Keanu Reeves Confirmed As Spike Spiegel In Cowboy Bebop

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keaunu cowboy bebop Keanu Reeves Confirmed As Spike Spiegel In Cowboy Bebop

So the inevitable has happened, as we mentioned previously, Keanu Reeves will assume the role of Spike Spiegel in a live-action Cowboy Bebop. Although this is a Sci-Fi mission for Fox, there are some signs of intelligent life.

From the Japanese anime, Reeves will star as Spike, hurling through space aboard the “Bebop.” The time is 2071 and the story follows a group of bounty hunters through their numerous adventures. No official details on which episode they’ll adapt from, but Reeves has said the plot would focus on a fictional drug “Red Eye.” A writer by the name of Peter Craig has the difficult task of writing the screenplay, but he will have some good help.

Sunrise Inc., producers of the anime series, will be involved during development. Sunrise’s Kenji Uchida and series director Shinichiro Watanabe will assume the role of associate producers along with Keiko Nobumoto, the series composition writer. Anime producer, Masahiko Minami, will fill the role of production consultant. If this does go bad, Reeves can’t take all the credit.

Erwin Stoff (The Day the Earth Stood Still, Street Kings, A Scanner Darkly, Constantine)–AKA, Keanu’s personal financier–will produce through his 3 Arts Entertainment. The unknown, Joshua Long, has been named exec. producer.

Casting for Jet Black, Ein, Faye, Edward, Vicious, or Julia has yet to be released, in what capacity these characters will be involved is still in question. Topping Reeves’ acting chops for these roles, though not terribly difficult, could give this the added boost it needs.

Even though Fox is notorious for making source material “better” for mainstream audiences, as exemplified by the upcoming Dragonball Evolution, Sunrise’s involvement could make this a worthy adaption.

How do you think this will go?

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  1. All we need now are the Wachowski Brothers and its game set and match

  2. oh boy …

    Yet another of my favorite animé perched on the ledge of the abyss of failure. :(

  3. How does this actor get any jobs? He makes Rosanne seem like an oscar winning actor. Now Wachowski should get going on this as well and chainsaw it to death.

  4. Hate to say this but in terms of the film and anime industry, all Japan can hope to accomplish in wowing audiences at the global scale WOULD be just anime, not any sort of live action etc… (don’t believe me? go pick up Casshern the movie that came out in 2002… this is just one example) I wouldn’t even be surprised if the dog is cut out of the film, or Spike doesn’t smoke in the film, neither would I be surprised if the film ends up rated G! Fox wants to destroy the possibility of the world ever thinking anime can ever be made into good live action films and they’re succeeding. And Keanu Reeves… sorry buddy but Spike is expressive and knows how to show emotion… so unless you up your ante in working on portraying the character rather than your own rendition of “woah…”… well I’ll just leave it at that…

  5. Oh and you just KNOW they’re gonna make Fey a character with Dolly Parton Insurance and blonde hair… Seriously… judging from how Dragonball Trashvolution turned out, can’t you see it already? This film will end up being called “Cowboy Bebop: The Western Frontier” and completely take out the outer space aspect of things!!

  6. I’m ready to see the rest of the casting. That and a plot could really help settle my sense of unease.

  7. This has to be one of the best Animes ever, I really hope they don’t blow this one to hell, like they obviously did with Dragonball.

  8. I am still extremely skeptical and honestly, upset, that Keanu Reeves is playing Spike. I still stand by that John Cusack or some unknown should play him.

    However, I am a little bit relieved to hear that Watanabe and a bunch of staff from Sunrise are involved. I hope that they aren’t just tied on for money and actually have heavy involvement/input in the film. I also hope they get some big director that Reeves can’t push around on the set. Someone with style and ability to direct sure would be nice. Soderberg? Besson? Maybe even Tarantino, though I’m not as sure about that one. Just as long as it’s not someone like Michael Bay, Paul W.S. Anderson, or Uwe Boll. Also, hopefully with his financier on board they won’t buddy together and call all the shots. Casting the other positions is obviously crucial too.

    It seems they are really trying to screw me over with my favorite adaptations lately as far as casting goes, what with this AND Scott Pilgrim. Oh well. The other has Edgar Wright attached so it could have hope, though I honestly wish they had just done 2-D animation a la Persepolis for it. Shinichiro, we’re counting on you!! =D

  9. Yeah I’m willing to bet no smoking in this one.

    Not happy about Keanue as Spike. Spike is laidback and droll, not expressionless.
    Maybe other aspects will be better though. Lot depends on who directs.

  10. I thought they already made this movie 15 years ago with Keanu and it was called Johnny Mnemonic (1995).. ;)

  11. One point in their favour. The fact that they are willing to pay for such a well known star and get original source material talent gives me hope that they are going to be putting both money and effort into this film. Given a good director this may actually be good.

