Keanu Reeves To Star In Cowboy Bebop

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cowboy bebopmovieposter Keanu Reeves To Star In Cowboy Bebop First Showing is reporting that Keanu “Whoah” Reeves is adding another straight-faced hero to his resume, playing intergalactic bounty hunter Spike Spiegel in the live-action adaption of anime cult-favorite, Cowboy Bebop.

According to First Showing’s “inside source” at Fox studios, Cowboy Bebop has long been buried in the list of movies waiting to be green lit, with Reeves attached to the project for some time now. That bit of star-power, plus some early fan buzz, has motivated Fox to fast-track Cowboy Bebop for a 2010 release; though currently there is no director, writer, or script for the film.

keanu reeves 7 Keanu Reeves To Star In Cowboy Bebop

For those who aren’t into anime, Cowboy Bebop follows the exploits of a team of bounty hunters, (“Cowboys” as their known,) who coast the cosmos aboard their spaceship, Bebop, tracking down the universe’s worst criminals and collecting the bounty on their heads. The plot thickens when the team’s strong but silent leader, Spike (Reeves) begins to run across his old buddies from a nefarious crime syndicate he used to belong to. The only thing standing in the gangsters’ way? Spike, and the crew of the Bebop.

If Reeves is attached, you can expect the scale of this flick to be big-budget epic. Warring spaceships and kung-fu throwdowns complete with gun fire. Nice. Between Cowboy Bebop, the upcoming Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li and the live-action Dragonball movie, it seems Hollywood is trying to cash in on the anime universe.

Are you psyched for a Cowboy Bebop movie? Or is anime not your thing? Let us know what you think.

Source: First Showing

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  1. I met sinichiro at an Anime Convention in Dallas a few years back. he discussed it at a panel after some one asked him about the secret hidden episode/movie of bebop which was an homage to the movie desperado. (Red eye, the first episode) After this, he had mentioned he had been contacted by rodriguez and the two met up in Austin at his studio, Troublemaker. he stated after that the he and robert wanted to work on an adaption of one of his works based in texas (all the bebop locations are visually based on texas cities and rural areas.) So as much as I’d love to ask him personally, he’s not a personal freind.. and my japanese is horrible!

  2. @ alainvoid: I thought that maybe you had a chance to speak to him at a con where he was signing stuff. Don’t know if he’s into that or not. If you had, just wanted to know if he elaborated more than you wrote. Still It’s good to know, from his recent comments, I’d say he’s changed his mind somewhat, about his work going live action. More to the negative.. Thanks


  3. Keanu as Spike…. he can look like Spike. Acting? Spike’s head doesn’t bobble when he talks, downside for Reeves. Fighting? If Reeves can loosen up while fighting, then he’s good… Ron Pearlman SHOULD be Jet. Faye just needs to have black or dark DARK purple hair, leave it at that. Ed, they can pull off something, she’s not that hard to emulate, its just not that many people who coplay as her.

  4. actual bebop character stats:
    spike age: 27, 5’6
    faye age: 22, 5’2
    jet age: 36, 6’0
    just doin this to spark up some more debate ( I do like the idea of John Cusack or Edward Norton as Spike, myself. Ron pearlman as Jet and Ashely Scott as Faye would be awesome.. ages be damned!)

  5. I’ve never seen Cowboy Bebop, but it looks good. I despise Keanu Reeves, and will see the real thing and not come within miles of what looks like it’s going to be a travesty.

  6. Steve your right
    When they make this movie the style factor has to be dialed up through the roof. And the of course the most important thing THE MUSIC and pacing. It just wouldn’t be Bebop with some crappy nu-metal techno soundtrack.
    Also why Keanu? your telling me there is no one else in the acting world who’s more hip than him, yeah right

  7. he’s very hip, 2nd to lenny kravitz he’s the hippest coolest majerks ever.
    when i think of him he’s always the coolest always.
    some days when he’s not even trying he’s cooler than lenny but lenny doesn’t try either.

  8. I don’t know what you people are talking about. Speed racer was awesome. But it’s mostly if you find humor in the similarities between the movie and the cartoon. I don’t think many people got that, which is why it’s sort of a “love it or hate it” type film.

    As for Cowboy Bebop, I would only be excited for it if the director and writer and everyone was really serious about it. I have the feeling that because it’s an anime-to-movie, the crew won’t take it very seriously, inevitably dooming the movie.

    And in terms of Faye casting, she needs to be Asian, because, well… the character’s from Singapore. If they can find a really great Asian actress for the part, that would be cool. Like Lucy Liu or someone… If not, I guess they can take someone else.

    I just now thought of Clive Owen for Spike. I don’t know if it’s actually a good idea or not, but I’m throwing it out there anyway.

  9. Well Jenny if Keanu was smart he would spend his efforts nurturing the property to success, rather than just using it as his next acting vehicle. Since this may be the first attempt to bring Bebop to the live action scene, its success isn’t nearly as critical as say the “Punisher” property. Then again Bebop does have that NIH, [Not Invented Here] strike against it.

