Marvel Studios Interested in Katee Sackhoff

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Ms Marvel Carol Danvers Marvel Comics Marvel Studios Interested in Katee Sackhoff

With the long-awaited Riddick hitting theaters today, its stars are under the spotlight as they round out their press tours promoting the film. For several of the key roles, the talent is currently pulling double duty, discussing Riddick while also warding off questions of their involvement with Marvel Studios.

That fact goes beyond Dave Bautista who has a key role in Guardians of the Galaxy currently shooting in London, and Vin Diesel who has been the topic of many Marvel-related news items for the last two months. As it turns out comic reader Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica), who plays the female lead of Riddick, has also been in talks with Marvel as well.

When Screen Rant interviewed Katee Sackhoff last week, she reiterated her interest in characters including Typhoid Mary, Harley Quinn and Ms. Marvel. With two of her Riddick co-stars locking down roles with Marvel, Sackhoff revealed on Episode 113 of the Schmoes Know Movies podcast that they’ve expressed interest in her as well.

“There’s been some stuff going on… there’s been a lot of checking of availability. I don’t quite know exactly… There’s been a lot of questions about the first quarter of next year.”

Sackhoff continued, perhaps playing coy by explaining that she wasn’t clear on who she met (whether or not they were Marvel execs) and that she’s “not very good at that stuff.”

Guardians is approximately two-thirds through its principal photography and next on the docket is The Avengers: Age of Ultron which begins shooting early next year in London – the same studio Captain America 1, Thor 2 & Guardians used. If Marvel is therefore serious about bringing in Sackhoff into the mix during in early 2014, it would be for The Avengers sequel or one of several Marvel One-Shots in development.

Riddick Movie Official Photo Katee Sackhoff Gun 570x288 Marvel Studios Interested in Katee Sackhoff

Perhaps all the recent buzz of Ms. Marvel may finally come to fruition. And we can confirm thanks to Marvel co-president Louis D’Esposito that Carol Danvers aka Ms. Marvel (who became Captain Marvel in Marvel Comics again last summer) is absolutely a character of interest for the studio as they aim to give more love to female heroes in the series.

Can you picture Katee Sackhoff as Ms. Marvel and should Carol Danvers be introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in The Avengers sequel or in a solo short attacked to one of the Phase Two home video releases?


Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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Source: Schmoes Know Movies

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  1. She doesn’t really stand out as Captain Marvel to me, even though I can’t wait for a female solo lead. Maybe other future installments? There are loads of movies in talks.

    • nothing against kate but there are plenty of other actresses who IMO would be better for ms marvel.
      1.Charlize Theron
      2.Yvonne Strahovski
      3.jessica biel
      4.olivia wilde

      • I can see Strahovski, Biel or Wilde (though she would need to add some weight).

        Charlize Theron is a non-starter for one single reason: too old for Hollywood.

        • have you seen aeon flux she’s badass
          i think she still looks good

          • That was almost a decade ago. Just sayin

        • You can hunger for younger, but be bolder with older!

      • Well, I don’t think I could fault any of your choices, Luigi. They all sound decent to me.

      • Um, yes! I would love to see Ms. Theron as Ms. Marvel!!

      • Charlize theron is my first choice as ms.marvel

  2. Perfect choice, she’s a quality actress.

    • I agree,this is perfect! \o/

  3. Sounds like a pretty good choice if they do it.

  4. I would be absolutely thrilled if we would get a Captain Marvel movie with her. I did not see her in anything, but I trust Marvel’s casting choices, because they never disappointed me so far.

    So if they think she’s a good Carol, then hells yeah, I’m all for it. Carol definitely should have her own movie in Phase 3. If GotG introduces the Kree and co. then the doors are open for Mar-vell and Captain Marvel.

  5. could always be wasp of course, but katee seems a bit too physical looking for her

  6. Certainly sticks to the trend of not going with big established house hold names.

  7. I love Katee Sackhoff don’t get me wrong but I’d rather see Yvonne Strahovski. She just looks more like Ms. Marvel to me. I do wholeheartedly agree that it’s time to give the XX gene some time in the spotlight

    • Chromosome, but yeah, totally agree.

      • She would look good in tight “genes”!

  8. I’m all for it. She’s a beautiful, talented actress that should be in the MCU. And from the interviews I’ve seen, she seems like a darn nice woman to boot. Not sure how that makes her a good fit for a Marvel character, but it works for me.

  9. I can see Katee as Ms. Marvel & would love to see the character in Marvel’s cinematic universe in the near future.

  10. To me she doesnt look the part, she is very tough and she looks tough. However she lacks the beauty i see in ms.marvel. ms. Marvel is tough when its fight time but has some elegance to her. Making yvonne strahovski the perfect choice

    • Hmmm, yes (drool, slobber, gasp).

