Katee Sackhoff Still Wants to Play ‘Daredevil’ Villain Typhoid Mary

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Riddick Movie Official Photo Katee Sackhoff Close Up Katee Sackhoff Still Wants to Play Daredevil Villain Typhoid Mary

Fans with long memories might recall that a couple of years ago, Battlestar Galactica star Katee Sackhoff was seen in a comic book store (gasp!) buying copies of Daredevil comics that featured the hero’s nemesis/lover, Typhoid Mary. At the time FOX was looking to reboot both the Daredevil and Fantastic Four properties – a plan that ultimately got set on the back-burner.

However, things have now changed. FOX is indeed rebooting the Daredevil franchise, with director David Slade (30 Days of Night) at the helm. Sackhoff, meanwhile, has moved on to doing stints on shows like The Big Bang Theory and Robot Chicken, but we sat down to talk with the sci-fi icon at Comic-Con 2011 about her voicework as Commissioner Gordon’s partner/mistress, Sarah Essen, in the upcoming Batman: Year One animated feature.

Of course, once you start talking about one comic book character it’s hard to stop – so I took the opportunity to ask Sackhoff if, now that the wheels are turning on the Daredevil reboot, she’s still game for a go at Mary. The actress – who was otherwise bright and outgoing – instantly adopted a more closed and reserved demeanor, before informing telling me:

Who do you need to @#$% to get Typhoid Mary? Because obviously it’s not working for me! [Seriously though] I’m obessessed with Typhoid Mary, I think that she is a phenomenal character. A couple of years ago I actually got a bunch of Typhoid Mary comic books at the Golden Apple in Los Angeles and like five seconds after I walked out it was online…

At this point I have to confess that we were some of the weirdos who jumped all over that Sackhoff comic store visit

That’s crazy! I love her. I love being bad. I think it’s so much more fun, because it’s so much more challenging to make people like you. I think that’s what fun about it – when you play the villain…you want people to want you to win, and then you’ve succeeded [as an actor]. So the villains are so much more complicated and fun to play as an actor.

I then asked her directly: Should the role come up, would she go for it?

Yeah! Could you imagine? That would be pretty amazing – I’ve been talking about it for a long time. They better get this ball rolling! I’m going to age right out of the project!

In this case we wholeheartedly agree: Seeing Sackhoff’s work as Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica, and her villain role in the short-lived Bionic Woman revival, certainly suggest that she is capable of playing a female villain who is both sexy, crazy, and deadly – qualities both Typhoid Mary and Katee Sackhoff seem to have in common.

Typhoid Mary Katee Sackhoff Katee Sackhoff Still Wants to Play Daredevil Villain Typhoid Mary

Mary as “Mutant Zero”

For those who don’t know: Typhoid Mary is a powerful psychic (telepathy, limited telekinesis, pyrokinesis) who has a mental illness that results in her having multiple personalities (three to be exact, each more powerful than the other). The character has been a lover and foe for Daredevil over the years, and was eventually brought in as the mysterious “Mutant Zero,” an agent of The Avengers initiative, following Marvel’s “Civil War” storyline. More recently, she has been featured in the Shadowland comic alongside Daredevil, where she tries to do good – only, bad habits die hard.

We know that writer Brad Caleb Kane (Fringe) is currently at work on the script for Daredevil, but details are scant at this time. Rumors peg the story centering on the classic Frank Miller storyline where The Kingpin learns Daredevil’s secret identity and makes his life hell. Could Typhoid Mary be in cards? Who knows.

What we do know, is: Katee Sackhoff is the girl for the role, should it come up.

Check out more great breaking news on our Comic-Con 2011 Coverage Page.

We’ll keep you updated on the status of the Daredevil reboot.

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  1. that would be cool. as long as there is another villain besides her. she could be a good girl/friend through the first movie. maybe have her slowly turn to evil near the end of the first one and be the villain in the second with someone else. mister fear and the enforcers would be fun to see. could do some trippy 3D stuff w/ mister fear.

  2. So she’s a big fan of the character all of a sudden that theres a movie in production???? right…… ok…..

    • All of a sudden? The article about her being seen in the comic store is from two years ago. Plus this is all for a character that hasn’t even been hinted at as being thought of, either originally (two years ago) or currently. So it kind of seems like more than just jumping on a bandwagon.

  3. Do I see a pierced nipple in the first pic?

    • That certainly looks like a pierced nipple. Nothing says goth or split personality like a piercing.

      • Dang it scapegoat!!! I wanted to be the first to say that!!!