  10. No director or anything?

    The Ghost in the Shell Live Action has completely the opposite.
    They’ve got Steven Speilberg and Dreamworks, but no actors.

  11. cant wait to see the movie …
    i’ll definitely gonna watch it !!!
    kyaaa keanu reeves is so hot !!!
    and i love cowboy bebob too
    i think the plot and storyline is unique lolz
    PS: not gonna watch it if its not keanu reeves on charge in it

  12. @ Realfolkspike: I think there are two different sets of stats for the characters of the Bebop, those particular stats being from the manga series. Spike and Faye are actually a lot taller according to the anime series. Spike’s supposedly 6′, Faye’s 5’6” and Jet’s 6’2” (and I think Ed’s 5’3”). I generally wouldn’t find this fact too important to argue, but I just think Spike’s WAY too sexy to be shorter than me! :3

    As far as Keanu goes, at first I was completely opposed to him in this role. I don’t think he’s the greatest actor in the world. There’s no way that his speech and intonation could ever be as smooth as Spike Spiegel’s. But the more I think about it, he does have the ability to look an awful lot like Spike (the hair better be spot on or I’ll die!) and I kinda just wanna give him a chance and see just how badly he effs it up. After all, I did see Constantine, and I thought it was pretty good. If it sucks, I’ll just go back to my DVD collection and fan fiction writing. I can only do so much. : /

    I agree with Jenny about having Faye be Asian. Asians are fierce, and Lucy Liu definitely has the curves for the role! ^_~ Whoever mentioned Uma Thurman up there, I think she’d be much better suited for the role of Julia, (if she were to have a role in this at all. Julia should be much prettier.)

    Ed, boy or girl, (either could work) should definitely be tanned. She’s from South America! It shouldn’t be too difficult to find a small, brown, plucky girl with a lot of energy and a dream. Acting experience shouldn’t be too important, as long as the girl embodies Edward’s personality. After all, Ed acts like a kid because she really is one. No profound, smarmy, obviously scripted, Dakota Fanning lines should be coming out of her.

    If all these elements are incorporated, I’ll be as happy as a clam. ^_^


    WHY!? Leave Cowboy Bebop alone!
    If they have to make a live action CB movie, then at least get a more talented actor!

  14. Chris Nolan should Direct and Christian Bale should play Spike (I think he can play anything)

    Hes got that half playful half brutal feel to him. Plus his hairs gonna be near enough a match. Or Christian Bale! i like the idea of that!

  16. no he’s not. he’s lovely & gorgeous. it’ll be really good all his movies are.

  17. dude.. I am totally an alien. my name is klatu. woah! is the earth standing still or somethin? Worst actor ever!

  18. How about Alex O’Loughlin instead of Keanu? He’s actually more the right age, plus this would really help his career after CBS shut down Moonlight (BOO!!!). Keanu lost his touch a long time ago and people just don’t respect him enough as an actor to actually draw in audiences. I think he’s more likely to drive them away.

  19. Or Freddy Prinze Jr.? I can’t think of someone tall and thin and young and handsome with dark hair, but I’d take Freddy or Alex O’Loughlin any day over Keanu for this role.

  20. nothing in he world can compare with bebopĀ“s MANGA n ANIME, this movie, if they really dare to do it will be an offence to all of us who love Spike, Fey, Jet, ED and Ein

  21. @ Canti- Are you kidding? The Manga was a piece of crap. I’ll hand it to you that the anime kicks ass. I own all of it, and basically worship it, but the manga was terrible.

  22. @Tigrgrl52: Freddy Prinze Jr. is too sissy to be Spike. Just because he’s hot doesn’t make him perfect for the role. (You hear that, Keanu?)

  23. Fair enough. But that still leaves O’Loughlin, who’s tall and handsome and could play a casual badass like Spike.

  24. Keanu?

    Um. Hmmmmm.

    I’d much rather see James Franco as Spike. He has the look, and he can act. Or Christian Bale. That man is versatility personified, and he can *really* act.

    As for directors, I think either Quentin Tarantino or Stephen Chow would be awesome.

  25. WOW!!!
    I totally agree with James Franco as Spike I saw this one picture ( that was really Dead on!!!!
    Much as I like Keanu Reaves he’s no good for Spike.

    I think Uma Thurman Would make a greay Faye ( as she was in Pulp Fiction)

  26. @eLectroBebop: Ooh! He’s cute! I think I may agree with you! But on the other hand,

    NOOOOOOOOO!!!! Uma Thurman FAILS! If she’s in the movie at all, she should be Julia, or some random secondary character. She’s not Faye material at all. She’s too old, and she looks it! Faye’s only 23. And (Pulp Fiction aside, which is, in spite of the greatness, an old movie), she’s blonde. The role of Faye begs for a natural raven-haired goddess. ^_^

  27. I see your point.

    if you’re interested here is a visual Cast I made next to the pictures of the characters from the show.
    Of course it’s not perfect but it was alot of fun to make ^_^

  28. Your myspace is set to friends only, so no one can see it.

    Go register at and post it publicly there is you want to share. :D

  29. thats lame I had my blog set to public and the stupid thing still won’t let people see it. :(

    but here ^_^