better if they had came back as will and elizabeth or maybe they could have at least made the new characters more interesting and blackbeard was not terrifying to me at all and his death came too easy and i can go on and on.Hopefully a pirates person can see this comment and can listen and make pirates 5 better and more interesting. Pirates 4 was a huge drop from the other three awesome movies

    • PS Ponce de Leon was a great topic but the movie didnt live up to it

  17. damn it! i love keira Knightley,she is an epic actor i thought the 4th movie would hav her and orlando bloom in it :(.I loved the cast for the 1st 2nd and 3rd movie but i guess the 4th wasnt bad either, i dont get why you dont like Keira knightly/Elizabeth swan.In any case,if there is a 5th or 6th move then try and have every pirates of the carribean character in it!the ones from the old and new movies! that would be so epic >W<.In any case I FRIGGIN LOVE THE WHOLE PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN SERIES <3

  18. Penelope Cruz ruined the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Keira Knightley waa better than Penelope Cruz and her accect was so thick it ruined the film. The fact tey would bring in Penelope Cruz with her thick accent so difficult to understand made a good movie difficult to watch.

    • I couldn’t agree more. She’s just a horrific actress, and I can’t for the life of me understand why she gets cast in movies she has no business being in. I can’t get more than 15 minutes into Pirates 4 solely because of her. Bad casting, terrible acting, just a sad way to ruin a good franchise.

      • Why did Keira and Orlando not want to be in the movie anymore with out them this movie will suck!!
        Keira if you read this I hope you will change your mind you to Orlando.
        Please Please Please well if you guys don’t change your mind at least Johnny depp is in it.:(

  19. Pirates was one of the best movies out there very memorable and keeps a person coming back to watch them over and over again. Look, I know that as an actor it takes a lot time away from and you travel far away from your family. But since prates 5 will be the last movie or from what I’ve read I think the whole cast should come back for the last movie. Just to end it with a bang. That might be hard to ask since all the the other three movies were great. But anyway I hope you all come back. The movie isn’t the same without everyone. All of you combined made such a great movie

  20. I love all of them they each tell a different story, and its good that all the characters return. It definitely shows who cares about the audience. I think they all play their parts well but will and Elizabeth’s story was not ended yet. If a actor or actress has ever seen a movie with an original character then changed and got aggravated then they should understand how an audience feels not being able to do nothing about it. Its very unprofessional to start something and not see it through but we see it all the time in movies when money is involved I was dissapointed in potc 4 and they should’ve finished will and Elizabeth’s story but I bought them all. Good luck to all actors but try to finish your work for your fans

    • For heavens sake just because they don’t want to appear in what turned out to be a total flop doesn’t make them unprofessional. It’s a job, they owe the fans nothing at all. It was very smart that they didn’t appear in Part 4.

      • The story ended at Part 3. Part 4 should never have been made at all…