    A year of and half of low profit margins and bad buzz may have taught Fox to stop Fuxing; up film especially where there is such rich and beloved source material involved.

    I also secretly have faith that Keanu reeves will come good and start acting one of these days instead of using his inexplicable yet apparent charisma. SATR (sorry about the rant).

  12. I think Keanu has the face, and in terms of portraying a character from pre-existing source material, I think he may pull it off. What’s important is the rest of the cast and of course the story. If they can get those two right, and fox doesn’t interfere too much we may be on to a winner.

  13. I don’t care about casting, as I don’t think this movie should be made at all. It doesn’t seem like something they could do to be true to the anime. But hopefully I’m wrong.

  14. I think this could be a good movie, as long as fox doesnt screw it up and ruin the whole story like the upcoming Dragon Ball movie.

  15. I do not see how this is going to do well at all, Reeves as Spike??? come ON

    this is going to ruin anything for the fans of the series….

  16. All I know and love is now officially dead.
    Well, that’s not true. The live-action Evangelion movie is indefinitely on hold. But they’ll destroy that, too… :`(

  17. Well, the Fact that Sunrise and original creators will have a Hand in it Gives me GREAT HOPE and I have faith in Keanu~! He has the look, and he is an ACTOR don’t throw him out just yet, this has some potential, and not ALL Anime to Live action are bad,
    Death Note’s Live action was awesome, I Liked Higurashi Live action, in Japan Many manga/anime Have Live action Drama or Movie adaptations~ and most of them are good…kinda (It’s arguable) as long as they stay as CLOSE TO SORCE MATERIAL AS POSSIBLE for plot/story and good Director and Actors this movie has some SERIOUS potential, I remember when Dark knight was first being talked about and people wear PISSED OFF that Broke Back Mountain Heath Ledger was going to be Joker in a Re-make. IT WAS AWESOME~! HAVE FAITH!!! This could turn out good!, ( then again.. FOX and Anime just doesn’t really mix well ~_~; ) BUT I HAVE FAITH!!

  18. Why not? Fox did such a respectful, faithful job with Dragonball. They seem very much concerned with staying true to the source material and not at all milking a cash cow till it bleeds. I also look forward to the amazing, rushed, inevitable video game adaptation by Atari or Bandai.

    Seriously though,

    God what an awful casting choice!

    First Constantine (a character inspired by musician, Sting)

    Now, another character full of life and emotion played by a wooden, listless actor who, frankly, has played the same role for the last decade and a half. what the hell happened to Ted “Theodore” Logan?
    I enjoy watching Keanu, when the role is good for him. (i.e. The Matrix)
    The Day the Earth Stood still was perfect. An emotionless, robotic alien? Perfect role for Reeves.
    Spike Spiegel? Screw you Hollywood. Screw you harder Fox.

  19. Come on people, give the project a fair chance, you could bad talk the movie after you’ve seen it. Beside, not all things end bad though anything related to it has been that way.

  20. GO KEANU!! I believe in you bro! I think Keanu might be able to pull it off. Actually I’ve always pictured Keanu playing Spike since Spike is how I would imagine Keanu Reeves would look like as an Anime character. The long legs and whatnot and also the face. And like someone said here.. not all the Live Action anime films are bad. I liked Deathnote and Prince of Tennis. People just have different tastes. That’s all. But yes though. The absolute worse of the Live Adaptation has got to be Dragonball.. 0/10 rating for me. No stars. I left after a few minutes of the movie at the theatres. Can’t believe I wasted my money on that garbage. As for this one.. I think they could pull it off.. as long as they stay true to the storyline and whatnot.

  21. ADAM LAMBERG. he may be too young though, but he’d be a good Spike.


  22. I don't think it will be as bad as ppl are thinking… We'll have to just wait and watch.

  23. I don't think it will be as bad as ppl are thinking… We'll have to just wait and watch.

  24. I don't think the producers thought this through. was there not a casting call for this…please dont get me wrong Keanu Reeves is cool but I don't know how to feel about this. My friends and I have come up with a really good actor in Bollywood named Ranbir Kapoor. He would be awesome in the role.

  25. This is just outright horrifying to see come true. Keanu was great for The Matrix, but for my Anime live-action I would have either preferred an Asian Actor or someone else who remotely looks like and sounds like the actual character, and someone who can actually act with emotion. Ranbir Kapoor might be able to pull off the look, but he doesn’t sound anything like Spike and Ranbir has “no” Martial Arts Training. Chalk this up to a utter fail and put in the trash bin with Dragon Ball.

  26. NOt quite…