    • My first thought was “Man, you’ve got eyes like a HAWK: Katee’s wearing at least two layers there…” :-)

      • I have x-ray eyes. ;)

        • And BTW: you should change your underpants, I can see chocolate stains. Muahahahahahaha! (<- x-ray laugh)

          • LOL! That’s, er, one in the eye for Ray Milland. ;-)

            To quote Bill Hicks, “Thanks to the use of psychedelic drugs, I see through you…”

  4. I don’t think she even has a chance. They’ll prob go for a bigger actress if the character is in the movie at all

    • thw whole big name thing didnt work for the last one lol

  5. sigh.
    When will marvel get all the their titles back. The lawyer who allowed such a deal should be fired and shot with paintball pellets. No matter how great a film seperate production companies make I just wanna see one cinematic universe. that is the dream. That and a faster way to get atop ski slopes faster (and warmer) than ski lifts.

    • gondolas, ha

  6. We need to see Mr. Fear as a villain in the next Daredevil movie, like was discussed so long ago…!


    • Anyone surprised we haven’t seen more of these (^) posts yet (or maybe i’m just not looking)?

    • U realized that there was BIG differences from the comics to the movie right?

      • Uh… Maybe some of us haven´t seen the movie yet. Thanks for spoiling.

        And why is this on a thread about Daredevil?

        • Because the vast majority of the people who use this skim through the article or just post some rant and complain about anything and everything.

        • @scapegoat – sorry about that bud. It has been removed. Nothing I can do about quickly unfortunately. Wasn’t really expecting a spoiler for a different movie showing up in this thread.

          @Brandon – not cool. We have a spoiler discussion thread for comments like that.


          • It´s not your fault, Paul.

  8. okay, first of all, typhoid mary is NOT a comic book villain. she was real. people died because of her. u want to make her ‘cool’? what about the victims ancestors? screw their feelings? screw u, really. everything is so easy if it’s a movie. and really, please, pierced nipple right there in teh pic? that’s supposed to be cool? screw ‘playing nice’. if that means conform to what u losers thing is ‘cool’ while desecrating the memory of those killed by typhoid mary in real life just so u can seem ‘cool’, then i will fight u and gather those around me, the descendants of the deceased, to fight u. u are all pathetic ans insensitive to others. screw u. i hope u really do die from typhoid. it ain’t no joke. it ain’t a fantasy. it’s a horrific reality. vic, how can u broadcast this? what’s wrong with you? i thought you were classier than that!

    • I thought this was about a comic book character?!

      The real ‘Typhoid Mary’ Mallon has little or nothing to do with this conversation… apart from the name.

      I suppose with hindsight that it could be considered somewhat insensitive a choice of name for a character but the people responsible for that are the creators of the comic and not the Screen Rant team, who are in fact just reporting some movie news… nor the guys posting here, who are commenting on their desire to see one particularly interesting character from the comics appear in a movie.

      The real ‘Typhoid Mary’ story is genuinely tragic… in that a poor unsuspecting irish-woman, who was a healthy carrier of the Typhoid fever bacteria DID pass that infection onto many people (some of whom unfortunately died) while working as a cook and after discovery by the government was persecuted and quaranteened for much of her life… but even in her own time she became a minor celebrity and the name ‘Typhoid Mary’ became a by-word for any unsuspecting carrier of an infection.

      So the term ‘Typhoid Mary’ was already in the public domain whenever it was chosen as the name for another person in a fictional story…

      …and it is this IMAGINARY ‘Typhoid Mary’ that we’re talking about…
      A messed up girl, ‘infected’ with toxic extra personalities who happens to have a somewhat appropriate but rather unfortunate nickname.

      • You shouldn’t bother responding to posts like that, just a fyi.

    • Do YOU think it´s cool to call others “loser” on the internet because they want to see a certain character in a movie? I bet you don´t have the balls to say that in someone´s face.

    • Realist…stop being a stinkin troll. So what if there was a person that was called that? This comic character isn’t about her so stop trying to start something. Plus saying to people that you will “fight them” and get the grankids of the people who had died to fight is so freakin stupid. Do us all a favor and stay off this site, we have enough trolls but we don’t need more like you.