  11. I could see Katee as Ms. Marvel. Sounds good to me.

  12. man this would be great. i’m ready to see a lady really kick some butt. it would be a shame to let this entire comic book movie fad come and go without ANY major female superhero leads

  13. Never really thought about Sackhoff for any superheroine roles, but this sounds perfectly reasonable for Ms. Marvel. We already know she can play the tough fighter-pilot because of her turn as Starbuck. She’s also got the physicality for the role. And she can act.

    Why not?

  14. I personally would prefer Yvonne as Carol, while Katee would fit better as SWORD agent Brand (I hope I get the name right). But that’s based on looks only… it’s too early to judge how an actor/actress fit a character just by that :)

  15. Is Mockingbird a possibility? :)

    • I always kind of liked Mockingbird in the comics….

      • Mockingbird is awesome!

  16. Into the sack, Sackoff!

  17. Just don’t forget, everybody…we need wasp first! And Goliath/Giant-Man!

  18. Casting is about More Than Just Looks!!! Although They Do Play A Factor, They are not The ONLY Factor to Consider when casting a movie. I Figured Actual Movie Geeks would Know That.

    • Your use of capitalisation is so random

      • Uh-oh, Capital Punishment!

  19. I’m not a big comic book reader so If anyone could please let me know IF Ms. Marvel is the best female character that Marvel has?
    I also would think Marvel would get someone a little bit more attractive to play the part, because in the attached pic above she is pretty ugly IMO!
    I really hope that WASP is intro’d in Antman so that will be another female superhero, so that will bring the total to exactly 2 if they do include Ms. Marvel

    • Ugh, that’s so shallow, oh my god. In comics every single woman is drawn perfect and beautiful. Actresses are above average looking, but still real people. We don’t just want an action Barbie doll, we want a real actress who can shoulder the role. She doesn’t just need to look like the part, she needs to have more than that. If you only needed the looks for a superhero roles than studios would only hire models instead of actors.

      And for the love of god, just go and damn google some pics of here if you think she’s so “ugly”. Right now you just make yourself look bad with this comment.

  20. I’ve Never understood why so many audiences ASSUME That Actors are right for the Part, SOLELY Based on their Looks. 1. Did The Actor’s Audition Make Their PERFORMANCE Seem Believable to the Director? 2. Will They Have On Screen Chemistry with the Other Actors in The Movie? 3. Are They Available?

    • This right here, exactly.

    • Good points! Just send the “lookers” to my place…!

    • “Are they available?” (*snort, chuckle…asked myself that a few times while looking at their pics…*!)

  21. 4. If so, How Much will Hiring Them affect The BUDGET?

  22. Great does this mean the Marvel crew will get Ms. Marvel on the big screen first. And end up beating DC/WB to the punch because they can’t get Wonder Woman off the ground.

  23. Katie is an awesome actress and I have loved the roles she has played. But I am a no for Ms Marvel. She simply doesn’t look the part. I know looks do not mean everything but it is a big part of bringing the character to life. Alice Eve comes to mind….

  24. Jesus, all of you need to look at a picture of her where she isn’t in Battlestar Galactica or Riddick. Better yet search for a picture of her with long hair. Guarantee you all will back off that she can’t look the part. Screenrant should really post a better picture of her where she isn’t acting the soldier role.

  25. In my opinion, I’d rather see Sackoff playing a female villain, or anti-hero rather than a superhero. I think that would suit her better, however I have only really seen her in a handfull of BS episodes.

    I think Yvonne Strahovski would be perfect for Ms Marvel.

    • *BSG episodes, sorry

  26. I think Charlize Theron or Claire Danes would be perfect as Carol. Claire plays a very Carol Danvers like character on Homeland (And to be honest, Damian Lewis would be amazing as Eric O’Grady :D) have her be a former USAF pilot and current CIA agent (Not SHIELD, please) who is investigating AIM doctor Walter Lawson (Aaron Eckhart) with a her /ex/ boyfriend, Michael Lawson (Jake Gyllenhaal?) The finally parts of the movie should have Kree empowered Carol flying a warbird, helping Mar Vell fight the Kree, then, the spaceship flown by Yon Rogg should destroy it. The warbird is close to clashing, it’s the death of Carol Danvers. And then, we see this yellow light fly out of the warbird, and it’s kickass Danvers time. The movie should be directed by Katheryn Bigelow (Zero Dark Thirty, The Hurt Locker) and written by Meredith Steihm (Homeland).

  27. I can dig it

  28. Yes for Katee! She’d be very believable as a superhero and less “girly” than typical casting, which would make her interesting and good fodder for the writers.

    That is all.

    • YS for my dinner date..and that isn’t all…!~