  9. Do you mean makes instead of males in that sentence?

  10. i’m just kiddin’ about that rant. i just mean everyone is always tryin to be PC so why stop here. but i do think the character is tacky and especially the drawing with the pierced nipple. really. is that even necessary? and the actress wanting to play her is really pathetic because tattoos, piercings and exposing yourself is not ‘tough’ or ‘cool’. can’t wait till all these chicks get old. then they’ll regret so much of how they destroyed thier bodies on the outside, especially since women always care about how they are viewed physically. nasty. pathetic. and i dont even read comics. i havent in over 20 years.

    but Captain America looks like it will be a cool movie.

    and Vic IS a classy guy. but putting up that particular picture is unclassy.

    • With all due respect, realist, criticising an actress for wanting to play a fictional character that – by your own admission – you know nothing about is…unrealistic.

      • Plus in regards to “that particular picture” they needed a picture of the character that would be recognizable and, while I’m not up on Daredevil characters, I’m pretty sure the character isn’t one to be characterized as classy.

        Also if an actress really liked the characters of say Emma Frost or pretty much any female comic book character and wanted to play them in a movie, would that be pathetic. I just think your being overly harsh, especially just after posting a “just kidding” rant about something (political correctness) no one else mentioned.

    • So you don´t like tattoed girls, huh? I bet you jerk off to pics of Megan Fox all day long… *Facepalm*

      • I know me and Vic do all the time, PLEASE DON’T BAN ME VIC@!!#!@#

        • You think you´re the only ones? I´m doing that right now. ;)

    • You should keep your opinions to yourself and stop commenting on threads if you don’t even know the comic or character the article is about.

      Typhoid Mary isn’t supposed to be a classy lady. Not everyone comes out of the factory looking the same, even/especially when they’re drawn by an artist whose only limit is his/her imagination.

      I have several tattoos and a couple of piercings because I LIKE THEM AND IT’S ***MY*** BODY. I don’t care if you or anyone else thinks they are cool and I’d certainly never claim to be tough.

      When all of “us chicks” get old we’ll still look hot and you’ll still be narrow-minded.

  11. I don’t get the infatuation with her. She’s not that good of an actor.

  12. Soooooo….. does this mean when they make the CAPTAIN PLANET movie they can’t use the story line about how little Bobby has A.I.D.S? I was so looking foward to that. I never had TYPHIOD but Im pretty sure it sucks…some people need to stop riding that PC bus, it seems to be getting shorter and shorter…

    • Wait. What? How did you get on the subject of Captain Planet lol?

  13. Honestly I know little about her and really cannot recall seeing her in any movies (although I know i’ve seen a couple of the movies shes been in). Her enthusiasm for taking up the role is great and she defiantly has the looks to play the part, but do we really want Typhoid Mary in the first reboot? I really wouldn’t mind, but honestly I was really hoping for just another (better) version of Bullseye even though I know that is very unlikely to happen.

    Mister Fear or even Mad-Cap, both (mostly Mad-Cap) would be a very interesting character to see on the big-screen.

  14. I love how my comment is still awaiting moderation after a whole day even though I’ve always kept my comments pretty clean and unoffensive unlike others.

    Maybe if I had something in my comment about how Nolan is a god I’d get my comment approved. Vic needs to go back to moderating himself or hire someone who does their job. Now there’s a comment worth holding back from the public.

    • No there are certain words that set off the filter that are not bad. It has hit me a few times and im like eh?

      You also need to remember the main moderators (?) are at Comic con so there is a delay.

      I would assume certain people have certain levels of moderation when it comes to moderating the forums.

  15. Im jus going to put out there natassia malthe could play the role better instead of the lame version in elektra

  16. Im jus going to put out there natassia malthe could play the role better instead of the lame version in elektra.

  17. another ridiculous reboot, its becoming apparent that no one can seem to improve on first film which is not that bad, MARVEL really messed up by not limiting fox as to how many films a studio can do before giving them back the franchise..

    • Sean Young dressed up as Catwoman and tried to confront Tim Burton on a studio lot, then appeared similarly-attired on The Joan Rivers Show. Katee Sackhoff bought some comics. One smacked of desperation, the other sounded like some pretty admirable research to me.

        • I wasn’t too keen on the whole “angel/harbinger of death” business in BSG either, but the development of her character was largely built by the writers around Sackhoff’s persona, and her ability to convincingly pull off Kara Thrace’s vulnerability and insecurities, alongside Starbuck’s brashness and confidence.

          Typhoid Mary has four separate personalities, each quite distinct from the other. If that’s not stepping out of the comfort zone you allege she’s in, I don’t know what is!

          She needs to do something different to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (assuming she wants one) – what, like John Wayne, Bing Crosby, Betty Grable and Joan Crawford…or even Arnie? :-P